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Pic Unrelated.

Basically we're each going to take a part of one of our dreams and mash it together into one big story. Ex: I'll take the landscape from one of my dreams and then the next person will take something from their dreams and that will be the next part of the story. If we wake up because of death, being scared, mind rape, ect. We start a new one.

Here we go.
"We wake up in a monochrome, steampunk world.
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File: 1608629109802.png (519 B, 163x163, smile.png)

Then you realise the eyes were the mountains.
And the mouth was the road.

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This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.
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I've been playing some fgs and they probably influenced my dream.
There is a dark, pitch black place with a few black benches with a white outline. When you sit on a bench for a few minutes, you get transported to a dream world (every person has their own dream world). There is also a bench in a corner where you can sit with other people and enter a shared dream world. I sit there with two friends. We arrive at a hallway with multiple doors. The first door leads to an empty shop. We take some things and leave. Another door leads to a room with giant toys on a white background. They are all copies of the same toy in a row and they are moving to the left in a loop. The last room we visit is a bedroom, it is very ugly with clashing colors, beige and bright colors, the window is open. After this we return to the real world and the dream ends.

File: 1626492500252.png (345.62 KB, 958x958, Hikiks.png)


What are some weird dreams you've had?

There was this one dream I had last month. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Kamala Harris were in an auditorium getting nothing but boos. The crowd starts throwing lots of shit at them. Face masks, Fauci merch, BLM shirts, and Joe hats go flying on to the stage. I even thought I saw a Fauci figurine hit Joe in the face. And then all of a sudden, I'm in my living room. The place looks like it was decorated by Saint Nicholas himself. The smell of gingerbread fills the house, and outside was an entire blanket of snow covering my neighborhood at night time.

Then there was this one when I was a child. I was relaxing on sunbed outside the old house I use to live when I was in Greenlawn (Long Island). And then a dog comes up and stars nibbling on my foot. He makes this noise, that kind of sounded like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSUCKAAAAAAAAAA". I start running away screaming. And then I wake up in my sister's bed (I use to be scared to sleep alone).

So are there any weird dream stories that any of you would like to share?
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That's very Yume-Nikkian esque. It reminds me also a Doctor Who episode about beings, who can hide so perfectly, we can't see them.


that's one thicc mado


Thanks for the reply! I didn't watch the show but Dr. Who seems like an interesting show, and I've seen a few episodes including the one about moving statues. That episode is pretty popular, and maybe that's where my brain got the inspiration for my dream…
Also I had another weird one recently! I was working with a group of people underground and these people were talking about something, I was just watching them from a distance fixing a machine and taking out huge amounts of some weird substance. It didn't smell bad but it was a dark green color and there was a lot of it. So they took it all out and put the weird 'liquid' in large two containers. I took these containers and started going down the corridors. (For some reason it was really easy for me to push them when in fact the containers were about my height and filled to the brim so they must've been pretty heavy.) While walking, I suddenly realized I was in a dream… This isn't who I was, where I normally went etc. I kind of panicked but there was someone (or something?) passing by, so I just kept walking without looking at them. I knew where I was going instinctually. When I reached the room I were going to, I saw an empty room full of tables, on each table a microscope and I realized/remembered I was a chemist and my job here was to examine this green substance.
I pushed the containers into the room and closed the door behind me. Without thinking I reached for my pocket to lock the door but in horror I realized I forgot the keys. Suddenly I was incredibly scared, standing in front of the door and holding the handle. Just as I feared, suddenly the door was trying to be opened by something outside, I resisted it by force and after a while it stopped. I looked through the key hole and just saw the wall, besides I felt at ease so I opened the door to take a look. I knew I weren't in huge danger as it was just noon now, but I knew I'd be here for a while to research and I definitely had to lock the door at night. I contemplated turning back all the way to take my keys (They were in my drawer so I had to go back to my room, which I knew was in a higher floor) but I couldn't leave the two containers without supervision, it could be a big mistake and even cost me my job. But taking them with me wasn't an option either because there were no elevators and it was impossible to take the stairs wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I had a more pleasant dream. It was just some stop motion snowmen celebrating Christmas


File: 1632190645562.png (500.52 KB, 695x398, truck.png)

So I had one where it was just farm trucks driving down a country road and into the World Trade Center.

File: 1631640454424.jpg (60.91 KB, 346x328, Bones_logo.jpg)


What's good music to generate a dream

File: 1462995413934.png (667.79 KB, 600x866, yume_nikki____flow__dream_….png)


Does anyone have any dreams they remember distinctly from their childhood?

OP had a dream where he traveled the world collecting really messed up and scary versions of Pokemon.
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i had this dream about a statue of cid the sloth after i saw ice age for the first time. it was in a run-down mall, and my mom was taking me to the garden store that was part of it. idk what malls are like for yall's areas, but where i grew up there was a mall with lots of sculptures everywhere, which i think is where my kid brain got the concept. anyways, this cid statue comes to life and beats my mom to death with a coffee mug while i have to sit back and watch, and that was the point where i woke up.

still probably the weirdest dream i ever had and it literally caused me to have a fear of sloths. i even had a panic attack at the zoo when i was around 9-10 because there was a sloth exhibit. everyone laughs at me for it cause the fuckers still creep me out


a dream thats always stuck with me was a nightmare I had when i was 9? 10? i was in the kitchen of my families apartment and from there i could see into the room of my newborn brother where there was a rocking chair that I always thought waas creepy. THe apartment was dark, but not completely, it was moonlit. The place was haunted (and for whataever reason in any dream that takes place at home the house is haunted) and in the rocking chair was a grotesquely fat man that looked a lot like a bloated and rotting body. Like the opening scene from the movie Begotten, but more humanoid.



The earliest one I can remember is this: I was probably like 6 years old (irl and in the dream) and I was at my grandmother's home, as usual. It started with me eating with my entire family at the big table in the living room. There was a lot of hanging out with them but it's really not that important and I don't remember most of what I did anyway.

I went outside for a bit and I noticed it was getting really bright, there was an unnatural, muted yellow color in the sky. This really unsettled me, so I ran back home panicking and told my mom to look outside with me. She thought it was weird as well, despite this she continued being calm and said that I shouldn't worry so much, she went inside and left me alone. I was still scared.

Then a bunch of stuff happened that I can't recall, but basically it was announced on TV that a huge meteorite would be crashing on Earth and that my country would be severely affected and that they didn't have the resources necessary to save us. I started crying and thinking "I knew it" over and over again, everyone was either crying, frantically moving around or quietly accepting their fate. My mom and my sister were doing the latter, and they wrapped their arms around me. They whispered things like "it's ok", "it will be over soon" and I would respond with something like "I don't want to die". As the meteorite was getting closer and closer, and everything was getting yellower, the last words we shared were "I love you".

Looking back, it wasn't that bad a dream, but it was extremely realistic (was surprised it wasn't real when I woke up) and I used to have a big fear of the world ending, so naturally I thought this dream was horrifying.


A couple, like dreams where I'd be in my old elementary school field and suddenly be launched into the air a bunch of times, or the one where I'd be on some sort of field trip where my class and teachers were all participating in a super trippy and long race, but I only remember one vividly enough to where it'd be worth to actually write about.

There's one nightmare I remember frequently having where I was in the basement. Sometimes, my dad would be talking to me about an MMORPG he played, or about Zelda, sometimes I would be by myself. Eventually, the furnace would burst open and lava would start pouring out of it (it looked more like melted orange ice cream, though). I'd run upstairs immediately and the front door would be locked. After that I would run to the backyard door out near the kitchen where I would see it's night. I don't remember anything happening after me being near the door, I would never escape, but I would never "die" in the lava. I do remember little small teardrop shapes of lava coming out and moving in very weird ways, kind of like how a lot of weird sea creatures or plants move. They'd wiggle back and forth and I was terrified of them. Never ended up explaining to my parents why I hated being in the basement so much.


File: 1631425716237.png (37.35 KB, 886x529, shanefrostvrfeaw34fgv43.png)

I once dreamt my mom had a penis
She called it "the source of power"

This was before I started going on the internet.

File: 1338953226458.jpg (108.31 KB, 800x680, IMG_1312.JPG)


Has anyone had experiences with drugs (OTC, prescribed, or otherwise) affecting dreams?
Dream quality, lucid dreaming, dreaming coherently…etc.
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Nice bird


I took melatonin and drempt that Tien sucked blood out my mother's neck with a plastic straw.


late reply but i smoked weed once and it made me start dreaming every single night.before that i had never had dreams


that bird is so cute


Codeine consistently puts me in a semi-lucid state, where I'm aware that I'm almost fully asleep, and aware of where I am, but am still seeing random imagery and feeling random sensations somewhat passively. It's actually really pleasant, like drifting away.

File: 1482714178327-0.jpg (386.84 KB, 600x600, earth_like_planet.jpg)

File: 1482714178327-1.jpg (1.63 MB, 3500x2022, lucia_capital_city.jpg)


Where did this whole “YN Syndrome” come from? I am currently trying as hard as I can to achieve my first lucid dream in more than 15 years. I have a world already created from scratch named Lucia with nearly the same eccentricity, density and gravity, an erratic weather system, three continents under a super continent, overpopulated by the trillions, and it does have a chaser population just to the northwest beyond the desert near the poles. Lucia is located in the constellation Cancer orbiting a yellow normal star. I tried my very best of my abilities, but needed advice. My goals: Explore all three continents 100%, unite all of our YN protagonists only so I can form a big enough army in preparation to take out the chasers populated from the northwest, and finally, stop global corruption using whatever we have with discretion while at the same time conquering my own fears. The planet I am going to may look like this, both from space and on land as a quick glimpse preview.
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YN Syndrome is not new, to put it briefly, it means “extreme social withdrawal”, isolation from society for more than six months. It began in Japan, but over the years, it spreads very slowly everywhere, only lethal voluntarily by common sense errors we make (no spoilers intended), and involuntarily through extreme rare cases like sudden unexpected death in sleep for few people. It is a behavioral syndrome, so it operates in a similar manner to how people are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, polio, and those with Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

There is no actual need of a cure, it can be treated by changes in lifestyle to suit sleep better, is 100% avoidable, and can be contracted more than once in a lifetime. It is caused by not being successful in life, having too many hobbies to go around that requires being indoors, or failing to get to sleep on time every day, even on weekends. This can be simulated like a Virus on Plague Inc: Evolved, but it must start in Japan and must start with a set date on the system to 24/6/2004, because the game reads in day/month/year format. I would like to see it played by someone as a request at any later time.


you people talking about hikikomori? just call it "hikikomori" then!




It sounds more like OP has a fantasy world he's created, not so much like a "Dreamscape." It sounds like his planet has rules and a narrative, rather than being entirely disjointed and impossible as YN is.


ily. i have almost the same place i used to go wen i sleep until i realized that we are always sleeping. now i dont dream at all anymore

File: 1497384852905.jpg (11.57 KB, 500x375, 1489014110592.jpg)


I found some short talks on lucid yume / lucid yume (astral edition). They seem like sketchy signuptomymailinglistforfreedvd production wise, but the info seems legit. What do you think?


The info only seems legit to you because you're gullible. People can make anything sound genuine if they throw around enough made up terminology. If you find out that it's actually real though, i'd be happy to know.


na this is on to some shit. ur just not rly asleeping r u? too awaoke

File: 1376466507317.jpg (4.77 KB, 120x90, default.jpg)


I just had the most filthy dream.

My older brother and I found some sort of what I can only describe as a Black Metal Manse. It was all delapidated, uselessly Satanic, and treated like shit, and we enjoyed rummaging through all the crazy stuff, while I felt the powers of Lucifer growing within my Heart. It was in the basement, however, that we found a large plastic ziploc bag containing the severed head of an ex-Black Metal singer.

I told him to leave it downstairs, but no, he starts to carry the bag upstairs, and the stench of decay arose with it.

(My dad was also there, now, and the Manse was my dad's house…dreams)

My dad could be heard retching in the background, as I ran for the door ahead of my brother, wrenching it open and flooding the place with cool night air.

We raced out and around the side of the house, when he called out "Think fast!", and I turned to see the bag of liquifying head come sailing past me. Shrieking in a manner reminiscent of the singer himself, perhaps, I grew angry at being so frightened, and as my brother ran past me, down the moonlight path between our house and our neighbors, I snagged the bag by the non-ziploc end, and wheeled about, hurling it ahead of me with great eff-ort…causing the bag to impact the seal, splay open, and ejaculate the melting head of the dead man at my brother.

He looked stunned, as the bag was rent asunder and the head burst forward like the grimmest of zits, but none of the juice got on him (I was honestly worried about this, because it would be gross.)

We both ran ahead to the ravine our home backs onto, spots of grass slick with fatty dissolvings, when I spotted the grimacing head, long black hair matted against it's pale skin, and I cried out to my brother:
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File: 1528166350383.jpg (103.25 KB, 1117x744, Le_Songe_de_Tartini_par_Lo….jpg)


Do you ever hear music in your dreams? I don't, but I was wondering about how common it is. Devil's trill is one example of original music being produced in somebody's head while they're dreaming. Has that ever happened to you?
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File: 1543580588331.webm (7.94 MB, Maggot Brain.webm)

I just woke up from a morning nap session. After 6 hours of night sleep I had a light breakfast and strong coffee, turned on music and went back to bed lying face down on the edge of the pillow (my favorite sleeping posture).

Depending on the music I dozed off and got conscious again with the change of songs or even during a single piece with variable expression. When the song "Maggot Brain" started, I finally reached dream level.

Soon I found myself at a parking structure. The sun was glaring and some kids were skateboarding and riding shopping carts. I heard Funkadelics aforementioned song coming from their direction and though "these punks have good taste in music". The dream continued with a drunk Chinese guy dropping canned pears on a decayed staircase. At that point the music was gone.

I suspect a similar mechanism to the WILD technique being at work here. It might not be possible to receive accurate signals from the outside during sleep, but one can directly carry over the starting point of a association chain, if one is relaxed enough during exposure (literally at the verge of sleep). With a known piece of music one can expect it to continue with a similar sound, but typical dream distortions or mashups in structure.


Only one time that I can remember, it was a song "created" by me. Nothing interesting, I was dreaming that I was streaming music on youtube but after I woke up I realised that the song doesn't actually exist.


I remember hearing Libera me from hell with muffled, untuned and roughed out instruments once. I don't remember in what context and backdrop it was in though. I hear music pretty often in my dreams, often ambient scores or the music of the devil.


i've heard some eurobeat music in my dreams. Makes it feel really upbeat, i don't usually remember the dreams or the songs though, but i just know i heard 'em, if that makes sense.


next time lay off the coffee

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