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1.So this one dream I had I was on one of the moons of Jupiter. It's the one with the surface of ice and an ocean beneath it. So I'm in the ocean beneath the ice, I can't see my own body so I don't know what I look like, but I'm moving through the water. It's very, very, very dark. There is a lot of movement around me, and a faint noise. A creature with a very slim body like an eel comes at me and I manage to dodge, the creature is fast however, and turns on a dime. I wished that I could evolve a drill and burrow through the ice to the surface to escape, except I just wished the idea in my head i didnt say all those words. So I have my drill now and get to the surface. It's very windy and just as dark. There are hundreds of pixel sized stars in the background. And a 200x200 ball that is the sun. there are creatures rolling around on the surface, being knocked by the wind. an eagle like thing swoops at me, i idea wish again but for wings and claws. i fly up and drive my claws into its back. its warm, and very gooey. like fresh taffy. its blood is a deep purple.

2. the oh-so-common "my teeth fell out" dream. in the dream i wake up from sleeping and head to my bathroom. i'm going to brush my teeth and I open my mouth to inspect my teeth (irl i have a cavity forming so i check on it 1st thing) all my teeth look like graham crackers that have been dipped in milk. they are learning side to side, brown, and crumbly looking. i get scared seeing it. i push my teeth with my tongue and my front teeth crumble off half way and fall out of my mouth. thudding into the sink. i start crying and rubbing my arm in my mouth and getting all the graham crackers out.

3. i dreamed i was in an outside setting. a park sort of thing. im on a bench with other people and other benches with more people. about 5 rows with 2 benches each we are facing a hill, no one is moving or talking. the sun is setting so the sky is changing color. one half is darker than the other. there is a loud noise like metal twisting and a tank fall from the top of the hill and lands on most of the people. i run over the benches and sit by the corner of the hill. (the hill is a pretty sharp "L") the tank rolls by. i hear screaming and shouting, the sky is filled with smoke. bottom half glowing red and yellow. i crawl under one of the benches and there's a pillow i use to hide myself with. the ground is now a wooden floor and the bench a bed. i hear the door kick open and soldier comes in and shoot the people in the room. (similar to the anime scene in kill bill when the girls mother dies) i get dragged out by the hair and shot. now im in a train station (before those events happened?) people are calm. the train station is very tall. blue and tan bricks in an interlacing pattern. i feel a familiar presence. I spot my mom walking quickly down the wall. i catch up and seeings crying, shooing me away saying "dont follow me, dont follow me" there is a door up ahead. i keep pulling at her asking her where she's going. i let her go in and i just stand amongst all the people. then i realized she was committing suicide. now im in cellar, there's dead bodies in it and im hiding from more soldiers (this dream is all over the place) then i wake up.

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