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>that feel when you fall in love in a dream

That's like the most fucked up thing this world can throw at you. Has it ever happened to you?

That happened to me a few months ago; I dreamt that I met this amazing guy and we started dating and fell in love and towards the end of my dream we fucked and I fell asleep in his arms sigh and it was amazing.

And then I woke up alone and cold and realized it was a dream and I actually felt so awful and ached like I was heart broken. I felt like I had actually lost someone who meant so much to me and it was the worst feeling in the world and I just wanted to go back to sleep and be with him again although he didn't actually exist.


File: 1330864683693.jpg (15.93 KB, 400x250, tumblr_lambvnDSiz1qaxj3no1….jpg)

Yeah, it's happened once to me; quite recently too.
I just use it as motivation to find that person for real.
I'm a real sucker for adventure.

In my search for an appropriate picture, I actually found a post on someone's blog that's close fitting to my mentality on this dream I had.
The main part for me is:

"''And now my mind is telling me that you're not real? You must be real. Maybe you're in disguise, but I will believe that you exist until I find you. And I will find you. I know I will! That is what keeping me going.
'Cause I'm not fine. And with you, I didn't have to pretend that I was.''"

It's not exactly how I feel, but close enough.


I know that feel. I had a dream that I fell in love with a ghost. He had black hair and blue eyes and died way back in like 1900. He didn't know that he was dead, so I had to help him understand and move on. We kissed right before he went to heaven. I woke up crying ;_;


Oh god, that feel. I fell in love with a beautiful redheaded girl (even though I'm straight IRL). She had a nice, small house and I spent a long time talking with her. Her kisses were so soft and she was pretty much perfect. When I woke up and realized it was a dream I felt really… empty.

I miss her so much.


Yeah, that happened to me. There was this super cute bartender that I embarassed myself in front of after committing a bunch of crimes whilst uncharacteristically drunk.

She disappeared the following day and I kept looking for her to apologise (though she thought me falling onto the floor and trying to crawl away from the bar was cute) but never saw her again; only her sister.

Eventually, depressed from having everyone in my family disown me and being the laughing stock of the whole town, I committed suicide by hanging myself against a doorknob.


I fell in love with a Russian spy after he tried to kill me in a closet.

Oh and some Swedish guy on a train in one of my dreams too


I fall in love in dreams a lot. The feeling carries through after I wake up.


a lot of femanons on this board, huh? that or just in this thread.


I always end up killing people I love in dream, or they end up dying. Love in my dreams isn't normal love so to speak, there's absolutely no communication and neither of us ever speak to one another. We just share good times together.


I had a dream I went on a date with a video game character, but never met someone who I would legit fall in love with and stuff.


Once that happened to me, yeah.
My dream characters almost never recur, so the likelihood of seeing her again is pretty slim I think.

I'm also a girl and now I'm really confused/questioning my sexuality because of that dream. Is that dumb…?


I never really fell in love in a dream. I saw an ex I used to love in one.
However, I did have a dream where I was a chick and I had sex with some guy. I had nice boobs.


File: 1334487629453.jpg (95.66 KB, 960x720, Mashamyre.jpg)

i know these feels.

i've been having alot of them lately, only involving another person on another chan.

and then it could also be about another girl from this chatroom.

it feels wierd man, idk how to handle it


You still look at sexuality as "absolutely gay or absolutely straight". It's more complicated than that and most people don't want to admit it/can't accept it. Don't torture yourself for having particular things you enjoy about either or both sexes. It's as normal as sexuality itself.


I saw you tonight - we spent a good time together. You told me about your karate teacher and something about nuclear war. I woke up, and this thread appears. If you feel the same, and you are a not tall girl with dark hair, answer. I miss you and feel sad.


I had 3 or 4 dreams of this kind… but the one who left me the most scarred was about a girl with dark and short hair, with the features of a 15-year-old.
The first time we met was in her family's hotel. I got the feeling that we met when we were younger but I couldn't recognize her. She could, and kissed me a lot because she was really happy to see me. Her kisses were so warm… I was looking forward to do it again and I was just waiting for a chance.
The night we met, she was already in her bedroom, so I went to see her, but a gun was connected to the door with a string, I fell in the trap and killed her while I was trying to go in.
I cried through the whole dream and woke up in dispair.

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