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Dream On!
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ITT something that happened in your dream, that really upset or disturbed you afterwards.

I was standing in a playground I vaguely remember playing in as a child. Suddenly my point of view turned into a bird's eye view, and I moved further and further away from the scene, revealing that the me standing in the playground was still a child. Autumn leaves started whirling in the wind, and the dream cut to black.
I was in a hospital bed, being wheeled through some sort of hospital place at an incredible speed. The corridors were off-white and grimy, and the doors were painted a sickly shade of green and had little wire glass windows in them. Everything looked horribly sticky and dirty, almost as if the place had been recently abandoned. The light was dim. As I was being rushed through these corridors, I heard a voice exclaim something like "You know this place."
I woke up feeling rather disturbed.


Were you disturbed just after you woke up? Or during and then after?
I've had dreams like both, although I've never had a dream this coherent.


Hmm, it's been a while now. I think I felt uneasy while dreaming, like I detected something was wrong, but I didn't feel truly disturbed until I woke up.


I wake up from a lot of dreams crying, but sometimes I don't remember them.
Today I had a dream I died, and my imaginary siblings didn't even react except for dancing and playing tag around my dead body.


Some time ago, I was wandering outside of Wal-Mart, and some wacky shit always goes down over there in my dreams. Recently, I wandered into this rainbow corridor behind the store, and I saw myself in third person, going around the corner and stepping on some kind of landmine. Long story short, I saw myself blow up into a mess, and thought nothing of it until I woke up.


I've had multiple dreams where I get severely injured, but whoever I tell just brushes it off, or doesn't even paying attention to me. My mom brushing off the majority of my aches and pains when I was younger probably has something to do with it. When I woke up I felt extremely disturbed. A lot of the people I went to for help were my close friends and family. One time, I don't know why but I was telling my sister to throw a kitchen knife at me and kill me. She did, and it hit me square in the chest. I then ran into the kitchen, screaming at my mom to look at what just happened, waving my hand with blood all over it in front of her face, and she did nothing, just continued on washing the dishes. I eventually fell to the floor and bled out. She just kept washing those damn dishes.


Last night I dreamed a snake was coiled around my erect penis.

I don't want to know the meaning of this.


File: 1325806120893.png (58.34 KB, 553x759, 1314397646852.png)


Yesterday I dreamed I crossed a bridge from Brazil to India (err…) as part of a study abroad thing an Indian professor suggested to me. The bridge was riddled with holes and large gaps. It was also packed with emaciated Indians and cars, some of which were falling through them and drowning in the sea. When I made it across the bridge I was in some misty land filled with exotic flowers with crowds of Indian children clinging to me. I eventually found a shelter and checked my pack find that many papers that were necessary were stolen from it.

Alright, might not have been disturbing. It is really the only dream I've had that I can remember in a long while.


When I was a child, I once dreamed that I was in a palace that branched out of my grandparents' condo. I walked into the dining room and saw a glass that looked like it was glazed with dried blood. I walked away, opened a closet door, and saw what looked like my grandmother's severed head. I started crying, and the head teleported me back to the condo. Everyone was congratulating me on the "journey", happily laughing and smiling. Euuch.


I once dreamt that I was in this office type room. The phone rang, so I picked it up. There was some rambling nonsense coming out of the phone, so I dismissed it as a prank call and hung up. Then I looked at the note on the table. It said "You're in a graphic novel, Max". then it hit me. All my memories suddenly looked all panelish and speech bubbles. I left the room. I faded to dark, then reappeared in the office room. The phone rang again. This time, the phone said something about that I should snap out of it, that I was high on "Valkyr". I didn't understand what he said, so I dismissed it as a prank call and hung up. Then I looked at the note on the table. It said "You're in a computer game, Max". Then it hit me. Weapon lists appearing in mid air, the action slowing down to show off my moves. That's when i woke up.


I was inside a tall fortress made of wood poles, there was strong sunlight and a lot of sand. I recognised it as somewhere I played as a child and opened a familiar inventory menu from a PC game I used to play, then started trying to put cacti around to decorate.

I forget what happened between that and the next bit but I climbed up a ladder into the fortress wall and went rooting around on my knees following a voice I thought was myself as a child. There were wrappers from sweets and snacks all over in there and I kept thinking 'wow this is terrible, I should have cleaned up after myself as a kid', and that nobody had touched the place in years. The view outside the fortress was miles and miles of desert and the sun was dangerously bright. As I continued up and down and around my younger self called out saying she'd found a man and that he looked 'like a shrivelled monkey'. I hurried in anticipation of something horrific.

When I reached the opening in the wall I looked down from a great height and saw a pit of tall needle like posts, and sure enough there was the shrivelled dead body of a man resting like he was lying on a sofa. But he didn't look like a monkey. And my younger self had nothing in common with me at all, and she was climbing on the needles, pointing at another man who was alive and skewered through one side of his chest, clinging for dear life. She said that was the one she meant.

He wasn't shrivelled or monkey like. Just middle eastern looking, as was my younger self. I woke up then thinking 'that little racist bitch'. I'm disturbed by what this might mean about me as a person, it was all so specific. Then I had a follow up dream the next night that was more violent and had lots of penguins.


I had a dream that was literally just a man's head exploding. It wasn't even an explosion in the traditional chunky bits everywhere sense either; it's more like his head quickly and violently expanded, the shape of his head and the features of his face getting grotesquely mutilated and veiny all while he made this horrible "GRRRAAARARAAAAAAAAGH" sound.


I had a dream once, must have been around 8 years old, I was looking outside my window (at least I knew that's the case) but it didn't exactly look like the window we have in our house. We have a view on the forest but again it wasn't the same view, it was the same forest but as seen by another part of my neighbourhood (and I've never been in a house that would have that view). Anyway, I'm looking at the forest and it's night and someone is screaming or yelling, the dream was unclear as to wether it was an animalistic growl or a person shouting something and I remember looking into the forest and seeing a figure there that is supposed to be the source of the sound. My mother (or someone who was supposed to be my mother) approaches me and we stare together. I ask her "who is screaming down there (I live on the 4th floor)" and she replies "It's you….". Still unnerves me to this day for some reason.



Congratulations, Shinji!


I was alone in my room, just cleaning my computer, when the doorbell ran. I opened the door and saw a girl in front of me, she somewhat looked miserable and, as a good human being I am, I let her in. I offer her something to drink, but she refuses.
Then she started telling me about her dad, her dad was a cop. Her dad died because of a heart attack and she looked for shelter, the cop, she told, had given her this address. He never said why and I don't know it either on the day of today.
So I let her stay here for a while. Day after day passed.
But here it starts, it happened 2 months after the day I met her. A black van started to appear on every location I've been to, people I've met those days have been reported as dead, missing, burned alive or eaten. At first I thought it was all coincidence, but then slowly the pieces started to fit together. All people that had passed away, had a mark on them, like an alien language or a drawing.
When I started to redraw every mark, all of them seemed to fit together, it looked like a person. The person was a cop. Meanwhile in the time that I've been busy with researching what I found, I hadn't seen that girl, she was probably up in her room. Why should I worry about her? She usually comes down around dinner time.
But she didn't come down that evening, so I knocked on the door. There was no response, I suddenly felt worried and decide to open the door, nobody. Where could she be? Did something happen to her? Where was her stuff? All these questions were stuck in my head. Could she have walked away? Where would she… The doorbell ran again, I opened the door and saw my friend. He noticed that I was worried about something and I told him the story, about the girl, about how everybody around me got murdered, about the drawing and… Then I noticed it, there was a black van in front of my house. It was in the middle of the street, but nobody was seen, I could feel my heart skip a beat.
I asked my friend to leave to hope that the black van wouldn't follow him, the black van remained on the same spot. I kept looking at the van, but it was getting pretty late, so I put up a camera setup around the house to record everything. I was hoping that evening to wake up the next day. Suddenly something grabbed my arm, it was the girl, she was crying. I pulled her up the bed and hugged her, I didn't know why she was crying, but it calmed her down. After a while she fell asleep, she looked so peaceful when she was sleeping and after a while, I fell asleep as well.
I woke up in the middle of the night, the girl was awake as well, she stood there in front of my bed, with a knife. She could barely speak, but before I realized it, she tried to split her throat in half. I quickly pulled away the knife and she started to cry again, she tried to speak to me, but couldn't say anything. Then, she kissed me out of nowhere, I was totally stunned and didn't know what to do. But it felt good and calmed us both down.
Someone knocked down the door, my paranoid ways of thinking had come true, people with black masks and guns stormed into the room and told us to freeze. She told me I've always loved you, I just didn't know how to express it. and I answered with I know. one of the persons told us to shut up. I recognized the voice, it couldn't be him, could it be?
The girl had something in her hands, she gave it to me and said Do it when you're ready, I love you.. It was a grenade. The girl tried to escape and got shot by the person with the voice I recognized. I grabbed him by his throat and used him as a human shield, he got killed my his mate. I used the gun that my human shield had to kill the other person. I rushed down to the girl, who tried to speak to me. I-I'm … I'm so s-s-sor-r-ry. I heard people rushing upstairs and asked the girl a question, Are you ready? She said yes and I hugged her while pulling the nade.

Then I woke up, everything felt so weird. Multiple questions were going through my head when I woke up. Where is the girl? Am I dead? What was the name of the girl? Who were these people? And then I realized I was back to real life.


When I was 4 I had a dream that I cant forget and pops into my head all the time. I remember the most disturbing part was… ehhh, one of my sisters friends were getting surgery, I sat across from the room she was getting it done in, and for some reason they left the door open. Everything had a shade of dark green, very shadowy, blah blah blah dirty looking hospital which looked more like a clinic. Inside the surgery room I see a blinking light coming from a televsion, and all I hear is her moaning in the most disturbing fucking way. Once she was done getting surgery she looked like a huge pile of deformed shit with wings and twigs for arms…


Two cases;

First case, I was like six. I had this dream where I had woken up from something and was lo
oking for my mom. I run into her in her PJS in the family room, and I recall asking her if she is alright. Now, the room was all lit, and nothing seemed out of place. So I wasn't too scared. Then my mom turned around and I saw that, inside her mouth, the whole lower part was filled with a brain-like material with red (which now I assume was blood) in the crevices. The last thing I remember her was loudly gurgling "I'M FINE" before I woke up. I was kinda scared shitless

Fast-foward many MANY years later in college; I had this dream where I was messing with a weird form of Garry's mod, but it was all red and rusty. Suddenly, one of the ragdolls became sentient, and started to almost psychotically rant at me. I tried to teleport to other areas, but he kept drawing me back to this rickety railroad track over what seemd to be empty space. I remember him yelling "YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE" as he approched me; I couldn't move. Then his head shapeshifted into something like a flesh-horror stile plant head (think little shop of horrors); it was a dark, fleshy red with lots of teeth and looked…well, low quality? like real life low polygons
. I basically woke up from that dream at the exact moment he bit my head off

Waking up, I felt a weird feeling on my neck (kinda prickly, like teeth of sorts), and I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. I guess I was afraid I would actually die or something.


I once had a dream in which I was standing on a leafy hill with autumn leaves everywhere on the ground.
suddenly though, the gravity, erm, changes, and I start to fall to one side, and, eventually, directly up.
I keep trying to grab at a tree or even the ground, but it's hopeless, and I fall up, and up, and up, and up, with no hopes of any form of control, or normal gravity again…
And I suddenly fall on another ground in the sky. Splat.
This has bugged me a lot.


I once had a dream that I was watching the news. A blonde woman in a green scarf is standing in front of the camera, speaking into a microphone, I don't remember about what. There is a very, very tall glacier behind her. As I watch, I see the silhouette of a man walk up to the edge of the glacier, and jump off. The woman in front of the camera pauses in what she's saying, looking as if she's being told what just happened behind her. She turns around and gasps, then the camera turns away and the screen goes black.

I get up and go towards my parents room, but on the way there, I see my cat which has been dead for a couple years standing there in the kitchen, looking up at me and meowing. I kneel down and start to peel the skin from his forehead off, revealing different-colored fur underneath, and I realize that it's just my living cat wearing a disguise of my dead cat. I continue to my parent's room and my mother is standing there, crying. She hugs us, and I notice that my father is nowhere to be seen.


*hugs me, sorry about that


I watched my dad die of brain cancer while I was sitting at his bedside.

In another dream, my mother died because her anger overtook her and she boiled alive.

In another dream, my little brother had his guts spilled open and someone spraypainted over his intestines for shits and giggles.

I drowned a man in a toilet and laughed about it with my mother.


I had two vivid, consecutive nightmares, both involving a sensation of falling or being launched into the air.

The first one was a realistic version of a Marvel/DC city. The Hulk punched me off a skyscraper.

The second one was a member of the audience on a talk show. I was invited to shake the guest's hand, but when I got on stage, the backdrop loudly exploded. I was launched in bullet-time into the audience, where I woke up, heart pounding.

I fucking hate falling.


I had a pretty bad dream a few years ago. It basically involved me becoming friends with this guy called Near, but he actually wanted to use me as bait for something. So I found out, and I went to try to talk him out of it.

It was the scariest shit ever: he didn't show any emotion, or even bother looking at me, even though I screamed at him until I was red in the face. Eventually he stood up and said something like "I'll have my associate take care of you." So then this ninja chick that had been chasing me emerged from the shadows and put a couple knives in my spine. The dream immediately went black and I woke up.

It doesn't sound too bad, but it was the freakiest shit for me. I'll go look through my dream diary for some more stuff later.


I just thought of another one actually.
I dreamed I was playing Oblivion, only it was more like a point and click adventure game that Oblivion. I was fighting this Dark Brotherhood guy. Everything seemed all right until I finally killed him. That was when I paused to look at my inventory. While I was in the pause menu, I saw the corpse writhe, and then shed its skin and stand up cackling. I was freaked out, but I reminded myself I was in the menu and couldn't be hurt by anything. But the corpse tore its way through the menu and killed me. I came back, and he killed me again. The next time I finally managed to "kill" him, but although he was "dead", he continued to taunt me, even when I dumped his body in the river.


One more.

I dreamed that I was adventuring through Skyrim-like tombs with a woman named Masha, who was your average rough-and-tumble middle-aged adtvenure lady, and her husband Roland, a knight. While in the dungeon we encountered a dangerous beast that mortally wounded Masha. All hope seemed lost, but as Roland wept over his wife, a serpentine lady appeared and offered to heal her. She had this smirk on her face that looked like trouble to me, but Roland begged her to revive Masha.

The serpentine lady laid a hand on Masha, and Masha stood up. But as she did, she seemed to flake away, and before us stood a teenaged girl covered in feathers and scales with creepy empty eyes. I could somehow tell from the look of her eyes that Masha no longer existed as an individual, and the girl standing before us was merely a shell made from her body.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I blacked out and woke up in a convenience store. Also, the guy who'd been helping me throughout the entire dream revealed he was setting up accidents in order to save me from them, in a weird sort of hero-complex thing. Finally, I saw people get shot into hamburger by some military guy.

That was a PRETTY disturbing dream.


I had one where I fell and died, and the remainder of the dream was just pitch black. It wasn't that I was sleeping again or whatever, the dream was still going on. But it was just blackness. It was eerie because I knew I was dead too, but I was just blackness. So I didn't feel anything about it, really, except "Oh, I'm dead." I was really disoriented when I actually woke up.

Probably the most jarring one for me was one that started off normally enough, with a bunch of people I know from university, then me and a girl I know got sent to the store to get something. As we walked along, she started humming, then singing sweetly, then took me by the hand and we started dancing as it snowed, then she moved away, pulled me towards her…and I was suddenly face-down in the snow, a blood-curdling scream ringing in my ears, then I woke up. It got more vivid as it progressed as well, so it was really unsettling after I woke up.


I had one awhile ago that really freaked me out.

I was standing under the tree in my front yard eating little tea sandwiches, when a woman walking her dog comes down the sidewalk. The woman was pretty overweight, had short reddish-blonde hair, and looked like she hadn't showered in days. She was screaming for no reason, not like, one consecutive scream, but she screamed more in intervals, like "AAA…AAA…AAA" and I thought it was the funniest shit. I got my phone out to record it when she came back after she had passed my house.

Shorty afterwards she returned, but this time her screaming really frightened me. As I began to record, she screamed right at me, and i felt like she was ready to climb over the fence and start beating me. She then let her dog climb up on the hood of some guy's car as he was unlocking it. He proceeded to try and tell her off for it, but she just screamed at him which scared him into his car. She then followed him into his car and out the passenger door until she finally reached him, and slapped him tremendously hard square in the back, making him yelp in pain.

At that point I was really freaked out, and I ran into the house to get my dad. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was something about how there was a crazy lady in the yard freaking me out. He seemed really annoyed at the fact that I was telling him, and went outside to check it out. At that point she was gone. She shortly returned, this time without her dog and blood soaking her hands, sobbing. She came up to my dad on the porch and said to him in between sobs, "Please sir, you have to help me, my brother is visiting and he killed my whole family, even my mother." Meanwhile I was hiding behind my dad in fear of her.

When I woke up I was extremely shaken, and had an incredibly hard time going back to sleep. The whole thing just made me feel really unsafe. Which is silly, the dream wasn't even that bad. I dunno, something about it just really disturbed me.


I appeared in a building The floor was sea, walls were so colorful. just like in yume nikki. we were swimming around. then i met my sister and we had sex.


everything i dream up disturbs me, i literally have nightmares every night, and i'm scared of everything ;_; sometimes they're bloody, sometimes they're melancholy, but they're always vivid


I had a dream recently in which I experienced a false awakening. I woke up on my bed, in pitch darkness, to stare directly at my phone. It started ringing in stereo with that irritating buzzing sound. The caller was somebody called 'Shadow'. I answered it, and I deep, muffled but very loud voice was going 'Hello?' from all directions. I tried to answer, but my lips wouldn't move, and I tried to sit up, but couldn't either (at this point, I had visions of Uboa; I have no idea why). The whole place jerking very badly and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

It was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had. It turned for the better, though. I looked at might phone and realised it said 2:67. I realised that I was in a dream, but decided to perform a test instead. It worked, and I, like the idiot I was, decided to wait for the earthquake-level shaking to stop before attempting to stabilise the dream. I ended up waking up.


I keep dreaming that I'm at work.

It's very boring and depressing, and then I wake up.
I go to work.
It's very boring and depressing, and then I wake up again.

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