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Dream On!
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I have spent a lot of time expanding my mind and dreams to have wonderful dreams every night. They are starting to get very long and detailed. I can even wake up and re-enter the same dream I left which makes my dreams even longer. Gonna put dreams I feel like sharing with other people in this thread.

The original setting of this dream was a high budget school in a semi futuristic setting. I was in a Fascist run country that took over the world using incredibly advanced technology that they stole and reverse engineered from a race of aliens called the Izzerot that tried to take over the earth a couple centuries prior. There were sentient and animal tier aliens spread across the planet. It seems that they were trying to change our ecosystem by putting in their species from their own planet which has caused major changes to a lot of environments. Their invasion failed due to the tenacity and technological strength of the Human race but the world was never the same and their were completely alien looking areas of the world along with alien slums and aliens hidden across the world.
The dream starts as a normal day in high school. My school was very nice and everyone their was expected to succeed greatly and was connected to the rest of the high class areas of the city by train. I did good enough in school to get by but I didn't have very many friends and the staff didn't like me.
One day I was running away from other students and I stumbled into an abandoned part of the school. I felt a lot of vibes that I shouldn't be here but something was calling to me. It must have been a miracle or fate for me to wonder into here with nobody around. I found a device and I immediately knew for some unknown reason that it was device that could stop time on activation. An alarm immediately went off and I panicked and activated it and ran to a classroom that wasn't being used. I felt a change going on in my head like I wondered into something that will change my life forever and that I'm probably already damned.
I looked out a window and could see staff wondering around the area I found the device and they seemed to be scanning the area I was in. "Perhaps they could tell I activated this thing" I thought to myself. I spent a lot of time in this room contemplating my existence. After some time I noticed that there was security outside the building I was in. An Idea sparked into my head and than I hid behind the a wall in the next room and waited for them to come in. They noticed the building I was in was broken into and came inside. My adrenaline started pumping and I activated the time stop device. I knocked out both of the people who came in, one I recognized as my principal and took their guns. When the device ran out I was on the roof.
"What have I done!, what am I doing!" These thoughts raced through my mind. I had no idea what to do. Their were a lot of students around at this time and they could see me in my school uniform with a gun running across the roof. Everyone seemed to be looking at me with this look of of amazement. Almost everyone I saw in my peer group seemed to be cheering me on. I decided to book it to the train station and rally as many people as I could to come with me, which I regret doing now, so many people will be damned by my actions but we were all living empty heartbreaking lives anyway.
I used the device to my hearts content to take out everyone in the way knowing they already knew I was here already. When I made it to the train I recognized someone their who I could trust and he helped gather other rebellious students to take off with me. I used this time to converse with other students and take a break but I didn't reveal to them the device, although thinking back I probably should have knowing that the time stop device was the only edge I had.
We decided that we would head to a half human half alien slum that was nearby to hide in and figure out our next plan of action. We were to break into the front of the automatic train and press the emergency break and than run 5-10 miles to get there.

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It was all working well and we made it their but I think we were followed. We were fools to think we could escape from our governments technology. They kept all the real machines and weapons hidden from us students to not scare us as much and raise our patriotism. We checked out the slums a bit more and tried to gather more information and followers. We found someone who was planning a trip in his spaceship he was repairing to the mountains where this one famous Izzerot scientist lived. We checked out the half of the slums that the izzerot changed but they were all so different and alien, even from each other.
Much faster than we expected, the flying robots and ships of the government had found us. I thought that they wouldn't know I was there though they probably found us based on our identities and outfits. They didn't seem friendly, perhaps they decided we were useless once we interacted with the aliens.
We all tried to escape on the ship we talked about with that one Izzerot guy earlier, but not all of us made it and I had no way of saving them in this situation. I felt useless and horrible that I got people killed. The Ship were were in took us to a much more advanced looking slum that was full of humans and humanity looking buildings. We were being followed though and we didn't have much time here. I was quickly escorted to the leader of this compound. He was working on a giant weapon to defend against the government. I could speak to him but he had a human near him who talked to me. I was told that They were going to create a gap in our governments control over the world for the next 50 years using a long series of planned attacks and sabotage. We were to be taken to the other side of the world and build up our society as much as we can to overpower the widdled down current society.
The government ships and robots eventually made it to us and the Izzerot deployed their weaponry to distract them while we flew off to the other side of the world.
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We were dropped off by the Izzerot on an unknown island, We were told to survive and expand the human race as much as we could but were barely given anything. I guess we weren't expected to do much, maybe things like this were happening everywhere in the world but we knew to thrive forward. The Izzerot left and we never heard from them again.
All we had was ourselves and the wilderness to take over the government on the other side of the world, I think there was a screw loose somewhere. I kept the gun and time stop i had device hidden from everyone and we went on to go survive in the wild. The wilderness was full of trees plants earth animals and Izzerot predator animals.
I had to start pressing the fact that I was the leader to get everyone organized into creating shelter and gathering food, the first thing we did was collect logs and sticks to create shelter fire and spears. These 3 things would be the centerpieces of our lives for the next 25 years. Everyone around me seemed kind of clueless to surviving in the wild, it seemed like all my years of study and isolation left me in a far better position to take our survival to the next level.
In time we learned to handle the wilderness around us, slowly expanding our technology. Our biggest threat were the Izzerot animals that lived on the island, they were very similar to wolves. Although time seemed to prove again and again that a bunch of humans with spears could handle anything. Eventually we had developed to the point where we had cabins, treehouses, canopy platforms, fishing, medicine and all the food we could handle. Once we had everything we needed to survive safely people in our group started to get pregnant. I left myself away from relationships like this to better lead everybody.
One day we decided to go on a scouting mission through the woods and we eventually found another civilization like our own but smaller in size. We investigated it and when we went into one of their main buildings we were ambushed by the last few people living their. The leader of their group looked very battle hardened and I could tell we couldn't win this fight with he forces we had.
While attacking me I tried talking to them while defending myself to get them to understand that we were fellow humans in the same boat and we didn't want to harm them. I explained to them that we had a much stronger population with a fair amount of woman producing offspring and they seemed to have given up their side and came with us, expanding the colony further.
20 years had passed sense we inhabited the island and it was blooming with humans and upgraded technology. We were at the point where we had ships, seawalls, schools and plenty of entertainment activity. One day during this time a plane crashed near our settlement and we rushed to find them. The plane that crashed seemed more like a ship full of rooms to accompany every need to live. The people on it reminded me of people from real life in attitude and dress. Trying to not seem like a group of savages I quickly contacted them and explained to them who were were and what we have been doing on this island. After talking to the inhabitants of the plane crash i learned that they were another rebellious faction like our own aiding in impairing the Fascist government that controlled the world of humans and Izzerot. The ship only had humans on it though but they came with a lot of human technologies that could aid us so getting on their good side was a high priority. A lot of them seemed hesitant to adapt to our primitive ways, it didn't help that we were all much tanner by this point than normal people of our old society which made them feel different, but after some time they realized its all they were going to get and they joined the ever upgrading colony that we ran. Although I feared that they could have been followed so We started to spend our time inventing primitive anti-aircraft weaponry like catapults.
The new people weren't all fitting in, a lot of them had an ego about them that really showed when we were doing sports events. One of them seemed to argue with me the entire time and eventually challenged me to a fight for leadership.
than I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep to re-enter dream.


This morning I had a lucid dream. I have had about 8-10 lucid dreams and have tested a lot of things in them and started focusing on playing out the dream like I'm playing some video game as apposed to dick around although I still try to find time to dick around because when you know your god of a realm you get to get away with anything.
This dream occurred as my last dream of the night, I find that my dreams get more vivid memorable and lucid further into my sleep. The first dream I remember was some kind of party themed dream and it ended with me crashing in a hotel I believe. The next dream after that I awoke in an apartment that was not one I have actually lived in. can't remember much of that one as well but for some reason it just now reminded me of a dream I had about going into a snowy mountain resort. it ended with me going to bed in that apartment. The next dream I had had me waking up at the house I grew up in inside my old bedroom and than quickly going back to sleep. The next dream after that was the Lucid dream.
I awoke into the same bed from the last dream but with all of my sense of self and willpower. I explored my old home but I visit my mom their often and I'm use to the scenery so it doesn't interest me very much and I leave.
I usually have a lot of moments while lucid dreaming where i try to find something to do, leaving the building I am tends to get me lost or end the dream. Exploring the skys are lovely but I feel like I crash my dreams when I do that for some reason, perhaps going up high means awakening to a higher level of consciousness aka awake. I have at least 3 Lucid dreaming experiences related with going up/flying up/being dragged up that have immediately led to me waken up. I double woke up from a dream within a dream once, it felt like going through a tunnel before waking up, a very thick tunnel that is your existence. I also went down beneath the ground once, I saw lots of CCG cards and insects underneath the world once, perhaps it was a metaphor for what is going on on that level of subconscious that I was witnessing. I will go deeper next time I get a chance to.
So instead of just experimenting like I have done mostly in past lucid dreams I decided to try to find the plot of the dream if it had one. In my Lucid dreams things will eventually happen to you if you desire them but this has control levels that fluctuate from dream to dream for example I once shifted an objects position with my mind in one dream but I have failed to do so in any other dream yet. To find what to do hasn't worked for me much in the past so this dream becomes a very new experience for me.
I starting by trying to channel a feeling of knowing where to go. I went with that feeling and walked down the street and turned down another street to head towards the main part of town. These areas a very burned into my memory its interesting being places in dreams you've been to in real life. Things weren't turning out so well however already. I was met with 2 thugs who immediately started trying to beat me up and possibly rape me. I entered a fighting mindset very quickly and dodged a punch and immediately went for a move where you grab your opponents hand or wrist and than punch or push their elbow the wrong way. It was a fake of course as I knew I wasn't strong enough and I took note of his leverage changes and went for a throw and did so successfully. The second attacker was immediately on me though but I used a similar break attempt into throw to deal with him. Being here wasn't doing well for me so I felt the need to get out of here.
I decided to just fly to the next location I felt, but I noticed as I was flying kind of slow. I somehow ended up in a different part of my childhood neighborhood that was not the direction of the road I took. I found a slightly Hispanic version of one of my friends putting together a small race cart like vehicle and I got him to lend me it. I started driving towards the main street of town. I came to the conclusion to try to find the rich peoples houses as it felt like I would get better plot from a nicer house which later proved to be very true. I somehow ended up in a part of town that didn't exist in real life and the commercial area around it felt much more up-kept and landscaped than areas I've been before.


continued from >>1876

I somehow knew that the police were after me but I don't remember hearing any signs of it, I must have been breaking a lot of driving laws I wasn't paying very much attention. This was the first time operating anything in a dream and it went smoothly other than my cars brakes not working properly, which is oddly one of my dream signs for lucid dreaming which is really weird to have but has not triggered anything yet. I ditched the vehicle and went on foot to the neighborhood with the nicest houses.
I remember being bugged by someone on the street at this time but in a neutral way but I don't remember the details. I also remember dicking around with dream powers a bit but I can't seem to remember those details much right anymore. I eventually found a house I felt comfortable going inside and I than went inside. It didn't occur to me to knock on the dream door which I now released was a huuuuuuuuge mistake.
Inside was a girl who reminded me much of myself but as a 14-18 year old. I believed her to be the right brain half of my personality as I was noticed I was in a very logical and slightly sociopathic state of mind. Too much control is probably what makes me feel that way the most but I feel a bit the same in real life. The girl was extremely frightened by me barging in and she thought I was going to rob them but I managed to convince her I was a friend somehow(?__?). Luckily this was now when her dad showed up so he wouldn't know I just broke in. He seemed mean and didn't seem to care much for my presence here, perhaps my appearance was friendly and comforting, I should look at a mirror in a lucid dream sometime but I slightly feel like that would make me insane but I could use that kind of mental therapy.
We hung out for a bit and had some decent conversation which i wished I could have recalled more. I suddenly started smelling her and it started to give me some strong feelings for her. She gave me this odd attempt at philosophy in by stating "If I've never seen or believed anyone has reached the level of enlightenment I seek, does it exist?". This was an incredibly heavy statement coming from my right brain half because she used to believe really strongly in seeking enlightenment and other philosophical gains. I noticed she was starting to get really scared at this point. Her dad than came into the room and she freaked out harder and than ran away. It seemed like she was having some kind of emotional breakdown so I went and chased after her. A bunch of my friends in a van showed up and yelled supportive things at me and I eventually caught up to her and got her to calm down. This was a very exhilaration experience but I woke up at the emotional climax an couldn't remember much of the final details.
Its interesting to finally experience a fuller feeling lucid dream. I typically have movie quality dreams with plots and some minor lucidity but it wasn't happening as hard in my lucid dream. Lucid dreams tend to feel kind of short or perhaps I get too excited and wake up a lot so this is my longest lucid dream so far. I think this dream had a theme of fears and bad memories relating to past and current fears and how I have handled them literally and metaphorically. Unless something grabs my attention in my next lucid dream or I lack the right god powers I will channel myself through multiple layers of ground and/or meditate. Having a conversation with my self is also something I would like to achieve, I should focus on conversational memory in dreams more from now on.


had a brief lucid dream
didn't see much going on so I tried to warp through the ground. it felt like traveling through thick mud and my brain kept telling me I was going to hell so I decided now wasn't the best time and I went back to the dream but I woke up quickly. Hmm I shouldn't care next time, it's just hell, hell sounds way less stressful than real life.


these are all pretty interesting.
Im trying to get dream journal running again (not like it doesnt work but people dont go to the page anymore) so would you mind putting some of these there?

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