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Dream On!
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Does anyone have any dreams they remember distinctly from their childhood?

OP had a dream where he traveled the world collecting really messed up and scary versions of Pokemon.



I remember one where I jumped out of a moving rollercoaster at its highest point and fell to my death

I remember another where I rode a bike off a 3 foot tall wooden ramp and fell to my death (somehow). I was being chased by a cartoon character for reasons that elude me

I remember I used to dream about hiding from my parents in a particular spot in the house and my parents would always find me because they knew where it was obviously This actually happened it wasn't just a dream but I dreamt about it too

I remember I had a dream about blue's clues pawprints floating around in my room. After that I was always terrified I was going to see the damn pawprints again


I remember a recurring dream I had as a child. I would be looking down a hallway in my house, staring at the other end where my room would be. The hallway gradually got darker from one end to the other, to the point where I couldn't make out any details at the other end. Eventually, a group of monsters would rush me from the other end of the hall, knock me down and pin me to the floor, but at this point the dream ends. It was a terrifying dream at the time, which is probably why I still remember it.

Now there's a cool idea for a game, a horror themed story with Pokemon styled game play.


I had a recurring nightmare where I stumble towards the balcony door in in my apartment while the ground shook. When I reach the door the whole world starts spinning and I wake up.

There were plenty of others as well. Being trapped in a cage in a furniture store, hopping from rock to rock at the river, being attacked by shellfish in the bathtub, jumping into a video game and having to balance my way across a long, narrow bridge of ice.

I feel like my dreams were more mundane back then. Plus, I had a fair few nightmares, so I prefer the way my dreams are now.

But on the other hand, I had some great dreams about gathering some friends and exploring a huge wooden structure hanging in the void in the basement of a library. I had the dream several times, and I'd remember where we had been the last time and cover new ground.


I once had a dream that was just extremely blurry city lights while heavily muffled rap music and techno music played at a very loud volume.
I don't understand why this is the one dream that I always remember when trying to remember childhood dreams…


I had one where I was riding a bike on a thin trail somewhere in a desert and falling off the side into a deep valley.
I also remember I was in some sort of race, it was in a third person perspective, and the whole thing was about 3 seconds long.


There was this dream I had when I was a child when I woke up and saw a yellow, glowing humanoid bird jogged past my house. The dream cut to a scene of a knee-high closeup of the creature while a harpsichord-like instrument was playing a few notes. The scene faded to black then faded out to a different scene. I was sitting in the back seat of some lady's car. She was getting in from the right (like those European cars with the driver's side of the right instead of the left) and her two large dogs jumped into the back next to me. They almost seem to marge together in one black mess as they nip at each other playfully before settling down.


I once had a very strange dream when I was younger. It suddenly started out with me kissing someone who was the same sex, while falling. The dream was also in third person perspective, I could see we were falling down into a very forest-like landscape with lakes and trees.

That's all I remember however. It absolutely disgusted me, i'm sure i'm straight.


Yes. I was in a parking lot while there was a giant animatronic dinosaur in the centre. It had a bouncy pit in the shape of a cube and was throwing children in it. The cube was filled with lava. I got picked up and thrown in. I either does from the lave or asphyxiation from the walls closing in around me. My earliest memory as far as I can tell.


I remember one dream, I was running away from something, everywhere dark af, there was a path made of stone blocks, kinda like a labirynth and below, there was water. Stone blocks were covered with moss. I was crying, running for hours and something was hunting for me. I don't remember if I died but I tripped and fell into cold water. This dream occured when I was 7 or 8 years old, I remember being awake for the rest of the night.

And when I was 4 I nearly drowned so maybe it was some hidden flashback.


File: 1483628141008.jpg (57.34 KB, 635x768, 1350948676768.jpg)

Back when I first saw the ring as a small child, I had a dream that had Sadako in it and all I could remember is that it builds up into me opening a desk drawer and her getting me. I remembered it always startled me like a jump scare, but afterwards instead of dying I'd go to a burned down dilapidated version of the same room. There was fire still burning and almost nothing but smoke around in the air. I remember feeling like it was hell or something but I never felt fearful when it go to that part.


I remember one from very early, I wasn't older than 5 I think, and only this one little glimpse of it remains.
I was in our apartment, near the entrance. There was a little plastic cover on the wall (the kind that usually hides wiring) where it shouldn't have been. It slowly opened as if it was designed to do such, and a small, rather thin ball of cotton floated out of it, in an unnaturally slow manner. I think I turned back to look at someone.


I remember a dream of running up a wide spiraling ramp in a seemingly endless stone tower while I was being chased by a bunch of orcs and goblins. There were a bunch of open arches to my right so I could see that I was pretty high up and outside the tower there was nothing but flat desert.


A malevolent mannequin constructs a dungeon for me. I run a gauntlet of traps, my weakness dwindles. I lay in a pool of my own blood, breathing slowly. I stare up at a pair of shoes with feet remaining in them, crudely broken off at the ankle. I am wondering if this is truly the end.


File: 1485911652644.jpg (242.5 KB, 814x1033, 1482435356470.jpg)

I wasn't sure if I should make a separate thread or not but this seems close enough to just post it here.

Does anyone ever have memories of old dreams randomly come to them? Not just childhood ones but just in general. I seem to have random ideas or thoughts trigger a memory that's usually really vivid of a location in my dream and what I was doing there.


I remember a few. One of the most vivid was when I was 7 years old. I was in my room playing with my family’s dog, a cute beige toy poodle. For some reason that I don’t remember, I was experimenting something and I placed a small piece of paper in between the fur curls on the dog’s back and lit it on fire.
Nothing seemed to go wrong at the beginning, but then it got out of my control, it scorched the pup a bit, he got scared and run off. I ran after him so to take the paper from him and avoid it would burn the dog. Found him in the living room.
I was horrified by the scene. Our pet cried and howled while being devoured by flames, but my family was all seated on the sofa watching tv, in complete apathy. I screamed and cried, appealing to them for help, asking why they weren’t doing anything, but they just stayed seated and unresponsive, absorbed by the tv, as if neither me or the dog existed.
Then things got weirder, as the waiting room from Twin Peaks’ style of weird. Everything stopped and the atmosphere of the room became more ominous. At times, things felt as if seen through a strange perspective, colours and lighting were wrong and inconstant. My family looked completely immobilized as if they were just a bunch of lifeless, stuck in motion, mannequins, and when I looked back at the dog he had become a piece of paper smaller than a playing card, floating mid air, with a feeble flame eternally burning on it without doing any damage to the paper. This flame was the only thing with movement in the room. Seeing the dog like that only made me cry even more. In despair and confusion, I felt as if I was lost even though I was in my own home.
I just kept trying to get my family to respond till I woke up.


back when i was 8-9, i had a strange dream where i was shooting this little alien guy and he said something about his parents putting his heart in his leg. i don't know why i still remember this as it probably wasn't the strangest or scariest dream i had back then, but i do.


ive had a recurring dream ever since i was little about being in a small labyrinth and loud screams and everything shaking violently


Absolutely. Haven't some people suggested dreams as a possible source of deja vu?


the earliest dream i remember vividly is from when i was like.. i dunno, around 5, i think. i had been abducted by aliens made from the same shit gummy bears are made of, and stole one of their hove-bikes to try and escape. they moved around underground in these dirt tunnels that looked like they'd been carved out by a giant earthworm

i get this all the time. i remember my dreams almost every night, and a lot of the time i'll get actual occurrences mixed up with the more realistic dreams.


I was seven years old when I dreamt about suddendly appearing in the hall of a baroque-styled mansion with many passages surrounded in red curtains -what a maze it was, really-.
I always got my way into the main dining room, and there she was: a cute, Caucasian white, blond haired, blue eyed, ten years old girl sitting in a well decorated throne. She diligently smiled to me… and nothing else. I just have to wake up.

Sometimes, I danced with this girl graciously. Again, nothing else.


one of the only dreams that i can remember is a dream when i was six, and for some reason i remember it very vividly despite me never remembering any of my dreams for over an hour (thinking of keeping a dream journal to fix this). i was in my father's car in at a gas station late at night, with that weird orangeish hue that street lights give off everywhere. i tried to look around, i could see the building ahead of us to the rightish and to the left a road, but beyond that nothing but trees or an unsettling nothingness. the car had 3 people. a sibling (i cannot remember which one, either my older sister or my older brother), myself, and someone in the driver's seat. i took this person as my father, despite the man looking completely different from my father (he had white skin despite my father being black, different hair, different facial structure). i did this probably because the only person i had seen ever sit in that seat was my father. as i was sitting in the car, i was getting impatient, but i said nothing and continued to look around. after about 5 minutes had passed, my "father" leaned over to look back at us. however, he did this very strangely because he didnt move his torso completely. his head just rotated without his neck or torso changing, and continued to rotate after looking back at us. after this continued for a while, his head popped off, and thousands or even millions of bugs that looked like spiders started to crawl out of the black hole in his neck that his head was covering. i quickly jumped to the back seat of the car (my dad's car was a toyota land cruiser, i think 1996?) and watched as the waves of spiders slowly crawled everywhere and started to wash over and cover the windows, ceiling, and seats of the car. i tried to make a plan, and while i was thinking, suddenly an image of me standing in a heroic fashion with family and friends and a green glow behind me. after this still image was in my mind for about 5 seconds, the dream suddenly ended and i woke up unfazed.


i had a dream when i was 5 where all my family members (even women) were naked and had penises. they started putting lotion on their weewees and started masturbating.
im serious.
i was 5


There was one from around 10 where I had the distinct impression that I made friends with a neighborhood girl and played with her for years, after which she and her family moved out.

Now far as the actual content of the dream, I remember clearly that there were at least three sequences: two involving swinging on a swingset together with a kind of transition in between indicating time had passed, and some time later going to her door to find she had moved out. I don't recall even seeing her face, though the experience of walking up to her apartment and unexpectedly meeting a short-spoken stranger who told me her family had moved out weeks ago was quite vivid.

The emotional impact of the dream was different: I had the distinct feeling and memory of having known and played with a childhood friend for years, and hearing she had moved out brought me to tears. This impression persisted well after I had woken up, and still feels like a real half-forgotten memory.


I had a dream I walked into the bathroom and my little sister was standing there naked and had a dick.


Now this whole thread is starting to sound like the plot of a doujin…
Keep going.


In my childhood, I would have several reoccurring dreams. In one of them, the ground of our (fairly large) backyard was actually liquid, and something lived it. You could sort of walk across it like it was that cornstarch slime stuff, but if you were slow you'd quickly sink down. And for whatever reason the thing that lived in it would just randomly decide which people it should pull under. Didn't always happen, but it happened often enough that everyone knew it was a real risk.

Later on I'd have dreams that seemed very different at first, but at some point the colour would drain from the world, all the lights would go out, and a phantom-like creature would appear. Sometimes close, sometimes far away. I always knew when the change was about to happen and sometimes I'd wake myself up before it did. Don't really remember what happened when I didn't.


I thought Uboa was gonna kill me one night cuz I said he wasn't real lol


i frequently had dreams where i was chased around buildings in my childhood neighborhood by a pack of locust-like bugs


When I was 10 I had a dream where there was a contest for princes and I was mildly bullied into joining because everyone mistook me for a prince despite being female. The other competitors were a nice guy in green and an obvious asshole in blue who literally had a moustache to twiddle as he was planning to sabotage everything. They got me into a red outfit just before the competition started and it turned out to be a skiing race where the prize was lots of money and I thought that was dumb because "princes should already be rich".


This is a good thread

Once I had a dream about watching tv all day. Yeah… All the surreal stuff would be happening on the screen, but I could always look around and see I was really on the couch and safe in "reality". Nothing in the room was distorted or off, just the things on the tv


File: 1518361416490.png (293.85 KB, 600x472, 6762970.png)

I wanted to post in this thread for the longest time so I'm going to do it now. Dreams are my greatest artistic inspiration for many years so I would love to share.

The earliest dream I can remember involved me playing with wooden toys in my aunt's house, the roof then flies away revealing a firey red earth vortex sky with meteors & volcanoes shooting out everywhere. This is unusual to me since I almost never see my aunt even back then. Another extremely early dream of mine involved a white staircase in a very ghostly, barren room with lighting similar to the picture attached to this post.

Some other distinct ones included me surfing on telephone wires only to fall down at what looked like the entrance to a maze made of hedges, a visible green monster is slowly approaching me & I can't move, it doesn't walk far at all before the dream ends thankfully. Last one I'll share involved me exploring a blood forest outside my house & the moon was replaced with a red face, it might sound like a nightmare, but it was soothing to me.


How do you utilize those dreams artistically?


They directly or significantly help inspire everything from animations, music, writing, painting, really anything I do.


i had this dream about a statue of cid the sloth after i saw ice age for the first time. it was in a run-down mall, and my mom was taking me to the garden store that was part of it. idk what malls are like for yall's areas, but where i grew up there was a mall with lots of sculptures everywhere, which i think is where my kid brain got the concept. anyways, this cid statue comes to life and beats my mom to death with a coffee mug while i have to sit back and watch, and that was the point where i woke up.

still probably the weirdest dream i ever had and it literally caused me to have a fear of sloths. i even had a panic attack at the zoo when i was around 9-10 because there was a sloth exhibit. everyone laughs at me for it cause the fuckers still creep me out


a dream thats always stuck with me was a nightmare I had when i was 9? 10? i was in the kitchen of my families apartment and from there i could see into the room of my newborn brother where there was a rocking chair that I always thought waas creepy. THe apartment was dark, but not completely, it was moonlit. The place was haunted (and for whataever reason in any dream that takes place at home the house is haunted) and in the rocking chair was a grotesquely fat man that looked a lot like a bloated and rotting body. Like the opening scene from the movie Begotten, but more humanoid.



The earliest one I can remember is this: I was probably like 6 years old (irl and in the dream) and I was at my grandmother's home, as usual. It started with me eating with my entire family at the big table in the living room. There was a lot of hanging out with them but it's really not that important and I don't remember most of what I did anyway.

I went outside for a bit and I noticed it was getting really bright, there was an unnatural, muted yellow color in the sky. This really unsettled me, so I ran back home panicking and told my mom to look outside with me. She thought it was weird as well, despite this she continued being calm and said that I shouldn't worry so much, she went inside and left me alone. I was still scared.

Then a bunch of stuff happened that I can't recall, but basically it was announced on TV that a huge meteorite would be crashing on Earth and that my country would be severely affected and that they didn't have the resources necessary to save us. I started crying and thinking "I knew it" over and over again, everyone was either crying, frantically moving around or quietly accepting their fate. My mom and my sister were doing the latter, and they wrapped their arms around me. They whispered things like "it's ok", "it will be over soon" and I would respond with something like "I don't want to die". As the meteorite was getting closer and closer, and everything was getting yellower, the last words we shared were "I love you".

Looking back, it wasn't that bad a dream, but it was extremely realistic (was surprised it wasn't real when I woke up) and I used to have a big fear of the world ending, so naturally I thought this dream was horrifying.


A couple, like dreams where I'd be in my old elementary school field and suddenly be launched into the air a bunch of times, or the one where I'd be on some sort of field trip where my class and teachers were all participating in a super trippy and long race, but I only remember one vividly enough to where it'd be worth to actually write about.

There's one nightmare I remember frequently having where I was in the basement. Sometimes, my dad would be talking to me about an MMORPG he played, or about Zelda, sometimes I would be by myself. Eventually, the furnace would burst open and lava would start pouring out of it (it looked more like melted orange ice cream, though). I'd run upstairs immediately and the front door would be locked. After that I would run to the backyard door out near the kitchen where I would see it's night. I don't remember anything happening after me being near the door, I would never escape, but I would never "die" in the lava. I do remember little small teardrop shapes of lava coming out and moving in very weird ways, kind of like how a lot of weird sea creatures or plants move. They'd wiggle back and forth and I was terrified of them. Never ended up explaining to my parents why I hated being in the basement so much.


File: 1631425716237.png (37.35 KB, 886x529, shanefrostvrfeaw34fgv43.png)

I once dreamt my mom had a penis
She called it "the source of power"

This was before I started going on the internet.


File: 1638210546330.jpg (1.47 MB, 1800x2517, 84091453_p1.jpg)

how to start remembering your dreams?


I had a recurring dream where I was falling in an endless void and there was a really strong feeling of existential dread

I remember a particular lucid dream, where I was floating above the ground, really vividly for some reason.


The most common method for remembering your dreams is keeping a dream diary. Recalling and writing everything down as soon as you wake up helps train your brain to hold onto the memories. You could also use something like a voice recorder if you are slow at writing, or a keyboard.


dream diary

yume nikki


Yes the irony of the question was not lost on me either.



Where did you find this image


When I was 8 I had a dream where I went to school, but there was nobody, and as I was exiting my classroom, an anthropomorphic cow was in front of me, it grabbed me and said something about how this was fated to happen, and started eating me alive… though I woke up at that moment. Later the same night, I had a dream where I was in some sort of circus and my classmate was performing something… and by my side was a pile of game CDs/DVDs that belonged to him.

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