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Is there anything specific you need to adjust or NOT HAVE in the room in order to get to sleep?

For me it's dolls. I cannot sleep if there are any in the room. Stuffed animals and the like are fine, but I can't sleep if the empty husks of babies and children are in the room. Bonus fear if I know their eyes open and close. I have actually gotten so scared in the past that I hallucinated hearing dolls on the shelf talking.

I've been this way since I was about 5, and had two Raggedy Anne dolls on my shelf. Somehow I convinced myself they would mutilate me. I've gotten better, I used to not be able to sleep if I knew there were dolls in the hallway, or even the house. Now it's just the room. Anything with eyes watching me is unnerving, but dolls are the worst.

Also, I prefer the closet to be closed, but I can bear with that. Unlike dolls.


no light at all, and a fan or AC running. I can't sleep if it's quiet. If I can hear voices from the tv being on or something, it makes my brain kinda freak out


I know how dat feel brah. I once spent an entire week at a (now) ex's bedroom and her wall was full of those porcelain masks. And she asked me why I wanted to sleep in a different room.


Spiders. If there is a spider in my room, trust me. I'm not laying down until I've killed that mother fucker. I have a problem with them crawling across my face at night. The sensation it creates when subconscious is terrifying. To feel a light mass with eight legs slowly migrating across my facial region causes me to freak the fuck out.


aw, op, i love raggedy ann! but i agree with spider guy, and i can't sleep with doors open in my room

i get up a few times every night before i fall asleep to make sure my door is closed all the way


oh god, if I ever found a spider crawling across my face at night I'd probably have a heart attack and die…
I can sleep with the light on, but it significantly reduces my quality of sleep. I also happen to be a complete wimp who's scared of the dark. sucks to be me!


The ticking of a clock - can't stand it.


File: 1337317768163.png (152.53 KB, 741x539, 1337168199952.png)

Things I can't sleep with:
>Complete darkness
>Complete Silence
>Dolls (Like in the OP)
>Feet over the edge of bed
>Bed that isn't mattress on the floor (Hard to explain o.o)
>Bed cannot be next to the window

Things I need to sleep:
>TV on for light, no sound
>A blanket, even if its too hot it is actually impossible for me to sleep without one.
>Oh and the window needs to be covered up.


I can't sleep if it's too warm, the problem is often the sound of a fan keep me awake.
I can't sleep 99% of the time if I can hear the ticking of a clock, but I can sleep if there's background noise like a TV playing in another room.
I also can't sleep if the window in my room is open, I always wake up because of outside noise, yet I won't wake up up because of noise inside my house.
I need darkness or else I can't sleep, which is why I keep the curtains closed and the roller blind down at all times in my room and never open the windows.
I usually sleep with music, I can sleep without it but I always find myself not having great sleep if I sleep without it.
I sleep with a lot of pillows, I don't sleep well if I don't have them.
No matter how hot it is I always need a blanket to cover my feet or at least one of my legs, I don't know why I just need that to sleep.


For me, the fan needs to be on (for white noise/background noise), and both my closet door and curtains need to be at least part of the way closed. Also the door to my room needs to be shut.


File: 1338280443364.jpg (584 KB, 1500x2128, 1328710860554.jpg)

The door needs to be shut, even when I'm awake. Open doors make me anxious.
And I too hate dolls. Even Barbie dolls freak me out.


For some reason, I can't sleep well if my blanket is flipped the wrong way.

There's a pattern on one side, but not the other. And even if I can't see it, my mind somehow knows it's wrong. Probably some minute difference in the way it feels, or something.
I can still fall asleep, but then my dreams are nightmarish and I end up waking up in the middle of the night after having a miniature heart attack.

Other than that:
Arms and legs can't be hanging over edge of bed.
Bed can't be next to a window.
Door has to be closed.
Absolute quiet makes it harder to fall asleep, but doesn't affect much once I'm sleeping.


I can't with:
1. Open doors. (Because of OCD)
2. Darkness. (I can't stand the dark, need a lamp on)
3. A drastic temprature. (Too cold,too hot,etc)
4. An open window. (I get terrified and have a panic attack when the window's open)
5. If Justin Bieber is in the room. (Of course that would be a problem)

Things I need to sleep with:
1. A light. (Already explained that)
2. All my stuff needs to be in the room. (My iPod,my DS,my 3DS,etc)
3. A soft toy of some sort. (I have four on my bed right now as I very type)
4. Preferably a source of Internet. (Because I sometimes watch stuff on YouTube to get me to sleep)
5. Preferably a music box. (They're my favorite instrument)


I can't with:
1. Open doors. (Because of OCD)
2. Darkness. (I can't stand the dark, need a lamp on)
3. A drastic temprature. (Too cold,too hot,etc)
4. An open window. (I get terrified and have a panic attack when the window's open)
5. If Justin Bieber is in the room. (Of course that would be a problem)

Things I need to sleep with:
1. A light. (Already explained that)
2. All my stuff needs to be in the room. (My iPod,my DS,my 3DS,etc)
3. A soft toy of some sort. (I have four on my bed right now as I very type)
4. Preferably a source of Internet. (Because I sometimes watch stuff on YouTube to get me to sleep)
5. Preferably a music box. (They're my favorite instrument)


File: 1341888371026.jpg (637.55 KB, 2592x1944, DSC02011.JPG)

things I cant sleep with
-plots to take over the world

things I can or prefer to sleep with

I cant see shit without my glasses so I cant see anything scary anyways.


I can't sleep when these things are present:

-Lights (small ones like LED indicators are fine)
-Spring mattress
-14-years-old motherfuckers who prefer to ride their gay "tuned" scooters (read: equipped with a straight-pipe exhaust) in front of the house from dusk till dawn.

(Of course, I have all these things where I'm currently residing at.)

Things I need to sleep:

-Working air conditioner (no matter how noisy is it)
-Simple mattress on the floor, or a low-profile bed.

(Of course, I don't have any of these where I am residing now.)


Track down where those scooter riders live and just steal their scooter. Thats what I did.


>"tuned" scooters

God I hate those things.


god DAMN i totally have a kid on my street who rides his all day, it's so fucking annoying. (well, thank god he doesn't ride it at night, fucking hell.)

but on topic:
*i need to have a fan on for white noise
*at the same time, i need to make sure any papers in my room are secured under something so they don't make an annoying fucking flapping noise in the wind from the fan.
*curtains and closet door need to be shut. door must be at least KINDA shut.
*if the cat is in my room he needs to not be sleeping on my legs/face


Hmmmm. Might as well join in!

Things I CANNOT sleep with:
★ Darkness.
★ Heat.
★ Certain Repeating Noises.
★ My little shit-ster.
☆She's evil I tell you! EEVIILL!

Things that help me go to sleep:
▼ The presence of familiar beings.
• Safety in numbers instinct methinks.
▼ Music.
• YTPMV's are for babies.
• I would listen to Lucid Suite but my computer is better off staying in one spot.

Things I require to sleep with:
⇒ Light.
→ Because dangerous mythical beasts reside beneath my sleeping furniture.
⇒ Cold, but hydrated air.
→ Can't sleep with a dry nose, now can we?
⇒ A few m-n–s hours of browsing Uboachan/Gelbooru for dreaming fuel.
→ Lucidity must be aquired to engage in epic combat between me and Distortion.

I'm not crazy, I swear.


I forgot the number one thing I need after a fan
I can't sleep without a stuffed animal. I need one under my arm to be comfortable, preferably something large and squishy-soft. I've been using a giant stuffed Pikachu for the last few years, it's so amazing~ It's about as big as my head and torso put together, I usually sleep on my side with my head on Pikachu's face and arms around it's tummy. It is such a comfy Pikachu, I'd highly recommend everyone in this thread acquire one. He's too big to bring when I travel though, so I make due with a panda who's legs perfectly hug my forearm and fits well against my side. You have to find the stuffed animal that is shaped right for your body to sleep properly!

Over the last year, I have gone from sleeping flat with the covers to my neck like a normal person, to curled up in a ball (with pikachu) in the center of my bed with the covers over my head. I swear it wasn't intentional but I sleep like Madotsuki now.

Also I can't help but see dolls as good, like they loom out for ya. Probably from watching too much Toy Story as a kid


No light, no sound, no dolls, no clocks that make ticking noises, door has to be closed, no mirrors. (I'm super paranoid.)

But to sleep, like the person above me, I definitely need a stuffed animal. Something to cuddle so I can get to sleep. I also need a heavy blanket and complete silence, or else I'll wake up at all times of the night. Hng.


Could I sleep with your little sister then?


I can't sleep if there's no noise from the computer. Luckily for me, most times my brother comes to sleep after me.


File: 1364848945129.jpg (73.24 KB, 261x261, DONOTWANTMedic[1].jpg)

That would be awkward if you did.


Dolls, open doors, and cots/bars. I discovered it some years ago when staying in a bed and breakfast where they had cots in the rooms. I kept looking over and feeling menaced by the nothing in the cot. I fell asleep briefly but dreamt about being stuck behind the same bars. Had to get rid of the thing.


I can't sleep without my curtains down, because I have this terrible fear of glancing at my window and seeing a face in it.
I have to cover up all mirrors in my room.
I'm also terribly emetophobic, so if I feel even slightly sick I can't sleep due to being so scared.

I don't need them, but sleeping with a stuffed animal or a pillow to hug definitely helps me.


The only thing that comes to mind is light. Bright light just makes me not be able to sleep at all, sort of why my bedroom's uberdark at night.


~Was skimming back through this; to all the people who are basically afraid of seeing a face in the window- your fear is kind of legit. Some female members of my family have woken up to seeing a guy staring in on them through their window, or when they were just in the living room doing whatever. It always turned out to be some strange, usually mentally disturbed, neighbor.

If you sleep on the ground floor keep your curtains shut.


I can't sleep without some kind of ambient sound. Usually things like TVs or the sound of a road work, but not so much things like music. Just straight up silence scares me.

Seems I'm not alone with my fear of sleeping facing a window.

Some kind of light. Like straight silence, pure darkness kind of scares me.

Also, I can't sleep if the door to my room is open.


Can't really think of an object, but if any doors in the room I'm sleeping in are opened, that drives me crazy. Same with wardrobes or stuff like that.

Heat also is a problem. I'll fall asleep sooner or later, but it will be a shitty, non-refreshing, "wake up drenched in sweat and kind of smelly" kinda sleep.

Total darkness or silence is awkward, but I can still sleep pretty well with it.


You are me, except the perfect darkness thing. I think I could do with that but the darkness kind of scares me.

If its perfectly dark, that means something bad happened to my computers.

I love the ambience, I have a plug-in floor/desk fan, ceiling fan, and my computer fans powered down to idle state while I sleep. However I have to turn one of them off because it makes a kind of high pitch squeal. Music would be nice but theres too many sudden noises in most music which would jar me awake and ruin any sort of long dream i'm in.


Maybe some very very quiet and calm ambient? Like Neroli by Brian Eno.


Used to have this problem, a fan helped with the silence thing. However, I actually prefer silence to the ticking of a clock, it just makes me anxious for whatever reason (waking up and discovering it's 3am never helps, either)

The darkness + door closed combination honestly depends on the age and history of the house, and if anyone is sleeping in the room with me. I live in an apartment in the city, so I can do total darkness with a closed door. I lived in a couple Really old, creaky houses before and had to have a hall light with the door open. The idea was that there was a lit escape route, and I wouldn't be trapped in my room with whatever awful thing I conjured. Was still scared shitless all night, though.


I got suggested this a while back, I like it but the rest of the album seems near impossible to find (at least for free)

Maybe too much drum to actually sleep with it.

Theres very few people I trust to sleep in the same room, and the three girls i've ever had sleep in my bed I laid awake pretty much the whole night uncomfortable.

I don't quite get that ringing in the ear from silence, whatever that disorder is, I just like humming.

Used to have a job working with surrounded with about 40 processing machines. It wasn't loud enough to require hearing protection by OSHA, but conversation was near impossible.

I got in trouble for falling asleep on one of the machines.


Maybe you should just find some mp3 or video of a machine that makes a similar sound and have it on repeat all night.

Also yea, no sleep will ever come to me if the person is in the same bed. However, If they're just in the same room, in a different bed or silently reading/ on a computer, it feels safer.


It was part the noise, vibration, and warmth.

It let off such a low bassy tone that you could feel it reverb through your body. I kind of wish I could still work there but the plant shut down.


I can sleep in any conditions as long as there's a blanket over me. Don't care how hot it is, I need a blanket. Make it a thin sheet if you have to


The door to my room needs to be shut and the closet door closed all the way.
All lights should be out and the roller blinds down. The darker the better.
It needs to be as quiet as possible, or at least so quiet that the slight monotone drone I always hear in my head is the loudest audible thing. Outside noise is the worst, so the windows should be closed, even if it restricts the air flow to and from the room.
I need a blanket to cover myself with or at least to roll it up and hug it if it's too hot. The blanket needs to be positioned so that the buttoned side is at the legs.
The pillow needs to be dry, at least the side I'm laying my head on. (Becomes a problem if I drool on the pillow or sweat profusely on it during the warmer months)

>I'd highly recommend everyone in this thread acquire one.
My brother has some stuffed animals, including this pretty large stuffed bear. It is large and soft, and it feels really good to hug it. I should try sleeping with it.


I used to have bad enough tinnitus for me to lose sleep if the room was silent enough, but either it isn't as strong as it used to be, or my room isn't as silent nowadays.
I used to close the closet door too, but the door has been broken for years now and I don't lose sleep over it anymore.


I can't sleep at all, but not for any phobias, i can't sleep IN THE CITY there are no crickets, and i hardly catch sleep until early in the morning, the spotlights just makes things worse… i need to read a book, play for hours and tire me off doing excersises to get me sleep, preferibly all of the above at the same time.


I can't sleep with any TVs or computer screens facing me.

I'll stay up all night if it's so quiet that I can hear buzzing noises.

Open closet doors or any dark entrances. It makes me uncomfortable that I can't see what's going on in the hallways or inside the closet.

Any mirror facing me or next to me bothers me.

Cameras also tend to prevent me from sleeping.

Can't sleep if I have no blanket or something heavy covering me.


I need to sleep facing away from the door and I need to be under something thicker than a sheet, other wise I feel totally vulnerable.


Often I lie down in bed and just have to get out again to check if I didn't leave my keys on the outside of my door.

Also, I need to have plenty of space for my feet to move around. The duvet (apparently this is the word for it… I'm not english) can't be tucked in at the end near my feet, I need to be able to kick it around and expose my feet to the cold air if I want to.


When I was younger I was some form of religious, and also suffered from really vivid and recurring nightmares. For at least ten years now I have had at least one cross on each wall of my room… I've completely stopped following any sort of religion, but if I ever end up having one of my walls without a cross, I find myself feeling really anxious, like 'something' is going to get in.
Sort of like saying I'm not superstitious, then knocking on wood right away. Habit is deep seeded.

Also, for people mentioning masks… I have a slowly growing collection of masks and strange face-related decorations on my wall. It feels soothing to have them there.


If my room is both dark and quiet, sometimes I'll hallucinate. Usually I keep a fan on and the door cracked to prevent this.

Also if I try to sleep on my back I sometimes get terrifying sleep paralysis,

The probability of both of these happening increases if I try to go to bed in a paranoid mood.


File: 1382390483092.jpg (147.49 KB, 1024x780, two_best_friends_zombie_ap….jpg)

When I sleep on my back I always have a nightmare. I need to have background noise or I'll go into this panic or intense fit of tears because my mind will wander. So what I do is I play Two Best Friends on my phone and listen to them as I fall asleep.



Interesting about sleeping on your back. I noticed that if I sleep on my back, my dreams tend to be more vivid/interesting/enhanced(?). I think I remember them better.


i have a laptop and sort of freak out if i dont know where it is at home, so before i go to bed i make sure its at the foot of my bed

i think of it as some kind of weird protective guard dog idk


This keeps me from sleep, but it's internal.

When I am lying in the dark, actively trying to fall asleep, there is this tiny space I can fall into that I am only now beginning to be able to even describe.

It will be all black, as I lie with eyes closed, and I am in there, knowing my eyes are closed.

When I become more relaxed, disconnect, and, I don't know, my eyes start to drift upward into my head and my mind begins turning off, there is a spot I can fall into where all of a sudden there are bright flashing orange lights filling my entire vision. It occurs in the same place, and I can even trigger it if I try, but it is always so intense and jarring that I simply open my eyes and am back in my bedroom, and the effect is gone.

It isn't that I've fallen asleep and the intro to the dream is this effect…it's very bizarre, and I kept encountering it last night.

It only happens in the most relaxed state, so to try and force it makes me tense, and harder to find, but the result is the same each time: open eyes with a start.


File: 1384784333242.jpg (17.42 KB, 236x250, heat-buster-industrial-134….jpg)

It needs to be cold. Deathly cold.

(However I need to have thick bedding and blankets to keep me warm.)

I need a shirt or some cloth to place over my eyes to block out any light

(This runs in the family. I hear everyone from my great grandfather used to do sleep with a shirt on his head; it's a meaningless little fact and tradition I hold dear)

I need some appliance that will make ambient noise. As others have stated, silence can drive you nuts.

I would love to get one of those giant industrial fans and run it in my room 24/7

>image relevant

(If that can't be used, I need
my phone/laptop to use for ASMR vids or some binaural frequency to keep me from going insane from silence)

Oh, and I need to masturbate.


I cannot handle heat. No sir. Heat drives me crazy. I need the cold. I also cannot handle light. I rally do, absolutely need it to be dark and cold. When I could, I'd sleep in a closet.

I tend to sleep better with some incense burning, as the smell helps calm me, and also I enjoy the thought of the smoke suffocating me in my sleep.


File: 1384819598545.gif (554.89 KB, 300x200, 1370737797910.gif)

I love drinking Chamomile tea about an hour or so before bed and love listening to the radio.

I can't stand when it's hot or cold, I need a consistent temperature


When I was younger, I was at a sleepover with some classmates and we found out one of us was afraid of plushies or anything with eyes like dolls. At first we laughed, but then she explained why, and we ended up having to turn all the plushies in the room around so they weren't facing us. Kinda scared of stuff like that since then.

I can't sleep unless I am completely exhausted, resulting in often staying awake 2 days before sleeping. I can only sleep during the day. I always need a blanket touching me and it needs to be the right texture.

I used to be a lot worse - until I was about 16, I think, I always had to sleep with the light on and I was too paranoid to sleep in an actual bed, so for years I slept on a small couch I'd shoved into a corner.

This thread was fun to read.


I can't sleep if my bedroom door is open. If it's open, I keep staring at the doorway like some thing is going to come running through it.

I also can't sleep if it's completely silent/dark. I need some sort of background noise, or a dim light in order to sleep. I guess it's some psychological problem, but what ever.


I can't sleep with any sort of voices around me. No television, no one on the phone, no music but ambient sound is okay like my computers hum or a fan. I don't like any light either because it draws my eye and I'll stare at it. I like it cold as possible with a nice thick cover to warm me.

It's so odd because I need to think before I sleep. Most people find that distracting and want to shut their minds off but lying in bed has always been my special place. I have always needed that to sleep, I remember being 8 and thinking about Voltron to be able to sleep. Now it's usually about my shit life and personal issues until I am sick of it and fantasize. I have a very rich fantasy life that pens manga scripts that I don't share because no one cares anyway. Or if I am extra lonely I'll just think about husbando or waifu until my brain can no longer hold out and shuts down before I notice. I always wake up wondering when I fell asleep.


File: 1392874786489.png (630.32 KB, 638x566, implyingKLK.png)

You guys are weird.

I'm pretty much soldier-mode when it comes to needing comfort; I can sleep in just about any conditions, provided that I'm actually tired and need sleep. Hell, I could probably get naked and crawl into the drainage pipes near my house and still eventually get some sleep.


i cant sleep with the door open either

i also have a hard time falling asleep if my back isnt facing the wall because not being able to see the entire room makes me feel like theres someone behind me, staring

its difficult for me to fall asleep if its not totally dark and its kind of a problem since i like to stay up until morning a lot


oh yeah, i also have a bunch of dolls in my room lol


File: 1395591723510.jpg (136.65 KB, 640x427, Water-Puppets-of-Vietnam.jpg)

In my room back home I had a trio of these guys in my room from ages 5-18.

Yeah, they scare me. And they've scared me up until I moved out for university. Thing is, I've been with them for so long that even though I'm somewhat afraid of them, I can't help but feel like they're a part of me. Like they're creepy, but they've been a part of the room as objects for so long that I've gotten accustomed to them?


File: 1402373909913.png (117.48 KB, 334x350, internally screaming.png)

I can't sleep if i don't know my parents have locked all the doors in my house. I always feel most vulnerable at night and become afraid of what might happen outside my closed bedroom door. My house could be secretly ransacked or worse, my parents killed without me knowing it so every night i check each outside door to see if it is absolutely locked.

This fear has gotten me so bad that i began to become afraid of any open drawers/cabinets/closets in my own bedroom. Just looking at them hanging open with a shroud of darkness inside each one lets my imagination run wild with ideas that some supernatural being might come out and harm me, maybe even watch me as i sleep. I also tend to check under my bed and in the closet on very rare occasions to see if any intruder might be hiding in there if i happened to watch a fucked-up film before bed.

Finally, i keep a towel to tuck under my bedroom door not only to block out light but also prevent any supernatural beings from slipping under the doorway.

(sidenote: i also can't have any plushies staring directly at me when i go to sleep. It's not as bad as having realistic dolls but it's up there.)


I can't sleep if the room isn't dark and it isn't quiet. I'm fine with a ticking clock, since my room has one, but things like the tv being on will keep me up.
Also the door has to be shut and it needs to be cool. And I always face the wall when I sleep. It just makes me feel safer for some reason.


are you an actual infant? lol

ALL of you! are you people retarded?


mostly the same, but I don't even need to be tired to sleep anymore


Don't bully!
Nice necrobump nerd.


There's no such thing as a dead thread on a board as slow as Uboachan.


hey, that wasn't me
also I'm very sorry, I was rash to say something like that on a public forum like this and I could have seriously hurt somebody's feelings (w)


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