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Since /yume/ seems to be dying slowly how about we start a discussion.

Plain and simple, do you think shared dreaming is possible? I'm not talking about that weird spiritual stuff like astral projection. I'm talking about through normal methods. Twins occasionally have the same dreams, messages are be unconsciously sent and received through skin touch. Like if you were lying on someone while sleeping could your mind communicate whats going on and essentially link your two minds? Or what about through technological means? Like if we could actually transfer brain signals electronically.


I'm not sure about transferring brain signals or linking, but if they were in a similar environment while they were sleeping, they could experience similar dreams.
But the idea of shared dreams is interesting.


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I've had two shared dreams before. Both times was us laying naked in a bed in what looked like your typical celestial temple, and we were discussing things. Later on I learned through discussion, somehow without being odd about it, that they too had the same dream.

Now these were long distance, I had never met these two individuals ever face to face. If I can connect with someone that I never met, and don't know where they live, I believe anyone close by can share dreams. It's just, how you do it, I don't know. Random flukes of 'Meant-To-Be's.


I think the only way for for this to work is fore tow brains to be hard wired together.


>fore tow
Anyway, the brain is full of electrical signals, so I'd guess that SOME cross-communication would be possible, just as cross-communication is possible through cables (if you've ever put a wireless speaker next to a phone line and heard something that you shouldn't, you'll know what I mean by this).

Here's the thing, though. Everyone is built differently. Even if your brain does pick up something from someone else's brain, I don't think you would be able to interpret it as anything.

Now, if you picked up a signal from someone with the same biological makeup as you, like a twin, things might be different.


249>> It really depends upon how brains work, which we just don't know enough about. Obviously we all send electronic impulses throughout our body as "messages" sent by our brain. Your skin actually pulsates and twitches in ways that most people can't pick up on, sort of like an unconscious language. You know when you get an un-easy feeling about someone? Their actions give them away, certain facial tics, differences in tone of voice and gait, you subconsciously pick up on all of the things. Who's to say that when in contact with someone while sleeping that you couldn't share a dream, stranger things have happened.



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