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Dream On!
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Pic Unrelated.

Basically we're each going to take a part of one of our dreams and mash it together into one big story. Ex: I'll take the landscape from one of my dreams and then the next person will take something from their dreams and that will be the next part of the story. If we wake up because of death, being scared, mind rape, ect. We start a new one.

Here we go.
"We wake up in a monochrome, steampunk world.
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An orange creature holding a red Fanta in one hand, a blue Fanta in another hand, a green Fanta in a third 'hand' that is where a foot should be, and a orange Fanta in another 'hand' that is where another foot should be tumbles through the air, flying in a fumbling-falling way that it really shouldn't.

The world shakes for a moment.

Everything that was spooky-weird is now normal looking and everything that was normal looking is now spooky and weird.

The creature is no where to be seen, it must have flown on by.

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This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.
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crazy nuts

File: 1462995413934.png (667.79 KB, 600x866, yume_nikki____flow__dream_….png)


Does anyone have any dreams they remember distinctly from their childhood?

OP had a dream where he traveled the world collecting really messed up and scary versions of Pokemon.
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the earliest dream i remember vividly is from when i was like.. i dunno, around 5, i think. i had been abducted by aliens made from the same shit gummy bears are made of, and stole one of their hove-bikes to try and escape. they moved around underground in these dirt tunnels that looked like they'd been carved out by a giant earthworm

i get this all the time. i remember my dreams almost every night, and a lot of the time i'll get actual occurrences mixed up with the more realistic dreams.


I was seven years old when I dreamt about suddendly appearing in the hall of a baroque-styled mansion with many passages surrounded in red curtains -what a maze it was, really-.
I always got my way into the main dining room, and there she was: a cute, Caucasian white, blond haired, blue eyed, ten years old girl sitting in a well decorated throne. She diligently smiled to me… and nothing else. I just have to wake up.

Sometimes, I danced with this girl graciously. Again, nothing else.


one of the only dreams that i can remember is a dream when i was six, and for some reason i remember it very vividly despite me never remembering any of my dreams for over an hour (thinking of keeping a dream journal to fix this). i was in my father's car in at a gas station late at night, with that weird orangeish hue that street lights give off everywhere. i tried to look around, i could see the building ahead of us to the rightish and to the left a road, but beyond that nothing but trees or an unsettling nothingness. the car had 3 people. a sibling (i cannot remember which one, either my older sister or my older brother), myself, and someone in the driver's seat. i took this person as my father, despite the man looking completely different from my father (he had white skin despite my father being black, different hair, different facial structure). i did this probably because the only person i had seen ever sit in that seat was my father. as i was sitting in the car, i was getting impatient, but i said nothing and continued to look around. after about 5 minutes had passed, my "father" leaned over to look back at us. however, he did this very strangely because he didnt move his torso completely. his head just rotated without his neck or torso changing, and continued to rotate after looking back at us. after this continued for a while, his head popped off, and thousands or even millions of bugs that looked like spiders started to crawl out of the black hole in his neck that his head was covering. i quickly jumped to the back seat of the car (my dad's car was a toyota land cruiser, i think 1996?) and watched as the waves of spiders slowly crawled everywhere and started to wash over and cover the windows, ceiling, and seats of the car. i tried to make a plan, and while i was thinking, suddenly an image of me standing in a heroic fashion with family and friends and a green glow behind me. after this still image was in my mind for about 5 seconds, the dream suddenly ended and i woke up unfazed.


i had a dream when i was 5 where all my family members (even women) were naked and had penises. they started putting lotion on their weewees and started masturbating.
im serious.
i was 5


There was one from around 10 where I had the distinct impression that I made friends with a neighborhood girl and played with her for years, after which she and her family moved out.

Now far as the actual content of the dream, I remember clearly that there were at least three sequences: two involving swinging on a swingset together with a kind of transition in between indicating time had passed, and some time later going to her door to find she had moved out. I don't recall even seeing her face, though the experience of walking up to her apartment and unexpectedly meeting a short-spoken stranger who told me her family had moved out weeks ago was quite vivid.

The emotional impact of the dream was different: I had the distinct feeling and memory of having known and played with a childhood friend for years, and hearing she had moved out brought me to tears. This impression persisted well after I had woken up, and still feels like a real half-forgotten memory.

File: 1487401657470.jpg (8.79 KB, 250x250, 1345340356536.jpg)


It's a subject that fascinated me in Junji Ito's short manga story "long dream," and something I've read a lot of interesting stories online about, but I had never really experienced it until about a year ago, after a long time of experimenting and trying to force one to happen to me. The story in this paste is a record of that dream I posted to another forum. It was extremely vivid and frankly scary as fuck and made me abandon my attempts. Have you ever had a long dream? Or maybe one that was fragmented and you kept going back to after waking up?

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That post sounds really damn interesting. Can you link it?



Looks fake as fuck.


i guess theres no real way to tell since its anonymous and all, but regardless this kind of occurrence has been documented in the past


I don't have doubts such a thing may have documented in the past, but the way this guy relates sounds extremely fake and gay, to say the least. 10 years and living every single hour of every single day of every single year in only a few minutes? What, has his brain a quantum 6THZ processor to run all those instructions that fast? Had he said something along the lines of "I had the impression of living 10 years but always found it weird that things went so fast" I wouldn't have believed on his word, but at least I'd have admitted that'd have been plausible.

File: 1465506916771.jpg (69.1 KB, 1024x768, HellHounds_wallpaper_by_th….jpg)


This is the most terrifying dream I can ever remember having.

One of the most disturbing parts was that the dream started out with me doing extremely mundane things. Things I would do in real life. As though the dream wanted to settle me in comfortably before it terrified me. I was in a hotel on a high up floor. There may have been a convention going on. I was looking through a card binder and thinking about selling things. I go down to walk, by the stairs for some reason, and I see a young boy in one of the hallways. He might have been indian or something, he was certainly ethnic in any case. He looks lost, so I agree to help him find his parents.

As I walk through every single hall with the boy, I find some people crowding a particular door. A woman runs up seemingly trying to retrieve the boy, but she doesn't look like his mother. I asked if they were related. She said no and grabbed him away from me. So they throw the kid into the door and I hear teeth chomping and howling that pierced my soul. So I ran.

The rest of the dream was 3 days of survival, in real time, as the most gruesome depiction of hells hounds, seemingly somehow released by a middle eastern terrorist organization, covered the world devouring everyone. I ran with various packs of people camping for survival, Sei was separated from me after the first attack on our camp. I don't know what happened to him. I remember I jumped into a pool at some point and many hounds followed me in.

The hounds looked like they were made of darkness, muscle, and teeth, and resembled various dogs at different times, they morphed unnaturally.

Oh and the dream let me wake back up in what seemed like my bed in real life but actually was another dream. just a weird one though where there was some homeless chick living in my house watching DVDs with a bad speaker, but the speaker sound almost made me think of the dogs again, and THAN I actually woke up


There's another few events that happened. When I was surviving with camps, we debated the legitimacy of doing anything for the sake of comfort. Some people wanted to use weed or drugs because they said they would help, other people wanted to sleep, or cook food. Every little comfort was debated on the grounds that we could be attacked any moment, and most people agreed to simply eat millitary rashions.

There was a scene where a large group of children were debating similar things, but more like in regards to comforting each other. They sat alone, silent, until it became difficult for them to silence each others cries to each other for affection. This scene followed into the attack that lead to me apparent death in the pool.


Fuck dude that sounds like it really sucks, i think the worst dream i had was when i was a kid. When i have nightmares they usually involve ghosts or some sort of psycological torture. I remeber as a kid i used to eat a lot at night when my parents were asleep and since the kitchen was in the middle of our house i had to traverse the dark hallways to get some measly portion of food that would somewhat satistfy my hunger (or boredom). If i turned on the lights i would wake up someone and they would usually get pissed so i had to keep all the lights off except the light above the water dispenser on the fridge. This really gave the gouse an eerie feel and it didnt help that i watched tons of documentaries on supernatural stuff as a kid.

So anyways in this dream i was going to the kitchen to get some sort of food and it was just like in real life. I get to the kitchen and hear some furniture move around the corner in the living room. I look over and see a outline of m older brother that was all black but somehow darker than the dark room he was in. He had my little brother in front of him and he looked like he was crying. I yelled out in shear horror because for reasons unknown i kew that he was really a shapeshifting demon out to get me. I run back to my room upstairs and wait their with my head in my hands because i was cornered and i hated myself for leaving my brother with that thing.

Eventually after an hour or so of tension and soft footsteps outsfide my door i hear a fist banging on my door. I open the door and see my 8 year old younger carrying my previously mention baby brother. My baby brother had a look in his eye that told me if he said anything about the dempn that was posing as my brother he would be killed. Meanwhile the demon ppsing as my 8 yr old brother was begging me to let him in. This really fucked me up and i woke up crying

Luckily it was all a dream

File: 1490671223753.jpg (1.56 MB, 1300x1135, Yume Nikki3.jpg)


Ok so, guys, this dream is not mine, is from a friend (who doesnt speak english)
He told me he dreamed about he entered into a classic building, so, he entered into an elevator, he says there was someone behind him, but he couldn't turn around to saw who was that guy. he entered the elevator, and there was two womans on it.
He says one had blonde hair with a horsetail, and the other one has long brown hair, he told me the people who was behind him entered into the elevator too, but he didnt saw him entering, and was still behind him.
So.. the elevator started going up, until they get into floor 49, then, the elevator started to tremble, and going down, going down extremely fast. until it crashed and he wake up…
So, he decided to see what time was, it was exactly 11:49 P.M

So what do you think, he is asking of if this drea could have a meaning, and, if it has one, what does 49 number means in all of this?


dumb vidya logic.
50 would be the max level, but 50 actually rolls around to 00 so 49 is the max level.

File: 1439336751839.jpg (436.35 KB, 1132x1502, boo.jpg)


Have your dreams ever shifted to looking like Yume Nikki or a Yume Nikki fangame? Mine do sometimes, and I just woke up from a dream such as that.

(This first bit takes place at a playground in an apartment complex I lived at when I was much much younger) My brother had just got done throwing an axe at a girl at full strength, but he "didn't mean to kill her". However, it DID kill her, and the group she was in replaced her instantly with this princess-like girl. Long story short, she turned out to be an asshole with malicious intent towards us, and my brother and I decided we wanted to put her in an awful place. So some doors appeared, and I bet you've played enough Yume Nikki to know where this was going.

Now this is where the dream started looking like Yume Nikki. The first door I went through led me to this very light, sort of pastel blue, reception room. The guy was walking in place, right next to this odd looking door. The dream had begun to take place in third person, just like an RPG Maker game, so I could sort of see into the next room from above. I understood right away that I was in a hospital.

When I went through the door, there was no blood or anything, just a bunch of children with their brains visible. The whole brain visible from the top of their head. I initially thought something was wrong with them, but I heard a voice saying that they had been cured, so I tried interacting with them. While their heads seemed to move as I went about the room, as if they were watching me, I initially had no success in interacting with them, just like in Yume Nikki. However, once I tried interacting with specific characters enough times, they decided to hide inside these curtains around their beds. Every single one of the children did this.

There was one girl, though. She had always been inside the curtains to her bed, peeking out from time to time. The other patients appeared to be a little afraid of her. However, I decided to pull up a chair and dip myself under the curtains too, and I had a very one-sided conversation with her.

And that's when I woke up! Sometimes my dreams do that, and turn very Yume Nikki-like, despite me not having played the game in quite a while. Anyone else's dreams sometimes do this?


I never remember what I dream, and the times I did, they were just about average days.


File: 1440620960671.png (12.79 KB, 639x468, ClipboardImage.png)

I just recently downloaded 2kki to play it. I played 5 minutes or so of it then got fullscreen errors and didn't pick it up for week or something.

The other night I dreamt I was Urotsuki and playing the game. It started as something else completely but I walked into a room and it became the game. It looked nothing like what I saw of 2kki but was still it somehow. The apartment I went into was the nexus and there were a lot of different doors. It had the style of a New York loft apartment or something similar. I went through a few of them but don't really remember much. One led me to a black and white event that was like a movie. Some actors were playing out a scene, one of them a famous one. I thought to myself that it was weird they actually paid the actor to be in the game. I don't remember to much else. It eventually turned into something else and I was out of the game.
Was a nice dream. Made me figure out


If you see a man dressed as ceasar with a black toga and a red laurel circlet, speak to him if you are brave, run from him if you are not.

If you do talk to him, if he raises his left hand, you will go to the abyss of oblivion, where you can drink the water there and forget all dreams and all nightmares forever, to start with a fresh dream scape.

If he raises his right hand, you will go to the gloomy desert, a cold, dark, desolate place in which time passes so slowly that 1 minute of gloomy desert time = 1 year of normal time and it takes 8 years for a sweat drop to hit the ground.

You will likely remain there unless you found your way out, and there is a way out.

You will see him in a casual place, tonight.

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wallpaper thread?
rate my oc
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File: 1487889013361.jpg (128.29 KB, 750x563, 1323832031522.jpg)

also have some shitty 4:3 papes from my second monitor
this is my favorite yume nikki related image


File: 1487889069209.png (1.72 MB, 1200x900, ZbC0Dvp - Imgur.png)


haha wrong board
i am retarded
time to stop browsing for like a week out of shame


Just request the mods to move the thread and delete this one.


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File: 1474852008688.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 1355425260_5.png)


Do any of you have any ideas on how to trigger certain types of dreams? Specifically dreams that are on the bizzare side of things? Not so much nightmare-esque, but just really trippy, insane type dreams. All of my dreams seem to be so socially oriented or dialogue heavy. I'd like to see some of the more asthetic. This is of course, assuming I can't lucid dream, but I am of course open to methods of accessing such dream types lucidly as well. Thank you for your time.


Watch a shit ton of surrealist bullshit. You are bond to dream whatever is floating in your mind at the moment.


Try daydreaming while still in bed awake.


It works

File: 1483425664005.jpg (341.98 KB, 1280x964, 9462b22f-2639-4100-8288-73….jpg)


So I've always had nightmares, but lately they've been more vivid and gruesome than the typical ones I've had.

I've been taking an SSRI for the past month, I'm wondering it that has anything to do with it, I'm unsure. Have any of you experienced dreams that are so vivid you can feel every single thing in it, despite those things not happening to you in real life? My last one involved me being split almost in two down the middle of my body, and it felt uncomfortable and painful and the two halfs would open as I walked and moved around. I also witnessed my boyfriend and my best friend in the same condition as well.

I don't know, I've always had them but the vivid detail and sense of pain I feel from them has been higher than normal.


File: 1483485751668-0.jpg (112.98 KB, 1000x995, pnNKx6bHTvw.jpg)

> I've been taking an SSRI for the past month
Maybe this is a reason. I feel pain in dreams sometimes too, but not so intensive. Once I've had taken a too much pills and couldn't fall asleep. And when I finally fell asleep, my dreams was realistic too, but they was, say, mixed with reality.


Yes, medications that act on serotonin will almost definitely have a strong effect on your dreams.

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