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Dream On!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Has anyone had experiences with drugs (OTC, prescribed, or otherwise) affecting dreams?
Dream quality, lucid dreaming, dreaming coherently…etc.


Every time I've been on drugs I slept really heavily. If I dreamed I didn't remember shit. However, my experiences are only limited to pot and a "robotripping" experience of which i felt the effects continue into the next day and the closest I've come to hallucination, with still no dreaming. Any prescription drug I've taken did not effect my sleep, so I guess I'm kind of a lame example. :S


File: 1338978396752.png (5.58 KB, 300x300, supermariobros_0025.png)

weed seems to heighten my dreams but if I smoke every day I can't remember them.

I had awesome dreams after eating cubes and woke up feeling fantastic


Most of my experiences are with DPH, I always find myself having stranger dreams if I take a higher dosage of it and end up falling asleep.


File: 1340044857862.jpg (23.51 KB, 451x347, nagato.JPG)

Every time I smoked pot before sleeping, I had sex related dreams. I seriously don't see the connection, but it's happened every fucking time.


A cigarette before bed usually gives me pretty strange dreams.


File: 1341626473872.gif (134.19 KB, 540x410, Nintendo_3DS__Super_Mario_….gif)

That reminds me of some weird experience I had with pot. Mind you I used to smoke it back when I was in high school and nothing unusual ever happened. Some time in the last year my friend gave me some caramels as a joke without mentioning they were laced with weed. I did smoke it but I'd never digested it before. After half an hour nothing happened so I assumed it didn't work on me.

Then I started to drive home since it was late and I seemed fine. As soon as I got on the road I immediately started tripping out so hard. I've never had a reaction like that from marijuana before. I thought it was 'shrooms or something. Headlights in the dark were blurring into streaks and everything else seemed to fade into the darkness, like the world was nothing but glowing lights flying past me. I was scared shitless the entire time driving home.

When I got home I was so terrified I just wanted to get back to my senses as quickly as possible, so I decided to sleep through it assuming I wouldn't dream. Instead I had tons of extremely detailed recollections of forgotten memories. Days and locations I hadn't thought of since I was 4 years old came rushing back to me in vivid detail. It was disorienting actually feeling like a short little child looking at the world again. I had at least 5 different dreams like that before I woke up.

I read up about it afterwards and apparently weed can do that to some people. Ironic considering I always see about how it kills your memory.


File: 1464154588125.jpg (27.74 KB, 406x345, 1463202510436.jpg)

I've taken naps on 200-300ug of LSD before. It doesn't really feel like sleeping, but you definitely dream.


File: 1464234916350.jpg (12.92 KB, 400x227, 140370325729.jpg)

Oddly enough melatonin of all things gave me some of the most vivid, intense dreams of my life. You wouldn't expect something that you can buy over the counter to be able to do that but it did for me


I've had similar experiences on melatonin. It's actually something I used to help me lucid dream; it's easier to keep a dream diary when your dreams are so vivid.


What were your dosages ? Normal dosage ?
Checking the price, here it's 30€ for a 30 pills with 2mg of melatonin.


Sometimes I smoke some mugwort or make a tea out of it, and it gives me some crazy dreams. It's good for that. I also tend to have interesting and vivid dreams if I drink some alcohol before bed. I think the most vivid dream I've had in recent memory was when I drank mugwort tea before bed while I had a fever.

I've taken Melatonin every night for most of my life so I don't really know how it effects my dreams.


File: 1469383885136.jpg (11.31 KB, 264x264, trippy mane.jpg)

most drugs keep you from hitting rem sleep (the part you dream in and actually get rested) and you have to come down to hit it (also why when you heavily use drugs you feel tired when you wake up) though ime nicotine patches while sleeping gave me extremely vivid dreams and even lucid dreams, ive heard of mugwort though havent tried it, and ive heard microdosing LSD is good for vivid/lucid dreams, but from what i know most recreational drugs will inhibit dreaming


File: 1469388134094.jpg (16.98 KB, 283x424, lol.jpg)

>By sleeping you dream
>Drugs cause hallucinations
>Going to sleep+drugs=guis im lucid dreaming lol!


drink half a bottle of dxm syrup and trip balls for days, but be careful u dont end up in the psyche ward


its cus wen u take enough drugs u realize we are all dreaming all the time and then u stop having normal dreams at all and just sleep in short burrsts


Drugs are bad k


File: 1620414487001.jpeg (85.91 KB, 900x1600, 1609859353523.jpeg)

Normally I don't dream at all, like nothing, nada.
Got prescribed escitalopram and I have had dream almost every night since. Pretty lucid onces too and it makes me happy.
To be honest I don't notice any other effects.


Nice bird


I took melatonin and drempt that Tien sucked blood out my mother's neck with a plastic straw.


late reply but i smoked weed once and it made me start dreaming every single night.before that i had never had dreams


that bird is so cute


Codeine consistently puts me in a semi-lucid state, where I'm aware that I'm almost fully asleep, and aware of where I am, but am still seeing random imagery and feeling random sensations somewhat passively. It's actually really pleasant, like drifting away.


that’s not a bird

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