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So I vaguely recall having a thread dedicated to my dreams back in the day, and since it seems to have fallen off the board during the time where none of my dreams were interesting enough to write down I guess I'll just start up a new one. My dreams are getting too strange and uncomfortable not to write down.

Last night's dream was particularly uncomfortable in that for some reason, as I was spending time with my father and sister, someone mistook me for his wife. We'd been spending the day at a fair of some sorts, and decided to get something to eat. The restaurant seemed normal enough, though I had a moment where I suddenly recalled several other restaurant/shops that had appeared throughout my other dreams in a way that almost felt like I ran through all of them like old movie frames. Coming back to the restaurant, my dad and I moved up to the front of the line, where they seemed to sell all sorts of regular foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs, but with strange dream like twists to them (i.e. a few of the hot dogs had what looked like toothpaste on them, one of the burgers was pink, etc.). The dessert case, however, was totally normal. They had a cake fashioned in the same was as a cinnamon bun, with what I presumed to be a chocolate icing on it. My dad started joking about getting it with me and we both laughed so loudly it woke up my sister, who for some reason was in a stroller despite being older than me. Apparently she'd suddenly developed this rare disease where she started aging backwards, leaving us to take care of her as though she were a baby.

After getting our food and sitting down, I noticed we were rather cramped and began to look around the room for a better place to sit. It was then that I realized that the restaurant had been built in what looked like an old high school classroom, with a bunch of oddly shaped booths cramped into the corner. A rather stereotypical American woman leaned over with a red face and started shouting and calling us "incestuous bastards", in a thick southern accent. My dad and I were understandably confused, and my sister started wailing again at the loud noises. Suddenly the entire room warped and stretched around us, turning into what looked like my old elementary school's gym after the apocalypse. I stood up to leave, but suddenly a group of dancers filed into the middle of the gym, dressed in rags and spinning their partners around to a horribly off beat song. My dad turned and screamed at me, telling me that "maybe this wouldn't happen if I didn't wear those skimpy dresses" as if we'd been accused like this before. When I looked down to examine what I thought would be a cream colored tank top and shorts, I found instead a bright pink, almost foam like caricature of a dress. It barely went down to my thighs, which were clad in fishnets and looked eerily doll like. Upon my head was a blond wig and about a pound of makeup. As I went to scream I suddenly woke up, leaving me with a terribly disorienting case of exploding head syndrome.

Christ, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to be awake. I hate dysphoria inducing dreams.


File: 1406102442133.jpg (166 KB, 600x709, 25238924_p15.jpg)

Kind of a tiny dream update. For some reason I have a reoccurring dream in which I'm at some kind of strip mall/shopping mall type area and it's always hectic, distorted and stressful until I get to a certain store - typically one I would visit in real life, such as an old thrift store, or one of those really dumb hipster places like Urban Outfitters just for the sake of morbid curiosity. It's starting to resemble the mall area from Yume Nikki, in fact. The walls and general structure of the malls have become gradually more abstract, as well as the denizens of said mall. I can't recall a single distinct face from any of the select mall dreams besides whoever I was with (i.e. my sister, my dad, my mom). Whenever I interact with a dream denizen in the mall, they end up in a hostile (or what could be perceived as hostile) state, complete with hissing and garbled speech. There's always some sort of dream 'enemy' turned docile in the form of a courtesy clerk, manager, or other employee. I usually find something of importance in the one calming shop, although since no dream of mine is part of a linear series I wouldn't call it an effect. Last time it was some sort of toothbrush that my sister got me.

I dunno if anyone even reads this thread or if any of what I'm saying even makes sense. I guess I'm just writing this down for the sake of remembering this theme in future dreams.


File: 1406415258614.png (215.67 KB, 800x705, 1357113091111.png)

I saved another, longer dream on my notepad when I woke up and need to edit it a bit, but in the meantime
>fell back asleep momentarily in the morning
>immediately went into REM sleep
>dream a short dream in which I am a cis man with a well paying job taking a walk on my day off
>slip and fall backwards
>wake up with exploding head syndrome
God fucking dammit, even my dreams hate me.


And now I feel shitty. You're way too easy for me to sympathize with, good lord.
Ever get the longer dream-log edited?


File: 1409368386166.jpg (175.79 KB, 600x802, 25238924_p16.jpg)

Wow, I need to get back on this shit. Anyways, slightly happier/sillier dreams lately, after a horrific bout of lucid nightmares when I was going through my medication withdrawal. I say "lucid nightmares" because while I could, to some extent, control the dream, they were highly unpleasant and I had much more limited control of what went on in them. My controls over my lucid dreams are pretty clunky and loose in general; I can stop and start major events that would end the dream/start a new set of them (I have a tendency to have multiple false awakenings in a row), but minor or moderate changes like trying to summon a certain character or setting is out of my grasp. I find that lucid dreams tend to be a little exhausting for me since I get repeated, vivid feelings of head trauma during the beginnings and ends of the dreams (sort of like exploding head syndrome, only more drawn out) and they all sort of follow one after the other in rapid fire succession. They're all very distinctly different dreams, although they may have the same content - in this case, it was getting stuffed into an animatronic walking animal suit…repeatedly. But after getting back on my antidepressants, they've started to improve. For example, a short, kind of dumb dream a couple nights ago:

>relaxing on the computer

>find out there's this sjw going around confronting people who watch/like anime in real life
>suddenly my wall is broken down the force of a thousand times folded glorious nippon steel
>calmly stand up
>go to fridge
>take out this bowl of fluffy green frosting i'd apparently been saving
>do some kind of magical girl fancy footwork and whip a chunk of frosting at them
>the whole thing sort of expands and morphs into what looks like a sheet of frosting and attacks them
>in an instant they fall on their back as the frosting continues to pile onto them
>suddenly they turn into this gigantic sheet cake
>it's got some kind of ice cream mochi filling too
>casually take out pastry bag of brown frosting
>start doodling japanese emoji all over the top of it
That'd be a pretty cool meguca superpower.


Unfortunately, no. I think I forgot about it. Been a little scatterbrained lately, so I'm going to try leaving a physical dream diary by my bed. I've always been shitty with physical writing which is why I never bothered, but I think at this rate it'll help a lot more. Plus, I have this nice little diary I never got around to using. If all else fails, I can just doodle what I remember. I like doodling.
>polite sage

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