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Dream On!
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Pic Unrelated.

Basically we're each going to take a part of one of our dreams and mash it together into one big story. Ex: I'll take the landscape from one of my dreams and then the next person will take something from their dreams and that will be the next part of the story. If we wake up because of death, being scared, mind rape, ect. We start a new one.

Here we go.
"We wake up in a monochrome, steampunk world.
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This is a catch-all thread for miscellaneous dreams.

Drop your dreams that don't fit anywhere else in /yume/ here. They can be any type of dream about anything; lucid dreams, moody dreams, crazy dreams, fetish dreams, even trips/hallucinations, ANYTHING that doesn't need its own thread, post it here.

This way /yume/ won't be cluttered up with threads that never get responded to, and it'll be way easier and simpler for people to post their dreams since they won't have to start a new thread every single time; I want to hear more dreams from all of you and I encourage you to post them here no matter how short they are, and no matter how insignificant you think they are.
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File: 1707097865100.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1280, 1538032807179.png)

I had a dream two nights ago that I was running up this street back to my house. I was deathly afraid of something that was chasing me, but every time I turned around there was nothing there. Then I finally reached the street my home is on, I looked up the road, and everything was supremely dark except for the line of streetlights burning like orange stars and slightly illuminating the darkness, and I felt numb but at peace. It looked kind of like this picture, except everything was much darker.

File: 1631640454424.jpg (60.91 KB, 346x328, Bones_logo.jpg)


What's good music to generate a dream


You might have already heard it but it's pretty dream inducing i think



nice titles bad music


File: 1708338057033.png (398.55 KB, 859x1051, shithead.png)


k so.

this was fucking ages ago

but its one of the very few nightmares i rember.

so in this dream im playing some shitty hidden-object side scrolling flash game, with like a goofy hallowe'en theme. yknow, like pumpins and sheet ghosts and shit. and its running on a nasty old early 2000s lcd monitor. so the gay little bastard im controlling with my mouse collects 18/19 hallowe'en thingies, and i click at the edge of the screen. and suddenly, im on a screen that, in the dream, i've seen before, with two scarecrows made out of brown raster fabric, one of which is falling over on its rotten wood pole.

almost immediately after i load in the screen, though, the upright scarecrow starts flashing a myriad of different colours and fractals pegin to permeate its shitty clipart texture, stretching infinitely inwards to the point where the shitty lcd monitor shouldnt be able to display them but it does.

and the weirdest thing about it is? it gave me such an unimaginable sense of terror that i almost immediately woke up

pic is a shitty mockup but its close enough i guess

sorry if this posts sucks mad ass lol, im a newfag and have barely touched imageboards so dont really know the etiquette beyond whats listed in the rules please be nice

File: 1703409098929.jpg (82.7 KB, 850x850, __madotsuki_and_urotsuki_y….jpg)


Does anyone keep a physical diary for dreams? I usually write my dreams on my phone first thing when I wake up. But now I have this nice book and I wanna use that instead.

-Draw images of locations, maybe characters in dreams
-It's neat

-Can't revise so easy
-Someone can easily peer into your unstable psyche

What are your experiences with journaling? Any tips?


If the concept of drawing your dreams and it being neat appeals to you then just do that, the cons are all negatable/non-issues after you adapt. I think the slowness of writing compared to typing is beneficial in terms of actually remembering your dreams and also can be more easily turned into a routine or ritual if you will which would further strengthen your dream recollection.

File: 1597770683104.jpg (11.36 KB, 300x344, tumblr_pynvh1nZrI1y9ukm1o1….jpg)


anyone else have dreams of gory situations? i continually have dreams where my innards are spilling or I'm being shot to death in a school shooting, or chased by freakish monsters. no clue what the fuck this means but i was curious if anyone else here deals with this.
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File: 1654251173762.png (20.32 KB, 1152x648, necking.png)

I once had a dream where I sat in front of my television at my old summer house many states away, just in the middle of nowhere in front of a 1999 CRT TV by myself. I was scrolling through the 50 channels we had and came across a channel named "Necking Tutorial" (or something similar but it was called Necking) I clicked on it and a voice around me said they were going to show me what "Necking" is. I saw a man strapped to a machine (pic) It had long arms that would bend his limbs and flesh in inhuman ways, and it would keep injecting the man with a black tar so keep him concious and alive. No matter how he would struggle he could never die. It turned him into an arachnid-looking being and the next second he looked like an octopus. He felt every sliver of his pores and skin melting into each other. And yes his scream filled my room. I couldn't look away even if I tried and I was TERRIFIED. Yet couldn't wake up. It went on for seemingly forever and when I woke up I didn't sleep the next day


File: 1655932771700.jpeg (170.5 KB, 1280x720, 1563211741376.jpeg)

Recently I had a dream where I ended up killing my friends or known people in a living room near a kitchen using a knife, and everyone got awfully decapitated.

My dreams aren't prone to be gory, not even in fucked up situations, just uncanny or grotesque, not bloody or explicitly violent. The only instance of just a mildly bloody situation that I remember was in a dream where I got sucked up into Yume 2kki and I become Urotsuki, (in Zalgo's room, and wearing an AR-15 for some reason) and after breaking into a building (that wasn't there before), in someone's bedroom, blood was leaking from the bathroom.

From what you mention, for me those dreams are very uncommon in me, even the chasings by freakish monsters, that tended to be frequent in my childhood but not anymore since I got used to it long time ago and aren't scary now. The most gruesome dreams that I use to have are those ones where shapeshifters or dopplegangers of my close people endorses me to have sex with them, to then accept it and getting a bad time, where I discover how disgusting and sickening they feel to touch, weird things happends in the backrounds, and some mindbreaking scene will happend in the end (pic semi-related).


>>2667 i dream of objects rotting. not food or humans, but usually my favourite toys and plushes from childhood


File: 1703408255683.jpg (66.22 KB, 850x607, __dango_chan_original_draw….jpg)


I use to be interested in guro. violence, self-no-no and whatever. My dreams reflected this, in one I was at some sort of family event. I got a steak knife and slowly sawed through my arm. I remember taking great pleasure in seeing the detail in my arm, the bones, veins.

I could understand why I had a dream like that, but honestly it's still weird as hell

File: 1554570754643.png (785.5 KB, 997x1115, tumblr_ngln0jcOEC1qmf4zbo1….png)


Hey Uboachan, what's the best environment/conditions you have dreams in?

I usually find I can't have dreams if I'm not at home or if I've just read something before I've slept.
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File: 1595108944664.jpg (263.11 KB, 558x777, chill.jpg)

my dreams depend on time- if i fall asleep at a reasonable hour, i usually never have any dreams, and if i do, they're always very hazy. if i fall asleep at, like, 3:00 AM, i'm guaranteed to dream about something strange, and it always immediately leaves my head as soon as i wake up. there's a sweet spot where, at a certain hour, the locations of my dreams begin to recur, forming a sort of dream-world. these dreams are usually incredibly vivid. the human mind is fascinating!


I have noticed that the best way to have a dream (or even lucid dreams or OBEs) is to go to sleep and set an alarm after about ~3-4 hours. I think the reason why this works is that it's harder to remember your dreams if you are too tired but you still need to be somewhat tired. I have also heard that meditating regularly can increase the amount of dreams you remember.


I onetime spent like 4-5 hours in VR just exploring different worlds with my friend, and ended up going to sleep right after. My dream ended being the same thing but like x10. Everywhere felt like an environment in Yume Nikki. Only problem was I wasn't lucid dreaming so I didn't realize how cool it was.


Staying up 24+ hours used to give me long feeling or multiple dreams, but I noticed short naps give vivid ones too.
They both put you into REM mode apparently, so that makes sense.


File: 1696121342400.jpg (270.75 KB, 1400x1400, art-akiyoshi-kitaoka-06.jpg)

usually i have more frequent/interesting dreams when im away from home, in hotels or friends houses or w/e

File: 1626492500252.png (345.62 KB, 958x958, Hikiks.png)


What are some weird dreams you've had?

There was this one dream I had last month. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Kamala Harris were in an auditorium getting nothing but boos. The crowd starts throwing lots of shit at them. Face masks, Fauci merch, BLM shirts, and Joe hats go flying on to the stage. I even thought I saw a Fauci figurine hit Joe in the face. And then all of a sudden, I'm in my living room. The place looks like it was decorated by Saint Nicholas himself. The smell of gingerbread fills the house, and outside was an entire blanket of snow covering my neighborhood at night time.

Then there was this one when I was a child. I was relaxing on sunbed outside the old house I use to live when I was in Greenlawn (Long Island). And then a dog comes up and stars nibbling on my foot. He makes this noise, that kind of sounded like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSUCKAAAAAAAAAA". I start running away screaming. And then I wake up in my sister's bed (I use to be scared to sleep alone).

So are there any weird dream stories that any of you would like to share?
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File: 1645924564929.gif (643.99 KB, 320x240, FACE.gif)


File: 1645959566981.png (300.8 KB, 476x443, f.png)


You can't dream if you never sleep. Sleep is for loosers.


File: 1676645191235.jpg (119.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I had one where my flesh was being bitten of from my torso. The guy doing it wasn't saying anything, neither was I. I didn't like it in fact I wanted it to stop.

Then last night I had a dream of Silent Hill 3. In it Heather was in a Giraffe costume next to another one.


I dreamed that I was high or very drunk in my apartment. The only source of light was my computer screen. It was an intriguing almost delirious state. I can't remember ever feeling drugged in my dreams before. I stumbled around my place to the kitchen, where I tried to heat up a pot of milk on the stove, but every time it turned into water with egg shells sitting at the bottom.
After the third failed attempt I saw a bat flying around in my living room. Following it into the pitch black hallway, I opened the door to my bedroom. Blue moon light was pouring in as I struggled to pull the curtains to the side, so the bat could escape through the already opened window.
Then I noticed numerous bugs sitting in the folds. A green praying mantis caught my eye. Now examining my bedroom, there were even more on the floor, fighting with each other. I left the room to let them duke it out and squished the ones that managed to escape with me through the door. Disgusting!

File: 1462995413934.png (667.79 KB, 600x866, yume_nikki____flow__dream_….png)


Does anyone have any dreams they remember distinctly from their childhood?

OP had a dream where he traveled the world collecting really messed up and scary versions of Pokemon.
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The most common method for remembering your dreams is keeping a dream diary. Recalling and writing everything down as soon as you wake up helps train your brain to hold onto the memories. You could also use something like a voice recorder if you are slow at writing, or a keyboard.


dream diary

yume nikki


Yes the irony of the question was not lost on me either.



Where did you find this image


When I was 8 I had a dream where I went to school, but there was nobody, and as I was exiting my classroom, an anthropomorphic cow was in front of me, it grabbed me and said something about how this was fated to happen, and started eating me alive… though I woke up at that moment. Later the same night, I had a dream where I was in some sort of circus and my classmate was performing something… and by my side was a pile of game CDs/DVDs that belonged to him.

File: 1672430981071.jpg (24.29 KB, 300x225, proxy-image.jpg)


there is something about the red king that resembles the structure of a nightmare the same indistinct loud sound is something I've experienced in nightmares before waking up and the image itself looks something like what I see in a nightmare before waking up some figure enveloped in static. this is something beyond the mere imagination of man and more something that is an integral part of the dream function of the brain itself. That is why I like yume nikki. It's not imaginative it's merely a reflection of the human mind and it's working as mysterious as it may seem to ourselves.

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