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Dream On!
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I know some of you have them. Describe them here.

I can fly, or more accurately, 'float'. Basically, when I'm lucid dreaming, the ability to float is controlled my my mind like I'm flexing a muscle or something, and I can 'pull' myself up as if the ceiling is magnetic. If I 'pull' too hard, I slam into the ceiling and bounce off of it, so I have to kind of balance it out, pull hard enough to keep me suspended in the air but not so hard that I hit the ceiling. The hardest part is moving forward, I either swim in the air or kind of 'latch on' to something in the distance to pull myself towards it, but again, I have to make sure I don't pull to hard or else I'll slam into it. Sometimes I just float forward and balance myself to keep from touching the floor or ceiling. Flying in dreams is difficult to master but it's really fun once you get the hang of it.


Flying, but that's a little tricky sometimes. Super long jumps and teleporting are easier.
But I can do basically anything when my dream guide is with me.


File: 1333506039093.jpg (32.26 KB, 505x460, ah.jpg)

Flying and bounding from roof to roof is easy, teleporting is not.

Other than that I blow shit up and set things on fire.


The power of extreme scepticism- which allows me to gain self-awareness in dreams and explain away any frightening occurrences.


Hmm… I don't think I have any.
I remember I was levitating in a dream from when I was a little kid, but it was kind of against my will.


Teleporting 101:

Close your eyes. Spin around. Open your eyes.

Gaze at new world.


i recall having a sort of pseudo-lucid dream, like either i was really controlling it or it was dreaming that i was in a dream and i happened to be right

well it seemed lucid to me

and my abilty was controlling the will of other people, such as students. i pointed and told them to laugh, and they laughed. and a boy i crushed on that hated me loved me when i told him to

then i ollied outtie via flying (it was hard at first but i got the hang of it) and uhhhhhh a documentary movie played on some strange sea-life for absolutely no reason

tl;dr controlling people and flying (which seems to be the default for a lot of dreamers) and maybe… idk… initiating sequences where i can play things like some documentary movie???


I can bounce. LOL

When I stomp on a wall during a dream, I bounce back very fastly and lose control of my body, as if I was in the Magnet Room from Yume 2kki. I never ran into the Zalgo event… luckily.


I have the power to jump way higher than I intended to, with a completely uncontrollable trajectory.

Also I can levitate.


Depends on who I am and what I'm like in the dream. Usually, if I am:
Cheerful in a sorta creepy way, I get fire.
Calm,collected and smart, I can control rain.
Tsundere and sadistic, I can control fear.
Arrogant and vain, I can eat almost anything.
Sweet and always happy, I can control the stars.
Vague and stupid, I can only be killed by two things in the entire universe.
Serene and quiet, I can control ice and darkness.

No, I can't explain why each power is connected to each of these personalities and for some reason, each power is connected to a color (Fire-Teal Rain-Dark blue and purple Invinciblity-Dark red Etc.etc).
Sorry if this was really boring and long.


I lucid dream most of the time, so of course I take advantage of that.

The ones I usually pick are teleportation, invisibility, superjumps/flying and telekinesis.


File: 1342493871693.gif (2.81 MB, 320x240, allaboutthespinningboard.gif)


File: 1342494138301.gif (4.08 MB, 320x240, themegarace.gif)


Friction just isn't a thing in 90% of my dreams. either that or gravity, but it feels completely normal to be skiing along whatever.


File: 1374532264695.gif (996.83 KB, 500x280, jellyswim.gif)

Flying by imitating a jellyfish.

Don't ask why.


My dreams usually play out like a videogame would, so I generally have powers related to whatever games I've been playing recently at the time.

Sometimes it was Batman Arkham Asylum styled evasion and take-down techniques

Other times I could go into a Darksiders styled super-mode


>Flying in dreams is difficult to master but it's really fun once you get the hang of it.

One of the few times I accidentally lucid dreamed, my unconcious-dream-self was trying to fly away from a monster/nightmare. I was apparently conscious enough to know the dream would take a bad turn if I got caught, so I literally reached in and gave myself a push.
This is mostly how my lucidity manifests - as me directing my dreams. Sometimes it's my wake-self directing the dream, sometimes it's my dream-self, sometimes it's both.


File: 1376627262404.gif (364.33 KB, 330x270, 1365371380674.gif)

I've already mastered flying/controlling gravity and things of that nature, but no matter how much I try I can never get the hang of short-distance instant teleportation. I've done it by accident before, but whenever I try to do it in lucid dreams and non-lucid dreams alike I can never get the hang of it. It always feels like I need to use an unnatural amount of concentration on where I'm trying to teleport to and I always wake up with my brain feeling like I just took a really difficult math test. I always look at a spot a short distance away, then close my eyes and I can literally feel myself teleport there, but when I reopen my eyes I feel my body rush back to where I originally was.

Anyone else have any methods worth trying?


I can use high speed flying, super strength and the ability to summon portals. I can also change genitals at will. Make what you will of that. I prefer not to teleport because I've only seen negative consequences for attempting.


File: 1376680146861.jpg (150.05 KB, 550x384, 1280895264195.jpg)

Don't teleport yourself stand still and teleport the world.


File: 1376689167206.jpg (65.04 KB, 600x602, zm7ooie.jpg)

I…That…actually makes sense.

Thanks. I'll try that the next chance I get.


I was having a bad dream and actually pinched my cheeks until I woke up

I'm becoming a Yume Nikki help


I sort of got the feel for chair propulsion in my dreams. The propulsion comes from the bottom of the chair and going directionally feels like im on a unicycle.


Has anyone ever used their super powers for accomplishing something in your dream? I used to race across my dream-modified house.


I'm powerless in my dreams 99% of the time, but last night I had a cool ability to teleport to some preset locations, plus a skill similar to the Mark and Recall combo in Morrowind (memorize a location and teleport back to it, respectively). I did not even notice these powers, I used them liberally and withought thought, instinctively, as though they were my natural abilities. But thinking back to it, that was pretty cool.

That was a pretty unusual dream. I was running in the park and through my town on a warm summer day, and people were laughing at me as I passed because I was wearing pyjama pants, a thick winter jacket and a plaid, and was running barefoot. Strangely, I did not mind at all (I normally would). I accepted being an oddity and continued doing what I love doing (running is the best). I teleported around a bit to run through some of the nicer parts of the town. I was not lucid - I hardly ever am in my dreams - so I guess I subconsciously feel more in control of my life in general.


Last night I had a dream where I could fly. I distinctly remember thinking 'how is this possible, is this a dream?', yet not actually realizing that it was. When I woke up later I felt kind of stupid for not becoming lucid but getting sucked into the dream and really believing I could fly.

When flying in dreams it tends to be some form of floating that requires concentration and effort. Actual flying (over a landscape like a bird/plane) usually isn't me doing it, but me being taken along for a ride by another entity.


>wake up power
Usually I have a "wake up" power, if things are getting too much I reject it and stop sleeping. I don't have to be fully lucid, many times I'm not. Sometimes it's as easy as wondering when play time is over, other times (usually in nightmares) I'll have to wish for 'reality' to fuck off so hard I'll eject myself waking life.
It's more like… I'm a balloon. Or there's a balloon in my torso. I'd be positioned like a cat that's being picked up, slightly on all fours because the 'float node' in my waist would fuck up my center of gravity. Controlling my movement is pretty much like OP's version of flight. I feel better using it indoors or around structures because drifting off into the sky into infinity is scary.
Exactly what it is. No gimmicks, no limit, pure timestop. It's the scariest, invasive thing when something breaks free when I didn't allow that. I've never taken people with me so it's only been me and the monsters. Sometimes I just have to flex my hand but other times I pause by opening TESV's console.
Other stuff that's not strictly 'dreaming':
>Abusing the "wake up" power to go right back to sleep, 'rerolling' for a better dream
>Choosing what to dream by thinking about it as I drift off. E.G, chuuni-level 'daydream' in bed, fall asleep and get a whole dream about shooting beams at kaiju or whatever.


File: 1519747257793.jpeg (199.44 KB, 1079x904, 16A43202-3524-4121-8DB9-0….jpeg)

I tend to “decay” my dreams.
My presence tends to slowly cause reality to deteriorate at times, and weapons seem to cut through the fabric of reality itself.
The one problem is that I almost never go lucid, and when I do i don’t stay lucid. This is because for some stupid reason I’m still bound by dream logic when I’m lucid, so I just go back to conforming to the plot.

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