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Last night I had my first "loose tooth dream". In the dream, I was walking around a very dark shopping plaza that I didn't really recognize. I was just aimlessly walking around the parking lot, looking at the stores; all of the stores had completely black windows that I couldn't see through, and there wasn't any sort of entrance to any of them. The roofs to the plazas stores were all connected as a normal plaza would, but it was dark purple with each store having strange red text above them that I couldn't read. It didn't look like any sort of language I've ever seen before. The sky was pitch black, and everything outside of the plaza seemed very dark; I could tell there was something out there, but I couldn't tell what. Anyways, as I was walking around, I noticed one of my teeth was very loose; I fiddled with it with my tongue, as I would in real life, to see how stable it was. Then it just fell out; the tooth wasn't white, as they are in real life, but it was a light beige with dark, dirty spots that contrasted greatly with how dark everything else in the dream was. Then, more teeth started falling out; however, I still kept all of my teeth (minus the first one that fell out); it just looked like teeth kept falling out of my mouth. I picked up as many as I could and just started running as far away from the plaza as I could for some reason that I can't really remember; then I just woke up really suddenly.

I'm pretty much certain that this dream is about how stressful I've been lately about certain things that have been going on in my life recently, like my sister becoming mentally unstable and being unsure if she'll ever be "normal" again, being on the verge of diabetes and having to do a complete u-turn with my health, and not to mention the instability of me actually being able to get a job in what I want to do, which is game design/creation, which is about the most popular job on the fucking planet, and the fact that I have pretty much no skill in anything other than designing things.

I know this is kinda long and stupid, but I just feel like I need to share this with people because this is the first time in my life when a dream of mine actually has to do with something going on in the waking world as opposed to being about video games or random garbage that my brain tossed together for no reason.

Thanks for reading.


I never understood the loose teeth thing, and why its so common. I've never had one though.


Me and my partner both have dreams often about loose teeth or lost teeth. It's very common, I have no idea why.


"According to recent studies in dream interpretation, dreams about losing your teeth are common indicators of anxiety and sometimes depressive states. Dreams about losing teeth also tend to point to feelings of helplessness and lack of control over one’s life circumstances.

In “The Loss of Teeth in Dreams: An Empirical Investigation” (in Psychological Reports), the analyst compares the personality profile of people who have recurring dreams about losing teeth with some who have recurring dreams about flying. The article states that people who are dreaming often of losing teeth “are significantly more anxious and depressed, had lower ego strength, were less satisfied with their lives (…).”"

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