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I've been trying to induce lucid dreaming for a while now, and I've looked up a lot of methods on doing so. Tried the WBTB method, but I always end up in terrifying nightmares that I can't wake out of and have little control over. Seems like I can't lucid dream when I want to, and I rarely get it when I'm not trying.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? If so, are there any ways to get around this and induce calm dreams?

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If you're lucid, I'd say it's a success. Dream control is an aspect that comes with time and practice, especially if you're inexperienced. I'm honestly not so great at it either, with only a few dream powers on my list, but I'm sure you will be able to get it.

Keep in mind that WBTB doesn't train awareness at all, and that there are different levels of lucidity. If you're finding that you have trouble with autonomy or remembering accomplish goals, I would work on DILD techniques that work for you, such as RCs or ADA.
Building good awareness with DILD techniques will be helpful anyway.

About the nightmares, I think it would be helpful to have a different perspective on the fear that you feel. I've found that the intense terror that I feel during lucid nightmares is actually independent of my consciousness. It comes from the dream itself. If you can find a way to separate yourself from the emotion, maybe there is a way forward. Often, confronting or even embracing the horror can be effective, but this is something you will have to try for yourself. I'm sorry that the best advice I can give you on this is from personal experience, as that can be quite variable, especially with dreams.

Best of luck. There's still a lot more for you to see.


hey acronym fuck, could you maybe drop a glossary in here?



DILD- Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming. Basic stuff. You dream, then you realize you are dreaming, become lucid. Compare to wake induced lucid dreaming where there is no lapse in consciousness. This is a pretty blanket term, covering several induction methods.

RC- Reality check. A common induction method that involves repeatedly checking throughout the day if one is dreaming. A common one is examining the hand for the correct number of fingers or trying to push a finger through the palm of your hand. This is done in the hopes that the dreamer will repeat this action while dreaming and become lucid.

ADA- All day awareness. Technique that attempts to attain lucidity by increasing general sensory awareness rather than doing direct checks. Pretty straightforward.

WBTB- Wake back to bed. Waking up at some time in the middle of the night before going back to sleep. The short period of wakefulness can increase awareness in the dream or allow you to pursue more direct tactics.


Thanks for the advice! Generally I'm not very self-conscious while I'm awake, which makes it hard to become conscious while I'm asleep. I'll try to remember to use those methods.

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