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This is the most terrifying dream I can ever remember having.

One of the most disturbing parts was that the dream started out with me doing extremely mundane things. Things I would do in real life. As though the dream wanted to settle me in comfortably before it terrified me. I was in a hotel on a high up floor. There may have been a convention going on. I was looking through a card binder and thinking about selling things. I go down to walk, by the stairs for some reason, and I see a young boy in one of the hallways. He might have been indian or something, he was certainly ethnic in any case. He looks lost, so I agree to help him find his parents.

As I walk through every single hall with the boy, I find some people crowding a particular door. A woman runs up seemingly trying to retrieve the boy, but she doesn't look like his mother. I asked if they were related. She said no and grabbed him away from me. So they throw the kid into the door and I hear teeth chomping and howling that pierced my soul. So I ran.

The rest of the dream was 3 days of survival, in real time, as the most gruesome depiction of hells hounds, seemingly somehow released by a middle eastern terrorist organization, covered the world devouring everyone. I ran with various packs of people camping for survival, Sei was separated from me after the first attack on our camp. I don't know what happened to him. I remember I jumped into a pool at some point and many hounds followed me in.

The hounds looked like they were made of darkness, muscle, and teeth, and resembled various dogs at different times, they morphed unnaturally.

Oh and the dream let me wake back up in what seemed like my bed in real life but actually was another dream. just a weird one though where there was some homeless chick living in my house watching DVDs with a bad speaker, but the speaker sound almost made me think of the dogs again, and THAN I actually woke up


There's another few events that happened. When I was surviving with camps, we debated the legitimacy of doing anything for the sake of comfort. Some people wanted to use weed or drugs because they said they would help, other people wanted to sleep, or cook food. Every little comfort was debated on the grounds that we could be attacked any moment, and most people agreed to simply eat millitary rashions.

There was a scene where a large group of children were debating similar things, but more like in regards to comforting each other. They sat alone, silent, until it became difficult for them to silence each others cries to each other for affection. This scene followed into the attack that lead to me apparent death in the pool.


Fuck dude that sounds like it really sucks, i think the worst dream i had was when i was a kid. When i have nightmares they usually involve ghosts or some sort of psycological torture. I remeber as a kid i used to eat a lot at night when my parents were asleep and since the kitchen was in the middle of our house i had to traverse the dark hallways to get some measly portion of food that would somewhat satistfy my hunger (or boredom). If i turned on the lights i would wake up someone and they would usually get pissed so i had to keep all the lights off except the light above the water dispenser on the fridge. This really gave the gouse an eerie feel and it didnt help that i watched tons of documentaries on supernatural stuff as a kid.

So anyways in this dream i was going to the kitchen to get some sort of food and it was just like in real life. I get to the kitchen and hear some furniture move around the corner in the living room. I look over and see a outline of m older brother that was all black but somehow darker than the dark room he was in. He had my little brother in front of him and he looked like he was crying. I yelled out in shear horror because for reasons unknown i kew that he was really a shapeshifting demon out to get me. I run back to my room upstairs and wait their with my head in my hands because i was cornered and i hated myself for leaving my brother with that thing.

Eventually after an hour or so of tension and soft footsteps outsfide my door i hear a fist banging on my door. I open the door and see my 8 year old younger carrying my previously mention baby brother. My baby brother had a look in his eye that told me if he said anything about the dempn that was posing as my brother he would be killed. Meanwhile the demon ppsing as my 8 yr old brother was begging me to let him in. This really fucked me up and i woke up crying

Luckily it was all a dream

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