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I've been having a ton of good dreams lately, so I think a thread is in order.


The light of the sun moves over the trees ad hits my face. I wake up, and immediately look around to check on the others. After the festival, the dancing and running and singing, everyone is tired, but the sun is moving fast and they'll all be up soon.
I quietly move off my pile of leaves and tie a cloth around my waist; the sun begins to warm my skin as I quietly sneak away from camp. On my way to his place, I pick a few handfuls of beris; several big red imintiri ahindrosfilis, which we call the saberi; a good amount of little blue monpoli unindrosfilis, which we call the buberi, and a few of the long yellow abralbas onisdrostlam, which we call the banaberi. I recite the real names of each fruit to myself as I pick them. When I finally get to his place, I'm eager to look through the big book of plants again.
His place is a cave above the southern beach, a long, tiny crack in the mountain that takes a few minutes to wiggle through. Inside, there's light from a hole a few feet above, and a few "chests"; one of them is covered in yellow metal, and full of mostly flat, round, yellow metals; it's very shiny, so I use it to reflect light from the hole to wherever I need it. My favorites, the two biggest and plainest, are full of books and journals.

There used to be an old man on the island who would come here. He sometimes told interesting stories of lightning spirits and metal spirits, and of people who lived in cold places, in "homes", and of using the spirits to talk to his wife, very far away. They were all amazing stories, sometimes hard to understand, but I liked them. Sometimes one f the other elders would hush him during a story, and when one of them did, I'd always pester him to continue. One day, I eventually followed him here, and he told me about the speaking spirit and his quiet friend the writing spirit.
I had no idea what a writing was then, but it only took me a few minutes to convince him to tell me; he didn't need much convincing to show me the books. He then told me of the great magic of names, a special kind of speaking and writing spirit, like a guardian that never leaves you.
I wanted to know of his, but he would only tell me his "first name", Trikhlos. It was a strange combination of sounds, and it took me a long time to say it properly. He seemed pleased whenever I said it, but he forbade me from saying it outside of the cave. I still sometimes said it to myself, because it was also very pretty. One of the elders heard me say it, and there was a lot of yelling that night. Some of it was in gibberish like his name, and all us kids cowered because that meant the spirits were present, and angry.


After that night, he continued to teach me about the writing spirits, and I never let any of the secrets of his cave slip. I learned about the language of the spirits, and even of a way of writing the language of humans. The spirit's script was written with the same few symbols, but the human script was written with many little symbols, more complex but with no life in them. There are only a few books in our script, but sometimes I see our writing around the island.
Sometimes, but not today, I would get lost reading one of the many spirit books. For some reason, the spirits write a lot of stories about humans. Many of them are hard to understand, as they take place in the same bizarre world as his stories. I would have been completely stuck without the diksonari, which is a book about every writing spirit there is; some concepts are too strange, but I can usually translate things into human terms. There are a few "journals", one of which is Trikhlos', and all of which I am too nervous to touch; they are like long names, I think. They are stories of the writer's lives. I don't want to anger any spirits with names as long as that, for they must be very powerful. There are also books of blank sheets of paper, and these are what I learned to write on.
Today, all I really had time to do was quickly look through the diksonari, which also had helpful pictures. I remember trying to copy the drawings a few times, but Trikhlos immediately stopped me. He said copying drawings was no good, and I had to draw from what I saw to be good at it.
I had no idea what drawing was then (I thought it was another kind of writing), but now I can do a pretty good sketch of anything. Trikhlos said I was a natural "artist", and that always made me happy to hear, because natural shamans are always important and respected people. My own journal is filled with drawings. There are no words in it, because long names are still kind of scary to me.
So I read a few new words, and then turned to a page at the back with a "map", which is a drawing done by a sky spirit of a land spirit, or by a human of an island, depending on what language the names are in. It had a few islands, all of which Trikhlos had told me were very, very, very big. I asked him once to point out our island on the map, but he said he couldn't remember and didn't talk for an hour after that.
I looked over it, and then decided I'd seen enough for today. I had to get back to camp, and get ready for the big hunt. I made my way out of the cave and went a different route back, picking more fruits and beris. Any suspiscion of my activities away from camp this early were dashed by the armful of fruit I presented to my sleepy family.


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>so many typo


I run along the coast, behind my brother and ahead of my cousins, almost falling from exhaustion. The dir dashed along the rocky shore, bleeding lightly from many small cuts. My brother gave me a desperate sort of look, and I called back to our cousins; we stopped as they scrambled ahead of us, waving their knives, excited for their turn. A few miles ahead, two more people would be waiting on a hilltop, to catch sight of the dir and take our place in the ritual hunt.
My brother had gotten two cuts in, and was satisfied with that. My own knife was perfectly clean, but I was too busy catching my breath to care. My brother stooped to drink from a stream and I walked down to lay on the thin strip of sandy beach. It was still cool, as the sun had not yet been up for more than two hours, and the water lapped at my feet.
My brother said something about going back, and I waved goodbye. I'd have to wait for the dir to come around again, probably in an hour or two. I propped myself up on my elbows, staring at the sea, wondering which hill it would probably run closer to.
Along the horizon, I noticed something I had never seen before. They were like the illustrations of a "ship" in a spirit's book, but much smaller. Little white triangles, sails, above little ships. I sat up, and watched them closely. More and more boats came into view.
My heart skipped a beat when I could finally see what was on them. Not spirits, but Harin, who dressed like them. Harin, who Trikhos had told me so many tales of, who Trikhos feared. The people from the center island had returned.
I couldn't run to the main camp fast enough.


…and now I'm tired of writing. What I write is embellished slightly, because I like to make my dreams into stories, but mostly just in specifics like names.

This is about half of that dream, and that was the second of three dreams I had last night.
I can only remember tiny portions of the other two for some reason, even though the first dream was much longer.


Second of what I think was three dreams today:

I'm going to high school again, but the setup is a little different. This time, my school dream focuses on French class, which is at the front of rows of hallways. There is a big, open commons space in front of it, and a garden to the side.
I return to school to find that there are suddenly hundreds of kids from some kind of dream-Russia also attending. They have vaguely Russian accents and names, and there is some sort of mass exchange program going on this year.
I mostly ignore the students, until 'something' happens. I can never quite tell what it is, so I ask one of the Russians. We talk about it, and the reason why they came to this school; I don't know Russian, her English is bad, but we both know French, and we become something like friends while we clumsily chat.
Something, something, and I slack off in French class, instead spending my time walking around the hallways.
Something, something, and the French teacher passes me and a few others that normally should have failed the class, saying something about knowing how to apply yourself better later and "I understand." My conscious and sleep selves cringe the whole time, guilty.

Something, something happens in between dreams. I'm having another happy talk with my friend, and a few others. On of them does not look like, but is Edd from Edd Ed and Eddy. He acts like him, etc. even though he's one of the transfer students.
So we talk, walk around some, and then the world glitches. Everyone notices, and we go quiet; some others panic.
The world glitches again, and it's the next dream.


(This part is hard to explain.)
The world is almost unchanging; basically, when you turn away from something, it returns to how it was at that moment. Something like a simplification of George Berkeley's philosophy, as I read it in a collection of science fiction years ago; something you are not aware of does not exist, e.g. there is literally nothing behind you, until you look and see it. But in this world, things return to that moment, instead of not-existing.

So people always have the food in their cupboards, and the television always has the last program it showed, things like that. There's always snow where it snowed; for some reason the sun, moon, stars, sky, and clouds are exempt from this, but they all vary wildly; it might be noon, and over the course of a few minutes it somehow becomes midnight. There is also giant text in the sky or on the ground, like enormous advertisements. They are all big, bold words, something saying the location ("PARK"), sometimes nonsense ("HALF PAST MORE")
So, the dream changes, but not perfectly. I am in a completely different area, and I only see someone reminiscent of my Russian friend later on.

And, depending on what person I experience this dream in, my sex fluctuates. In first person, I am male, and in third-person, I am female. I'm directly attributing this to all the trans and radfeminist literature I've been reading.

Somewhere early on in this dream, I accidentally do something that lets me gain a bit of power. I don't use it for a while, because I don't understand how it all works, and how it relates to the world-glitch.
A lot of time passes, and a lot of stuff I don't remember happens, and I, now less concerned about keeping my abilities secret, challenge someone to a street race on motorcycles (the sleek kind, not the Harley kind). People are a lot more wild now, and many rove in gangs; a few of them are people I knew in school.

So I go race the person; it's snowy and icy where we are. I decide to cheat, and speed up, using my ability to ever so slightly correct my position and angle as I start slipping wildly around. Halfway through the race, I lose my opponent on the minimap on my bike (lol), and decide to quit. I speed off down the road, past houses and parks, until I arrive at a certain intersection. I notice that the library that used to be here has become a theater; since people are basically living forever, and survival is ensured (hello Mouse Utopia thread!), they are all spending their time doing whatever and entertaining themselves. The theater is massive; I had seen it full many times previously, but it is empty now.
I go into the theater, because I saw someone I recognized through a window on an upper floor, and the dream shifts to first person; I am male.


The person I recognized was a version of my "Russian" friend; she is there, in the giant lobby, playing cards and laughing with other "Russians"; the dream is now something like a spy movie; everyone's in suits and clearly rich; the theater has been redesigned, and will be reopened as an upper-class sort of place soon.
I need to talk to that person, to tell him that I know him, but he insists that he is different and does not know me (but he does >_>). I start saying something about my power to warp reality for some reason, and they just laugh. They try to get me to g, but I just insist instead that they let me buy a ticket and watch a movie, since they're running the reels anyways. They do, and I exit the lounge. I go to sit next to the only other person in a small, exclusive theater, to talk to him about the others (they are all somehow related).

We chat, and I ask about my friend. He says something, and I reply back, but I make a motion with my hands that he completely misinterprets.
He laughs and gets up, winking at me and being "understanding", and leaves. A moment later, a servant girl comes in with a tray of snacks and drinks. I'm shocked, as she is another version of my old Russian friend. She sets the tray down and looks at me, acts very impatient and uncomfortable, mumbling "So what do you want" and "When do we start" and the like.
I blush madly and realize that the guy apparently called her in to have sex and explain that that is nooooot what I meant. We talk, and she tells me I apparently did a motion for a blowjob, which I think is ridiculous because all I did was clasp my damn hands together loudly when I was emphasizing something.
So, anyways, I find my friend.

There was more to this, maybe, but I can't remember it. Overall, it was a good dream. Pretty much all the locations were rehasses of previous dream locations, though. I could very clearly tell you what dream the theater, the snow, the intersection, the house of full cupboards, etc. was from. Not very original, but still a fun dream.

I hope this journal helps me remember these things better. My writing probably isn't any fun to just read. V_V


Apologies for massive walls of text.


Welcome to the walls of text club.


I had a dream about flying. It wasn't in first person very much, and while the main characters were representative of me, they were not me, so I won't say I had "a flying dream".

For the first part, I was again, male, and a policeman or guard during some kind of Renaissance. The streets and buildings were crude, but I and my companions wore fairly fancy armor, and there was lots of decoration everywhere; flowers, gardens, penants, banners. We rode around in electric carriages, which were shaped like the Ford Model-T but were entirely wooden on the outside; wheels and all. At some point, I angered one of my friends/fellow guards across town, and there was a chase scene; the wooden Model-T's could do sixty or more. There was a lot of crazy acrobatics and bursts of swordfighting as we basically went from carriage to carriage, all while moving, and while being cheered on by people in the crowded, thin streets. We both managed to kill or disarm quite a few people before I was suddenly shot. I took over the carriage I was in and started wildly fleeing, ignoring my friend's angry shouts to finish our duel, apparently unaware that several people had started brandishing guns. I lost them in an alley and sped off to a quiet part of the city. I stopped the carriage and fell out, bleeding, to lay on the roadside. I crawled to the sidewalk and lay my head on some grass, staring up at the sky and feeling extremely sorry for myself. A raven flew down to land beside me. I watched it while I bled out. It cawed and hopped around and pecked at my chest a few times, then took off; my soul flew up with it, into the next dream/life.


Now, female, I was a homeless child, picking through some objects in a junkyard. The raven was there, but now also a different animal, a sort of larger, "friendlier"-looking black bird,bigger than I was. I coaxed it to come closer with some scraps of food. I watched it eat, and tried to pet it; it sat still and let me. Suddenly, it flew up, and I found that I was holding on to it, and floating up with it. I could feel its thoughts and and direct it, and so I flew around for a bit, ecstatic.
Time skipped forward some, and I was flying with my brother; the bird was a little bit smaller, less "present". We were fleeing because we had stolen something, and we got caught flying on camera and by the authorities. We found, at the library a few towns over, that shots of us and the bird were on YouTube and the news, and of course on 'Wanted' Lists. The rest of the dream was us always running and fleeing and flying; the government quickly got involved and we became more popular; it got to our heads and we started doing sillier and bigger crimes, none of them dangerous to other people, just very showy, like grafittiing places only we could reach and breaking glass roofs. We rescued people when we found them in danger; we flew someone dying way out in the country to a hospital, and carried medicine to a cop who was somehow trapped and sick but quickly cured outside of a town. At one point we befriended three other children who were camping. We slept in the tree beside their camp. In the morning, the bird was gone, but we didn't notice. The children's parents came and saw us, and freaked out, and we flew off; my brother and I could now fly without the bird by holding hands, and after a while we could fly as well independently.
For most of the dream before, I had been helping the bird fly myself, by flapping my own arms, since I felt guilty about tiring and using it. Because of that, I was a much stronger, faster flyer. My brother, slow and clunky as he was, was shot during a chase scene with a ton of helicopters and military nonsense. I carried him off and watched him bleed out, too scared to go to anyone for help.
This ability to fly started spreading to other people, in various forms; some could only fly with their ravens, some could really only hover. Throughout the dream I could sense when I was being watched, especially by satellite and overhead aircraft, but as that faded I hid further and further from society, and did less to get me noticed. I learned more about my own ability, how it was a sort of telekinesis, and that I didn't need so much to eat or drink; as I became more self-sufficient, I became more mobile. The air was getting crowded and the world was crazy about flight. In the end, I left. I flew off into space, alone.


Today's dream was some sort of game. I alternated between watching and being the three protagonists, one boy and two girls. They were trying to escape from some city, and each had an their own special ability. At one point they had to go different directions; the game focused on one of the girls, and the dream was about me/her at a birthday party or SOMETHING, before I left and rejoined the group. The dream ended on something like the second-to-last level.

It was another really hard-to-describe dream.


Today was about me and a couple of people who had something like Superman's powers.
The first part involved a school, something about a prairie/savannah; it was very long, but unfortunately it's too faded for me to recall. Towards the end of it, I remembered another dream I had, wherein I was basically a witch trying to get something from a shop. The little girl there (a young Dorothy from Oz, I don't know why) would see through my invisibility magic every time, and I would be caught and killed. This time I focused more intently, and was able to do a lot more spells, more effectively.
The dream transitioned from powerless me, to magical half-me-half-someone-else, to powerful someone-else-completely.
That someone else was related to the idea of Superman, as was his buddy superhero, and most of his family. They all seemed to have pretty much the same powers, except he, the main guy, had a couple more he never used. The ranking of strength, if not number of abilities, was the two guys, then their wives, then most of the other heroes, then their kids.
The dream went between the family doing family things, and him and his buddy breaking off every now and then to help someone. Sometimes their wives would join them. They were always very laid back about it, joking as they searched for something to change in, and complimenting each other as they fought.
Towards the end, the main character guy helped out a little homeless kid, in an empty area, like behind a mall. He taught the kid to skate (because he had when he was way younger, and the kid wanted to now but was afraid of falling), and gave him some nice life talks or whatever, all in his suit and sometimes using his powers, which his wife continually chided him for. The kid didn't have a skateboard of his own, so he and the guy talked about stealing, and crime in general.
this started reminding the guy of the life he had led before he was a superhero - the reason he was somewhat stronger than everyone else was that he had been something of a villain before, and he had taken them. Someone with mental abilities had brainwashed him in to doing good.
The dream ended with him almost turning traitor on a big mission; he had been remembering bits and pieces of his criminal life, and when he and his friend burst into some major hideout and killed the big bad, he seemed to waver when he should have jumped to his friend's aid.

So. I'm getting slightly better and better at controlling what happens when I dream. It's easy at the end of a dream, and if I'm dreaming of something I've dreamed before, I almost always catch that, and can change, improve, or expand on what has happened before. Progress is slow but fun.


I had at least four dreams last night.
One of them was a repeat of another dream; the second was an extension of that as smut; the third I forgot completely, and the fourth was basically Constantine + Supernatural, completely with some cool shots and camera angles, and a lot of really awesome lore.
The fourth was about a mom and her son, two hunters, and a dad and his daughter, two 'civilians'.
It's pretty obvious that had it been an actual movie, they would have ended up as one big hunter family.

I've forgotten most of it, unfortunately.


File: 1386444458614.png (205.05 KB, 845x760, dddddddddddddddddream.png)

I had three dreams last night, and I can only barely recall the last one.

It was in a manga style like Hourou Musuko, and started first as two students in a club. The girl was short, with long black hair, and the boy was tall, with short, cropped hair and glasses. She was mostly angry and calm, and he was mostly sad and calm. They join the same dying club and after some shenanigans they become best friends. They don't really smile until that point, and then they're exchanging sly smirks and exasperated grins all the time.
In part two, a medium-height girl with blonde hair and a medium girl with black hair show up. The blonde is one of those weird muted genki girls - she's always poking into the things, running around and shouting, but her expression is always half-lidded eyes, slightly open mouth, like she's a bit bored (even though she is clearly not). The black-haired medium girl is more normal. These two are in a dying art club, and they have a competition of sorts. The blonde is convinced that the brunette can't draw whatever, so she shows it to the the first to students. They are of course confused that she's draging them in to this, but before they can do anything, the brunette is also showing them art and demanding recognition and so on. In the end, they at basically the same level; their fight attracts people to the club, which the brunette becomes president of. The blonde leaves, and joins the other two.
Up until this point, the scenery has been a mixture of Schoolyard Courtyard, Quiet Park, and the Parthenon, with large old pillars everywhere. The sunlight is the sort of soft bright that makes things look magical. The last chapter the scenery goes more towards the dramatic, but it's just about the three students being friends and having mellow fun.


File: 1387777701925.jpg (136.3 KB, 640x603, 2470078845_8f144e4430_z.jpg)

I've been having nice long dreams every night, but due to alarms and inconsiderate relatives, I keep forgetting them when I wake up. So I want to write down this one dream I had a while ago. The main thing about that I can't really show/tell was how beautiful everything was. It was like watching one of those movies where pains have been taken to get all the colors, shots, clothing, lighting, everything right and in a single style. Each area had a main color; the waiting room was red, the office was green, the streets were gray, orange, and purple. There was a lot of decoration and detail everywhere. It was a richly aesthetic movies.
Kind of a stark contrast to my dreams in simple black and white manga.

I forget quite a bit of it, mostly concerning the second main character, a girl, but I remember most of what happened to the boy.
They both lived in a "residential sector". Like one of those nice city streets, with rows and rows of thin, two story houses behind little stairs and alcoves behind clean sidewalks and streets. It was perpetually autumn; the trees were always red and dropping leaves. Most everyone was happy, no one ever got hurt.
So the boy's section of the dream starts with him in a waiting room, with two elderly couples and a receptionist. The receptionist is a teen girl, his age, who mostly talks on her cell (quietly, not like a stereotype) and sometimes ruffles papers. After two or so hours, she calls back the first couple. Another few hours or so passes, and she calls in the second couple. A few more hours pass, and she calls in the boy. He goes from the little waiting room to the office in back, where he talks to the "doctor" about his progress towards ascension.
…which is the "purpose" of the world they live in. Everyone here is immortal in the "real" world, and this one exists for the purpose of simulating death. These people live a full, separate life, and then they die in it. When people are ready to die, they go to these offices and begin taking small round red pills. They begin seeing angels and so on, and after a while, they die.
So the boy is presumably ready; after a talk with the doctor he gets his prescription renewed and leaves. The doctor closes up his office and exits, along with the receptionist. The boy returns later that night and steals boxes and boxes of them; during his appointment he had been sneaking peeks while the doctor was out of the room. He later sells these pills to others, and takes a ton of them himself.
This is because the pills, when taken in large quantities, are like regular drugs - one sees more angels and light, their senses warp, and so on, and eventually they do die, but not in the "correct" way. They boy's section ends with him laying in a gutter, still alive, surrounded by angels, when the girl sees him.


File: 1388301677564.jpg (37.36 KB, 364x520, saara_the_elf.jpg)

I took a short nap, about an hour and a half, but I dreamed for what seemed like much longer, of two lives.

This time both of them represented me, although only at a few times did either of the protagonists look like me.
The first was of a girl(??? most of the time) who was rich, living in a patchwork sort of city, where one block would wealthy high-rises, the next would be old poor houses crowded along a dusty highway network, and the next would be dirty, old, tangled forests. This first dream was mostly greys and light browns; it was very much of my original hometown in Texas, with some modern theatrical upgrades. The other area I remember is the hotel where I and one of my friends searched for another. There was a lot of going up and down stairs, looking out windows, ordering my bodyguard around. I was attacked at some point. Throughout this dream I was basically playing a quiet, eccentric, wealthy youth. I wasn't a jerk, but I was certainly not very polite. I wasn't cruel, but I was entitled.
My next dream was a pretty sharp change, to an area based off of current town in Colorado - the house I moved (back!) in to was very red, one of those very old, large mansions, crowded with decorations, worn down with the rest of the family. Everything else was mostly a rich green; lots of tall hills and wide valleys, around a small town. I had come there with my brother to turn the whole family business around. (This business being a railroad one, formerly of shipping coal.) Before I found my home, I snooped around a lot of strange real estate offices / public offices; all the computers were like they were in elementary and middle; big fat square CRT monitors and that really damn old Windows look.
This dream was clearly influenced by the Hobbit; I was an elf, the townspeople were elves (elves in a regular American mining town!), at one point I fought off an orc and screamed at him in bad Orcish. Heck, they were even filming parts of the Hobbit across the river. I watched through the window/over the balcony sometimes, and at one point I screamed something at Keanu Reeves, who was there as the dwarf chatting with the elf girl (Fili or Kili, I can't remember) (He was really probably there because of the 47 Ronin previews. I don't have a crush on him, which is probably why when my stand-in shouted "I love you, Kea-!" she faltered and stopped.)
Anyways, it wasn't long after my return before old family enemies came back to sabotage me. I remember a tense scene of a few minutes where it was absolute dark along the main, curving, road by our in-town manor, where I was trying to cross with my brother and an old relative. So many people tried to run us over!

The dream was clearly escapist wish-fufillment Mary Sue nonsense, and it worked. I woke up feeling extremely happy.


I recently had a really good dream.

I was in sort of a rural community and they were having a festival of some sorts. I had to help them gather fruit. After the fruit gathering, they prepared all sorts of things. Watermelon juice, raspberry sweets, etc. It was a very peaceful dream. However the best part of the dream was the fact that I could taste all the food, and it was the best stuff i had ever tasted.


File: 1402557708046.jpg (39.96 KB, 500x339, Alaska, 1998 [8].jpg)

Another dream:
I'm up on this rocky, cold mountain peak. There's some abandoned machinery around; something like minecart rails or roller-coasters or pipes, like I'm walking by an industrial or amusement park. It's all very grey, except for the muted green of the skimpy grass.
I get to this old wooden house at the top of the mountain, and inside, it's big and empty except for this one book. (And possibly this one guy; I couldn't quite tell if he was in the book or the room.)

So this book is about the rich, the poor, and evolution. Something about starting secret societies and escaping destructive loops and so on. The book was written by this man named Kant the Bard or Kant the Barth. (I've never read any of Immanuel Kant's stuff, but I presume the name is based on his.) His picture/symbol was the bust of a small man with two large horns; it was drawn in that old black-and-white woodcut style. The book was like one of those things people sometimes posted on /x/, about alchemy or Thelema.
So I read / listened to Kant the Bard narrate a few pages of this theory and practice of becoming rich and staying rich and outbreeding the poor and the evil and etc. before waking up.

Another dream:
Two lovers, possibly three? Their story and dialogue was in poetic form. A happy start with a sad and angry end. I wish I could remembered it and write it down.

Another dream:
There's the "boy" (who looks weak/average) the "girl", another boy, a stronger boy, a taller boy, a weaker-looking girl with glasses, and some others.
All these children have some kind of latent power; they all have speed and strength, plus a little something unique to each of them.
All taken from some wrecked? area by this mastermind woman and her assistant (the guy). Maybe they work for the government, maybe the work alone, idk.
Taken to some large secret island for training.
Thier introduction to the island is also a bit of training, starting from the moment they get off the boat. They basically go through this training course (that gets worse and worse each later time they go through) in order to get to the landing of the main house area.
The boy fucks up in a way that really sets him apart.
[Something about falling in the water, and then idk, and the lady gives him another chance??? by sending him back in time.]
First big training: living in the winter forest. They must spend one week out there alone, and then one week hunting each other down; they will only track and subdue / knock out, not kill. Everyone is friends by this point.
First they must jump into the icy water. The longer they stay underwater, the better starting items they get.
So the mainboy dives into the water first, before the guy finishes his countdown; while the others are knocked in, he swims back out, they guy asks him if really wants to just keep only his regular clothes, no good items; they boy says yes and takes off ahead.
The others stay down, with the guy trying to get them out by tossing in logs and stuff (ha ha what); the last one out gets a nice thermal suit and stuff like that. Everyone else gets a little something, except the boy.
Vague over-arching feel of shounen manga/anime.


File: 1408942128054.jpg (310.41 KB, 1152x1470, ah_my_goddess13.jpg)

Among other dreams, I dreamed that I (as a male) flew to some island. When I arrived I found out it was secretly being terrorized by a cruel goddess. (Literal terror - she wasn't killing anyone, but she was spreading this darkness and scaring people.) Rather than fleeing, I decided to stay and study the local religion.
A month or a year later, I caused her to come down to earth, where we discussed things (like stop terrorizing the island) and ended up falling in love.
While me and my divine girlfriend were courting the shit out of each other, some guy ran up into the heavens and stole her place.
I woke up as he began violently abusing her power.


File: 1415250132848.jpg (31.65 KB, 460x276, School-students-in-classr-….jpg)

Still been having sweet dreams, but haven't been recording them so much.

I had a very long and complex dream last night, but I forgot most of it - I remember many visual details, but not enough action to merit writing anything. It was another one of my anime-styled dreams; two android girls, some nobody guy who runs a diner but is secretly some kind of important person, explosive action scenes, quiet character scenes, all the good stuff. It even came in two parts, with a new main character, a woman, replacing the man and the younger girl, after I woke up briefly very early in the morning.

In lieu of details of that, here is a dream from a month or so ago:

This dream was in a little classroom, in present times; outside the windows, one could see green mountains, and a town and a bit of mining industry in a deep valley. Students would come in and sit in a circle and talk about books they had read. There were two weird students; they seemed, errrr, mentally handicapped, and one of them physically as well, but it turned out that they were some kind of witches. They were actually technically fine, but they had been warped by the magic they had read in strange books. There were a few adults in the class, and one of them was men interested in this witch business; at first it seemed like he was interested in it purely for academic or journalistic reasons, but when the main character of the dream started seeing "Wicked Words" in her books, even if she couldn't read them, he started encouraging her to talk about them, in such a manner as to suggest he had started the other two girls doing this.
But he was very surprised to find that, she wasn't seeing one or two words at a time, but whole paragraphs. They had a hard time discussing it, because whenever she wrote a Word down, it would quickly fade away, and whenever she tried to discuss a Word, she could tell the meaning in English, but could not say the Word, nor could she translate whole sentences or phrases, and he couldn't see any of the Words in the books anyways. She could only understand a few but, by the end of their discussion, all this talk advanced her knowledge of it. The next time they met to talk, she confessed that she had been seeing a man near her when she read by herself. He was dressed in the same sort of suit as the journalist, and had slightly better looking features, but he was red-tinged and had great horns on his head. The journalist went white at this, but she went on to say that the horned man had a completely pleasant demeanour and was very kind in helping her to read. So the man was scared (he never mentioned his fears to the girl) but also even more interested, as she was progressing much faster than the other two, and was the first to see this horned guy.

And that was about it. It seems a little screwed up in retrospect, but it was an entirely nice dream while I had it.


File: 1416516705382.jpg (123.96 KB, 450x367, 773139-bigthumbnail.jpg)

Really, really, really, really good dream. I can't remember all of it, but.

I think it started near a cave system with some proto humans, or human-like animals. They ran around doing God knows what for a while, and then there was a bit of a time skip; some of them died off, and some real humans came to the area. They killed a bunch more of the creatures. One of those creatures, a female, got away, and ran off. She ended up wandering to another human are, and she somehow became more humanlike. She lived in that area for a while as an ugly outcast.
Time went on, and the village grew, and she became superficially totally human, while retaining her animal strength and senses and secret claws and fangs. She was also a bit dumb.
Some more time went on, until about the 1900s, and she was living in a small town. She had a good time at a festival (dreamed about a ton of food, hah), and so on, and the whole town seemed to know and like her. Still dumb, a group of people at this post office thing took care of her.
At night, they all worked together to kill strange
creatures that had started appearing.
Now, in modern times, the group has changed some, and the non-human girl has finally gotten some intelligence. The creatures they are fighting have gotten bigger and stronger, and it is known that they basically herald the coming of this proto-proto life form, which will kill everything on the planet. The dream gets really anime for moment - the proto-proto is basically a kawaii girl with these red and black tentacles and the like, which are similar in color and form to the inhuman girl's somewhat magical/mysterious abilities. The dream hints very aggressively that the inhuman could be, or is related to the destroyer, and she feels quite bad about this because she likes and considers herself human. She runs off for a while, to the caves and lake she was 'born' at.
The dream skips a bit towards the future and ends.

IT WAS A VERY GOOD DREAM. I haven't done it any justice with this. Seriously. There was that stupid semi-reincarnation crap that everyone goes nuts for and I kind of hate, where newer characters are symbolically similar to older ones; there was a romantic subplot; etc. So much stuff I've forgotten and I'm forgetting and which I can't get down. It's kind of sad, this was like my masterpiece dream so far, like watching a two-part OVA.
Hah, this must be why I don't watch much anime anymore.

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