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Dream On!
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File: 1316784292360.png (355.2 KB, 772x772, tut.png)


These guys seem to be my protectors. I only dream of them when I am sick. They are several stories tall and the last time I saw them, one ripped open a house and pulled out a giant worm (which was small compared to the protectors but still perceptively giant) and crushed it in its hand. I woke up feeling great. They are extra careful about causing as little damage to their surroundings as possible. Credit for the art goes to a friend.


File: 1316796216202.jpg (27.54 KB, 600x337, 547890-blue_giant_super.jpg)


OP is an oblivious deity.


File: 1316830498385.jpg (22.07 KB, 500x364, mononoke-1.jpg)

oh god


Where is that from? And also, I don't feel anything of the sort about the whole deity thung. I'd have better luck if I were.


searching for "blue_giant_super", it appears to be from Haruhi.
Searching for " Haruhi blue giant " gets you some more pictures of it.


The giant creature is a Shinjin, and yeah, it's from Haruhi.

Hey OP, hypnotize yourself into believing that anime girls are real, a pile of money is in my living room, and people can do magic.


I'm pretty sure that's the forest diety thing from Princess Mononoke.


Wasn't talking about >>6, I was talking about >>4


Disregard my previous post I suck cocks.


Sucking cock. I'd rather that be something good.


File: 1321634653688.jpg (35.86 KB, 500x333, ocean_spirit_laa_with_aang….jpg)


File: 1321867773670.gif (44.63 KB, 400x267, Barriertrio.gif)


Congrats, OP, you are blessed to have such protectors.

Me, I can only rely on myself and it shows in dreams and my daily life.


Hey, OP, when you have emotional distress like anger, depression, or, say, melancholy, do those giant creatures smash things? Do you ever see glowy red things flying around the creatures/attacking them?


There was once a few tanks that tried to take one out. It just picked them up and threw them aside. One once had helicopters around it, but they didn't threaten it so it wasn't fighting them. And to answer a question, I suffer major depression and I take medication for it, which seems to do its job. Again, they only come when I am physically sick.
Also, the new scrollbars are shit for mobile devices, which screws me over because I mostly spend time on my mobile devices going to sites like this, because said devices are where I keep most pictures. Can't I have an easy time looking at posts on my 3DS in Subway anymore?


File: 1323990731031.jpg (1.03 MB, 850x1160, 1.jpg)

Pic related: OP, December of next year.


Please don't destroy the universe with your subconscious influence, oh great goddess Amy.

jk, jk. These guys do sound interesting, I've never had recurring dream characters triggered by my health before. I used to have recurring nightmare characters when I was young, but nothing good like this. Try lucid dreaming and seeing if you can direct/talk to these guys.


Recently some with yellow, green and red bodies with a different shaped green face started appearing. They look like the standard, except with an X shaped indention in the middle and the eyes are holes, not indentions. They are also not aligned properly, and appear randomly on the face. They seem to be related to stress, not health. They just walk around, making green or gray skies blue.

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