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Dream On!
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Post a dream you've had recently. I'll go first.

There was this new kid show coming out, it was really similar to barney. I thought it was the dumbest idea. However, My mother found out that the set was being open to public for a day. I decided it could be fun to go on the set of a kid show. So we went. Luckily the set was in our area. When we arrived, there was our family and 2 other families. The set was also just a house, it looked completely normal. He went up to the door and knocked, a purple… thing… answered the door. He scared me. He offered to show us inside. Everybody went in. I noticed the painting he had on the wall. They were either surreal, or had a grey alien-like creature with glowing eyes and an open mouth. I wanted to leave, but he convinced us to not leave. The creature wanted to show us a movie, everybody else wanted him to show them the movie. He… Smiled… This was weird because he was just a guy in a costume… Or at least, I thought that’s what he was. He turned on the movie… We saw a man laying down on a doctor’s table. Then the “doctors” came in. (We weren’t sure if they were doctors or not) Then they got a knife. They didn’t make any measurements or anything. They just started cutting the guy open. The video got more and more gruesome as it went on. ( I forgot the rest of the dream but he tried to barbeque somebody)

>pic unrelated


File: 1364317151507.png (141.66 KB, 532x411, ce8a892b368d9f7f3955fd3ea6….png)

There was a girl kinda like Madoka but with blonde hair who didn't have many friends or any stuff and she started hanging out with Calliope. She began winning more stuff so she could give them as presents to Calliope because she was so happy to have a friend. As Calliope gained more stuff she became more popular with a bunch of mean girls. Calliope invited everyone to her birthday party and the Madoka looking girl realized that her butlers (and her dad?) looked very scowly during everything. Calliope left for some reason (I think to shower or freshen up) (as did the girls?) and her dad came up to us and told us (because I was there too apparently) that we can't be friends with Calliope, it's just not possible. Then I told him that I knew full well what she is and what she's capable of all the while the screen cuts to Calliope putting on her wig and no face paint and you can tell she's a Cherub. Then he asks me why I still want to be friends with her knowing all that?

Then I wake up.


OP here! I'm gonna post another.

I remember the dream vividly. In the dream, I was lying in bed. I was sleeping, but I could see what was going on around me. I saw Slenderman standing in the corner of my room. The dream was only that, until the dream version of me woke up. When that happened, Slenderman attacked me. Then the real me woke up.


File: 1364875265999.jpg (2.86 MB, 4800x3600, BlackSea_AMO_2008156_lrg.jpg)

I'm just gonna post mine here as well.
This was a dream that i had when i accidentally fell asleep doing homework. i only remember so much since i woke up several times.

In the dream i was trying to help save this small town from an epidemic of monsters who had started attacking people. Multiple times i had to wade through the streets seeing people bitten in half and absorbed into them. Strangely enough i didn't really freak out about this because i felt like i was on a life-saving mission of sorts. Maybe it was because the monsters were rather cartoonish with bulging eyes and neon colors rather than realistic. The town looked like the ones you would find in Europe but this town was also a port town that was right next to the Black Sea. I only found this out after i had chased N down to the docks for some strange reason. He stopped at the entrance to them and turned around to give me a solemn smile, then disappearing only after saying "we can't help it". Later in the dream i went with a sea captain down to the main dock out farther away from the shore. The sky was dark with a blue tinge and the sea was inky black. It appeared rain had fallen previously. The only source of light was from the lamps hanging in the corners of the shack-like structure of the dock. the captain showed me an old "machine of sorts" that had been in operation for some time. It looked like the racks you see at bowling alleys that retrieve the balls for you, except having a black anchor-like texture. The machine apparently spat out odd assortments of metal coins and people would sometimes throw their money in to have it "teleported" to the Black Sea.The Black Sea was actually spawning the monsters because people were not paying enough tribute to the spirits that were lost out on the sea and they conjured up manifestations of abominations to terrorize the town for their forgetfulness. Rarely would the malevolent spirits manifest on land and one of them was apparently N, the person i saw before. At the end of the dream the captain finishes telling me that the Black Sea is also a VERY deep ocean and the government had built an underwater viewing tank MANY stories down that allowed people to view the remorseful souls deep in the blackness of the sea.

(Funny thing is i later found out the Black Sea exists right next to Europe. Coincidence?)


Last night I had a dream that I was in some weird town place and I was with a black haired boy who was actually sort of attractive. We were walking around the town when we saw a house that seemed to be falling apart? We ignored it and continued onwards but then we saw some other houses that were also falling apart, one was leaking and beginning to flood the neighborhood and another had two distorted looking lamps and they were sparking a little bit and pointing down. Me and the black haired boy decided to seek shelter in a nearby school but the the boy turned on me and pulled out a hammer and began to chase me with it. I ran down a tan hallway that had all sorts of words scribbled on both the wall and the floor, words such as "your fault" and "don't leave". That kind of stuff. He had hit me quite a few times with the hammer and I was bloody when I found a crowbar and I hit him with it multiple times, killing him.

When I left, these girls that I knew were angry with me and wanted to know why I killed our friend but when I tried to explain everything to them, they wouldn't believe me and then I got sent to jail.


Wow. Sounds pretty creepy.


I was at the beach and we were staying in a tower like structure as a hotel. It had 3 floors. The first floor was a living room, the second floor was a bed room, and the third floor was filled with nothing but skeletons. My mother told me that the skeletons sometimes come to life. They came to life and we left and went home. I remember hanging out with my friend Isaiah but something seemed off about him.


It's funny to think that some of my dreams have names, and I can remember things in detail, like a number sequence.
Last morning I was sleepy and so I had a dream.
I was in a baby's party, this baby was still developing itself, and I really didn't want to go to the party. Some of my old friends were there, and an old teacher too… well this part doesn't matter. What really made me curious was a movie I was watching with an old man. The name of the movie was Secondary Girl Suicide, and it was a very comic animation. The girl had red hair and it was very beautiful and long. The only thing she did until I wake up was walk, walk to school. There was a thief, he was dark-haired and he saved a blond little guy life's. I think, because well.. he killed him after he saved him. Not in purpose. All parts of his body were cut… I don't know. But the girl, the girl was kind of the author's waifu, which name was Sato. He used to treat her like she was the princess of the moon. So I was learning about Sato, and he was an artist that liked to paint strange things, like stomachs and… poop? Ya, It was strange. The name of his studio was Sato Art… When I woke up I researched for it but didn't find anything like the dream I had.


File: 1369249672919.jpg (3.33 KB, 126x109, bearv.jpg)

OP again. I had a wierd dream recently… The only thing I remember is a guy's skin being eaten off by spiders… mfw i sat there and watched it all happen.

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