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Pic unrelated, but seriously, I feel like this might be a dream FRAGMENT or something, But I remembered this an typed it down before I could forget it.

in this dream, I am a little black haired girl in a kimono (was only able to tell due to a nearby mirror) standing before
two caskets with two men who looked like feudal lords inside. everyone looks releived for some reason,
then a man comes up to me and hands me a paintbrush and says "go ahead, turn a nighting gale into a phoenix".
so i hesitantly step forward and place the brush on an altar betweeen the caskets and light it on fire, the flames from the brush look like a beautiful bird and everyone applauds me.
then a middle aged woman in a kimono rushes upstairs and yells at me
"what do you think you're doing up here, Kanai?!". The man who gave me the brush pats the
woman on the shoulder and said "Its okay, shes seen Zeus now". to which she replied with
"Oh…Okay". The dream ended with the man turning to me and smiling as he told me
"Okay, little kanai, you can go play now"

I'm seriously weirded out by this dream because it made no sense to me, Do you have any ideas, /yume/?


stop reading ancient mediterranean and feudal japanese myths before bed it gives you multicultural knightmares


I don't even read those, though! D:


Clearly you are the chosen one. You now must go on an epic quest to find your honor and discover your true ancestors. Oh and you will meet Jet Li and Jackie Chan on your journey. Have fun!


Lol, if only, I'm being dead serious about this dream though, I had it again the other night and I'm seriously wondering what the hell its about ;/


Maybe it was telling you to be more creative in your life? Maybe the burning paintbrush shows you that you have potential to be a great artist, or that fire art is your true calling.

Maybe, the little black haired girl is your persona, the mantle with which you will be known by with the rest of the world.

As for the rest of your dream, I have no idea.


Or its just a random weird dream caused by watching too much anime.


it makes sense, I doodle from time to time, but I feel like I can be so much better than I am right now.

Oddly enough, I haven't watched much anime as of late, I've been reading more than anything (No, not manga)


I'm thinking the dream represents the death of a conflict between two warring aspects of your psyche. There's definitely a thread of both aging and renewal— perhaps there is something within classical tradition that appeals to you.

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