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Dream On!
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I've done it. I've done it. I'm so happy I'm making my own thread because oh god I hope I have more to post in the future. Maybe eventually actual comics, or an animation.
I've done it!
After months and months of dreaming nonsense in anime and manga, I've finally had a coherent dream. Perfectly coherent. It made sense. There was a plot. The characters had motivations and personalities and quirks. It was… it was funny. There were jokes. And they were good. There were still a few blurry edges, but BY GOD most of it was so clear.
I dreamed of two episodes of a romantic comedy, and I would have watched them had they actually existed.
I'm so happy.
The main character was kind of a selfish jerk, and I think a mangaka. He was quiet. He was spying on a coworker, some cute girl who was an assistant to his team. He read her diary after work each day, possibly through astral projection. She always seemed to write about a cuter guy at work (although she actually like the main character), and so he gets jealous. He starts acting colder towards her, and she gets all heartbroken. The cuter guy did like the girl, and when he almost asks her out, he finds out about her crush for the main character, and then he's heartbroken. There's another girl (who can fly?) who starts making a move on the M.C., and a couple other characters I'm forgetting now.
There were a bunch of totally weird egg references; the MC was eating eggs and rice a lot, maybe oyakodon, with more ko; the journal girl threw eggs at a wall when she was mad.
I don't remember most of it. But oh my god yes. Yes. All these dumb dreams are coming together.
I dreamed a fucking anime.
Oh god this is so pathetic.


Are you gonna draw a manga for us now?


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File: 1372189734971.png (113.16 KB, 600x750, robokoyume.png)

I was going to put this in the Draw Stuff From Your Dreams Thread, but I sort of want to draw this story now.

It is from a couple months old dream of mine.
In short, this girl is dies in reality, but she still lives with her family because almost everyone has special implants, and they can see her. Her family starts getting … paranoid? about having her around, and she leaves. She leads a purely digital life for a few months, and it's insane. She gets tired of it and buys a robot set; a large utility humanoid with a smaller one to go where it can't.
She goes around doing odd jobs and the like.
This leads into another dream of mine, in the future, where she has an android body that looks like she used to, and she travels around with a witch-mechanic on a national post-war rebuild-the-country work program.

That's kind of a long story, though.

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