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anyone else have dreams of gory situations? i continually have dreams where my innards are spilling or I'm being shot to death in a school shooting, or chased by freakish monsters. no clue what the fuck this means but i was curious if anyone else here deals with this.


i get gory dreams too. im a kid again and people are tearing my teeth out with pliers and punching me in the gut so hard i vomit


What is worry with your mind?


Fairly often yes, although almost all of them are accidents. Nonetheless I have seen some truly graphic shit because i have really vivid dreams.


Nothing gory specifically, but I have had recurring dreams of being shot in a school shooting for the past ~6 years now. I left high school in 2018.
It always occurs in weird structures. I could draw/map all of them if I really thought about it - all based on places I've spent a considerable amount of time in in my life, but only maybe their core structure and essence are similar. If it isn't a school shooting, it usually /is/ something really gory or psychologically horrifying, but I never remember anything clearly after the first 30 seconds of waking up. I'm going to keep an eye on this thread and might keep my own dream journal.


a lot of my dreams are gorey and needlessly edgy so i will list the worst i've had.

tw: for like everything i guess??

i was in a basement in the woods full of about 6 people i kidnapped and one of them was a trans woman. i had tied 5 of the people up and had them gagged and blind folded except the trans woman, who i left just chained up i guess. at gunpoint, i gave the trans woman a knife and told her to stab and kill all 5 other people. after un-chaining her, she complied and after she finished i told her to penetrate a stab wound on each person she killed with her penis and cum inside each them. once she was done i shot her and raped her corpse.

so yeah i said it was needlessly edgy and gorey so there i guess


File: 1654221760278.jpg (179.78 KB, 1288x1140, FRv0DCfacAAMiSJ.jpg)

Not especially frequently, but yes. I'm usually the victim. I had a strange dream where I was having my organs slowly harvested out while still alive. It was from a close up third person perspective but at the same time I knew it was me being harvested. In the dream, although it could have only happened in the few hours I was asleep, I knew and had a sense that this was taking place over several months. There was this clinical, cold feeling; and a dull pain I can't quite describe. And I don't remember, but I think there was a smell of anesthesia or metal. I was on some kind of operating table, I think? But it wasn't in an operating room…

I notice, with some frequency, that my dreams correlate/represent some tangible anxiety I have. I think this one represents either existential despair/angst or how I feel suffocated in my life and lacking freedom. The theme of 'endless suffering' and torture seems to be common in my dreams. I'll rarely see gore that begins or ends quickly.


File: 1654251173762.png (20.32 KB, 1152x648, necking.png)

I once had a dream where I sat in front of my television at my old summer house many states away, just in the middle of nowhere in front of a 1999 CRT TV by myself. I was scrolling through the 50 channels we had and came across a channel named "Necking Tutorial" (or something similar but it was called Necking) I clicked on it and a voice around me said they were going to show me what "Necking" is. I saw a man strapped to a machine (pic) It had long arms that would bend his limbs and flesh in inhuman ways, and it would keep injecting the man with a black tar so keep him concious and alive. No matter how he would struggle he could never die. It turned him into an arachnid-looking being and the next second he looked like an octopus. He felt every sliver of his pores and skin melting into each other. And yes his scream filled my room. I couldn't look away even if I tried and I was TERRIFIED. Yet couldn't wake up. It went on for seemingly forever and when I woke up I didn't sleep the next day


File: 1655932771700.jpeg (170.5 KB, 1280x720, 1563211741376.jpeg)

Recently I had a dream where I ended up killing my friends or known people in a living room near a kitchen using a knife, and everyone got awfully decapitated.

My dreams aren't prone to be gory, not even in fucked up situations, just uncanny or grotesque, not bloody or explicitly violent. The only instance of just a mildly bloody situation that I remember was in a dream where I got sucked up into Yume 2kki and I become Urotsuki, (in Zalgo's room, and wearing an AR-15 for some reason) and after breaking into a building (that wasn't there before), in someone's bedroom, blood was leaking from the bathroom.

From what you mention, for me those dreams are very uncommon in me, even the chasings by freakish monsters, that tended to be frequent in my childhood but not anymore since I got used to it long time ago and aren't scary now. The most gruesome dreams that I use to have are those ones where shapeshifters or dopplegangers of my close people endorses me to have sex with them, to then accept it and getting a bad time, where I discover how disgusting and sickening they feel to touch, weird things happends in the backrounds, and some mindbreaking scene will happend in the end (pic semi-related).


>>2667 i dream of objects rotting. not food or humans, but usually my favourite toys and plushes from childhood


File: 1703408255683.jpg (66.22 KB, 850x607, __dango_chan_original_draw….jpg)


I use to be interested in guro. violence, self-no-no and whatever. My dreams reflected this, in one I was at some sort of family event. I got a steak knife and slowly sawed through my arm. I remember taking great pleasure in seeing the detail in my arm, the bones, veins.

I could understand why I had a dream like that, but honestly it's still weird as hell

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