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Hi there everybody.

I've been having really weird as hell, extremely coherent dreams. They all follow a setting, a storyline, with character development and everything. They're all very intense, usually involving genocide, suicide, or something similar. I would post it but my dreams are so detailed that it would likely require a lot more than one post in order to fill. Should I try it anyways? Does anyone else suffer from these odd, really extreme and coherent dreams?


> Should I try it anyways?
Yes, the character limit was recently raised 3000.
> Does anyone else suffer from these odd, really extreme and coherent dreams?
Only all the time.


File: 1322313101264.jpg (122.72 KB, 800x587, digital-city.jpg)

So let's go with one I had a few days ago. I have to split it into two posts.

There was once a powerful god that created this world. It split itself into two parts, of which neither could come into contact with the other. The two were as followed: The digital and the physical. We could see the digital too, if you wanted to see it. It was a huge stream of color and chaos that in the beginning was closed off to the people. There was something wrong with it, you see. It changed people on the inside, warped them. Most were unallowed to access it. Occasionally, a person would access it without permission. It was not so much as we do, in which people jacked themselves in and that was the end of it. It was a jump to a completely different world. Our bodies were converted to digital mass. When it opened, there were multiple attendants at specific platforms people could go on.

Of course, this happened mid-dream. Before that, it was all physical. I was helping a man who had rescued me from certain death. He told me he was part of an organization that wanted to overthrow the world. He had saved my life, so I was in debt to him. He knew this and that is why I did not do anything to resist. He was also kind of messed up inside. As a young child he had killed his parents and anyone close to him. Rather, they died due to unfortunate circumstance and he blamed himself. He worked as a graveyard maintenance. In simpler terms, people brought the dead to him and he buried them away. He felt some sort of kinship to the dead, something I could only begin to understand as he so lovingly said goodbye to the corpses as he buried them. On occasion, those that wished to kill themselves would come to him and he would end them in the same way. He even had his own grave dug out for just-in-case purposes and told me to place him in there should anything happen and to take his job. I didn't mind it. It was peaceful work and I had nowhere to go.

He told me later on that we had to go work with the organization now. I remember that clearly. We approached the large river of digitalality that before everyone was still forbidden to. There should be some kind of policeman here, well they were not policemen. They were called moderators. He smiled and shook his head, saying that they had 'taken care of it'. He walked onto the river of digitality and smiled at me again. He told me to cover the grave as if he had died, and then to take up his job. I asked if he was going to die and he replied no, that we would meet each other again and I would get my further instructions once the digital place is open again and the moderators felt that they had gained enough control of it. He said this last bit with some contempt. Then he looked down at the swath of color and chaos and burst into pixels that fell in. I turned away and returned to his job as I had been told. His overseer asked what happened and I shrugged and laughed and said 'he kicked the bucket, hell if I know why'.

It was months later that the platforms opened. They were relatively small, one person at a time (or two if they pressed against each other) and like one of those rubber platforms people walk on from time to time. Attatched to the platform was a control rod, more like a machine with nodes and switches that a Moderator could touch and use to help people wander in and out of the digital aspect of our world without issue. It seemed they took the chaos that was the digital area and molded it into some semblance of order so people could wander in that area to do whatever, meet, watch movies, and other entertainment. There was a large line of people there already and I played witness to how this Moderator operated. People would walk onto the platform and just… fall into the floor, no, into the platform. It was far different from what I had seen before. More controlled. The Moderator simply said 'you next… you next… you next…', he was in his 30's with formal clothes in blue and seemed fairly bored with his job.



When a male and a woman, the woman spoiled and the man her lover (a yes man, essentially) went to accuse him of not doing his job properly (hell if I knew why). First the man did it, and the Moderator laughed bitterly. 'You don't even mean the words you say. Get out of my sight.' he said. Beside him was the spoiled woman in fancy dress and parasol. She began to chew the Moderator out with some words of inpoliteness and whatnot, and the Moderator looked angry and ready to do something terrible. I butt in and told her to stop holding up the line, kicking her and knocking her flat on her ass, in which everyone started laughing. She got all mad and stomped off about reporting me to whatever. The Moderator clapped my shoulder and gave me three candies. He said if I ever needed him, to use these candies. I nodded. He laughed and told me to say hi some more and told me to step on the platform. I wanted to ask him something but he changed some modules, apparently giving me special access to some places and winking and said it was their little secret before I fell into the platform. It was no different from normal falling. I landed quickly after in a bustling town.

Immediately that guy was there. Or rather, no one else could notice him, just me. He told me to head to the most outer parts of town. If anyone tried to stop me, he would- I interrupted and told him that I had full acess to all things, a Moderator's gift for brightening his day. I then showed him the three candies. He grinned and pat me on the head and said I did good and just to head to the other side of town, far far away from everyone else. I nodded and he disappeared into data again. I moved past people to the other side, on the edge. A few guards, thick with armor, looked about to stop me but then stopped, apparently noticing my access and letting me through. I wandered past and beyond that, beyond the programmed trees and grass was chaos. Data swirled like wind around everywhere. Then he was beside me again and asked 'isn't it beautiful, this is just half of the god that created this world'. He told me to spend more time here, familiarize myself with the Moderators. I was oddly synchronized with the dataworld, so he said (I wouldn't know) and told me to try and sidle up with the higher ups and wait for orders.

I did. The Moderators appreciated someone that would give them some fun. Eventually the Moderator that first gave me candies had set me on permanent access to all places and a few more candies. He told me to meet up in X place where only the rich and the prestigious could be. When I arrived he was there and flashed me two tickets, grinning. He wandered in with me. Around us were old-fashioned aesthetics, nothing like the modern aesthetic everything else had. This was old, victorian, full of the elderly with fur scarves and whatnot. I whispered to him I found this boring and he laughed and asked if I would like to shake things up. Of course I said yes. He grinned and said he'd talk to his higher ups and see if he could provide me with some badass abilities. I felt bad knowing that if he did I would have to use them for evil. Or well, for everything he worked so hard to keep organized.


File: 1322313191366.jpg (5.52 KB, 225x220, deel.jpg)


I began to get more and more involved in the world of the digital, going back to bury people and sleeping. The Moderator I as familiar with gave me some editing powers. I made the whole 'fancy building' modern and minimalistic. Everyone complained and he and I had a lot of fun for the joke but he had to do his job and revert that back to how it was. Then he, the original man, came to me again and told me to start bugging things up. He knew I knew how to do so. If not, he knew where I could put in bugs. The system started to break apart with the work of him and I. It wasn't so hard. A simple deletion here, a reversal of code there. People would randomly be unable to enter, be sucked in, be spat out. The Moderators scrambled to fix their platform issues and we took the opportunity to start unravelling the bindings of the digital chaos and the ordered coding. After that, it all went to hell. Realms fused and warped there, so that everything mashed together in odd ways. He laughed and then told me it was time to see what we could do about breaching the border of the digital and the real.

I nodded and said I wanted to rest, and so I wandered into a place that as underground, like a bunker. I popped a candy for the first time and the Moderator pinged my mind, saying he'll be there in just a moment. Just like that, he was by my side, looking tired and exhausted and aged. It was clear that the changes had been terrible on him, who had been trying to much to fix the chaos I had wrought. I asked what'll happen and he said that if this kept getting worse they'll probably have to close off the digital again. I looked at him and asked what would happen if the digital started to bleed into the reality. He looked at me oddly and said 'I think I'll have to delete you now'. I hugged him and he hugged me and he said he was sorry and I said I was too. Then he deleted me.


File: 1328283424652.jpg (7.63 KB, 350x329, nope.jpg)

I was a young child fighting for my freedom. This oppressive regime that had killed off my parents and so many parents before would come to an end. Unfortunately, we were outmatched and outranked, and our killers managed to slaughter our leader. When I returned to the home we lived in, I felt quite sad, knowing that all the others in the house were similarly suffering. I wandered on down to find a young child in the laundry room, looking confused and hurt. It asked me 'why did he die' and I replied 'there are going to be far more deaths. If you want to come with us, you will have to learn to fight too, you might even die' and it cried and hugged me and I let it. Afterwards, I pet the kid and left to talk tactics with the survivors. None of us could be older than maybe fourteen, fifteen. It was a long talk, and we decided then and there that we will all go down fighting, and we'll die fighting rather than deal with a clean genocide.

I was wandering around the house after the talk and went to wash my face. Suddenly appeared a girl whose eyeballs were inside out or something similar in the mirror. She just stared with those inverted eyeballs, emotionless and saying nothing. Then the girl disappeared and replaced with a little boy, smiling so sweetly. I didn't smile back and instead I waved at him through the reflection of the mirror. One of his eyeballs ripped itself from the socket, expanding and swelling and then exploding onto his face with rotten eye-goop. Half his face was exploded and he had this empty eye socket but he kept smiling and waving. He opened his mouth as if to speak but a person climbed out of the mouth, ripping his jaw off in order to give itself some more room.

The man that climbed out looked relatively normal. Well, you see, relatively. It was then that I blinked and when I opened my eyes again his skin had turned acid green and it was… boiling,the man was screaming and his skin was boiling. He mouthed something at me but I didn't know what it was. I closed my eyes, turn, and ran. However, I found myself coming back and in the same room the mirror now showed a woman who looked like my mother, her mouth gaping open and tongue hanging out, her eyes black sclera on yellow irises.


File: 1328317396103.jpg (712.11 KB, 3607x2364, desert.jpg)

I had a dream about a Noble Thief Leader, who grew into his job rather than outright being ruthless. He was something like the robin hood for people. He helped the legitimately poor and unfortunate, while knocking the selfish and proud down a peg. He left good leaders alone, and attacked the bad ones. He taught his thieves honor and discipline, and he even went to take down a dragon with one of his close friends, and it seemed that there was nothing he couldn't do. I knew him well, as I was part of this guild. My main thing would be that I could snatch anything, and run out on horseback. In that dream, I had one of the fastest rides around and no one could catch up to me. I was very valued because of that. My horse was loyal and strong, refusing to be broken, and refusing all rides except for me, who broke him with kindness.

And then it all fell apart.

The nobles of that place, they were sick of our presence, and so when I next came to do the noble a service, all I found were guards trying to get at me. I ran off and back to the thieves guild headquarters to report the betrayal, only to find the whole town (for it was a town, not a building) up in flames and the leader fighting. I ran to join him, but he refused me. He told me that I had the fastest mount, and to take his children away from this place. I offered to take him as well, but he told me that it would only slow my horse down further, and I mourned for I knew he would probably die. So I took his children on my horse and ran to a safe village, giving them shelter and trying not to let them know what had probably happened. However, by their eyes and their expression they probably already knew.

A little while later, one of the survivors tracked me down and told me that our leader is in fact /not/ dead, but he might be alive. However, they had surely left him to die in the desert nearby and if I didn't hurry to rescue him, he would be dead. So I took my horse once more and dashed there, meeting up with one of our old allies. He fronted as a chef. However, he was afraid. They were all afraid, too afraid help me. Instead, they pretended they didn't care, or had never heard of him, or assumed he already died. So I alone navigated the desert, leaving colored flags to mark my path, eventually I found hid body. When I picked him up, he groaned so weakly, like a baby. I was afraid he would die, and so I tore into my own arm and had him drink my blood as I began dragging him back out.


Anothr dream, folks.

It really started with just me, as a child, playing with a bunch of people in high school. There was one person who had dropped out to make his own business, but we all knew he had other reasons. You see, he had the ability to become the personality of anyone he wanted. However, he was very mentally unstable and we could do nothing to help him except try to be there for him. We graduated and helped him with his job. However, we soon found out that he was not the only one with powers, we had them too. You see, there were anomalies in this world, these anomalies were everything from a sudden change of scenery to things falling when there was no one to push them. These anomalies cling to people's souls and spirits, and they transform them. I was able to manipulate blood, but I rarely did simply because I didn't need to and it was difficult for me.

Then, there were two organizations. One wanted to find these people, kill them, keep the anomalies frozen and kept away so no one can be affected or abused by them. The other wanted to collect these people, use them, so he could become God. There was also a third, a creature of darkness and death, who wanted these two organizations to kill each other so there wold be nothing remaining but death. The man who would become God hid in the slums. The man who wantd to stop him lived in the mountains, in a temple of which a god already lived. This god simply wanted to be left alone. I originally joined that of th onesthat wanted to stop the man who wanted to become god. I killed many children, and mothers. I was followed and tracked by the other organization as I was searching for anomalies, and so I hid in the slums, not knowing what awaited me. I asked for hiding, and a woman there allowed me to hide. I looked to my right and saw other children, just as afraid as I was, at least twenty of them all crowded together. After a few hours, I figured I had escaped and as I was about to leave I found a hidden door, of which I opened and fell on accident into another building underground. I realized immediately wher this was, but if I was suspicious people would surely know who I was, and so I played it cool and said I wanted to join this organization.


The people were oddly kind. So kind, and so gentle. I eventually met with the man himself, he let me lay by his side and I put my head into his lap. He stroked my hair and somehow it soothed and calmed me. He already knew who I was and where I came from, but he didn't seem to use it against me, he was kind and gentle, and I could see why peple fought so fiercely to help him become god. I quickly began to adore him in the same way, but I knew that I had to do what was needed, regardless of my own personal emotions. However, as I was about to leave I picked up anothr anomaly accidentally, one that made me violent, one that made me angry and like a beast. I grew claws and ran on all fours. I was afraid of what I had become, a monster, and I wanted to use my newly acquired speed to run to the other organization, but thn that god-man was there. He kneeled down once and stroked my fur, calming, gentle. However, peopl saw me, and were horrified. They screamed, and I became scared, and I ran back to the organization that wanted to capture, to remove this anomaly from me, this that made me into a monster. The people there were my childhood friends, they would surely know what to do.

When I went there, they had in rank and file, children and mothers and adults, trained soldiers. I became horrified at the change, these people were cold and ruthless. Of course, my childhood friends, the leaders, welcomed me with kindness and humanity, but… the organization was more like an army now. When I asked why, he simply replied that things had changed, they never meant for things to be the way they were but they were. I nodded and allowed them to remove this monstrous side of me, though they told me they could not remove it fully, I would always have the claws and appearance but I would lose the instinct of a predator, one that wanted nothing more than killing ad murder. They said they would probably have to kill me, as I had collected in my soul so many anomalous objects… I became scared and felt betrayed, I ran from them and with my speed no one could catch me. I ran to the slums, to the man who was in my eyes, God, and I ran to his room. I ignord the other girl he had with him, and he quickly moved the girl away to deal with me. He calmed me then, and I told him all that had happened and he replied he already knew, he let me go because he knew I would come back to him.


File: 1383758116461.gif (908.64 KB, 500x257, wake.gif)

I was the dude that mentioned the reoccurring dream characters previously. Looked around to find my old dream diary here and I figured I might as well start filling this, except less huge expansive dreams and more mentioning whenever the kind man showed up and general summaries. I keep my full dream diary elsewhere.

Last night I dreamed of a world that shifted depending on who was living in it at the time. In the dream, the setting was a world between worlds, where travelers stopped to rest before going on their merry way. The Kind Man here was a housemate of mine, another traveler who apparently according to another dream person, 'just appeared here, said he was waiting for someone.

When the Kind Man and I had some time to talk alone, he asked me how terrible it was like to be awake. I replied that it was quite terrible, and I asked him if he could help me stay asleep forever. He gave me a sad kind of smile look, and stroked my hair and told me that we couldn't stay forever, but we could stay for a time. I said that was acceptable to me.

I was asleep for about 12 hours, unusually long.


I dreamed of a place in which humans settled into and killed the native population of non-human creatures there in a slow but inevitable genocide. I played as a death, who goes where the next mass killing will be so I can help the souls move on. The Kind Man was also with me, and he would lead me towards where people were about to be killed en masse.

I talked to the Kind Man about Distortion and Dormilia, but he distastefully told me not to compare us with them, kind of like implying that he was something far greater/different. Like a higher existence of some sort. I asked him what he meant, and he refused to answer me. I began to get pushy, frustrated with him.

He smiled to me, a Cruel Man's smile, and told me with that bone chilling voice of the Cruel Man's that I will not be interested anymore of this tonight. The Cruel Man is charismatic and irresistable, but also terrifying to me, and so I accepted it without a second thought. The Kind man looked at me so sadly and stroked my hair, trying to soothe the fear he himself inflicted.

The rest of the dream mostly resulted in the question of human and non-human, person, souls and afterlife, and other such things.


I dreamed of being in a laboratory, examining infectious diseases and how they afflicted different animals. We drained the blood of Sharks, infected frogs, and even had a highly infectious strain of plant life that accidentally killed one of our own with its spores.

The Kind man was a researcher as well. Over coffee he apologized for his actions earlier, and told me that I was too weak still to handle his presence in the waking world. He told me I did so well, and that he was proud of me. He told me he won't try again until he absolutely had to. He also said if I was /really/ going to interact with Dormilia and Distortion continually, or anything else like them, to keep him updated. He explained again to me, that he was a something that couldn't be described in human words. When he said the word, it sounded bell-like, except distinctly not. I knew somehow it meant 'watcher/observer' of some sort, and I told him what it meant immediately. He smiled, a real and genuine smile, and stroked my hair before he told me that we had best get back to work before people got suspicious.

The rest of the dream involved a lot of dying as the infectious diseases fell out of control. I remember the Kind Man dying, as was his role. He'd be back next dream, he always will be.


I didn't have enough time to write down what my dream was, so I don't remember the setting as much as I remember the general theme was abandonment and hopelessness. But I was with the Kind Man and we had a moment to talk. I asked him about the other dormiloids, and I also asked him about visiting the dreams of others. He claimed that there was a big rift between people's waking lives and their dream lives, so trying to find someone based on their waking self would be quite difficult. Still, he said he would see. When I asked him how he would do anything, he said that I would 'find out', and if I didn't find out, then it would've never happened in the first place. This a bit disconcerting, but he refuses to answer my questions bluntly.

Instead, the Kind Man gave me a letter. He told me not to open it until I was in a position to post its contents in my waking world. [spoiler]For Dormilia[/spoiler] Don't mind me I'm just testing the spoiler tags.

Most of all though I remember asking him if he wanted to come with me to the waking world, and he smiled and asked me why I couldn't come with him. I told him I desperately wanted to. He told me he knew I did, and stroked my hair. He told me that in time, if I was patient. I didn't ask him what he meant by that.


Last night I dreampt of a large school filled with magical children. However, there was a disease spreading in it. It caused people's skin to flake off like chipped paint, revealing a scarlet gelatin like tissue underneath. The gelatin converted other tissue to itself, before crystalizing slowly. This would eventually crystalize their organs and kill them.

The Kind Man and I were students. He was a student who had a penchant for hiding in places. He took my hand and took me to a room that hadn't been used in years, or so he claimed. He told me to stay here until someone came to find me, so I can avoid becoming infected. He and I sat together for a time, and he explained to me that this room was a failed attempt at a swimming pool. We talked for a time about other dormiloids, but he soon told me he didn't want to talk about that anymore tonight. He seemed glad that the issue with Dormilia had been resolved, and told me that "now I can get back to my business". He refused to explain what that business entailed.

Instead he asked me if I remembered his name. I nodded, and he asked me if I could speak it to him. I spoke what I could, but it wasn't very much- it wasn't in his language very well. His language isn't something I know how to describe, it's a bell-like white noise. He smiled and told me not to worry, that I'll "remember" how to speak it eventually. Then he told me he had to go, that the dominoes were falling and he was the next domino to continue the chain.

Later on it would be revealed he purposefully left, knowing he would be infected, in order to contact the necessary authorities in the dream to eliminate the disease. I woke up just as this was being explained to me by one of the doctors, checking me for infection (I was disease free).


File: 1384198177248.jpg (316.25 KB, 600x437, officethresh.jpg)

Last night I was doing an experiment with a friend. The general idea would be the idea behind a double-blind study. In other words, I wouldn't know why I was doing or what purpose I'd be doing it. This would be in my sleep. He told me to, in my dreams, find some salt and some sharp object and a lighter or some sort. I would put the salt in a circle, then but myself and bloody the salt about, and inside write my name. Afterwards I'd set it on fire.

I'm nervous to report what happened in my dreams tonight until I manage to talk to him about if he got any results himself. He hasn't told me what purpose this was for exactly, but I'm pretty sure he's trying to verify for himself the degree of effect that dreams potentially have on each other. I'll report back once he's up and awake… surprisingly enough, he still appears to be asleep or something like it. I hope everything's alright.

Pic unrelated, I like Thresh.


File: 1384210281085.png (28.72 KB, 593x859, tumblr_mf92heVD5T1ql2kygo1….png)

So, my fried (We'll call him B) is fairly lucid in his dreams. He was going to test the theory out that thoughts may potentially be able to be transferred in dreams. He asked me, without telling me what he's going to do in order to avoid bias, to bloody a circle and stuff. On his end, he had to kill someone in his dreams, summon a "hunter" kind of creature, and send it to try and hunt me down, but not harm me.

On B's end, he had to do it quickly, because something he didn't know was trying to stop him. He didn't have much time, and as soon as he sent out the hunting creature he had to run as something tried to chase him. He claims that afterwards he had to run back to his personal sanctuary and kick the door he came from into oblivion. Hopefully he can figure out what was chasing him and what was trying to stop him.

On my end, as I started the circle, the Kind Man was suddenly by my side even though he hadn't appeared in my dream before that moment. He grabbed my wrist none too gently and pulled my hand away from the circle. He said to me, "What are you doing? Do you even know what you're- no, of course you don't, you couldn't know." Then he demanded to know who set me up/asked me to do this. This is when it gets fuzzy. I remember he was angry, but it wasn't a furious anger. It was more of an oppressive annoyance with me. I remember being very afraid. I remember crying. But I don't remember what happened, and it's like a big blank.

The only next moment I remember is the Kind Man and I on a couch together. My head is in his lap and I'm laying down. He's stroking my hair. We're talking about the day (in the dream). Classes were mentioned, also homework. I was feeling comfortable and happy and like none of the fear had ever happened. He was smiling down to me and we were watching the TV together, even though all it was was static. I kind of want to be disconcerted by this, or even a little disturbed, but I somehow can't bring myself to feel anything but a fuzzy kind of comfort.


File: 1384266311609.jpg (296.17 KB, 900x600, fireflis.jpg)

The Kind Man was sickly sweet last night. I told him I couldn't stay long, in fact I was only allowed to sleep maybe two hours last night. He said that was ok, we can just enjoy our time together. The Kind Man seemed to laugh a bit, though not a happy laugh, and didn't blamed me but instead blamed my waking life. Kind of like "oh, I guess we can't help what your waking days push onto you". I didn't talk about other dormiloids with him last night, or ask him any questions. We settled down together in a large library. I've often found him here. I've often been here. A massive, endless library. He took a blanket and put it around me and settled me in an aisle, away from the other patrons. He settled down with me in the blanket after that with a book. It was a nice, peaceful little short.


File: 1384752892460.jpg (54.43 KB, 850x729, woa.jpg)

I should update this more. A friend of mine had decided that maybe I should ask the Kind Man if he had romantic feelings for me. Last night, the Kind Man showed up much later than usual. It was actually near the end. He played as a doctor as I was recovering from an injury that I gained while narrowly avoiding becoming infected by a widespread epidemic on board a space-city.

While he treated me, and I admit to my embarrassment I blurted this out like a shy schoolgirl, if he loved me. He looked at me surprised, and then started laughing! He asked me who put that idea in my head, and then informed me that "dreams are without borders, nobody here has to narrow emotion to such a small spectrum".

I'm not sure what he meant by this, actually. I tried to ask him, but he stroked my hair and merely told me that I'll remember in due time.


File: 1384899480528.jpg (55.91 KB, 480x800, a15613429.jpg)

Last night while we were hiding away from a schoolteacher, the Kind Man and I sat down to talk. I told him I couldn't continue the way I was now, giving myself to him even in my waking life while being unable to truly be by his side. I would die. I would kill myself. I apologized, that I couldn't truly be asleep forever. He already appeared to know this, and was neither surprised no afraid. He instead accepted it, and instead told me "that's what it means to be trapped in that kind of world, isn't it".

I asked him, begged him, to stay with me in the waking world. He was silent for some time, before telling me that it would likely be painful/difficult for me. He made me promise. Really promise. That I would acknowledge that if it became too much, I can back out at any time. I did so. Then he told me that when I woke up, I would go about my day, but when I came back home, I should go to sleep as soon as is convenient. He said he would have something for me.

I apologize for any typos, I've just come back home and feel exhausted for no discernible reason, so I'll be going to bed shortly. I'll update this thread as to what happen.


File: 1384914117396.jpg (105.64 KB, 800x800, elysian.jpg)

Oi. Oi ow my/our head hurts. Well not really hi, he isn't harmed. He's saying but my mind's a sieve, it's hard to focus on anything he says. But I'm awake and I can still hear/feel him. I can feel more than hear when he speaks, it sounds like bells and white static noise, musical static noise. But I also understand, when he speaks, everything he means by speaking it, and yet I forget so much of it, like my mind can't hold it all at once. He knows this. He's aware of it. He's sorry. But it's the only way. I feel so tired, like I could sleep forever, like I'm half awake.

I might get used to it, or not. But he's here. He's really here.


File: 1385062616275.jpg (183.88 KB, 540x600, human.jpg)

Going off >>1527, I asked the Kind Man last night if he had to compete. He confirmed my suspicions that the creature I know of the Cruel Man was a dormiloid that he uh… either took over or absorbed, or otherwise negated with his presence, he refused to specify which. This was probably for the best (which he assured me it was), the Cruel Man was a creature I only really knew from one or two dreams. He's a kind of creature that, in the dream, he hollowed out my spirit so that I would be his loyal, soulless servant to him, for all eternity. It was terrifying how he was able to manipulate me so easily, take away my free will without due concern and without my noticing. If it weren't for the fact that I woke up, he would likely have had me forever. It's a bit scary to think about, but it was absolutely terrifying to exist as. I'm kind of glad the Kind Man edged out of whatever it was that they did, even if he lives in his binary state now.


File: 1385563807500.jpg (321.02 KB, 700x757, a32044596.jpg)

We've been getting better at communicating. I in interpreting him. Him in communicating in a way that isn't too much for me. I can feel his presence, often it's just a comforting pat on the head, the feeling of a warm blanket around my shoulders. He left me a note in a dream last night, written on a mirror that didn't show my reflection. I don't remember the exact words now, but it warned of being too ambitious and biding my time. Patience is key in things like this, I suppose. He didn't show up in that particular dream, but the fact he left me a note knowing I'd find it is admittedly puzzling to me.

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