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A recent dream I had.

So there is this person who is living in our house (IRL) and she has a son. In my dream, the son died in some freak accident. We had the funeral and everything. Then a few days later, he was standing in our front hallway. We all thought he was a ghost, but it turns out his mom did black magic on him. When he dies, she can use a strand of his hair to resurrect him. I thought "Okay, But hopefully he won't die again soon

But he kept dying almost every other day! Finally, everybody was put through such emotional torment, that i screamed "I can't take this anymore!" to wake me up.

When I woke up, I found that I was Physically, Mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I just kinda sat there, with my eyes wide awake. I haven't been able to look at the kid with out getting emotional about the dream.

Has anybody else had any dreams that have put a toll on them?


File: 1386312949725.jpg (82.11 KB, 565x986, 1349336932118.jpg)

Once I had a dream that someone was killing some deer near my garage. It is the only dream I have woken up crying from, which is interesting because I regularly dream about murder and the like. It left me feeling kind of 'off' all day, which is the most effect my dreams usually leave on my waking life.

I hope you feel better soon!


File: 1386338890305.jpg (2.03 MB, 2570x3595, 22.jpg)

My condolences.

I've had a few dreams that had an emotional toll on me, one of which was my father (in the dream, not my waking life dad) who used my mother's disappearance to get me into magic. However, he manipulated the magic to also take away my free will/resistance as I used it to look for my mother. I didn't notice that I was being hollowed up slowly, because as I became incapable of emotionally reacting to what's happening to me, I also became unable to react emotionally to my loss of being able to react emotionally. Once in that dream my father picked me up by the throat, choking me, and then slamming me back down to the floor. I remember shouting at him, asking him what the fuck that was about, but the father said nothing.

A few 'days' after in the dream, he choked me again and threw me to the floor,and I didn't do anything except get up and ask him if he needed anything of me. Later on I even found my mother's corpse and I knew that my father had killed her to manipulate me, but at that point I couldn't even be angry or hurt. I just walked back to my father's chambers and said to him "I found mother's body" and he just nodded and told me to fetch him his wine. When I woke up I was incredibly spooked and felt betrayed, powerless, and trapped.

I hope you feel better Ko-ko.


I actually am feeling a bit better. The dream still give me the creeps when i think of it, but everything else has returned to normal.



File: 1386460961522.jpg (136.95 KB, 451x600, 2257335_m.jpg)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! Dreams like that can be really rough sometimes.


File: 1386469440358.jpg (226.67 KB, 622x1023, depositphotos_12256201-Sad….jpg)

I had a fairly short dream when I was about 10 that was like that.

>family is hanging out in yard and on street

>everyone is having a good time
>monster flies down from the sky, lands on a car
>nobody sees it but me
>it's holding a baby in its arms
>It raises the baby up
>i start freaking out
>it throws the baby at the street
>the baby bounces on the asphalt a few times, like a rubber ball
>I pick the baby up and the monster flies away
>me and the baby are crying
>I go from family member to family member asking for help
>it's like they don't see me
>I go to my mom and beg her for help
>she turns to me and laughs

It didn't make much sense, of course, but when I woke up, I was crying hard, and I couldn't stop for a long time. That dream changed my life and I still don't know what the fuck it was about.


File: 1386470753844.jpg (32.52 KB, 640x370, 1379214792017.jpg)

>the baby bounced like a rubber ball

holy fucking shit, i laughed. but the part about your family members ignoring and not helping you, i feel you on that one. every time i help my mom in a dream she yells at me or brushes me aside.

anyway, i'll contribute:

>dreaming of going to an asian store and getting a lot of kawaii japanese stuff

>after some shenanigans, teleported to outside of an apartment complex
>very nice, sunny and bright
>living grandpa sees me and invites me to dance for some reason
>dance with him
>teleported to dark void with a really bright star
>three genies come down and tell me hes going to die because i danced with him
>wake up, feel like shit the rest of the day

now, the fucked up part is that the same grandpa in the dream and my grandma moved from their old house to an apartment complex really close in appearence to the one in the dreamand i've never been there before in my life

well its not like its going to be a huge surprise when he and my grandma DO die soon since they dont seem to have much left in 'em but… still, it's kind of fucked up.


Describe the monster in more detail.


It was the Jeepers Creeper, but a little less humanoid. Nothing especially imaginative.
That movie scared the shit out of me when I first saw it.

The baby bouncing part was literally like a cartoon, lol.
It also was the moment I knew SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG while dreaming, because I sensed or knew or whatever that the baby was basically getting smashed and bones were breaking and so on.

It looked stupid and it felt awful.
0/10 worst five seconds I've ever dreamed


I thought I'd post another dream.

I had this dream when I was 5.
>In the dream I get captured by vampires
>Im mildly scared
>They take me to a volcano
>Inside is a hidden base
>I thought that was pretty cool, but I was still scared
>I was actually quite fine until they told me
>"You will never see your mother and father again"
>I began sobbing at this point
>I saw their fangs get bigger
>thinking they were going to suck my blood
(This is the part where I go WTF)
>The all pull out Capri-sun pouches
>This seemed ok
>but then they all turned to look at me
>their eyes were red
>They began walking towards me saying
>"When we bite you, you will become just like us…"

At this point I woke up. As a 5 year-old, this terrified me. I told my sister who saw this as an opportunity to mess with me. She goes to the fridge and pulls out a capri-sun, she drinks it and starts walking towards me saying "When I bite you, you will become just like me…"

I ran away crying to my mother.


The part that scared me the most and still makes me worrisome is "You will never see your mother and father again"

I still get really sad when I think about that part.


I had a range of very morbid and goreful dreams a couple of months ago. Here's the one I remember best:

I'm on the rooftop of a very big castle and a strange black shadow-being with yellow eyes and strong armor flew above me. It streched out his hand and forced me to obey to his commands or else he'll kill me. I agreed willingfully. He gave me one single knife with a short blade and said I should kill everyone who was standing outside the castle with this knife.
I ran outside the castle and there was a giant crowd of people circling it. The shadow-being controlled their minds so they all walked slowly to me without showing any kind of resistance. I took my knife and vigorously cutted and killed every single person that walked towards me and created a bloodbath on my way. I felt nothing at all, I did it like a robot. After there were only like 10 people left there was one little girl, begging for me to stop and I just lifted her up with one arm, made some extra cuts on her arms and legs to torture her and then threw her away like a piece of trash. After I finished killing everyone, I woke up.

I never did any harm to any kind person in my entire life, especially children. I don't have a clue where all these dreams (There were a lot of other dreams like that too) come from. I woke up completely exhausted and filled with guilt and self-loathing.


File: 1519851658701.png (41.7 KB, 650x450, C17144A7-3A7D-4953-8E13-4F….png)

I don’t know what significance this dream has, maybe some dream connoisseurs can tell me, I guess.
Anyways, tangent aside, let me cut to the chase.
There’s this reoccurring dream I’ve been having since I was a kid.
I can’t pin down exactly when it started, I think it started when I was about 13. At first, it was omce, and then not again for about a year at a time. Then, it was about once every other month or so. Now it’s been happening almost once a week and it’s starting to concern me.
Every time it’s the exact same setting, starting the same way. The only thing that differs is my actions, which ultimately lead to the same conclusion.

Here’s what happens:
I wake up in a field, under a sizable tree. The time of day differs, but its usually morning/evening. The treeline is far in the distance, the subtle hills rolling through the landscape. There’s mountains far on the horizon ahead, and 2 train tracks run parallel through the clearing.

Then, I get up. No matter how long I try to stay down, I always get up.
As I walk, I’m slightly faster than usual. Similarly, I jump a little higher, too.
But I slowly get faster and faster. No matter how hard I try to slow down, I nearly break into a sprint every time I move. Each time I jump, I jump higher and higher. Eventually I start jumping higher and faster than would ever be possible. It gets harder to withstand the landing of each jump. And eventually, I jump too high, soaring into the air.
Then I fall, speeding towards the ground with no way to stop.
And when I hit the ground, I wake up, usually with a start, sweating a little. The adrenaline of being so close to death lingers.
You’d think I’d become desensitized to the experience if it happens this often, but…
For some reason, It still rattles me to the core.
I’ve only gone lucid once in all the times I’ve had this dream, and not even lucidity helped. If anything, it made it even scarier to me.
I can’t call it a nightmare exactly, but it sure as hell isn’t a happy fluffy dream.
tl;dr: i keep having a dream where i fall to my death, dating back to my late childhood,

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