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I'm only around for a few more days, but as I promised in the 'dreams and dormilla' thread, I've created my own thread to discuss my dreams. I will be gone for appx. 3 weeks at minimum starting weds of this week.

>awaken as Ceasar

>Be kicking it Cannibal holocaust style among my personal harem of slaves
>Hear that the assembly wants me
>Go to a building that looks like it came out of the set of a 70's italian B-horror movie
>Hear from the assembly that a disease has appeared in one of the southern towns
>order it closed down, they say its not enough. Become frustrated and decide to close the city down and then burn it to the ground, promising to build something grander instead.
>Take the auguries to find out if this is a good idea.
>Find out that not only do I die soon, but I'll be followed by three successively worse barracks emperors.
>frightened by what I hear, I cut his head off with a sword suddenly before he can finish.
>attend nightly cannibal feast per usual
>become deathly ill for no apparent reason, convinced I've been poisoned, order several people burned alive in wicker baskets
>Lose consciousness as Ceasar as I wake up into my normal life

What wonderful adventure will you cook up next, O wacky brain of mine?


File: 1346125634158.png (223.31 KB, 555x544, 1-week-without-internet-go….png)

If your going to be away for 3 weeks you can just wright down dreams and post them all when you get back.
Also if your going to be stuck without internet for 3 weeks you mays as have something good to read. You can download my archived and new thread if you wish.


A sizable portion of this thread has already been written, I've just never shared it with anyone. And I mean ANYone. My dreams are extremely personal and I tell _NO_ _ONE_ about them.

Here is another.

>Awaken as Ceasar

>Realize several weeks have passed
>Find out that I contracted a serious illness from one of the slaves I ate
>Wonder where my family is.
>Find out from an eagle that in my delirious state I ordered several of them burned alive, of 15, only 6 remain
>instant color change everywhere: bluescale
>moon turns into a giant eye
>blood drips from stars
>shadows assume a smokey mix of colors everywhere
>Realize I'm in a nightmare
>Walk outside to get some air before I seriously freak out
>see graffitti: 'Ceasar, the mad butcher' with a stick picture of a man with a huge knife cutting off everyones head
>lightning flashes in sky
>go into a seriously insane flight of rage
>Transform into dragon for no reason! Fly away suddenly! People terrified!
>end of dream

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