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Is it possible for people to remember their own dreams without the help of a dream diary? Is anyone else able to control this power besides me?

I've had somehow gained the ability to recall certain moments in dreams i had experienced a few days ago and even further back. They aren't specifically nightmares but more of like a hosh-posh of neutral dreams. Sometimes out of nowhere when i see or hear something specific, that certain object might trigger a recollection of a previous dream event that involved it.

I don't know how this ability slowly started to manifest but i think it has to do with me thinking over a lot of my dreams before i get up, hoping to write or draw them down in my diary, but never getting around to doing so anymore because of my ADD early in the morning.

I worry though that these recollections i'am storing in my memory bank might accidentally one day get mixed up with some of my real memories and cause me great confusion. It hasn't happened yet but i can't help but think about it on rare occasions.

Any advice or thoughts on this?

(pic unrelated)


I have that ability too but i don't know how to control per se


If I remember a dream when I wake up, i can probably remember it a couple days later too or further. However, I merely keep a dream journal for entertainment purposes.


File: 1393258810362.jpg (135.53 KB, 500x375, salt_flat_corrected_m2.jpg)

I was able to remember my dreams before I had a dream diary. I only have a dream diary now because my mind holds memories as well as water can hold a sieve.

Sometimes in terms of long-term memory, dream and real-life get mixed up. I often feel in a fairly deja-vu manner, "I have been here before when I was dreaming" and it makes it disturbing for me to try and function sometimes, because it all feels an overwhelming amount of strange/wrong. I am not sure if this is because of my weird brain chemistry or w/e. If you're neurotypical I don't think this would be a problem.


I have a really good memory, not sure if it helps, but I remember note-worthy dreams almost indefinitely.


File: 1400107091810.gif (528.88 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mmo6n7wpmp1rdoh7go1….gif)

If I'm not woken up suddenly and forced to react (e.g. an alarm, or someone shouting "Good morning!" and me having to mumble something coherent back), I will remember my dream for pretty much ever, just like a regular memory.

It gets harder to distinguish real from fake when I start doing so much of a real thing, like full-time work, that I start dreaming about it. I have dreamt of a shift of work before, and woken up only to be completely dismayed that I now had to do it again, and I had to figure out whether or not I had actually done X with my boss, or spoken to another person about whatever, or if I had completed some task.

I use a lot of my dreams as material for creative work. This probably helps me retain them, since they become "useful" and "important".

Do you ever remember your dreams while you're dreaming? I've started doing this, and it's five kinds of disorienting. It's the closest I've gotten to lucid dreaming.


File: 1400775855834.png (84.78 KB, 234x286, jafar smile.png)

i remember my dreams a lot! sometimes i think back on dreams i even had over a year ago because this is who i am now

sometimes when im dreaming i remember something in another dream i had or someone in my dream talks about something from another dream of mine

dreams are freaky


I randomly remember dreams from all across my life, the details usually being small but varying and I get a lot of repeats but it's probably triggered at least a few hundred different ones by now.


I can generally remember my dreams just fine without a journal. I like to keep a journal anyways though, just for the sake of writing them down makes them easier to recall future ones, I guess it puts dreams as higher on my mental priorities than before, I don't know.

Like other people though I do tend to dream things and forget whether they actually happened or not, usually just minor conversations with people. I've come up with a few inside-jokes with my dream-friends before, and have left my real friends confused when I try to reference it later. A few of them have turned into real inside jokes though so I suppose it all worked out!


I can remember bits and pieces of my dreams. hell, I even have ome parties with my dream denizens, all of us speaking our own, unique language and writing our unique code. It got so cool, i actually took a piece of paper and wrote down the alphabet we came up with. hell, the friends of mine who know about my dreams want to know about said language!


File: 1409105741573.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x1392, 27241967.jpg)

I don't know if this is natural to me, since I used to write a dream journal but lost it after a move and never bothered to make another, but typically I have strains of dream memory A. when I just woke up, B. when I'm feeling sleepy and about to go to bed, and C. occasionally have flashbacks of them in random waking moments (I speculate it's due to parallels in feelings or such) which range from still images to generalized feels.

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