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Alright…So, I found this on someones blog.
"Alright…So, I actually had this dream a few months ago, but I still remember it. That's how much of an impact it had on me. I mean, in case you couldn't tell by the last dream I told you guys about, my dreams usually are just strange. It's hard to comprehend them, and most of the time, I just laugh at them. But this dream was actually quite scary…And I don't mean in a way that was laughable afterwards, I mean I woke up sweating and was in a daze for pretty much the rest of the day.

The first half of it consisted of my family and I repeatedly going to this weird isolated restaurant in a cave. The restaurant didn't have any waiters/waitresses, and the food was just sorta left on the table for us. The "restaurant" was more of a cafe I guess, because it only served desserts, mainly cupcakes. Their desserts were incredible, and I often fought with my sisters over them. I suspected that the cafe was run by the "people" that I could sometimes see in the corners. They wore rags and demon masks like the one in the image, their masks were red, though. They would just sorta blend in the background, since there were so many of them, and watch us like hawks. I figured that since my family didn't seem at all bothered by them, that they were the owners of the cafe.

Anyways, at first everything seemed well and grand. Their desserts were great, my family and I always had fun conversations there…It seemed like a nice cafe. A little odd, but nice. But then…something happened. I can't remember this part very clearly, but I think what happened was I had one too many cupcakes. So one of the "demons" came over, reached into my throat, and took my stomach away. Or my taste buds, can't remember which. Anyways, needles too say, I was pretty flipping shocked…But I thought the "demon" was just joking about it, and that he didn't actually do what he just said he did. Since he did really quickly, and I didn't feel anything (Everything was sorta a blur during this part). Not to mention I wasn't y'know, DEAD EVEN THOUGH HE TOOK ONE OF MY VITAL ORGANS.

So, when my family and I walked out of the cafe, I laughed nervously and asked, "Hey, he was just joking, right?" But they just looked at me with serious/confused expressions. I passed it off as them trying to scare me at the time. But the more we went there, the more I wondered if it was actually a joke, or if this place was really that way. I began to wonder if this place really did punish their customers physically, and why my parents weren't telling me. I became more and more nervous and anxious, and suspected more and more that it was real. It was driving me insane. Until one day, we weren't allowed to go outside. Apparently the demons were doing something out there that no one was "allowed" to see. I was a little unnerved, but just shrugged it off like, "Okay. No biggie. No point in breaking that rule." Until I noticed my mom looked panicked, and then noticed I couldn't see my dad anywhere.

I panicked thinking that my dad went outside, so I rushed after him with the intentions of bringing him back before the demons noticed. But once I was outside, my dad was nowhere in sight. But one of the demons saw me, and they weren't pleased. I ran back to my family, and this time saw that my dad was there. My relief was cut short however, when I looked behind me and saw a demon. The demon began to tell me that I broke the rules, while my parents watched in horror. While in first person view, I saw my world going black, as the demon was killing me in some gruesome way I can't remember. I saw my parents crowding around me, but they weren't doing anything. They just kept on saying things to me like, "What's wrong?" "We won't understand if you don't tell us." "Tell us what's wrong." Every time I tried to speak however, nothing came out. What I wanted to say felt so obvious, yet so difficult to explain. There were so many things I wanted to say, but my voice wouldn't escape. And when it finally did, I woke up covered in sweat."
What do you think it means?

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