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so once i had this dream where i was taking one in the bathroom stall of my high school when shoe strings started getting thrown over the stall door onto me irritating me but beforehand i was staring at what seemed to be these strange designs and engravings changing in the bathroom stall so i decided to finish up and walk out and then push the child in the yellow blank hoodie and blue jeans dont know the shoes but he had blonde hair and had a deformed face didnt realize till after i pushed him a phone flys out of his pocket and he catches it and says into it "yes he did it he pushed me" i walk out of {HIGH SCHOOL} bathroom then enter my {MIDDLE SCHOOL} hallway leading to the {MIDDLE SCHOOL} cafeteria. the hallway i mentioned is NOT the same hallway that connects to my cafeteria
anyways i continued into the cafeteria i noticed alot of people that i know outside of school and alot of people i know inside of school and some certain key elements of people would be highlighted and also staring at me as in disbelief of something, almost like seeing a ghost.
continued onward to victory i guess and walked up to the principal of my school {HIGH SCHOOL} and i begged her to let me back into school {KICKED OUT} she said no i continued on, an acquaintance of mine from the past was playing guitar to multiple females on the cafeteria table he was later to be found gay in real life year or two after dream irrelevant but interesting he also had no idea how to play guitar and never has.
i also see a shocked look on him but he doesnt notice myself until later.
start walking into blue locker back right outside of cafeteria. my view starts to shift to the floor slowly while bordering on blindless
-arc 1 over-
i awaken in a hog tie position with actual rope and im sitting there at the bottom of a stairwell of a nasty old shabby cellar i see a silhouette of light at the top of the stairwell shaping the light peaking through the cracks of a door, it opens.
down comes my friend we will call her madison she walks down and approaches me implying something about locating me cause i left facebook location on i guess this is a futuristic stalker scenario or something but it helped nonetheless she unties me and we maake a break for the exterior
tree's are infinitely tall or just really tall but it was dark couldnt tell we saw tiki {aztec meme monkey style} statues and such things and continued to be creeped out and continued forward we find a normal looking house and knock on the door in hopes of finding out something i could not tell you what it looked like but imagine a trailer park house so they answered and none other than more deformed faces from the original bathroom incident madison asked if they knew how to get to {so and so} and she must have not put two and two together i know i couldnt put two and two together until after i awoke for some reason. continuing the family woman pointed to a bed in the kitchen with just the frame nothing else it was metal rusty typical scary.
heard footsteps approaching very fast and grabbed arm of friend and found first dirt path and ran down it and eventually reached the end but this is where the gaps remain we turned a left off the dirt road onto actualy asphalt road and noticed a gas station around the bend to the left in this still slightly wooded area told madison "gps us home" {BLACK OUT}
i come to at the beginning of my street and i instantly ask madison how long it has been and she said "37 minutes" it could have been 47 but i know that it was around 40 of walking minutes which is very interesting information to be presented.
as we approached my house things started to become fluorescent points of interest i will add i saw my house turn into vegas lights except they had the dimness of black lights
as i walked down my driveway i noticed formations of vehicles "blinking" into different positions and combinations and patterns in my driveway as if being conveyed the past present and future, atleast my speculation leads me to believe.
i think the village people did something to me i'll touch on that in a second.
i walked up the steps and make my way to the door unlock it with key walk in and look into living room and see family members stacked up dead each with knives sticking out of a specific spot which was the neck of course. as i am repeating vulgarity in shock madison says "what what do you see?"


File: 1508822267356.jpg (35.81 KB, 480x671, YUME NIKKII.jpg)

i think that the village people did something to me in this scenario i didnt put any correlation together until i woke up.

this was many years before i knew about the presence of yume nikki to find this dream board is very amazing i should have found it sooner after almost 5 years since that dream i still remember it and many others broadly and would love to share some here if i randomly feel up for it.
to think a game like yume nikki exists and portrays the randomness and just insane acuity and randomness dreams can attain.
i sadly am unable to lucid dream but i also think that i might have the term lucid dream smeared.
my dreams feel like im being strapped into a roller coaster and i know im in said roller coaster and take it for a ride. its as if playing the role of a film but that film is real life and you are experiencing it in fullness.
i've never been able to control my dreams in any ways just use aspects and tools to change the outcomes.
i certainly envy those who still dream lately i only have been achieving certain chunks of things or instances of 10 seconds of actual experience. time measurements are strange so i shouldnt say time increments more so just flashes of images and knowledge of occurences.
really hope i get some responses this is one of my most legendary dreams and i finally have an outlet for it.
nobody really likes talking about dreams irl
i've always liked talked about dreams ever since i was conscious enough for thought and interests i've always annoyed people wanting to talk about dreams considering most of my most insane dreams happened when i was aged 4-8 such as re occuring challenge nightmares where soemthing spawns in my house we call him the "goop monster" since hes just dripping brown tar and resembles zorack from adult swim and he just makes a move i make a move and examine anomalys in my house like dishes breaking in kitchen and curtains moving in brothers room or floating heads in sisters room very specific weird tihngs i can encounter.
the rotten raddish monster would sometimes replace the brown drippy thing and it would just make you feel electrocuted.
my dreams taught me what its like to teleport, its almost like a shocking jolt but that could just be my dream making me think thats what teleporting is like but it only happened when trying to read red print on a wall inside of a bunker that i wasnt trying to enter until i read it, but as i tried to read it my sight would blur worse making me walk closer therefore trapping me, cant remember what it said but i remember somebody saying you cant read in your dream. thats bullshit.

i could go on for days but im sure its tldr already

i dont want to make this all about me so i'll make this a contribution project

i would like to hear about dreams similar to this with extremely random specifics and such.
its gripping


Interested most in hearing more of your dreams from age 4-8.


File: 1508869595855.jpg (33.13 KB, 500x372, pic relateddd.jpg)

thank you

a dream i once had around that age would be i would be in my bed and the tv would turn off and floating objects would rotate around it with different colored aura's i would always be able to pick one and have it fly away waking me up i have no idea what it would do i still wonder today if its a visual perception of whats going on in my mind (obviously}

most of the 4-8 ones were very short not much but the fact that they re occur

i've never once escaped the game that im put into besides i hate point and click adventures anyways.

its really hard to come up with any dreams considering i dont have a dream journal when i really should.

the one "good" dream i remember having {they were all good in a way} was where i spawned ontop of this yellow building that was made ENTIRELY out of gurders something you would see out of an old cartoon perhaps? anyways it was yellow and athey all were and it formed a perfect square to run around on the top the sky was purple and i held a huge sword with a small gold handle and a blue transparent actual blade pic related but its not the actual sword {ironically enough a game about entering dreams called dual hearts very obscure can run on pcsx2} its basically the same sword you get from a certain level in this though and i cant find pictures of anything anywhere you cant even find a fandom wiki on this game lol im pretty sure i was playing this game around the time i had this dream too so it makes sense but if i didnt thats very interesting.
point is im on this scaffolding type of area and a gigantic genie thing appears i cant remember what color it was but it was a very interesting battle where i can only attack by jumping from one side over slashin mid air and landing on opposing end i jumped from.
basically all that happened was i beat it.

but wait there is another boss battle just like this that was also a genie but i know what color he was

im driving with my family down my street when all of the sudden the sky floods red and then the big red genie very robust tomato red pops out of my neighbors houses barn and it starts i guess fighting us i dont remember how i was hurting it back but it went on like that while driving around in the car remember this is age like 4-8 or some shit so i just go with the flow and then it seems "defeated" but in its last hope for killing me i guess was to jump out of the house it was inside of attacking from and land on us causing a red liquid to just tidal wave the area waking me up.

the older i got the more plot and details were added to my dreams i have had only ONE dream entirely in anime that i very well remember that had some intense details almost more so than the initial posted dream will post back later today with that one thank you for wanting to listen anon.

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