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Dream On!
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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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Just last night I revisited the same place twice for the first time. I was walking around in a very dark place, I think I could see pillars and ruined buildings around me, but not much else, when it suddenly opened up to a shallow marsh underneath a moonlit sky that I had seen only a couple of nights before.

I've always wanted a place like YN's Nexus, though. There are dream characters that I've had some painful goodbyes with who I'd like to see again. By now I've probably forgotten most of them, as this was long before I started keeping a journal. I'm hopeless at dream incubation though, my dreams are just so random.

Do you guys have persistent realms? Places you like to go back to? If so, how do you do it?


My house. Because I live in it.


File: 1520222268915.png (24.45 KB, 650x450, E0AE2199-E558-4A3B-B51A-9E….png)

I keep going back to this hilly landscape dream. You can read about it at >>2517 . I don’t think it’s a dream hub for me, despit how frequent it is, but if i can somehow control myself while imside, I might just be able to find something.


FUCK, so many typos. keyboard a shit, phonefagging at the moment. G-g-g—GOMENASAI!


So even when lucid, you have no control over your body? Though if you manage to move around more freely, I’d try talking to someone, as DCs can sometimes have interesting or meaningful things to say about a dream.


Well, it’s moreso I can move freely, but my movementsstill speed up against my will. Attempting to negate the effect by dream abilities just flat out doesn’t work. It always ends with me jumping too high and falling to the ground.


I've found that sleeping after you've woken up (and possibly repeating this process) can lead to you being in the same place.
Just last night I dreamed of a small, cobble-stone paved town in which I went down a manhole into a large underground lake. In the middle of the lake was a ladder leading down further to a sort of wild-west town. I woke up, went back to sleep, and I was back in the cobblestone-paved town, except I decided to enter a restaurant. From there I went up a staircase and found two girls standing motionless in a dark room who, aside from having discolorations, looked a lot like me.


I have many recurring dream locations. Most common is my school dreams though. My dreams don't work in the way Mado's do with the nexus, but I usually end up in a random place once I fall asleep. The places I "wake up" in always consistently lead to other places though. There's a school buildings that I find myself in sometimes with a few sub-locations.

The school's lower level is constantly flooded to varying degrees cause of the unending rain outside. It pours out the front and through the staircases, but students walk and swim through it like it's normal. There's a few classrooms and cafeterias, and vending machines are all over the place. On the second or third floor, which is dry, occasionally there's a big set of hallways, though it's really more like a big room with little rooms in it, cause all the classrooms have glass walls. Other times, it's a hallway leading to a little alcove with chairs so you can look outside.

If you don't walk down the hall and just keep taking the staircases up and up, they never end. There's just more hallways and staircases. Usually the doors lead to nowhere. Like, sometimes I open a door and it's just a straight fall down to the ground, but sometimes there's platforms along the outside of the building connecting to more stairways. No handrails though. Once you get high enough off the ground, you can see clouds, and it gets hard to see the ground.

Once I leave the school after the bell rings, one of a few things happen.
a: I find myself on the school bus, which always leaves me stranded at a specific gas station.
b: I find myself outside of a futuristic apartment building.
or c: I can walk freely out of the school and explore, without unwillingly ending up anywhere. This doesn't usually happen, but sometimes I get lucky.

When my brain goes to option c, there's consistently a bus stop a block away from the school, which takes me down one of a few different neighborhood routes, and sometimes to this restaurant near a bridge. It's like a knockoff dream version of Olive Garden. Sometimes in the dream, my ride never shows up or I miss the bus, and end up stuck there at night. The street lanterns light up in an orange glow after the sun sets and nature spirits come out of the trees. It's always raining at night, so the streets and the river both reflect the lights and the spirits' glow. When that happens, I feel fine with being lost and stranded.

There's more but I'm gonna stop there. I feel like this is getting ramble-y and my meds are making it hard to think straight. Sorry for the long post, hope it was what you were asking about.


>knockoff dream version of the Olive Garden
That sounds like a nightmare.



I’d like to visit someplace like that. It seems very surreal, while my dreams are usually very ordinary and reflect my own experiences and emotions. My dreams that are more distant from waking life feel more childlike, but in a good way.

I’m curious to what you learn in lecture in that school. You seem lucid enough, is it anything coherent?

As the OP, I was looking for a way to make my own. There’s no place I can really call home in my dreams. I found your story very interesting, though. I’ve valued dreams long before I knew about Yume Nikki and would be happy to hear more from you if you’d like to share.


File: 1523740928954.jpg (114.34 KB, 1280x579, school.JPG)

Not as bad as it sounds, but to be fair it usually turns into a nightmare about being lost

Who knows, maybe it'll happen eventually. My dreams always used to be related to my waking life when I was younger, but they've become kind of their own little world now.

In the dreams I'm usually wandering the halls instead of attending any classes, but I can remember some things about the classrooms. Some of them have basic kindergarten/preschool level stuff, like posters of the alphabet & numbers up on the walls (which is strange, considering it's definitely not an elementary school). Most just have diagrams, stickmen and such. Nothing coherent that I can remember.

Also, here's a picture of my old school, to give yall sort of an idea of what the one I dream about is like. The one in my dreams is based off the real building, but way, way taller, and darker in color. Like if the one in the picture just extended endlessly into the sky. I guess it's kind of how I always viewed the school, grim and intimidating.

Gonna add one more thing I forgot last time, which is the auditorium. It's always been one of my favorite parts of the dream. Sometimes a staircase will take me to this certain hallway. It has big arched windows at the end showing a red sky. The hall itself is made of dark reddish-brown bricks, with a carpet going down the middle that's the same color as the sky. Towards the center of the hall, there's 2 doorways: one leading to a room that always has a book fair going on inside of it, and the other leading to the auditorium. It's more of a giant opera-style concert hall than an auditorium, really. Same dark bricks as the outside of it, with red carpeting and seats. It's got cream colored paneling on the walls. It's kind of like stripes, going back and forth between brick and paneling. The room itself is a large square, with one of the sides having a stage, and the other sides having ground level and overhanging seating areas. I don't know if I'm describing it good, but it's so pretty. I love going there.


Holy shit, that looks like a castle.
>5.2% White
>5.3% African American
>86.3% Latino
>2.0% Native American
>1.3% Asian
What the fuck. Are you Latino?


That's funny, I often dream about school as well.

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