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Dream On!
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So does anyone here do dream interpretations? This is more of a board that talks about dreams rather than analyze them. But what if I proposed this thread as an interpretation thread? And no bullshit interpretations either, please. like you ate a pancake in your dream and it means UR GAYT!!! or something. I wish this to be a serious thread.

Plus sometimes, you wake up feeling like your sleep-self is trying to tell you something and you just gotta know what it means.

picture unrelate

i cant do interpretations, but sometimes i wish i could because i have some seriously emotional, vivid dreams.


I've researched a lot of dream interpretation, but it takes A LOT of personal background information as well as what specific elements of a dream mean to you, how they made you feel, or how they correspond to your real life.


As much as I don't care for Freud he did have a good method.
When he was treating patients with reoccurring nightmares he would ask what associations immediately came to mind when they think of different aspects of their dreams. Do these aspects trigger any memories?
But basically I feel like dream interpretation is best when investigated by the dreamer themselves. What you dream about can have subconscious connections to other things that may seem unrelated. Also, quickly seeking associations before overanalyzing what you experienced.

Doesn't mean other people can't take a crack at it though but their experiences aren't the same.


I think dream interpreting is pretty fun, but I don't take it terribly seriously (mostly because the only dream interpretation book I have relates most things to being phallic symbols, herp). So mostly, when I remember a dream, I just try and make connections between the dream and my real life without doing any heavy-duty analysis of the themes or items in it.


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so dreams are personal. im not surprised, they're from your MIND after all.

i guess im just looking for advice, i have some fucking vivid dreams, so vivid when i got a reading done by a psychic it was the first damn thing he mentioned above all else. so thats why im wondering if they just mean something.

and the reason i actually made this thread would be for my brother, who has dreams as vivid as me apparently. hell, maybe even more vivid. he dreamed about abusing me and his mom over me, his sister, hiding a bag of fritos. i mean like straight up verbal and physical abuse. over a fucking bag of chips. it really upset him, he cried when he woke up. thing is, he used to actually be like that. he's got bipolar, which he's learned to handle much better now, but not so much when he was younger.

think that meant anything, or was he just reflecting on a memory in his sleep that his subconscious actually made up? sounds more like the latter to me.

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