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Dream On!

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Excuse me if there is already such a thread, But I'd like to make one where we don't discuss individual dreams, just common things that happen/are present in your dreams.

Common subjects of my Dreams:
-My pets. This is THE MOST COMMON BY FAR. Even as a kid, most of my dreams were about my pets. I can't count how many I've had about my dog coco, she's probably in like, half or more of my dreams. Also I've had a dream about every rodent pet I've ever had escaping within a week of getting it in real life. I recently had a cute dream where my gerbil Rascal learned to read <3

-Daft Punk and Daft Punk accessories. I'm not obsessed, but they pop up alot in my dreams, sometimes it involves the band themselves, or just daft punk related merch.

-Amusement Parks <3

-This godforsaken place. I've never had a Yume Nikki dream, but I've had a few dreams about Uboachan. How does that work?

-Watching anime or Playing Videogames. nothing interesting happens, it just goes on like real life ._.

-Eating too much food (usually icecream) and then being all "waaah why did I do that I'm gonna get faaaaaat", but then I wake up and I don't get fat.

-very very cute things. Most of my dreams are cute.

Wow, not that I really think about it, I never really have bad dreams. And when I do, they're not consistent.

So anyway, everyone! What topics are common in your dreams?


Things common to my dreams.

-Darkness, my dreams are always at night or in a dark area.

-Emotions, I can't think of a dream where I wasn't feeling an emotion other than what I usually feel.

-People switching out CONSTANTLY, people literally change out all the time one minute I'll be sitting with a close friend the next I'll be sitting with a complete stranger, or vice versa.

-Oppressiveness, not present in all my dreams, but common enough for me to list. There's sometimes this feeling of heavyness or foreboding.

Thats all I can think of right now.

Wow, as I'm typing this I'm seeing how this all ties into my waking life. Its kind of interesting.


Ah, I have people switching out a lot in my dreams, a lot of the time I'll even switch out and be someone else. Although I haven't had much of that in a while. The summer was fully of switchy dreams for me, but I haven't had many since the fall. Hmm, strange.


File: 1322455426617.jpg (399.18 KB, 900x637, 1267408016080.jpg)

having bat wings
breathing/throwing fire
the apocalypse
natural disasters
the beach
endless buildings
black holes
disembody tomes
global mutation
the groceries store


A little girl. Yep, I said it, a dead little girl is always in my dreams. Kinda scared, to be honest.


Lots of strange buildings and architecture, usually mixed up combinations of houses I've lived in. But sometimes libraries, schools, cathedrals, old castles, run down theaters, etc.

My dreams usually have pretty intricate stories. Usually I'm myself running around and exploring different places but sometimes I'm watching a bunch of characters like a movie.

And usually my dreams have really muted colors. Deep blue/purple/reddish greys. Rarely I have a few splashed of neon color here and there but that's usually in very surreal and scary dreams.

Also, I very very rarely have dreams about people I know in them. Usually people in my dreams are like random npcs. And I have a hard time seeing faces. If I look in the mirror the image is blurry.


Well I guess I'll list what I can think of…

- Characters morphing into another. (Like a stranger could turn into my best friend)

- 90% of my dreams are indoors.

- A lot of them include rooms of my house, like I could be at a restaurant, open a door and be in a room of my house.

- Very CRAZY adventures, I'm usually always looking for something, doing something for someone, trying to fix something, or exploring the place because I don't know where I am (This usually includes trying to find a way home). I wish I could make a movie like Alice in Wonderland from it.

- Only recently but hearing Shizuo Yell out Izaya, then morphing into Izaya and then start running like hell.

- My pet rabbit, and sometimes it's dead parents.

- Amusement parks, or rides of some kind.

- Being on the Internet and trying to make my computer work.

- Things relate to anime, manga and video games.

- I'm usually blamed for things I didn't do or being chased for no apparent reason.



Are you me?


File: 1322539422609.jpg (91.76 KB, 872x602, KAWAII-1.jpg)

I like how your list is all scary and then it just ends with Grocery store.
Amusement park dream buddy <3

Not sure if this counts as a theme, but my dreams are usually really realistic and accurate to my everyday life, with only a few strange things. I've been trying to train myself to recognize dreams and go lucid, but it's been unsuccessful. Still, I love dreaming, it's so fun~

Had another damn dream about my adorable dog last night, I can't remember everything now but I woke up laughing so hard I could barely breathe and I had tears running down my face. 'The hell did coco do that was so damn funny? I think it was noises, she always makes these cute little snorting noises when she's happy, she sounds like a little piggy. Shit I love my dog so much. Even making me happy when I'm asleep~

Pic is of coco the dream dawg


- My dreams are very intricate and a lot happens but they never have a clear plot. I don't understand what's happening.

- I'm never in my dreams. I'm usually watching it like a movie or I'm in another character's shoes. It's interesting, because I have the pleasure of thinking like somebody else. It's very helpful irl.

- My dreams are very surreal and the settings vary greatly. I have all sorts of awesome adventures in peculiar worlds! I never have any normal dreams.

- I feel very very emotional when I dream. I feel everything emotional that's going on. I feel what other characters in my dreams feel, "and" what I feel. It feels amazing because the people in my dreams usually have very very exaggerated emotions (like they'll be sent into a shitfit and attack me because they dropped their pencil or something LOL), and exaggerated reactions.

- I only dream about vaguely familiar things, or just things that are way out there. As for the people in it, they're not really people I know. They're characters, and I get to know each of my characters intimately in my dreams. Occasionally, I dream about anime characters and vidya gaem characters but never about real people.

- I am often victimized in my dreams for some reason.

- Although the dream itself is very surreal the themes are usually very emotional.

- My dreams are usually VERY SCARY or UNNERVING.

- My dreams are vivid.

- I'm never alone in my dreams and the characters are always strongly involved with one another.

TL;DR my dreams are awesome, but sadly most nights are dreamless or I just forget big chunks of it. D: I have made characters and such based from my dreams though!

And I just thought I should mention this on the side. I have these reoccurring dreams which aren't really as adventurous as most of my dreams but more just odd. I have these dreams that I'm never involved in, and I'm always an onlooker or somebody watching a movie and I'm not always me but another character. The dream is basically just me watching somebody smile or laugh or do some mundane task in a very odd but peaceful setting. Sometimes these people are alone or sometimes they're with somebody else. When they're alone they feel really happy, but when they're with somebody else they're usually very involved and loving or generally intimate with them. I always feel really sad when when watching them, but at the same time I feel what they feel. Like I feel strong love, or strong happiness and strong sadness at the same time. The thing I don't like about those dreams is that they're usually interrupted and turn hellish…

WELL YUP that's all I want to say.


File: 1322622264398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.52 KB, 650x1000, fall.jpg)

*Buildings that are tall and have a rickety interior construction. I'm usually inside them for most of or the entire dream. They often have one floor that is just a walkway around the inside of the walls, so you can look down on the floor underneath, and/or lots of ridiculously long stairs. Sometimes there are swimming pools.
*People talk to me, but they never make any sound; I just "know" what they're saying. In fact, I rarely ever hear any sort of sound in my dreams.
*I'm usually completely fearless in my dreams. Anything could be happening… The house I'm in could be crumbling, my body could be falling apart… But save for a few nightmares, I usually never react with fear.
*Stuff that's happened during the day is usually incorporated in a ridiculously obvious way. For example, if I've been watching Dr. House I might dream that I'm a doctor who's also being an asshole to everyone. XD
I think that's about it for recurring stuff… I'll post moar if I remember.


File: 1322627660374.jpg (964.09 KB, 1400x952, clock2010.jpg)

my dreams usually have this sepia tone to it. Kinda nice actually

reoccurring areas are usually cities in ruins *apocalyptic*, my school's campus *altered though*, or sometimes

immense scenery of nature w/ trees, grass, the sky, etc.


File: 1323918451074.jpg (20.61 KB, 645x287, nicolas-cage-the-wicker-ma….jpg)

Welp, I had my first nightmare for the first time in…Well, so long that I don't know how long it's been. It involved THE BEES. NO NOT THE BEES. There were bees in the yard and I tried to run away but I ran away poorly and I was screaming and a bee went in my mouth and then it stung my lip ;A;

Which brings me to another common thing in my dreams:
Clumsiness. I'm clumsy in real life, but I'm 10 times worse in a lot of my dreams. Sometimes I can barely walk straight, I fall down a lot, When I run sometimes it seems like I go in the wrong direction, ect. Luckily I never get hurt in my dreams. Except, you know, that damn bee.


Well, it's a pretty consistent dream world, with a few pitfalls:

-For some reason, I often find myself floating or jumping uncontrollably
-Schools are bad; their layouts follow no pattern and I always miss 98% of my classes
-The dark is bad, but orange lights are worse
-Driving is bad
-Locker rooms and subway bathrooms are bad (I don't feel at liberty to discuss why)
-Things I recognize in the real world are there, only distorted wildly. For instance, one time my sister grew an extra pupil in her left eye… odd
-A Lot of dreams take place either outside of a massive shopping center or in the middle of a slum, both with consistent layouts
-It's usually nighttime or dusk.


- Trains or planes, sometimes airports and train stations. This is very common. I think it's because I've traveled a lot throughout my life.

- Schools, either a distorted version of my old high school/colleges or someplace completely unknown. This is always the setting of a deadline stress-related dream.

- I haven't had real nightmares in a long time, but I do feel physical pain in my dreams on occasion. One night a month or two ago, I dreamed I was holding a cat and the cat turned around and started clawing the shit out of my arms and chest. Of course I'm always fine when I wake up.

- Uncommon, but sex is a theme at times. But these dreams are always either frustrating or really confusing.

I'm trying to induce lucidity in my dreams so I can call the shots in them, or at least try to.


Trains, airplanes, the like.
I cant stand transportation vehicles.


- Physical weakness. I can't ever throw a punch in a dream without ending up limp-wristed and afraid.

- Ridicule. I always screw up. And I always apologize.

- Either completely foreign worlds or somewhere I know very well.

- Falling.

- Explosions, disasters.

- Feeling separate from other people, or being unable to interact with or save them.


Lately, zombies. The guys in Amnesia the Dark Descent. They just hang around and do nothing.

Gym Locker Room.

Yume Nikki, too. Details are vague but the topic is mentioned.


Well…Here goes nothin'

-People from the games I play.
Mostly Sabitsuki, and a lot of people from Mother 3.

-The people from said games acting OOC. Kind, thoughtful parents becoming child abusers. Happy people being depressed or even evil. Etc.

-Forests and dark places.

-Wanting desperately to find a hiding place, somewhere cramped and dark and cozy.

…And last but NOT least. My favorite thing in my dreams. I don't know why, but:

-A dark, yet young figure. Dressed in jeans, a tee-shirt, sneakers and……a dark, black cloak? I can't see his face, but he looks rather scared, and about…13 to 15 years old, maybe. I think he wants to hold my hand and lead me away from where we are (Usually a forest), but i think he's lost too, and he just does not want to admit it. Or maybe he's mute. I never heard him talk.

Yeah. I like my dreams. :)

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