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Dream On!
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anyone here have trouble getting out of dreams?
I never had, The second things turn slightly bad in a dream, I just suddenly wake, sitting up in bed. I had a dream last night when I was still on the verge of consciousness, and in the dream a bee flew past my head and clipped my ear, and just BAM! I was up and my heart was beating like crazy.
A few months ago, I had one where someone broke in, and I calmly hid in the bathroom and I was gonna escape out the window and hide at my brother's house across the street. I got to my bro's house, he wasn't home. Woke up so damn fast. Didn't even get to find out if the killer knew where I was/if he was following.
It's like my brain goes "welp, nothing to do here, abort mission!" I really appreciate that it does that, actually. None of my dreams ever verge into nightmare territory because even an omnimous situation never has a chance to get bad. If I'm having a good dream, I sleep heavier and only an alarm wakes me. So I get to experience all the wonder .A.

So anyway, how are you guys about waking up? Do you wake up when dreams get bad? or do you have a harder time when it gets bad and then you're stuck in the dream? Do you tend to wake from good dreams more easily, and miss the good stuff?how about night terrors? It all sounds so scary ;A; please, describe it in great detail for me.

pic not related


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I usually wake up after things have gone from really bad, I'm already in pain or jeopardy, and am saved from the next terror i know is around the corner by finally waking up. I think at that point the dread of whatever could possibly go wrong next wakes me up. Or my alarm…

i.e: Once dreamt I was being cut in half by a buzzsaw. It was about 3 or 4 inches into my side, then I woke up.

Also, I can never recall one time where I knew it wasa dream. There were moments where I'd think, "this doesn't look right," but never connected it to the fact I was dreaming. I haven't had a "good" dream since I was a kid maybe. Most are just absolutely bizarre or involve peril.


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I usually wake up just fine, except maybe for a little sudden attack of lazyness for a few minutes after i'am jolted awake from my alarm clock.
Today i had experianced myself screaming after i woke up. I wasn't having a night terror but a normal dream, until the scenery in it changed to me sleeping alone in a dark room made for quests. There was little light except through a small window with white framing and pink,frilly curtains( the ones that slide over ). Outside there were street lamps that glowed bright orange and the houses across from me had no lights on. I somewhat knew i was taking residence in a "bad" neighborhood and i started getting scared at that moment. I sat up in my bed to slide the curtains quickly. Suddenly from the corner of my eye i saw a black hand crawl its way up the right-side of the window pane. Before i even had a chance to react, the WHOLE front of a completely-black figure whom the hand belonged to lunged and plastered itself with lightning speed against the glass. The dream instantly stopped and without notice shot open my eyes and let out a scream. I came back to reality more confused than scared. I don't know why i had that happen but i guess it was a natural reaction to try and alarm others for help when in danger, especially when it came too fast for you to think out your next move.


I only really had one dream that was bad enough for me to wake up, but it was really more shocking than scary. I'm not really gonna write the entire thing, because, hell, that would take waaayyy too long, but I'll just give you a short version. I was at my friend's dream house(she didn't live there irl but in the dream she lived there) and there was a deformed version of my other friend outside. It was just so shocking, so grotesque, that I just wanted to be anywhere but there. I even silently said to myself, Wake up, wake up! and I hit myself in the head with my fists, but then I got an idea. To try what Madotsuki used to wake up. And it fucking worked. When my eyes opened to see my ceiling, I can't tell you how proud I was.


I'm always in control of my dreams, but to be honest waking from them is a real pain. I can will to wake up but that's never instant— at least I don't think so. It can take anywhere from 30mins to an hour, but time is subjective.

had a real weird ass dream the other day. It's dark and I'm walking through this real shithole of a town; trash lying everywhere— homeless… black blob things stalking through the streets— and someone stabs me right in the freaking chest, but the blood doesn't stop flowing—
There's no pain, but I can feel the life being sapped out of my body and it was way too damn vivid. freaked me the hell out, because usually I'm the one doing the stabbing.

Nothing quite like ripping apart nightmares with your bare hands.


File: 1343881074490.png (107.63 KB, 548x542, 9_by_woolycape-d3lgt9x.png)

Yeah, see, I'd probably be jolted awake and sitting upright the second I saw a homeless person or even just too much trash. My mind just immediately ragequits nightmares. Danger doesn't even have to me felt, if a good time isn't being had, then no time shall be had at all.


Usually my dreams don't stray into nightmare territory. Mostly, if I'm having a nightmare and I get killed I immediately wake up. Otherwise, I'm in for the duration.

I can't really recall too many nightmares where someone wasn't trying to off me, to be entirely honest.


File: 1343959104159.gif (497.95 KB, 345x195, againadnaagainsdfg.gif)

>>750 here, as I mentioned in that last post, I never realize I'm dreaming. well.. THIS TIME I DID. Again, that shit /never/ happens.

The dream was me waking up in my room, at what seemed around 2 or 3 am (so i wasn't surprised at first, because insomnia), and i noticed something was off. suddenly I woke up again, in my bed, everything the same. This repeated itself about 4 or 5 times and I was started to panic, because I literally could not tell what was reality. I would have to be messing around my room or go downstairs for a few minutes until i concluded I was still stuck in a dream, and shit looked Pretty Fucking Real. I was focusing so hard to wake up, and it just kept repeating where I kept waking up in the same scenario in the dream. After so many repeats, I went downstairs in one of them to talk to my dream dad (Who is also usually up at the hour the dreams took place in) because I was concerned about it:
"I'm dreaming, I can't stop dreaming."
"Yes, I keep waking up and everything's normal, but it's a dream. And it's always the same."

Basically it was hardcore inception.

For some reason I concluded in my mind this was happening because in the real world I might be accidentally smothering myself, because i sleep on my stomach with my face pretty buried in the pillow. The need to wake up became more desperate, and I begged my dream-dad to shoot me in the head, because I know he keeps a glock somewhere. Dream-dad obliged, and shot me point blank in the forehead. I felt the bullet put a hole through my head and myself fall down. It got cloudy, and I woke up again in my bed: another repeat. Two or three more repeats occurred before I finally woke up for real. At first I still wasn't sure if I had finally stopped the dream, but I noticed the higher clarity of everything and finally settled down. Oh, and I woke up at 1:30am.

Seriously though, it was hellish. It felt like I was going to be repeating that forever.


File: 1358233354901.png (333.17 KB, 4402x4000, video-games-yume-nikki-mad….png)

I remember having a dream that I couldn't get out of. I would wake up, think "WHEW, I'm finally up!" and then seconds later I would wake up again, etc, etc.

I would browse a website, eat something, choke and die, jump out a window, but I couldn't get out of that fucking dream.


what if you never woke up & this has all just been a dream


When I first wake up I am usually immediately disoriented and quite angry and sad to once again be stuck in this world. I usually roll over and simply "review" my dreams for 30 minutes to an hour, fading in and out of dreams. Once I finally get out of bed I've stopped being quite as angry and sad as I was before, though I'm grumpy and can become extremely unsociable (read: getting excessively annoyed with anyone that tries to talk to me) for another hour. After that, I'm good.

Nightmares are no big deal to me. My fear response is dulled to nothing in my dreams, so I'm typically not afraid in them. The few times I am afraid, I don't usually wake up. Any 'forced' waking up is usually from a rush of some other emotion, such as grief or anger or sadness. Oftentimes these forced waking up is when I've been put in a situation where people don't believe me that someone hurt me, or blame me for shit that I didn't do, or I experience the extensive loss of my (dream) family, or I've accidentally done something horrible to kill innocents. Those dreams are painful when I wake up and usually leave me under the weather for the day.

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