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Hi fellow dreamers.

I want to share with you something strange that has been happening to me for a couple of months. Before that, I never remembered my dreams but since then, I'm always waking up in the same place and I have the freedom to move as if I was awake.

At first, I just doze off, not knowing what was actually happening but I've been exploring this world for a month now. After telling some people about that, they said it would be a good idea to take notes of my dreams and I started a blog about that.

I always wake up in Alice's house. According to her, she's the one who created me.

Here is the link to the blog: http://411ce.blogspot.com/

Is there other people here who dream of a persistent world?


These are very interesting to read. Thank you for posting these here!


Sounds like it'll be interesting to read (uh, when I find some time (-_-)).

I actually have had a few dreams over the past couple of years where I could swear it's the same place as in a previous dream; I didn't realize it while I was dreaming though. They were such an adventure (to me anyways), that I was always surprised when I woke up. I can't really remember much unfortunately, but I do remember there was this dark-purple portal (reminds me of Mewtwo's shadow ball in Super Smash Bros. Melee) on some high up ledge of a building-type-thing (I'm not sure if it was a building; it looked like a tall apartment building with no windows). I think I may have seen it from bellow in an earlier dream, and then in a latter dream I actually got up to it (I think I jumped…like super-jumped up to it). I can't remember if I ever went into the portal.
There were definitely other things in these dreams, but I can't remember enough other than the portal thing and that it was in a sort of urban environment (a slightly strange one). I haven't dreamed of that place for quite a while now.


Could you possibly show us how Alice looks like in your dream world?


Thanks for you interest in Alice's world. I'm sorry if I don't always use proper grammar since english is not my mother tongue and I try to write them as soon as I wake up. It may seems a bit uncomfortable to read and feel free to correct me.

Have you tried return to this world voluntarily? By suggestions or other methods? I looked a bit on internet and apparently a new medication I've started to take recently affect greatly the dreams and they may be the reason why I started having those dreams. I also looked a bit around lucid dreaming, since I'm conscious and I know that I'm in a dream. Since I won't be taking those meds forever, I looked a bit for a way to get back in in case they are what makes me have those dreams.

I'm really sorry but I can't draw well. I'm painting Alice's world but these paintings are of a bizarre genre, where I just let explode what I want to let out so you won't find accurate depiction of what Alice looks like. However I can try to describe it as best as I can and hope that somebody who is better at illustrations than me would draw her. I'm once again sorry, as I really would like to have a magic camera to bring back pictures of her but that's just not possible.
She's rather short, around 1.50-1.60m, and quite thin. She often wears long dresses so it's hard describing her body but it seems that her breast are quite small, slightly less than a b-cup. She has shoulder-length blond hair and a fringe, a bit messy and 'voluminous' (not sure about this word). On her face, she has an aquiline nose on top of slightly voluptuous lips and blue eyes (azure or bleu de france) with concentric rectangles (I've seen two, but there could be more) shapes in a lighter shade of blue, fading as you get closer to the pupil. Also, the upper, external parts of the rectangles are further away than the other borders making only the two others border of the external rectangle visible.
I hope I've been accurate enough, feel free to ask more about specific details if I forgot something.


No, I haven't ever tried to go back to that world on purpose (before or now). It may be an interesting thing to try though, so I think I'll look into it. If you have any suggestions, I'll check 'em out; either way, I'll still probably do some lone research.


Here is what I concluded after doing some research.

Regarding drugs, SSRIs and cannabis seems to help getting into the meditative state required for better results. Other drugs may help and you may want to poke around, depending on what is easily available in your country/state. Obviously, other relaxing techniques may work too.
Then, when you get to bed, use autosuggestion and think about that world as you slowly relax yourself and enter into a meditative state. If you're good enough at autosuggestion and/or meditating, you should easily come back to your world.
Reading about lucid dreams and such may help to understand how to 'trick' your brain for this. However, as far as lucid dreams are fun, I don't like poking around too much and I prefer letting things flow naturally. You'll usually see stuff about lucid dreaming telling that you're like an omnipotent being in this kind of state, but just creating everything consciously is not nearly as fun as what I experience every night.



Hey, thanks for the info.

I haven't made any progress on getting back to my "urban dream world" yet, but I guess I'll post about it here if anything happens.

I do want to note that I was not lucid dreaming during any of the dreams I mentioned (I can't remember ever having a lucid dream). I probably wouldn't want to lucid dream in the "urban dream world" anyways, since I'd want to see how the "story" unfolds (most likely the same case for you, right?).


Yeah, I understand your fear of lucid dreaming. Apparently, most people that do that use it to go full god mode. These dreams are almost always lucid at some point but usually interfering too much with it end with bad results. That's why I may seem so passive in them but sometimes I slip out (primal weapons, the table running around, etc.). Fortunately, lucid dreaming doesn't mean that you control everything, it just means that you can actually control yourself and understand what's going on.

However, I think that auto-suggestion may be enough to get back to this world. If it may help, auto-suggestion is strongly dependent of your worldview and what you think may or may not be possible. I guess I can't help you a lot further since it's pretty much a personal philosophical exploration. Maybe read David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature (at least Book 1).

Also, a link I've found that may be interesting (well, not all of it though):


It seems the wikibook was really helpful, because I had my first lucid dream the same night after reading what I needed to.
I didn't get to where I wanted, but another problem is that after having the dream I'm sort of afraid to try again. I'm not sure why exactly, but I'm afraid of having another lucid dream; nothing scary happened, but maybe I'm worried something will happen (I always expect scary stuff to happen in real life, but if I do the same in the dream it will apparently actually happen).
I didn't have a dream last night though, so I'm less worried now.
I'm going to continue trying to get back to the urban dream world, without becoming lucid.

On a slightly off topic note; lucid dreaming has got to be one of the most amazing things a person can experience (my GAH!).

> world of alice
Also: I read the first blog entry for your dreams in the "World of Alice". It sounds like there were other dreams before that one; I'm guessing that you didn't write about what happened in the earlier dreams though?


>I always expect scary stuff to happen in real life, but if I do the same in the dream it will apparently actually happen
Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. That's why auto-suggestion is real useful.

>lucid dreaming has got to be one of the most amazing things a person can experience
That's pretty much the reason why I'm so obsessed with this world. It's as vivid as the real world but with all the magic and wonderful things it lacks.

>I'm guessing that you didn't write about what happened in the earlier dreams though?
I didn't have the idea to write them down in the first place. That's friends of mine who told me to do so. Since I usually write them down as soon as I wake up otherwise they slowly fade away (like remembering most of the dreams, in fact, but it could take days instead of minutes). So, I'm sorry but I couldn't write the first ones down. I can't even remember when it actually started except that it seemed really natural, like I've already been there before. In the end, it's like a journal with the first pages missing.


> didn't write down in the start
No biggie. The World of Alice still seems quite interesting as it is, with what you've written so far. It's such an intriguing world.


I have a reoccurring world, but it's only in my nightmares

It's a giant black void with terrifyingly large cubes sitting in space. They are usually red, orange and purple. Sometimes they are yellow. I am standing in this void and throughout there is a sound that I can only describe as the sound of something being crushed slowed down a thousand times. Also, there is the sound of my father (who I have never taken well to) screaming at me, echoing from all directions.

I have had this dream numerous times, and it's usually when I'm sick, but not all the time. The worst was when I had an intestinal infection (which my father refused to hospitalize me for) for more than a week straight; and I had the dream 8 days in a row. Not mentioning the burning agony of an intestinal infection.


Those cubes sound kind of cool; but if they're in nightmares, I guess they might not be so cool in them.
So were the dreams different from each other (like, did different stuff happen)?
Also, jeez, a reoccurring nightmare dream world; I never thought of that.


No, they're always exactly the same. Nothing ever happens; the nightmare is just me being trapped in it.

The worst part is that whenever I'm in it, a feeling of guilt occurs in me whenever I'm there, and I don't know why.


Hrm. Well, I don't want to say it would be nice, but I think it may be interesting if you were able to explore that realm and find out what it's really about; of course you would probably need to be having a lucid dream about that place, to do any exploring.


Perhaps I will be able to return to it in a lucid state. I'm not sure what there would be to discover though.


Yeah, it did sound pretty empty (aside from cubes of course), but who knows; you won't know until you get a chance to check it out I guess.


That's what I was thinking. Maybe there's more to it, other than what I've known of it.

I would love to have a reoccurring world in my normal dreams, like OP. While surreal, the world of Alice seems peaceful, and relaxing. In a dreamlike sort of way.


> having a reoccurring world like OP
Yeah, I think the same. I think it would be really cool if I could "get" one of those. I'm still not having any luck though; I'm usually pretty tired when I get around to sleeping, and I have a hard time thinking of much else but getting some rest. Auto-suggestion hasn't been working for me so far, so I've been trying to get a lucid dream again, thinking that I might be able to get to where I want to from there; but I haven't been able to use the same technique I used before properly (I was in a special mind set that first time I got it).


>latest post is titled "Myon Myon"
>long dress, shoulder-length blonde, b-cup with blue eyes

If you don't know what Touhou is, I'll shit brix… but you probably do

Also, I have that recurring theme of a place where I've been a lot in childhood - it's a large river with two islands on it, where one island is very small and attached to the land with a bridge, while the other one has a lot of summer houses and can only be reached via boat. Out of 5 dreams, 3 or 4 usually involve that place in random variations - there would be boats sailing/sinking, or I myself would be trying to swim around or cross the bridge, the bridge would be damaged, or there would be something happening at the summer houses… Cool thing is, I get to visit this place like, every year in the summer; this year, I'll very seriously try to explore more of those islands and go to parts where I haven't been before. Because who knows what I may find - half of my childhood went there.


> "Alice" looking like "Alice from Touhou"
I myself always got the impression that she looked like a giant version of one of Touhou Alice's dolls (I'm not completely sure why); I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that OP's Alice is named Alice, of course.

> a river with islands and summer houses that you can visit in dreams and reality
That sounds pretty cool.
Have you ever wandered to somewhere which you haven't been to before in the that place, in any dreams?; I'm wondering if you could see somewhere in a dream you haven't been to yet, and then actually go there to see that the dream was accurate.



Yes - on the second island, each house has its own small wharf, however a part of the river runs very in a very shallow brook deep into the island - in my dreams, I went along that river, and it eventually leads into a dock-looking place where people repair their motor boats. Also, if you go deeper into the island, there is a small flooded forest (more of a swamp, really) - I had a lot of times where it variously flooded our house or spread; it's kind of a mysterious place for me, so whenever I go there in dreams I usually either sink or the theme changes.

Pretty much yeah, if you read >>638 - a token Alice-named character matches that description ever since "Alice in Wonderland" came out, EXCEPT FOR length of her hair. Carrol's Alice and 99% other similar Alices have much longer hair.


> dream/islands
Oh wow, that sounds so cool. It seems like a really adventurous place to me.


Are you going to make any new posts? the blog is really cool and it would be awesiome if you made more.


Hi everybody. Well, first of all, I'm deeply sorry but I wasn't able to go on the internet for quite a while. I think I mentioned somewhere that I haven't been in good health for months and that prevented me from posting dreams. Hopefully, I still go every night in the closed world and Alice helped me sort a lot of things in my life.

I'll resume posting on the blog shortly, possibly starting with a massive post about all that happened since then but I don't think I'll be able to post every day. About how we found ourselves fighting a giant hydra guarding the entrance of a gigantic art déco-style underground that led us to a strange robotic world, about how the world just grew and how now going to the mountain takes almost all of Alice's strength. We also build an inn on the hot spring and the other Alice lives there as the innkeeper. We found another user of the magic of sevens but Alice killed her after she tried to stab me. Yeah, a lot happened in retrospective.

Well, from what I've seen, the world in my dreams slowly changes and defines itself. Cubes and emptiness might just be like the slowly moving checkered patterns, trying to find its place. Also, being sick or not feeling well make Alice's world feels stronger and more memorable.

She kinda looks like Alice Margatroid, I'd admit that, except ZUN likes to add a shitload of stuff on his characters while Alice likes plain clothes. She sometimes wear more sophisticated clothes but that's mainly when she wants that I notice her more. And she has a lot of similarities from Alice in Wonderland. I've actually asked myself why. Maybe it's because it's a world of dreams or maybe because of a girl I'm no longer friend with which was living in her own world that revolved about Alice's world.


Yes, she does seem like Alice from Lewis Carroll's books.


File: 1339266926993.jpg (166.07 KB, 768x854, 4202f4d595ed0535bc0ee4c728….jpg)

I know that you feel, bro. Make a research about it. A lot of people saw EXACTLY the same dream, I just cannot find that thread, actually there is a "brances" of similar stuff. For example in my case there are huge balls, not cubes. But that connect that dreams is the feeling of SIZE and voice that disturb you through the sound effect like bad speakers or reverbs or echoes. And that feeling that everything gonna END RIGHT NOW and that it is YOUR FAULT. And there is a something else that you cannot explain in words. Am I right?


i mean "brances"


god, i mean "branches"


File: 1339277547841.gif (83.47 KB, 480x600, c75e428ed115943f9475fe939d….gif)

Wow! You really do know that feel. In the dream, you do feel like the world IS ENDING NOW, EVERYTHING IS RUINED and it's YOUR FAULT. And there's just some kind of feeling that you can't even explain. It's like you're stabbed in the gut by your own guilt.

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