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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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Felt like making a thread since I didn't notice one about this particular subject.

Does anyone else just… not have memorable dreams? I haven't had notable dream for about ten years. I have a book beside where I sleep to try to record anything I remember, but when I wake up it's usually nothingness. When I was ten or so I remember dreaming about falling out the window with a pumkpin head and ending up on the floor, and also having random nightmares after playing some PS1 Casper game, but after that I don't think I've ever really 'dreamt'.

At most, I can only remember dreaming about doing trivial, mundane things that I always do.

I do usually just sit in bed for a few hours and just think up stuff, like story ideas, that's always fun. But even when I do that, my imagination… it's like, I can't picture anything, it's all in words and descriptions in my head.

So yeaahhh. Anyone else feeling left out about lack of good dreams? Or would any dreamers happen to have any advice at having interesting dreams and remembering them?

Also picture unrelated I suppose.


I personally have had very few memorable dreams. In fact, only two really stand out. One is a nightmare about cobras (FUCKING HATE SNAKES!!!!!) and another was about a kindergarten on the edge of a great magical forest. I went to play hide 'n seek in the forest and got lost. The next day, I met the fairy of the forest and got her wish-granting feathers. When I got back to the school, I found out I got an adventure to be in.

It was such a vivid, such a real dream, I think I might have spent all my 'dream points' on it! Ha ha hee hee hoo.


I've found that my dreams are more memorable if I sleep in. Or when I sleep on a regular schedule.

When I go to bed completely dead tired or if I stay up extremely late / all nighters / etc. I remember nothing.


Haven't really remembered any dreams for years. There's a tatic I've been using that's used for lucid dreaming, but it seems to work just to get me to remember dreams. You basically lie straight on your back with you arms to your side (not straight…. just… to your sides) and close your eyes, but you can't move or rub your nose or anything. ((After this you would usually fall into sleep paralysis and you could open your eyes and close them to lucid dream… but you kind of need to have it all on your mind so you actually remember to open your eyes)) But if you don't do the sleep paralysis crap, you can usually remmebr a dream long enough to write it down.


i keep waking up and thinking "wow that dream was really intense" right before forgetting it. i guess my dreams are intense but not intense enough to bother remembering or something?


To say my dreams are mundane is an overstatement. I had a particularly lucid set of false awakenings last night, yet they all amounted to mindless wandering in suddenly changing surroundings crafted from boring memories. I was aware I was dreaming through each episode, yet unable to think of the situation critically, or appreciate it. Every time I sit up to write my DJ, I feel I should have done so much more. So much so that occasionally I don't even bother writing despite having the memory fresh in my head.

The amount of lucids I've been having has increased exponentially since I started using the nose-plug reality check, but emotionally engaging, profound dreams are few and far in between.


I can only remember around 4 whole dreams, and other than that, it's just small portions of dreams. Even then, it's not too many of those either.



Nose-plug reality check?


Close your mouth and hold your nose. If you either

-don't pass out/let go and gasp for air


-are still able to breathe through your nose

you're dreaming.


Yep, plug nose, breathe in. It's a dead simple and almost impossible to fail considering that your breathing is tied to your actual physiology.



Neat. I've been trying other techniques and they haven't worked that much at all so I'll have to try that. Thanks.


I understand. I have a Tumblr blog-ish thing for keeping track of all of the dreams I've had, and I'm really having trouble remembering things to write.

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