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Where did this whole “YN Syndrome” come from? I am currently trying as hard as I can to achieve my first lucid dream in more than 15 years. I have a world already created from scratch named Lucia with nearly the same eccentricity, density and gravity, an erratic weather system, three continents under a super continent, overpopulated by the trillions, and it does have a chaser population just to the northwest beyond the desert near the poles. Lucia is located in the constellation Cancer orbiting a yellow normal star. I tried my very best of my abilities, but needed advice. My goals: Explore all three continents 100%, unite all of our YN protagonists only so I can form a big enough army in preparation to take out the chasers populated from the northwest, and finally, stop global corruption using whatever we have with discretion while at the same time conquering my own fears. The planet I am going to may look like this, both from space and on land as a quick glimpse preview.


Please explain.


Good morning anon, it's time to wake up.


I'm not sure we have any users here who are quite that advanced at lucid dreaming. Designing an internal dream world and being able to visit it consistently sounds like years of work. It's not impossible though. I'd start by meditating every day to improve your internal focus, and keeping a dream journal until you can gain some control. These should be done consistently. You could also use lucidity-inducing herbs like valerian root, mugwort, or calea zacatechichi to help you out, but they'll lose their potency if used too often.

I have also been trying to increase my rate of lucid dreaming but I'm lightyears away from an ambitious experiment like the one you're suggesting. You should go check out some forums that focus on lucid dreaming, or maybe even ask somewhere way more exotic like the DKMU facebook group.


I am thankful for your support, but I do not take drugs, supplements, or plants for that matter. Just recently, I uncovered a dream sign in my head whilst visualizing in my sleep last night and a short flashback to the past that I was hunted down by chasers of various species when I was little. The dream sign was a red biohazard and says that I have Yume Nikki syndrome from the monsters. After that, I was unable to dream until this very day that I decided it is time for me to simulate what they will do using Plague Inc: Evolved in reality to see how serious they are. A chaser means someone or something that pursues you in your dreams. In regards to Lucia itself, present-day 2017 would mean it takes place in 2217, whereas when I was little, it took place around the start of the 23rd century. Therefore, they got technology that could swipe me clean off or read my mind milliseconds before I would have time to react, predating the kind of movies in theaters released back in the 2010’s.

Most of the population at that time acted friendly, but they only offer help only under great duress. They looked like wearing various future clothing and are beyond our current plastic surgery modeling computers tenfold. My duration of that stay was barely 15 minutes long: walking into the city and be mesmerized at the layout, followed by a sudden siege of said city by Chasers, and nearly impaled straight up from the spine that left a real scar on me when I woke up. They offer me a chance in the future to lead the whole population and council to fight against them by demanding I lose the power to dream by any conventional means for 15 years. I reluctantly accepted, they lift the siege and vanished, the last moment I get to see is myself dying on the ground outside the city walls surrounded by a lot of helpful characters of both genders predating 2000-2010’s anime we get to see later sobbing and holding on to me. Such a wonderful vivid dream for a little child like myself, and then taken away from me.

Now, the people of Lucia are calling me back through my subconscious, so this means I am ready to head back and wipe out every single Chaser there to ensure every protagonist of the Yume Nikki universe is saved. I expect a long, bloody war between Lucians and Chasers for control of our Soul Towers, structures that are typical for defense, but it stores magical energy any character can possess. Losing just one puts a huge dent in Lucia’s ability to conquer negative energies and creatures we all face in our own dreams.
I cannot respond too quickly to what is happening, but man… the nightmares we are getting since Madotsuki's dreams is gripping this world like a plague, I hope someone gets a chance to simulate this with Plague Inc: Evolved, starting in the very place where she started exploring her dreams.


YN Syndrome is not new, to put it briefly, it means “extreme social withdrawal”, isolation from society for more than six months. It began in Japan, but over the years, it spreads very slowly everywhere, only lethal voluntarily by common sense errors we make (no spoilers intended), and involuntarily through extreme rare cases like sudden unexpected death in sleep for few people. It is a behavioral syndrome, so it operates in a similar manner to how people are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, polio, and those with Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

There is no actual need of a cure, it can be treated by changes in lifestyle to suit sleep better, is 100% avoidable, and can be contracted more than once in a lifetime. It is caused by not being successful in life, having too many hobbies to go around that requires being indoors, or failing to get to sleep on time every day, even on weekends. This can be simulated like a Virus on Plague Inc: Evolved, but it must start in Japan and must start with a set date on the system to 24/6/2004, because the game reads in day/month/year format. I would like to see it played by someone as a request at any later time.


you people talking about hikikomori? just call it "hikikomori" then!




It sounds more like OP has a fantasy world he's created, not so much like a "Dreamscape." It sounds like his planet has rules and a narrative, rather than being entirely disjointed and impossible as YN is.


ily. i have almost the same place i used to go wen i sleep until i realized that we are always sleeping. now i dont dream at all anymore

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