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I think this board would be more appropriate for this…

I can see the future in my dreams. It's not like vivid by any means but I get little glimpses and flashes of things I don't understand but are clearly my life. Sure enough in the near future I will experience this event and clearly remember what is going on. I can do different things if I don't like the outcome and it changes everything, but if I continue on with what was in the dream the memory of it just increases and increases. I can follow what I did in the dream until I make a mistake in which the memory fades as I have taken a different route than the path in my dream.

It's really confusing and scary.


I also have reoccurring moments in my life where I re live the same experience over and over. It's almost like I dream of it multiple times. Anyway I was playing a video game this morning and and it just happens. I realize what's happening before it happens. I couldn't remember much beyond the initial few moments of realization, as it usually shocks me so much it snaps me out of it, but sometimes it goes on for quite a while.


File: 1364849426282.jpg (64.02 KB, 328x313, AdorableSniper[1].jpg)

>cute anime girl


Again it happened. I was out walking my dog when another golden furred dog came around the corner with no owner. It looked at me briefly before opening it's mouth to pant and shortly leaving. Every time this happens I get a strange sensation. I was halted in my tracks but I remembered what was going to happen next. I grabbed the plastic bag I was carrying and turned to my dog and he had already began to poop.

I can't help but feel like I should some how learn to take control of this. It haunts me every day knowing I could know so much more about what's going to happen in the world around me. I wish I could remember my dreams but it's very hard.


For those who are skeptic about what I am talking about, I can remember very vividly an event.

When I was around 10 or 11 (I can't remember, I have the worst memory). My mom woke me up for school. I stayed in bed and fell back asleep. This had happened to me a lot my whole life past the age of 10 so I preformed an experiment. I recorded what I saw on a piece of paper in as much detail as I possibly could. The paper read things like "black and red anthropomorphic computer generated dragon standing on large black box with a large black box the same size". The only reason I knew what anthropomorphic was back then was because my 14 or 15 year old brother at the time was a furry.

Weeks later I was sitting at my computer playing video games in my living room. My brother was on his computer right behind me (we shared a living space as our mother was scared of giving us privacy). I turned to look at what my brother was doing and he was playing Second Life (he was a huge loser [he plays the guitar now so that makes it better, right?]). On the screen were things I couldn't believe. A tall anthropomorphic black and red dragon; above him was a large black box and below that was a box the same size and colour. It was my brother's new avatar in Second Life. I didn't even get the piece of paper at the moment because I was so engulfed in the realization of how true my suspicions were.

I could see the future.


Quick, dream about me finishing mah game before April the 11th!


File: 1364927693808.jpg (11.01 KB, 223x269, MotherfuckerPyro[1].jpg)

Dreams are not tools and to utilize them as such would result in disaster.


I utilized them.


File: 1364929378980.jpg (32.18 KB, 645x467, 1306003296404.jpg)

Some Asian philosophies and religions believe that dreams have no true menning. So far nothing has happened to me linked to a dream.

Weird thing is that there is a saying that if you dream of poo, you will get money.


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I made a post about my bad memory but I something came up and I forgot to hit "New Reply" before closing chrome funny enough. Long story short I have the worst memory ever. It's like being trapped -OUTSIDE- my mind.

Please elaborate.


Your mind?
Who told you it was your mind?
The part that refers to its self as "I" was only the second to arrive.


File: 1365014650944.gif (764.41 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mbe5qqsS9s1qk8kgko1….gif)

So how's Dormilia doing, Distortion?


File: 1365016749810.jpg (56.82 KB, 500x393, mdfi1qkKGP1ql2603o1_500.jpg)

Same as always.
Thanks for asking.

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