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I've traveled many a url and I believe I have finally reached my destination to write down all my Touhou dreams that I have accumulated over the past year and a half. Dreams had been censored on /jp/ so this seems to be the most appropriate place to wright. I currently have 53 dreams to wright down during the creation of this thread, but I do expect and hope to have many more to jot down here. Feel free to ask questions, discuss these dreams, or wright down your own dreams involving Touhous in this thread.

I shall begin next post.


1: My first Touhou dream. Cirno and I started "wrestling" and she eventually became a dominatrix.

2:During a FPS adventure, I remember entering a building and saw some sort of new Touhou game on a screen on a wall,, it had a 3dcg Marisa who took up most of the screen.

3:I remember controlling a 3D Sanae using an Xbox360 controller. You had to hold up and X to make her run up walls. She had the ability to jump on the enemy's head to defeat them.

4: During the end of another FPS adventure, I remember seeing Touhou characters appearing as holograms. The only one I really remember was Kanako and her full chest.


5: Yuuka kissing me.

6: Reimu had a home in a large city, and I went to visit her. You had to sing the "Niko Miko Reimu" song for her to open the door, but I figured out that she wasn't there because there was a note near the door that said that she was at the market. I then walked over to Marisa's shed, which was right next to Reimu's home. I remember seeing a Yukkuri Marisa rolling around.

7: During yet another FPS adventure, as I was trying to get inside a restaurant to escape from someone shooting me, Remilia came out of the entrance and blocked me from going in for a moment.

Later on in the same dream, I was running down a street, and there were fairies, and a weird Yuuka doll standing up on the corners of streets. I remember one of the dolls meant death.

8:During a weird dream, I remember a picture of Cirno flashing in front of me when a boxing match was about to start.

9: There was a Futa Suwako who was raping Sanae.

10: There was an energy drink that made Cirno powerful. Sunnymilk, Lunachild and Starsaphire went to drink it, but I drank the rest of it before they could.

11: there was a radio made out of fans and copper wire. Sanae had something to do with it, but I can't remember what.


12: While I was driving in a city, I notice a fast food restaurant called "Alice and Margatroid's" I stopped there and ordered something.

13: Something to do with Sanae, I don't quite remember.

14: Something to do with Kanako, I remember her making croissants like in that one picture.

15:I remember playing Touhou with Reimu with the needles from Mountain of faith, but it had super improved graphics and instead of enemy fairies, there were robots.


First half of 16:

During a weird dream, I was Batman for a moment, and I was helping Robin out of a red crate in the sky, but the the "Camera angle" moved slightly, and I could see Yuuka climbing on the crate. Batman then put Robin back inside the crate and threw it down to the ground as fast as he could, in an effort to save Robin. When the crate hit the ground, Robin turned into a rubber fish, which I picked up and filled with water at a nearby stream. Apparently, that made too much noise, because Yuuka came down and snapped Hercules's neck (the one from the Disney movie.), which caused it to "reset" back to where I was filling the fish up with water. I then tried to do it more quietly, and when nothing happened when I filled it up, I squirted Yuuka while she was in the air with the water.


Second half of 16:

It then turned into this weird game where Yuuka and I were facing odd against each other from on the ledges of my shower in my bathroom, but the shower was about five miles wide. I remember it had something to do with easy buttons on the side of the wall, and there was attack and defense points. Initially, she had way more attack and defense than me, but neither of us attacked for a while. Yuuka then attacked and killed Batman, and I began to panic. I began to search all along the walls of my bathroom to see if I could spot her, and for some reason, while Yuuka was on the walls, I thought she was supposed to look like a golden, glowing scarab. She eventually appeared behind me, and asked how I had become more powerful than her. She then struck at me with something, and didn't do any physical damage, but once she hit me, she checked these weird consoles that were inside my bathroom. She then said that this "wasn't right.", and that she was going to kill me. With that, she started smashing all the consoles and easy buttons. For some reason, I even started helping her. When the last easy button came around, she was right in front of it, and I felt ready to die. However, she said that it would be nice to rule over Hercules and Greece (I had become Hercules) so she came to a screen that looked like it was from the Hearts of Iron "do you wish to make an alliance" scree, that had a picture of some mountains on it. When she hit "accept"m her request was denied, she then turned around and starting walking towards me, then the dream ended.


17: During a weird dream where I was 007, I remember Chen and Ran talking to each other, and that Chen had to be picked up by her parents at 12 in the morning. They then began to talk about asking Yukari to gap more time for them to play.

18:During a weird dream where I was flying a jet plane and shooting down other planes, I remember landing and going inside some sort of prison that was very dirty. Inside this prison, I noticed something pink in the corner, so I moved my "mouse cursor" over to it and clicked on it, and it turned out to be Tewi who was tied up with metal chains, and my clicking freed her. She said "Thank you" to me, and walked away. When I turned to check out the place more, I found Kogasa tied up in a chair. I went over to her, and she looked up at me. She then began to tell me, in a Russian female accent, how somebody had given all the other Kogasas in the world a liquid in a jar that was half their body weight, and how it killed them all. Sanae then came in and freed her from her bindings and then, in a weird cutscene, Sanae performed a "miracle", and Kogasa's face and dress became clean. Then, she used her power on herself and changed her face into that of a late twenty year-old woman. She then used her power on Kogasa again, and her face turned into that of a 60 year old man, with a multi-coloured beard. After that, they walked out of the prison together.


19: During a dream where I was a spy, I remember that someone was holding a poster that had Sanae and the Moriya Shrine on it. It looked like it was drawn by a 6 year old child.

20:I remember being at an outdoor shop and saw a Touhou magazine with Momiji on it.

21:During a weird dream, I remember there was a game where you couldn't let Alice touch you for some reason. She chased me, and I ran from her. She eventually caught me, and I began to walk with her,trying to hold her hand, which was cold, shaking, and deathly pale. It was like she was trying to feel up my hand.

22:There was this weird game with Reimu, in which you had to dodge bullets while simultaneously having to jump up and latch onto these plants with her sparkly whip-rope in a cave. I controlled her with an xbox 360 controller.


23: Another weird dream that had to do with something about getting "Master Sparked."

24:Kogasa and Mokou. Kogasa was holding up a sign that had the letters "mhigbe" and I kept thinking that it said "Masturbate". Mokou was wearing Kogasa's clothing, but it was grey and white.

25:I remember somebody was shooting up those normal enemy dolls during a weird fps adventure. Also, Sanae was there.

26: Something about 12.3 and using Reimu to graze stuff.


27: Alice was in my dream, and someone with a strange accent said that she had done a great feet, being a seven-coloured puppeteer.

28: I remember going to a hotel, and for some reason, my clothes changed into Yukari's clothes and someone asked me, "Since when did you change into Yukari's clothes?"

29: At the very end of my dream, there was a little chibi Yukari.

30: Someone in an English accent announced, "And now the softest character in World of Tanks has been introduced; Youmu Konpaku." I then saw a king tiger from Company of Heroes.


31: During a weird horror dream that was a mixture of The Thing and Silent Hill, I remember running away from my house, and aliens that has taken the form of Touhous were chasing me in the night. For some reason, I stopped, and they caught up to me. They soon surrounded me and said "Now is the time for the last Touhou to die." I then remember seeing pictures of different Touhous in a picture book. Then, the dream ended.

32: I remember something about someone who wanted to sway Youmu, who was apparently a Lunarian, and he first had to get her to like him, then he had to get her to eat these leaves on a stick that Kaguya had given to him. Also, I remember China had opened a Spanish restaurant, and whenever she came close or was doing a back flip, she lagged the "game".

33:During a weird dream in which I was running away from dinosaurs in a building, I remember having to play a boss in Touhou in order to unlock a door and continue moving. I remember playing Mystia, and I had to defeat the Scarlet Devil Mansion, starting with Remilia.


34: Something about Sanae drinking "LXD"

35: A weird dream that had Reimu, Remilia, Sakuya, and a Yukurri Koakuma. At the end, they were dancing to some song I didn't know.

36: In a dream where I was an Imperial scout trooper with a sniper rifle, I remember Yuuka appearing in an extremely bright light, and she had a very large chest.


37: I had to throw knives at Kaguya to do damage to her, and for some reason, she kept changing into Mokou

38: Something to do with Chen. I remember it being a long story, but I have forgotten most of it as I wright this into my diary.

39: In some weird, post apocalyptic world, I was going to be a part of a musical performance, but I forgot my reeds on my clarinet, so I packed up and went to sit in the audience that was to the side of where the orchestra was performing, and on the seats there was the names of who was going to sit there. I noticed that one of them said "Kogasa Tatara" and I saw her going to her seat, and she looked somewhat scared and shy. Before I could make my way over to sit next to her, she has already walked over to another row of seats and sat in a row with other people. I made my way over to her and found a seat next to her, but I was unable to sit down for some reason. That's all I can remember.


40: In another post apocalyptic world, I remember seeing Letty in a seat inside a place for "passengers" inside of a very large battleship.

41: In yet another post apocalyptic world, I was inside of a house looking for a place to sleep, I remember seeing Remilia while I was walking in to another room, feasting on a loli. It was very bloody.

42: In a strange dream about Soviets taking over a 4chan building, I already knew that the soviets will be driven out by the necromorphs, and when I went out to check where they are, I saw Reimu and Sanae standing in an abandoned plaza. i saw them get attacked by something that was too fast for me to see, and I saw them start to change into necromorphs. I heard Sanae call out to me to kill her before she fully changed, but I was to scared to react. They began to close in on me and I remember Reimu and Sanae's now grotesque looking bodies jump up and latch onto the gate to the plaza, then they leaped onto my vehicle. That's all I can remember.


43: In a dream about carnivorous human sized teddy bears, during my escape with some other person in a car from a supermarket where the bears were, I remember seeing Sanae and Kogasa together on a street as we were driving.

44: I remember Sakuya and something about her having three different sets of breast of varying sizes.

45: During some strange battle where I was fighting a shape shifting alien, I remember Reimu being launched into a room that had Okuu and Tenshi in it. When Reimmu landed in a bathtub full of milk, Tenshi sprang up and started to kiss Okuu because she thought she had hit her, but when she realized that it was Reimu, she jumped into the bathtub along with her and started to kiss her.

46: During a horror dream, I remember Kanako and Suwako in a very detailed sprite-based PV that my mind came up with.


47: In a dream about some guy going to jail, when he was in the police station, he had two necklaces that had Sanae on them.

48: In a very strange dream about monsters and monster girls, I remember Byakuren trying to care for a giant Naga in a "cutscene", but ends up being eaten by it. That's when the "cutscene" ended, and I had to do battle with it. I lost and was being wrapped up by her tail, but I woke up before anything else happened.


49: In a weird dream about Desert Punk and the first world war, my leg had been cut off and my left lung had been damaged by an Indian during a sword fight and I needed medical attention, so I headed back to base to the medical tent, and there was a blue-haired 2d woman was laying down on one of the beds. I asked her to get me another leg so I can go be with Junko, but then she started talking about how I always wanted to be with Junko and wondered if we still had something for each other. I somehow managed to climb on top of the bed and lay next to her, and I told her that what we had was still here. Once I said that, she rolled around on top of me, straddled me, and then morphed into Satori. She then began to torture me, and having no strength to resist, There was no escape. I remember her choking me, there was a lot of her trying to suffocate me.

50:I remember someone asking me why Kanako had such large breast compared to Sanae even though she fought many times. While I was asked, they both flashed before me.


51: In a strange dream that was a spy adventure about nuclear complexes In the middle east, I remember becoming Cirno and using a move called "Brooklyn Freezing Brooklyn", where I would freeze myself.

52: I remember Sakuya getting mad a Minoriko for changing Sakuya's remix of Sleeping Terror, to the normal version repeatedly. Also, I remember there being a picture on the wall with Reimu and Sanae, and Sanae was saying to Reimu, "If you don't stop, I'll have to start doing your Porn."

53: I remember Chen being in a black and white photo, and Sanae's Hairstyle being for sale.


54: I remember being inside a supermarket, and I heard someone say that someone had made one of their robots blind, and their robot was a sinbag. It then became a battle between several Touhous, but I can only remember two of them, which are Yuuka and Alice. There was no danmaku; instead, they used these worm-like things to suck other people's energy and give them energy. They also began to wish for things like "energy to win the battle" and "complexity to win the battle". They all seemed to have one wish, but I couldn't see what they were using to make these wishes. When the battle had progressed about ten minutes, even though there was no clear winner, everything "reset" itself, the art style of the touhous changed, and there was Alice and another Touhou in the aisle where the fighting was. Yuuka came in after a moment, but instead of fighting, she planted a bomb on the shelve, and left. The bomb exploded and Alice and the other Touhou were burnt to a crisp. That is all I can remember.


55: I remember seeing a picture of Reimu.

56: I remember seeing a manakin wearing Marisa's dress and Marisa standing near me.

57: I remember something about China lighting the way home for British Spitfire planes on the return during the night, after they did battle with the Bismark when they passed the sdm.



58:In a dream about a grand strategy game that was a mix between HOI 3 and EU 3, there was Yukari's gaps all over the map.

59: I remember there being a car that had Touhou decals on it that changed between different Touhous based on the angle that you were looking at it.




Why not?


how long did it take you to find that tripcode


stop playing touhou before bed it gives you knightmares


I would advise to keep playing touhou. It doesn't give "knightmares", it makes your dreams more vivid.


>stop eating cheese before bed it gives you knightmares


grats bro, you figured out the code.


nice de-rail. Can we get back on topic?


60: In a post-apocalyptic world. I remember that I was running away from some Frech cultists that had to do something with holes in the ground all over the world, and there was a black guy who had helped me escape, so I offered to him that he could turn into Yukari or Yuugi as part of this intricate game where there was Sanae, who was dressed in a bright orange dress, and Shou, who actually just turned out to be Cirno who was dressed as her.


how long did it take you to get that tripcode



Not very long. The only custom part was the first five letters.

Now, can we get back on topic?



61: in this weird video game like dream, I remember there being like a character selection screen kind if thing and I noticed that Yuuka was there, and when I tried to pick her it said that "there can only be one tank per team" so I guessed somebody else must have picked her, but when I exited the "character selection screen" I was playing as her. 

The game was apparently team based, there was to bases they were around the corner of eachother in this "map" that had boundaries of giant hedgerows. I took yuuka straight into the enemy base with no support and started pummeling things, and I ended up losing somehow. The enemy "tank" was some dude, and came over to the downed Yuuka, bound her up, and started dragging her away as I was waiting to respawn in this strange cutscene that apparently could be intervened in by another team mate if someone could have made it to the enemy base . Both Yuuka and I were pissed, so when we finally spawned, we went out and found there tank and started bashing him and throwing him toward our base and using him as kind of a club to hit other enemies with, but "time" eventually ran out before I made it back to base, and the match was over, and a new "game" began. 

Ps; After that, the new game was a WWII kind of game and I got to drive a tiger tank that had a "machine gun 88" that drove at 60kmh.


You should have just made a blog and linked it here. Would have been… tidier.


he wants other people to post dreams so no


Touhou dream #1: I committed suicide to get to Gensokyo. There wasn't any booze, the land was not flooded with lolis, and there was no electricity. I committed suicide to get out of Gensokyo and back into the real world

The very next day I stopped liking touhou


I'm standing in front of a doorway to hell. I look down at my body and realize that I am Youmu Konpaku. The door opens, and gravity shifts toward it. I grab onto something, but lose my grip. I wake up shortly after.
Somehow I think this dream had something to do with the ending of that video "Yuyuko: The Relentless Eating Machine".



62: At the end of a dream I could hear part of "the world's most masochistic princess" right before I woke up"

63: In a dream where I was apparently stuck inside a whale, I remember that in order to escape, I had to connect these USB cables from the "processor" which was an entire room, to this shelf that had USB ports in order to create a portal. There was six touhous in the processor room, I only remember seeing Remilia, Flandre, Sanae, and Murasa. I remember that they said that they could use their love for me to distort the whale's thoughts and create the portal when the USBs where hooked up.

When I started to plug in the USBs, the place started to shake slightly and the shelf where I was plugging them in started to glow, and when they were all plugged in,  there was a little bright circle between the rows of ports. Since it seemed to not be enough, Remilia came over to me and we embraced each other and when we did, I could see a screen that told me how long I had known each touhou, and it told me that I had known remilia for over 29 years. After about a minute of us hugging each other, we let go and Murasa came up next and we embraced, and the screen popped up again to tell me that I had known Murasa for two years. When we parted, I started to make my way over to Sanae, who was still in the processor room, but I stopped for some reason, and I saw her giving me the thumbs up, and I woke up shortly thereafter.



64: I remember there being satori in my dream, she came up to me and then we embraced each other and I asked her if she remembered Tails, who apparently had died three separate deaths, although I only remember one which was where he was hit by a train, and she told me she did. After a moment, Satori told me she had to go and defeat Koishi, and she flew away for moment, and I remember going to this area that looked like a ruined section of a highway with destroyed vehicles. I knew I was in the "boss" area, and I kept looking up in the sky until I could see some sort of cloud come toward me. The cloud turned into danmaku and a single touhou per "spellcard" that came down upon me which I had to dodge, first it was Cirno and her danmaku, then came Suwako and finally Satori.


I saw that pv before. It was kinda funny.




Just noticed my typo.


Things have been going pretty slow as far as new Touhou dreams. I guess I haven't immersed myself into the Touhou universe the past week as much as I should.




Finally, an update:

65: a dream about writing stories about mechs, On the "menu" screen, there was Momiji wearing flame pants and had spiky hair.


Looks like I'm starting to get the ball rolling again.


66: I was driving a car and instead of a cd player, radio, etc., there was a touchscreen that had a bunch of touhou pictures on it, the only one I can remember is one that had Yuuka in it.



67: I remember going into my garage and there was a wall scroll hanging in the middle of it that had Remilia and Flandre on it, and there was a life size Hatate doll sitting in a chair. Her skirt was solid light purple, and there was "fuck you" written on it.


Your dreams are quite entertaining; Mind if I share some of mine?


It says right there in my OP; feel free to write down your own dreams involving Touhous.


Anon? You still there?



68: I was in a mall when a sudden plane crash in the middle of the courtyard of the mall, somebody told me that it had been predicted by "Veers Hess" in WWII who said that his death would be 4/11/11 the person who told me also said that there was no flights that were scheduled that would be over the mall. When I went out to see it, there was only the front of cockpit of the plane that I could see. I hopped in my car and started to drive down the highway to go back home, and I told myself we will never find what really happened because the government was greedy. A picture of Beatrice from Umineko flashed before me, and I told myself that they weren't as greedy as her, though. As I was driving I could see pieces of the plane on next to the highway in some grass next to the highway already being carried off by military looking vehicles on the highway on front of me. Somehow, I was not in my car anymore and I was on top of a train that was still right behind them, and I was part of a news crew that was armed with guns. Once the train got very close to the military vehicles, there was an explosion, I realized that they had fired a missile into the train and destroyed the first three sections of the train. I was thrown into the air and I landed safely on the fourth and last section, which was still moving forward. 

I could see Shikieki  was next to me, but it was only for a second because another missile was heading for us and I jumped onto a car that was being driven by the some of the news crew. They looked like military soldiers when I think about it now, but when I was in my dream, I saw them as part of my crew. They all wore gas masks along with their military get up. They told me that we had been hit by Patton missiles.

While on top of the car, I could see that there was now a chart next to me that showed how close people where when the first missile had hit, and there was a system of colors that showed whether or not you had died. A dark purple showed that you were dead, and any other color except for orange meant that you survived, and orange meant that you were missing.

I could see myself as the closest person to where it had hit, but my picture was in very light purple. I told the rest of the crew how lucky I was, and they could hardly believe it. As for the rest if the people, moat other humans where dead,  but I could see that all the touhous had survived, all the characters from Flower View were yellow, I could see Nue in blue, and the gang from SA in blue as well. Shikieki however was in orange. I guessed nobody had found her.


I yet live. Sorry for the delay. Hope you don't mind a lot of my dreams involve PC-98 characters that most people probably don't remember. Rikako and Shinki appear alarmingly frequently with Mima and Yumemi less so but still quite common.

Alright. Let's start 5-6 years ago. First touhou dream I can recall off hand. Had a lot of heavy touhou 2 influences and involved mostly me and Meira who I apparently had found wounded and helped out so we where sort of friends. Mostly did some screwing around and adventuring with her teaching me swordsmanship since this is of course pre-spellcard Gensokyo. A short while later we ran across Reimu in a battle with Marisa with Mima watching on the sidelines. Both me and Meira went to take advantage of Reimu being distracted but Mima Barred our path saying she wanted to see how Marisa would fare first against the miko. We would have our chance to pick alliances afterward. The dream ended just as the duel was concluding in Reimu's favor.

Hopefully that wasn't an eyesore to read or anything. I've got plenty more to share.


Seems OP is absent at the moment so I'll post one or two more. Last night was a dream that didn't involve any PC-98 characters. Instead it involved an extremely adorable kitten version of Orin. Pretty boring dream initially. I'm just some guy scavenging through an 'abandoned' apartment complex-like tower for anything I might find useful with one or two other people who might have been friends. We had apparently been warned that dangerous beings had taken up residence in the tower so we had to stick together and carry arms. I ended up wandering off like an idiot in a bad horror movie and heard a scratching at one of the windows. Got nervous but went to look. There was an adorable little black kitten with distinctly red eyes and my mind told me this was Orin. I let the kitten Orin in and picked her up briefly wondering how she got out on the ledge this high up in the building. I had to be on something like the 30th floor. The dream was pretty uneventful after as well. Found a couple things of interest to haul back. Lost the kitten briefly but found it again. Token girl team member who I never got the name of got attacked by something. She had some nasty bite marks and started to behave a bit odd for a good chunk of the rest of the dream. Also had a strange lump that moved to a different spot whenever someone tried to poke it. Dunno why that didn't freak any of us out. Normally people with something moving under their skin freaks the hell out of me. Honestly not much of a Touhou dream now that I think about it.


I'm back, and I've got an update:

69: I remember somehow ending up in a girls bathroom on a school campus, and I saw Marisa and Alice doing something near some urinals. The next thing that  I remember is that I'm now Alice and Marisa had left and had apparently stole my pants. I thought about masturbating while I was her, but I kept thinking that people were going to walk in on me.

Your dreams are pretty interesting, if you've got more, keep posting.


On it.

This dream is about a year or so old so forgive me for any details I may forget. I seriously need to make a dream diary.

I fell asleep and woke up in some sort of seemingly abandon school building of sorts. Lots of snow outside and such but something told me it shouldn't be snowing. That sort of gut feeling you sometimes get in a dream that you know something you logically would have no way of knowing. A red panda jumps off my head and starts to scamper off. The racoon-like creature. Not a literal red panda.
Of course it's bloody adorable so I chase after it. I got a soft spot for the cute and fluffy. Ended up running head first into kitsune oppai. Now Ran is my favorite touhou of the current series and she's now towering over me with a rather annoyed expression. I can practicably feel my face burning red with embarrassment. Dunno where the red panda went from there. Possibly nestled it's self in her tails along with Chen. Now this is NOT the first time I've dreamed of Ran but most other dreams involving her tend to end up a bit to naughty to put here aside from the one where I beat the hell out of Yukari but that is a tale for another day. Now then I nearly pissed myself when she bared her teeth at me and looked about ready to go lunatic on my ass. Next thing I know I'm hauling ass with a certain wolf tengu dragging me along. I caught none of what ever she was saying to me but it was probably either chastising me or something like that. I ended up seeing a quick blur I identified as Aya and getting blinded by a bright flash of light. woke up after that.


You realize that this is an nsfw board, right? You don't have to post stuff if you don't want to, but no one is going to penalize you if you do. I just haven't had many touhou related dream H scenes in my sleep as of yet other than #9.

Other than.that, please continue.


Ask and ye shall receive.

Had a dream a few nights back. Nothing to special. Just me and Yumemi doing vaguely sciency things with me being her guinea pig
most of the experiments being various ways of trying to induce a change from human to youkai. Yeah…that's a pretty common theme in many of my dreams. Woke up right as she injected me with a new serum while I was enjoying some tea and going over some notes. Felt like I'd been pumped full of acid, and not of the drug variety. My arm still hurt a little when I woke up. Still better than one of the older dreams where it actually worked.


I once had a dream where I was at a train station and trying to catch a train that my cousin was on. I didn't make it, but I looked at a nearby newspaper stand, and there was a newspaper with Reimu and Sanae on it. It was one of those pictures where they're standing next to each other, one is holding her right arm up showing her armpit, the other is holding her left arm up doing the same.




I had a dream that my OTP was banging in a car and Aya Shameimaru came to take a picture of them through the window thinking it would be good for the Bunbunmaru.


Two updates:

70: I remember being in some video game world, where my friend and I had built a secret lair and we hid "dangerous" nintendo cartridges so we could manufacture them. I controlled this extremely detailed Sanae while I was walking around.

71: I was in a supermarket while being a part of one of my friends home movie where he had some people do a flying kick with a lightsaber over some boxes of pasta. I was the first person to go, and I barely made it over. Ran was in a crowd of people to the right of where the boxes where and was watching me. When I saw her she communicated telepathically with me, telling me that I was pathetic and if I was going to do it again.


I had a short but sweet dream.

Yuuka Kazami was on death row. She was strapped down to a chair, and administered the lethal injection. After a few tense minutes, nothing happened, and when I say nothing happened, I mean she didn't die. With a crazy smile, she ripped the leather belt straight out of the chair, and stood up. The officers were scrambling to get away and ducking into the corners like children. She just glanced back and forth at them with a calm, "What's the matter?" expression on her face. I really wish I had witnessed the outcome of this.


72: I was flying around in a city and I spotted Nue handing out papers (flyers?) to kids in the street while 未確認幻想飛行ダンス was playing in the background.


File: 1333504633824.jpg (181.86 KB, 720x951, 1307203824326.jpg)

>Girls bathroom


ah, here's one: I'm pacing back and forth next to a hospital bed, waiting for someone. I catch a glimpse of a slender figure dressed in red and white passing through the door in the corner of eye. Excitedly, I turn to face a rather…gar looking Reimu and Sanae…


Maybe whatever school it was also caters to futanari girls?


Update time

73: I was driving to Las Vegas and I remember seeing a giant balloon that looked like Eirin right outside Buffalo Bill's. She even swayed in the wind.


That wasn't a dream. I saw that too.


Another update:

74: Eirin was part of a group of cops that were all anime girls except for Optimus Prime, who was their leader.. Eirin had given power back to this other cop that had almost lost her life, and had lost her power while they healed her. Eirin wore a leotard, had long silver hair and a curvy body, and had the power of the "Power Veins".




I was Sakuya, and I had an engagement ring for Remilia. It was a black band with a curvy, black crystal with two diamonds embedded inside, one orange, one blue. I was standing outside of her mansion in a place reminiscent of my parents' and grandparents' old houses. For some reason I felt very intimidated by her at the moment, having "nightmares" about her being unable to control her urges, lashing out and biting me. Being dream emotions, I felt legitimately fearful and kept playing out the scenario in my (well, Sakuya's) head, Remi's girlish giggle and devilish grin haunting me.

One interesting/awesome aspect of the dream: Sakuya and Remi had the character designs of the ZUN series Touhou games, with the voices from Koumajo Densetsu II.


Finally, another update.

75: I was playing a some sort of shooting game that was taking place on a floating city in the skies above Washington DC that was similar to Mass Effect but in fps form. Once I defeated the "boss" I found myself on the ground right in front of the White House, and there was now debris from the floating city falling to the ground now.

A giant cargo container fell right in front of me, and the first thing I noticed was that Ran was inside of it with her leg chained to the side of it. I approached, but Suwako and Sakuya appeared in front of me, and Suwako started talking to Ran, telling her that she needed to get out of there so that she could fuse herself with me, just like Suwako and Sakuya had already, so that we could defeat the level.

But once Ran had heard that, she said that she didn't want to fuse with me and just to leave her there for now.

I guess that wasn't supposed to happen because the dream kinda broke down from there and became about me talking to some people on the Internet through steam and I woke up shortly after.



76: There were fairies that were waiting outside a candy shop holding a rope and waiting for people to walk out of the shop. After that, I saw Rumia waiting outside a restaurant to eat people when they walked out.



77: There was Yuuka's picture in one of the slots where your tank would be in World of Tanks. When I clicked on her, a big screen came up and it had a giant picture of her and Dr. Robotnik's theme from Sonic 3 was playing, although I kept thinking that it was a remix of one of her themes from the Seihou games.



78: I was at my house on my sofa and there were other people there using these electronic tablets that could transform you into any touhou that you select. When I got a turn at using it I was able to select Yuuka and my physical body turned into her. I remember looking down and seeing that I was wearing a plaid dress and that I had breasts.



79: I was with someone in a house watching videos on YouTube with some sort of tablet that I was holding very close to my face. I put on a video of Sanae, and I remember it was doing a closeup panning of her body, and she had very large breasts. I was somehow able to snuggle my head into them and relaxed there. I also remember Reimu was in my dream sometime prior to seeing Sanae.


Looks like I'm starting to get the ball rolling again.


80: I was driving a car and I saw several people on the side of the rode dressed up as Yuuka and other touhous that I can't really remember. Some of the people dressed up as Yuuka had brown hair instead of green. Maybe they forgot to dye their hair?


Another update:

81: Apparently I was in Tokyo for a concert where I was going to be playing clarinet (an instrument that I do actually know how to play). I was waiting in line behind some other people, and I realized that I had left my clarinet in a bus that was still parked outside. I was going back to get it when Yuuka came out and told me she was going to "write me up" or something like that. Then the other people in the room that I was in disappeared, leaving only myself and Yuuka. I then became at least semi-lucid, and told myself it was a dream. I remember going to a computer and typing Yuuka's name in it, and pictures of her popped up. I tried to control the dream, but Yuuka grabbed me and and started kissing me. From there I lost track of my lucidity.She brought me across the room, pushed me into a chair and sat on my lap while still kissing me. After a few moments, she brought up some kind of digital screen which she navigated through and I was suddenly back in the line and I had my clarinet. The line started moving and we walkout outside and around some buildings to an indoor stage, which had some dancers greeting us and the crowd was cheering. We went in and sat in the audience, because someone else was performing/getting ready to perform. I saw nitori sitting next to me, she was wearing a white shirt that had cucumbers on it. She couldn't speak English too well, but I managed to have a little conversation with her, although indent remember what we said to each other exactly other than that I said "kyu-cum-ba" on several occasions. She then slipped me a note telling me that she would like to meet with me again and for me to write down a time and place. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to perform in Las Vegas the very next day, and I tried to explain that to her. I woke up in the middle of that.


I know that feeling with the whole "oh look, I have breasts!"
… They were sweeeeeeet.


Did you mean to quote >>866?

If so, it's too bad I didn't really get the chance to experience having them too long, I woke up shortly afterward.



82: there was a black and white Shikieiki who was sitting down with a giant ice cube in her hand at a table. Someone lifted the table and caused her to smash the ice cube into her lower lip and she bled a little bit onto it. She then started to lick the blood off of the ice cube.


Looks like I broke this dry spell.

83: I was in this very strange tunnel, and I remember some vocal arrange of Satori's theme was playing.

Apparently I was looking for a way to get into a college for something I don't quite remember. I saw options on a giant screen to enter classes, with some 2d girls next to the class names on the screen. It was also the middle of the semester as the options showed how many days into the class they already were.

After looking them over a while, the screen started scrolling down, and I could see different Touhous in giant pictures, although the only ones I can remember was a picture where Yuyuko was kissing Reimu, and a massive one that just had a highly detailed Satori.



84: I had driven to this place that was selling root beer floats, and when I got out of my car and started walking to the shop, there was this kid who said that he couldn't have root beer floats because it had too much salt in it, and that he was going to have chicken nuggets instead. I told him that chicken nuggets have more salt than root beer floats. When I walked in, instead of being a shop, I was in school somehow, in a room with some other people sitting down listening to the teacher talk about how they are going to reenact WWII, and were discussing the rules and guidelines. The teacher said something about how people would like to have incendiary and high explosive bullets, but that people under 30 couldn't park inside the school. When I tried to ask him about that rule, he said that there was to be no questions at this time.

After that, the teacher left and everyone got up, including me, and left the room. I don't exactly remember what I did, but I ended up sitting down in a room that had rows of pews, and I sat down. There was other people there as well

After a while, the same teacher as before cane and and started talking to everyone about the reenactment again. I didn't pay too much attention as I had already heard, and when I was looking around, I saw Tenshi next to me moving around for a brief moment, she was in a highly stylized animation. Then, I saw Megetsu on her knees begging for her little maid hat back from someone else.

The dream went on, I don't quite remember what happened after seeing the touhous, but at the end of the dream, it flashed back to seeing the touhous, like my mind was reminding me to not forget the touhous in the dream. When I saw them again, their movements were stuck in a loop. I woke up after viewing them for about a minute.



85: I was in some futuristic looking facility, I was in control of some dude dressed in blue in the third person using a keyboard. I was running around the back of a group that was shooting at something, but I didn't get a chance to see what it was as I had discovered a way for everyone to escape out the far end of the room through a small door that lead into a corridor. When got in I switched to first person view.

Once everyone was inside, someone closed the door and began to weld it shut. I continued to run farther back, and the others followed, closing and welding heavy doors to keep out whatever it was that was out there trying to get at us. At one point, we got to a giant black door and someone said that "they have never been this far before". We opened it up and it looked like the inside of a huge futuristic elevator. Someone welded the door shut and we went down. Once we reached the bottom, the door opened and we walked out into some sort of circular lobby area, I walked around, looking at everyone. Most people were 2d girls. I was then suddenly teleported out of the room, and into what appeared to be the inside of an abandoned shopping mall.

I looked around me, and I noticed there was Yuuka standing near an empty cafè. I ran over to her, and she looked down at me. I asked her if she could help me get back into the safe area, because I knew that it would be impossible to get there myself, and I knew that she could use "instant transmission"/teleportation". She agreed, but told me that teleportation is very dangerous for people that don't know how to do it, so she told me to hold onto her and close my eyes.

Once I closed my eyes, I could feel myself shaking, and I could see white circles coming in and out of the darkness. I then said I just wanted to wake up.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself laying down in my bed, but instead of my dakimakura, I had giant regular pillow that I was holding onto, but I still thought that I was actually awake. A few menus after that, I woke up from the dream.



86: I could see some people conducting an assault on a large hillside home, they were all part of some sort of crime syndicate or terror group. I was right behind who I guessed was the son of the boss, he was setting up this huge machine gun to fire at the house.

He started firing, I could see the windows on the house break, the machine gun's firing was all I could hear.

I then teleported inside the building that was being fired at, and I could see another person there with me, I never really got more than a glimpse of the guy, I just heard him tell me that we couldn't go down the main elevator because that's were they probably were, and that there was another elevator to use that had a better "armor rating" and that it lead to a secret way out of the house.

I ran into the elevator and pressed the button to go down. I didn't see the person that was helping me come in with me, and I assumed that he had gone another way.

The doors closed and the elevator went down, and when it opened I was in a long corridor, and I could see a black guy standing guard, facing away from me. I rushed him and we wrestled on the ground for a few moments, until I smashed his head into the ground a couple of times, knocking him out. I then kept on going, and I took a right turn that lead into a shorter corridor and there was a door on the left wall that lead into the garage of the house. I exited out of Anthony's door on the side of the garage and I was out on the street.

I ran up the street, keeping to the bushes on the sidewalk across the street because I thought that the people that were assaulting the house had snipers and were looking for me. I also knew that there were others that could help me that weren't too far away.

I kept running until I came to an old, wooden house, and apparently there was a funeral going on the lawn. I saw Alice sitting down at the porch, and she looked a little sad.

After that, I somehow walked into a supermarket and I rode around on a wheeled chair, until I woke up.


Finally, another update:

87: I was in a classroom, and I was flipping through the pages of a dictionary. I notice that certain parts had pictures of Sanae that took up the entire page.


Update time:

88:I was on a balcony of a house at night, and I could see Satori inside through a sliding door. I was going to go in, but she told me that it would be better if I came tomorrow, because it would be "the last day". I then realized that I had completed basic training for the military/something and I was going to be deployed the day after the next. A screen came over my vision then showing all the "routes" that I could take along with all the girls that I could chose to be with me the next day.


Alright, update time.

89: I was at a school band room and I noticed that one girl that was sitting down was cosplaying/was Yuuka. I thought about going over to her after class and complementing her on her outfit, but then I started noticing that there was several other girls that looked like Yuuka all over the room. I began to wonder if today was some sort of special day where people cosplay as Yuuka.

Then, another Yuuka (this one 2d) called out to me from my left side, and asked me if she looked like Yuuka. But for some reason my vision was now in a old style beige and white, and I told her that she didn't look like Yuuka because I thought that she had got the color of her hair and her dress wrong.

When I said that, she looked at me on shock and anger, but I didn't think much of it. Instead, I went over to her and poked her shoulder and said that her dress should be red plaid, and her hair green. My vision went back to normal, and I realized that she had the right colors the entire time. I tried apologizing to her, but he was already pretty angry and proceeded to beat me up on the spot, and spats of blood shot out from where she was punching me.

When she was finished, she brought me over to the nurse's office and left me there. The nurse checked my head and stuff, and she decided to give me an airsoft gun.

I stuffed the gun in my pants pocket and proceeded to wall around the school, talking to various people from my past until I woke up.


Kinky femdom sex with yandere Yuuka please.


Trust me, if I would have those dreams, the first thing I'd do would be to write them down and post them here so I'd never forget. I got some updates for the next post.

Also I'll write down some more of my monstergirl/femdom stuff in the other thread.


My brother Mikkey is insanely skilled. Hes perfected all extra stages from EoSD to Ten Desires and LNB'd EoSD. Im gonna get him on here to post some dreams if he has any, which considering the nature of the game, I'm sure bullets are tattooed to the back of his eyes now.


Ok. Update time.

90: To start off, in a dream I had just before this one, I had defeated some sort of AI in a giant building in the jungle. I had to press some buttons to fill the place with water, then I had to dive down and press the buttons again to empty the water out of the place. When I did that, I had to hide from some henchmen that came into the building. Eventually the place blew up.

When I went back to sleep after I woke up from that dream, I remember coming to a bedroom, and there was this woman in the room who was supposed to be the queen of something, but I don't remember. Anyways, her servants have me food and drink (all of them were women) and I ate on a bed that was on the side of the room. When I had enough, I got up and decided to leave, but just as I had got to the door, I had noticed that I had forgotten something on the bed and I went back to get it, although I didn't know if I had actually forgotten anything.

I went back and sat down on the bed for a second. Then I moved over to a chair and table that was now in the room, sat down, and rested my head on the table.

I quickly fell asleep there, and when I woke up there was two women on either side of me sitting down. They both happened to be people that I knew in real life.

As I tried to go back asleep, they were both talking to each other, the only thing I heard was that the one on the right of me was trying to get the one on the left to wake me up. When she said that, the one on the left seemed reluctant, because she said that we hadn't spoken to each other in two years (which is about right, in reality). The after the other said that it didn't matter, the woman on the left shook me and said for me to get up.

She then grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and lifted me out of the chair and dragged me across the room, by which point I was wide awake. I asked her what was going on and she told me to follow her. We went out of the bedroom together and into a hallway, then into another room with a window that had a view onto the street.

As I looked out, I could see that there were many dead bodies of black people that lay in the street positioned in circles. I asked what was going on, and the woman said that because I had defeated the AI from my previous dream, that the "balance" had been offset and that there was a powerful cult going around killing people now. It was apparently up to me to defeat them. I turned around and walked out of that room, went down the stairs and towards the back of the house. I could see some movement through a giant windowed that overlooked the backyard, and as I looked more carefully, realized that it was the cult members who had finally came to this house.

I tried to move silently and carefully away, but they noticed I was there. I sprinted for a door on the side of the house, which apparently teleported me to some plaza in a city. There was some people running from something that I couldn't see yet, so instead of running with them I went to see what it was.

Eventually, I could see what appeared to be zombies and a giant that was coming towards us, the giant being almost three times the size of a normal human being, upon realizing that he was the one everyone was running away from, I turned around and started sprinting myself, but I noticed that there was a midget person trying to get his guns together in a duffle bag, but was having trouble with it as the bag seemed to many and one of the guns wouldn't fit in it. Everyone else ran past him, but I decided to help him as I thought that having the guns would help immensely. I went over to him and slung the duffle bag over my shoulder and wielded the extra gun that wouldn't fit. It seemed to be some sort of hybrid between an mp44 and an mp5 with a forest camouflage.

The little guy ran off ahead of me and I tried to cover the rear of everyone's retreat. I shot up the zombies and landed a headshot on the giant which put it down instantly. Eventually I made it to a door, which lead to the inside of a school which all the people that were running away tried to take refuge in.

The school kept putting sections of itself in "lockdown" which creates a temporary safe spot for the survivors as they moved through the school. After the second safe spot, as I was waiting for the last of the survivors to make it out of the previous safe spot (they were injured and couldn't move very fast), a few zombies came from behind them. I tried to shoot them to keep the survivors from being bit, and held them off long enough for them to get moving. But as the last few people were getting into a classroom, a zombie came from the other end of the hallway were were in, and spit out this energy/acid into the hallway which I just barely got out of the way from. I shot him, but by now there was just too many zombies in the hallway and I had to go into the classroom right next to the one were everyone else was in.


And here is the rest of 90 that I couldn't fit in one post:

For some reason, I couldn't lock the door, so I grabbed onto the doorknob and pulled on it to keep the door closed for dear life. A zombie tried to pry the door open, but I held on. While I was struggling, I tried to kick the kick the wall and yell to get the others in the classroom to help me, but no one answered. While I was doing that, I guess I had pulled too hard on the doorknob and it popped off. I grabbed onto the little stub that was left and kept holding on.

Eventually, I saw the door to the other classroom open from the window on the door I was holding, but no one came out. That was about when I couldn't hold the door closed anymore and a zombie came in. He looked completely normal and not like a typical zombie, but he kept coming but I kept pushing him back. Two other zombies came in and I was starting to feel certain that I was going to be bit.

A little girl that was a zombie bit my fingers on my left hand, I yanked my fingers out of her mouth and looked at the bite. It was bleeding and I was really worried now that I was going to turn. I ran to the other side of the classroom and noticed that there was a jar of a jelly-like substance and some cotton swabs. For some reason I thought that it was the cure for the zombie virus, and I spread some of the stuff on my bite. The anxiety over the bite went away, but now the room was filled with zombies.

For whatever reason, they didn't really notice me, I thought it was because they new that I had been bit and expected me to change into one of them eventually. They all sat down in the chairs in the classroom, and I followed suit. Three abnormally large men came in that were outfitted in some sort of exoskeleton/body armour, two of them had worn down and broken shoulder pads and the other had brand new looking ones. The men started talking about how you should always try to keep your shoulder pads in good condition and to routinely buy replacements at vending machines.

After they finished talking, I got up and decided to leave the room, finding myself in the same hallway as before. I took a right turn and found a door that wasn't there before. I opened it and went through.

Upon entering, I was outside again, this time at a small wooden dock on a large body of water. There was a wall that ran from the left of the dock on for as long as I could see. That's when I noticed Yukari, who had appeared at the edge of the dock. We spoke to eachother about something, but I have no recollection of what was said. I then left after our conversation, and exited out the same door that I came in.

However, I wasn't back in the school when I went through the door, I was in some kind of place similar to the floating city in Bioshock Infinite. I walked around a while, then I heard something in my say that there was someone who was in a Darth Vader costume was going be be shot at some higher ground that was only accessible to me those rails in Bioshock that you could ride with one of those special tools in the game.

I hopped on the rail and I rode it up to the place, jumping off of it onto the ground where I thought the person in the Darth Vader costume was. Sure enough, I found his corpse on the ground. When I walked over it, an MG 42 and a Kar98 was added to my "inventory", which I then scrolled through with a mouse wheel which I somehow had.

I walked around and came across a large walkway that lead to a huge building. On either side of the walkway there were these tiles that were supposed to be the ground, but there were sections of them that were broken off and instead of the ground it was the sky.

I noticed that there was a section of the tiles that were coming in and it of existence in a wave-like pattern, that lead to the dock where Yukari and I had previously been. I walked over the tiles, but it fell short about twenty feet from the dock. I simply stood there for a second when I reached the end of the tiles, then my vision suddenly went from looking at the world around me, to now viewing an online chat room.

Apparently, there was now a board on 4chan dedicated to Suika, and Yukari and some other people were discussing something in the chat room that was part of the board. I woke up when the chat was going on, I don't remember what was said.


Update time again.

91: I was flying around in a dream, and I flew up a giant building, landed on the roof, and dropped down to a lower area on the roof.

That was when I did a reality check and became lucid. I tried really hard to make Yuuka appear, but all that happened was that a moving picture of her appeared on a wall that was far away. I then tried to be a Super Saiyan, but that didn't work for whatever reason, despite all the yelling.


Sounds awesome. I wonder what his dreams are like, if he's got Touhous in them


I asked him and he said that his dreams don't really personify or characterize touhou characters like his daydreams might. In his dreams, he says he plays touhou but with more control via his mind.


Ok, time for some updates.

92: I was running away from these guys with guns in this place that was made out of a huge formation of rock, it was like a rainforest that was high in the sky. I saw a door in the distance as I was running, Nd I went towards it. When I was getting close to it, it opened, and on the other side was the leader of the guys that were after me. I dodged all the bullets he shot at me like it was the matrix, and got into a hand to hand fight with him. I ended up beating him up along with two other guys and fled the scene.

Eventually, I came to this area where I found the guys I just beat up in the other place were now resting. I walked casually past them and noticed that these two women were coming to us. As they came closer, I realized that they were both Eirin. They both had a humongous chest, and one of them had unbuttoned her top just enough to expose her cleavage.



93:I was in this really intense dream themed around dragon ball z, for whatever reason. It was more like I was watching an episode in the beginning of it.

Apparently the Z fighters were fighting three really powerful guys, Goku and Vegeta were already beaten up and now resting. The only person left who could fight was Krillin.

Somehow, he Krillin was holding off two of the guys at once, for what seemed to me like 45 minutes to an hour. I was as surprised as anyone else might have been. It was an impressive fight. However still, eventually, even Krillin received a heavy blow and fell like the others.

When that happened, android 17 and 18 came in and tried blowing the place up using a large amount of ki blasts that stirred up a lot of dust.

Before the dust settled, I went back in time, before Vegeta and Goku had been beaten. Vegeta decided to attack first, and he flew up towards those guys far up in the air.

There was now this giant pink cube made out of this gelatinous substance that was right behind those guys, somehow. A tentacle came out of it, grabbed Vegeta while he was flying, and pulled him inside.

It spat him out a few seconds later, he landed on the ground right next to Goku. When the dust settled, I could see that Vegeta was now a busty woman in a bikini. Goku looked over at him in total shock, and Vegeta yelled at him, "What are you looking at?!". His voice hadn't changed.

A few moments later, and Goku was somehow a woman, too. They both argued about something, then the camera panned around and showed this giant tunnel in the side of a mountain. They both flew into it for whatever reason. As that happened, I had become Vegeta, who was now back to being a man.

As we were going along in the tunnel, I realized that it was in fact a mine shaft, because there was carts and loads of rock and coal everywhere. We walked slowly around the place, and I noticed that Goku was still a woman. Then some guys, who I immediately presumed to be allied with those guys who the z fighters had been battling against, came out of another tunnel on a giant mine cart and started shooting at us with ki blasts.

I tried to shoot back, but it wasn't of any real use. Instead, we fled inside an adjacent tunnel, jumped into mine carts, and we rode them down this hill deep within the mountain. As we rode to the bottom, Goku had hit his head on the way and it didn't look like he would be able to get anywhere without my help.

When we reached the bottom, I had to help Goku out of his cart. I looked around and found a door that was on the side of the tunnel. We went through, and found ourselves in a police station/medical facility/bar kind of place. The bar area was right at the front when we came in, it was bright and colorful, and on the wall in the back were a bunch of gun that were hung up. There was a door on the left that we went through, which took us to the police station part of the place. I talked to an officer behind a larger counter about where I could take Goku, whom I was still helping stand up. He told me that there was a medical facility just down the way past another door. We went over there, and there were doctors there and I left Goku with them, as they said that they would take care of him. I went back to the police station area and sat down. Things blacked out for a moment, then I was conscious again and got up.

I asked the officer who was still behind the counter if he had seen Goku, and he said that he saw him walking over to the "exhibition" area, which was the bar place in the front, apparently. I walked over there and looked around, but didn't find him. There was some other people there and one of them asked me if I thought that the guns on the back wall were real. I said that they probably were, considering that this was a police station. After that, I noticed another door on the opposite side of the bar area from the door that lead to the police station area, but it wasn't the door that I had originally came in from.

Upon entering that door, I found myself in this mall/food court area that had many people in it. I began calling out for Goku, and walked around, but soon "Goku" was replaced by me now calling out for Yuuka. I don't know why I started calling out her name, but I kept thinking that I was still looking for Goku.

I walked through the food court, still shouting for Yuuka. I saw some person who had a football jersey on, and on the back of it said "Yuuka Kazami's wrath" I didn't think much of it at the time, and kept on walking.

Eventually, as I was walking, I saw Yuuka, who was sitting down on a bench wearing football gear. I didn't even realize that it was her, and just kept on walking. It was a few moment after that when I woke up.


I've been playing a lot of budokai 3 lately.


Another update.

94: I was walking around in a shopping mall with some other girl, I don't quite remember how I knew her in the dream, but I came across some large plushies of Yuuka. The girl said that she would buy them for me, and I was very excited. I don't really remember anything else that happened.


Haha I love this one.




Update time. Only five more to 100

95: I was walking down some street, then I did a reality check. A purple van was about to crash into me, but I just stuck out my hand and just said "no", and it corrected itself and kept going down the road.

I tried to get Yuuka to appear, but all that happened was that the people around me were now wearing her clothing and hairstyle. I didn't like that very much, as I just wanted to see a 2d Yuuka. So then I tried to make Yuuko from Muv Luv appear, but the same thing happened. There was a bunch of people now wearing a lab coat with purple hair.

Frustrated, I just decided to enter some building to my left, which turned out to be this very nice chateau. I walked around, went up the stairs, and suddenly realized that I had rented a room there. I got into my room on the second floor, it was all chrome and very futuristic looking. I saw someone carrying a dakimakura around, and I just assumed that it was my roommate. I woke up about then.


96: I was watching some kind of play in a shopping mall, I don't remember much about it other than I saw Yuuka in it. After the play was over, I wanted to talk to her, but I was too shy.



97: I was at a park somewhere and I was walking around dressed as Reisen. All of a sudden, Eirin walked by in front of me and I turned around to see the rest of Eintei, which included Kaguya, Tewi, and another Reisen, who was actually a black man dressed as Reisen.


Update time. I had back-to-back Touhou dreams.

Only one away from 100!

98: I was investigating an old, abandoned underground complex or something like that. I asked the "commander" of the operation where Eirin was, they didn't know, but after a few seconds of looking around I spotted her. Apparently, she was my squad mate and she carried a giant rifle with a flashlight, but I didn't have any weapons. We went through a door, on the way to whatever it was that we were investigating, and came to this flooded cafeteria. There was trash and dead bodies everywhere. My vision went to third person, and I could now see that Eirin herself was invisible, but the gun that she was holding was still there. It was all very dark in there except for where she was pointing her flashlight.

About a minute in, some of the dead bodies started to reanimate into necromorphs/zombies and started to attack us. Eirin quickly took them put with great precision.

I don't remember touch what happened after that.

99: In space, there was this giant stadium that people went to to see football/baseball games. Meiling decided that she was going to unleash a giant monster to terrorize the crowd that had gathered at the stadium. She pulled open the top to a large vase, and vines started growing from it.

When that happened, Meiling started to second guess whether it was a good idea for her to have done that. She looked fearful. The vines that grew out overtook her, then the camera panned out to the stadium. A moment later, it was revealed that Yuuka was in fact the monster, and she was now at least twice as tall at the stadium. Vast amounts of vines grew below her and they attacked all the people who were at the stadium.

The dream ended right around there.


This is it folks. I am now the Touhou Dream Master. My dream of attaining 100 Touhou dreams has finally come true.

100: I was playing Rising Storm, and I was running around at night as a Japanese soldier, stabbing people with my glow in the dark box cutter. It then switched to late day, and I started shooting at Russians in some shelled out village, with my g41, aiming with my Xbox controller somehow, even though I was holding the gun in my hands.

I went to the "main menu" and I noticed that it was a character selection screen. There was Komachi and Reimu to choose from, and I chose Komachi. I then became her, and was teleported to a very snowy area. I had a gun that looked like a white seashell. I ran around on a rooftop for a few moments before I woke up.


File: 1373093480216.jpg (92.28 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_mn23wiXCim1q….jpg)

Good God.


Yes. It is in fact time for a celebration of gargantuan size.


Time to start my quest for 200.

101: I was going down a back alley during the day in a big city, and I was with Yuuka, and we jumped over a gate together. She ran into another gate ahead of us, and she turned into a miniature version if herself who was driving a tiny car. She drove off somewhere I couldn't see.

After that, I climbed over another fence and found Mamizou and Yukari. They were talking to each other about something, and then I saw a big sign over Mamizou that appeared, saying that she was a "veteran dog".

The rest of the dream was about going through some lockers that had pictures of guns that some devs wanted to add into a WWII game they were making.


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>300+ pounds
>vaulting fences

It's good to see you're still the same delusioned Hitler I grew to love and respect.


Ignoring obvious trolls, I've got a couple of updates!

102: I was on some kind of adventure with a group of superheroes into this city. I was on watch for one of these evil doubles of this woman who was part of the group. She looked like the gothic type with designs of webs on her dress.

When we entered an area that was a place in the open just for selling clothes, I spotted her evil double. She was wearing the same dress, but with inverted colours. I tried to tell everyone to move quickly, but something happened and all the "bad guys" spotted us. We ended up all having to disperse.

I ran into this food court area, and when I got to a table, this cutscene appeared, it was a woman in front of me being targeted and shot in the head with a laser in slow motion. Her skull split in really slow motion, the the laser began targeting me. I dove for cover, and I was able to get behind a wall. Safe, I went through some doors that lead to a parking lot there were a bunch of soldiers there shooting at some people. One of them tossed me this giant gun that was supposed to be a shotgun, but I dropped it, and it broke.

I walked back to the food court area and this time there was a woman and three kids that were in front of me who all were shot in the head, but again I dove, this time towards where the laser was coming from, which was from a small window, I got to where to laser couldn't hot me right under the window.

There was a door to the left that lead into the back room which is where the "control room" for the laser was. I fought with this big guy who was at the controls, and eventually through him onto them and everything short circuited and he died.

When I walked out of the control room, I was in sole kind of bookshop, and there was this "magician" who through these tiny kettles on the floor that released some kind of gas. I tried to breathe through my shirt to have some kind of filter as I tried to run out of the shop before I breathed in too much of the gas. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold my breath long enough and breathed in too much. After a few seconds, I noticed that books in the shelf were turned around, and all had a green spine, they were all originally facing the wrong way to begin with.

I started to panic a little, and I ran out of the bookshop back to the food court area, and sat down at a table right in front of the bookshop. The magician came out and sat there too. I asked him if the effects were permanent, and he told me they were. I then asked him if there was anything that could be done to reverse the effects. He asked his son to go back into the bookshop and get something.

When he returned, he had this piece of cardboard shaped like a small mirror. He told me to cover one eye with it, and it'll return my vision back to normal.

When I covered my left eye, I noticed that in my right eye, that I could see so much better. Everything was much more crisp and clear, and had more depth of colour than before. I did the same with my right eye, and everything was perfect.

Right after that, an army of zombies came out of the back room and the bookstore. Most of them past is, but this one large black zombie came to close and I began to fight it off. I noticed that Suika was sitting at the table, and I asked her for help. She went behind the zombie, and I punched the zombie in the face, but my fist became stuck there. Suika smashed the zombie's face through my fist, and the top part of its head just fell off. My fist was now stuck in its head.

After a couple of seconds, the zombies head started to repair itself, but I couldn't pull my hand out.

Then, there was a flash of gunfire, and the zombie disintegrated. I sprinted for the parking lot, and that's when I saw this guy, who had a clown mask and biker garb. He had two guns on him, and I figured he was the one that shot the zombies. He told Suika and I to come to his car so we can escape. I woke up before we got to his car.


103: Apparently I had won a trip to the Congo, and I was staying at some sort of upscale hotel. When I went to the pool area, a giant lion appeared, and everyone including me ran and jumped the gates/fences to get away. After a minute, I guess someone had shot the lion and everything went back to normal. I walked around until I found a stand. It was selling doujins and figures. There was a Sanae doujin and some figures of Yuuka that piqued my interest. However, as I was trying to get the correct amount of money out of my pocket, the guy who owned the stand closed it for the night.

I don't quite remember what happened right after that, but for some reason, I got Freddy Krueger's gloves with the blades in them. I was jumping around this city, using the blades to stick to walls of tall buildings, and climbing them. I soon came across an apartment which looked empty at first. I walked around and opened drawers and stuff.

That's when I found out that it was the apartment of the guy that was selling the figures and doujins. I found the Sanae doujins and a couple of the Yuuka figures. That's also when the guy came in the same room, and looked very frightened of me. I told him that everything was ok, and that I'd pay for the figures and the doujin. I took out the money from my pocket, gave it to him, and took the figures and the doujin.


Had two Touhou dreams one right after the other. Here they are.

104: I was watching an MAD in my dream, I'm not sure what the song was, but on every note, the person in the clip used to make all the sounds changed. They were all Touhous.

The ones that I remember were Daiyosei, Byakuren, Sanae, Yuuka, Eirin, and Reimu.

105: I was in some kind of adventure and I was told by someone( I keep thinking that it was Yukari), that I had to get Yuuka's attention and have a danmaku battle with her.

So I went to her flower fields and I was blowing up these various farm machines there with a Panzerfaust. Eventually, she came out, and there was this cutscene about her telling me that I couldn't be more dominant than she was, and that she was going to show me her true power.

Then everything changed into me actually playing Touhou. I controlled some character ( it looked kinda like Reimu but in black and white) and battled Yuuka(who was also in black and white). The controls were pretty smooth for being in a dream, and I was weaving through bullets and stuff pretty easily. Even so, I did die a couple of times.

I woke up during the danmaku battle.


Looks like I'm on a roll. Another update.

106: There was some sort of racing tournament going on, there was this huge course that we had to drive through. I was using a keyboard to drive the car and not actual car controls. At the end of the course I had to get out and throw these dimes that were on a string into a trash can before anyone else did.

After that, apparently we were going to do the race again, except this time in teams.

I sat down on the ground in front of this giant screen that was going to show who was on who's team. Cirno and Yoshika were on my team according to the screen. They both came over to me, Yoshika stood right in front of me, bent down so her face was really close to mine, and kept poking my shoulder until I woke up.



107: in this dream, I was at the Hakurei shrine, and Reimu had somehow died. It looked like Yukari was crying in the background, but as the "camera" zoomed in closer to her, she was laughing. Then, I saw Sanae appear right in front of me, then Yukari killed her by shooting some danmaku into her stomach. Something else happened but I can't seem to recall anything past Sanae.


Another update:

108: I was exploring some kind of large, abandoned building. I saw Flandre go through two sets of sliding double doors, and lock them behind her. I went over to the sliding doors, and even though they were locked I was able to open them. She told me not to follow her when I went through the first set of doors, but I decided to go through the second set of doors anyway.

On the other side of the door was this huge hall, everything was chrome lined and there were was something like a bunker that was made out of steel right in front of me.

I went to the left, and that's when I saw Flandre again. She was wearing a white sweater and didn't have her hat, but she still had her very distinct wings. She started walking towards me, saying that she was going to punish me for following her. I quickly turned around and walked at a fast pace to the other side of the bunker.

At the other side, there was a huge entrance into the bunker. It was very dark, and I hesitated there for a few seconds, wondering if it was a good idea to enter. But during those few seconds, Flandre had caught up to me, an quite forcefully pinned me to the ground in a split second front behind. I was face down on the ground, and she held onto both of my arms tightly behind my back. I struggled, but she was very much stronger than I was. She pressed the right side of her face against the left side of mine, and she began to giggle. Her hands and her cheek were very cold.

I woke up before anything else happened.


Update time.

109: I was some sort of detective, and I was moving into a new office. Someone had made me a painting of Yuuka who was wearing an old British admiral style outfit. I was very happy and excited.

After that I had discovered a giant block of ice, and there was someone's body inside of it. I chiseled at the ice with this pocket sized ice pick, and I uncovered the cell phone of Jackie Chan, and I guessed that the body in the ice was probably him. I tried to figure out why he was dead and how he got there, but I didn't really get anywhere.

110: I was in an abandoned, old office building, and I needed to make a torch because I didn't have any flashlights. I bunched up some straw around a stick and lit it on fire with a match. Then, for whatever reason, I saw Marisa, who seemed who be made out of a dark clay( I couldn't really tell the exact colour because it was still pretty dark even with my torch) . She got on her broom which wasted entirely out of straw, and flew away.


Another update:

111: I was in what I believe to be in some sort of inter-dimensional rift, something I can't really describe. Everything was beige except for this room that I happened upon, inside of it, I found Yuuka, whom for some reason I had to wrestle with. I was very hesitant at first, because I knew how powerful she was, but eventually I came in close and wrapped my arms around her in an attempt to bring her to the ground.

Of course, she quickly countered, and I was the one on the ground in a split second, and she had the heel of her shoe pressed firmly against my chest.

There was a flash of light, and I was back on my feet. Yuuka was gone, and I went through a door that was in the room, which led to some stairs. At the top of the stairs was Hina, whom I needed to wrestle as well. The same exact thing happened when I attempted to grapple her as well, however, I woke up this time after I was on the ground.

112: I was in my house, and apparently I had a few people over. I heard some people talking over at my kitchen, so I went over there.

I found a bag of donuts/ some kind of pastry on the counter, and there was some girl there as well. She told me that Mokou had bought those and that she would be angry if I took any without telling her.

Mokou was laying down on an inflatable bed, whistling. I went over to her and she said I could have a little piece of the pastries if I wanted. So the other girl and I split one of the pastries. It tastes like chocolate.

After that, Mokou started sweeping the place, still whistling, and I woke up.


Another update:

113: I was walking outside of a house in an unknown neighborhood, and I remembered to do a reality check. It was very dark, and I at first tried to make it sunny outside but I couldn't change it. I then tried to make Yuuka appear, but that didn't work either at first. I saw a baby elephant knock on someone's door and they let it in. There was a dog inside and it chased the elephant back out and ran at me, and I levitated far enough off the ground so I wouldn't get bit.

I flew around the neighborhood a little while, then I went back down to the ground, calling out for Yuuka. I walked alone for a about a minute, calling out her name. Then some people started to finally come in and socialize in the area I was in, I ignored all of them on my quest to find Yuuka. As I kept calling out her name, I began to wonder if I was actually calling out her name in real life as I was sleeping, as I was lucid.

Eventually, I did find Yuuka, her green hair, plaid dress and pale skin gave her away. We locked eyes, and she began to walk towards me, and I to her.

She seemed very excited, and asked me if I knew that it was her.

Before I could answer, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and engaged in a very passionate kiss with me. All the other people disappeared and I closed my eyes, all I could think about now was that we were together at last and I was happier then I had ever been.

I even though we were standing a moment ago, I now felt like I was on the ground with her on top of me, and we were still engaged in our kiss.

After another few minutes of that, the dream kinda degenerated into me watching someone play some Nintendo game with my eyes closed, as I had lost my lucidity.


A couple of updates.

114: I was in some spaceship playing a fighting game that had Marisa in it. I was controlling her and beating up some other characters which I did not recognize.

Apparently because I was beating everyone else, a major component of the ship disappeared(A large fleshy black and orange egg looking thing, that was supposed to be the power supply). So, in order to find it, I had to use this device that was in the bridge.

The device was some console that was on the wall, it had some Aztec-like engravings on it and a tiny hole in the center of it. I looked into the hole, and said aloud, "show me the way" a couple of times, then some light came out of it.

The next thing I knew I was in a completely different ship, this one a lot more dark with almost no light. Someone started talking to me, it was a single celled organism that I couldn't see, but it was communicating telepathically to me. It spoke of how unjust larger creatures were to single cell organisms and some other gibberish. I woke up while it was talking to me.

115: In a Gensokyo which kinda looked like a lighter version if the Zone from the Stalker games, there was two Touhous, Yukari and Sanae, had an alternate version of themselves. The alternate Yukari wore a plain white shirt, a darker coloured hat, and pants. The other Sanae looked identical to the normal one.

The Yakumo family was split up because of this, the normal Yukari was always out having an affair with the other normal Sanae. When it switched to one of the "scenes" where they were having sex, I could see that Yukari was a futa.

Right after that, it switched to another scene with the other Sanae and Yoshika, and they were having sex, I couldn't really tell if either of them was a futa or not, as that "scene" was a single still image from above.

Next, Ran was flying above some trees, then the other Yukari flew right into her and tried to engage in intercourse with her while they were flying. Together, than kinda "crashed" down into an abandoned guard post, where they continued to have sex. Both of them were futas.

When that was over, it fast forwarded a view months and the normal Yukari was holding a baby, which had green hair and a bow in her hair. She was flying over to the Yakumo residence with it, which was an abandoned military outpost.

When she got there, the other Yukari and Ran were standing out in front. Yukari was holding another baby, which had dark hair and a red ribbon in her hair(could have been Reimu or Chen?). The two Yukaris talked to eachother for a minute, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I was thinking that it was words of parting. Then, the normal Yukari started giving everyone a hug, starting with her alternate self. A black man with an Afro rolled in with a red car, and Yukari gave him a hug as well for whatever reason.

When she finished, she flew away into the distance with her green haired baby. The dream ended there.


Finally. A couple of updates.


I was in some kind of plaza where there was lots of people, and I was sitting down drawing pictures of Yuuka. Most of the pictures were already done, I was just finishing up some of them.

117: After having my shoe stolen and replaced in some store, I boarded a large military jet right outside as it was taking off.

I was right outside the pilot's cabin, and I could hear some chatter on the radios. I started to walk down towards the end of the plane, I noticed that there was these doors on the right side, which I thought where the other personnel on the plane where sleeping/resting during the flight.

One of the doors opened ahead of me, and I thought I was going to get caught, but it closed a few seconds later.

Upon reaching the backside of the plane, I opened the cargo hold door and I saw that we were still very close to the ground. I looked around and decided to carefully move myself along this very wide ledge around the plane which held several gun turrets. I jumped off the plane, and landed in a shopping center, there was dead bodies of swat teams everywhere. I picked up their guns, which was the carbine and revolver from Resistance: Fall of Man.

I went inside one of the shops, and there was a guy holding the owners at gunpoint, trying to get them to open a door which would lead to the safe. I pointed my gun at him and tried to fire, but there was something wrong with the trigger. They opened the door and he ran in.

I followed him, and by the time I caught up with him, he already had the money in his hands. I tackled him and had him in a half nelson on the ground.

While I had him pinned, another seat team came in and congratulated me on apprehending the guy all by myself. But for some reason, one if the swat members thought it would be a good idea to see me catch the guy again, and let him go.

The guy started to run, then turned into some kind of black lightning. I saw this lightning enter Marisa's body, and then the space around her started rippling and distorting. The black lightning launched out of her and into Reimu, who was across the room. Now the whole room was starting to distort, and they were charging some kind of energy attack to throw at me.

I woke up before anything else happened.


Alright, it's time for an update:

118: I remember looking at a picture book that only had Yuuka in it.

119: I was playing some kind of eroge which had Yuuka, Kanako, and Sanae in it. Yuuka and Kanako were nekomimis.

I must have been watching the OP/browsing the cg as it was cycling through still images of the three girls. Yuuka's hair was a little longer than usual, and the tips of her hair were red. The pictures of Yuuka were of her sitting in the mc's lap and her walking into a restaurant

Sanae was in a large cardboard box and she was naked. I didn't know it was Sanae until it showed a an image of her really up close to her face that showed off the frog in her hair. The pictures of her were different poses in the box with a white background.

When it came to Kanako, she was on the mc's lap in a dark room. Then she became animated, and she began touching her breasts.A few moments later, she started talking to me, asking me if I wanted to be in the game or something like that. Although I didn't say anything, I could see a little sprite, which I thought was myself, climb into a game boy and into another world.

I remember being in a bar, and someone asked me if I wanted to be in a photo shoot and it would pay like 3k dollars. I said ok, then I got teleported to a place that looked like a classroom. There were other people with me, all girls who had yellow raincoats and guns. I woke up some time around then.


After a long break with no Touhou dreams, I have finally returned with an update:

120: as I was passing by the bathroom inside of my house, I saw Reisen and another person standing inside. I went over to them, wondering what was going on.

The other person said that by waving your hand over Reisen's head you could see through her eyes. It was at that time when I glanced towards the door I just came through and found that outside was the bamboo forest.

Turning my attention back to Reisen, I waved my hand over her head and closed my eyes. Immediately I could see some psychedelic closed eye visuals, and a pair of eyes appeared in the right in the center. I opened my eyes again a few seconds later


Another update rolling out:

121: I had forgot something on my trip to Germany from California (Germany was only an hour drive away but then you had to walk across an Alice in wonderland-esque 2d world which took a few minutes.), so when I got back to my house I made myself a lunchbox of some Chinese food and checked the air conditioning panel.

On it, I could see who the last users were. I noticed that both Sanae and Yuuka had been using it since I was gone, and they had little avatars of themselves showing up on the panel.


Update time. Hopefully this is a turning point and I can go back to having these often again:

122: Byakuren was laying on my bed and I saw her use some kind of portal that looked like a miniature galaxy and she disappeared .

Kogasa was around and I asked her to create the same portal so I can go wherever Byakuren went. It was at that point that I learned that the portals or had to do with something about the stages in a Touhou game.

Kogasa went into my room and she created the portal. I walked in and noticed that she was gone herself, so I touched the portal with my right hand. My body started fading out, and I payed down on my bed and shut my eyes tight.

A moment later some entity straddled me, and I couldn't open my eyes to see who it was. Whoever it was proceeded to engage in a rough foreplay with me, and I still couldn't open my eyes. I felt a large pair of breasts pushing down against my chest, lips interlocking with my own, slender and cool hands holding me down. Something kept telling me it was Byakuren.

Suddenly I began slowly open my eyes, and at that moment whoever it was quickly pulled away and disappeared before I could see them. I was still in my room, the portal gone now.


I remember that one time Cirno was in my dream. She was at the top of a water slide, but she wasn't in a swimsuit or anything, and she was just standing there not doing anything.


File: 1397264792196.png (254.97 KB, 800x533, lovemachine.png)

I had a dream a long time ago with Reimu, Marisa, and Reisen. We were on a road trip to somewhere but then a black helicopter came out of nowhere and started shooting at us. We swerved off the road, rolled the van, and then ran off into the bush in all directions. I remember having a gun and just running through the forest for my life because I couldn't shoot danmaku, then I started worrying if they got shot and died, and then I woke up.

What does it mean?


It means you should stop being a hippy. Or something.

I got a few updates though:

123: I was playing some kind of modern fps, but the models for some of the soldiers were touhous. On my team, Yuuka was the squad leader and Tenshi was another soldier. I died initially to artillery then respawned and became squad leader for a different squad.

124: I was walking around some frozen landscape, toward a castle that was apparently held by the Russians. When I got there, some chaos space marines came out and fought me and my group, who were some normal space marines. I grabbed a power hammer and killed a few of them.

After the fight I walked around the inside of the castle, and I did a reality check.

Now lucid inside my dream I called out for Yuuka, and after a few seconds, she came running to me. I held her hand(which was cold) and she sat down at a large table that was in front of us. I also called out for Yuyuko just for the fun of it, and she came as well. I was completely shocked by the level of detail in how they looked.

I sat down next to Yuuka and Yuyuko sat on a chair on my other side. I kept asking Yuuka if it's really her, but she stayed silent. I held both of their cold hands.

I then made the mistake of closing my eyes while I was saying, "You guys are the best ever!", and I had a false awakening, because of which I lost my lucidity.


you can bet your ass reimu and marissa could dodge a simple helicopter arsenal lol. And Reisen would take it down.


Got some new updates:

126: I was on the edge of a giant bed on some planet. Then some an invasion of little alien creatures were coming, and I just hid under the covers.

After they were gone, some Orks from 40k came down on a spaceship and found me. I tricked them into thinking I was a warboss from another clan and took over their spaceship.

From there we went to a human special operations center on another planet. Apparently, they needed our help with infiltrating a base that had been taken over by something.

To infiltrate they had these solid hologram projectors that a person could use to project themselves somewhere else that had the projectors there as well. The team we sent consisted of several humans, one of them was a woman who was supposed to be a very elite soldier, and a single ork kommando.

Thy encountered some kind of monster that was using the projectors itself, and I tried to get everyone to disconnect as quickly as possible because this particular monster could keep a person from coming back if it came in contact with other people using the holograms. Everyone got out except for the elite soldier human, and we couldn't do anything except watch her be enveloped by the monster and tortured to death.

I walked out of the command center into another room, and that's when a screen came up in my vision. It was like some kind of objective screen to show what I had to do/what other people needed my help with. All I can really remember from it clearly was a pixel art Yuuka(she even had her parasol). My primary objective was to be with her.

After the screen went away some guys wanted a fight outside the building we were in, but I woke up.



Forgot 125

125: I was in some classroom and there was a sheet of paper I was working on that had pictures of Okuu and Satori and I had to write their names in Japanese.


Another update:

127: Yuuka and I were driving along in a truck in some mountainous countryside, and we spotted some weed plants on the side of the road. Yuuka decided to use her powers and make them grow tall with giant buds. We picked them and put them in the truck, and I drove to the nearest dispensary.

Once there we sat down together at the front desk donated the weed to some weird little guy who owned the dispensary, and we got a few thousand dollars in compensation in return.

I hugged Yuuka and thanked her for doing what she did earlier.

She told me that there was only one thing she wanted in return, and that was to consume my flesh.

I woke up as she leaned over me.


Update time.

128: I had just moved into a new house. There was a river about 75 feet wide in front of the house, and another house facing ours on the other side.

I was out in the open and Yukari started shooting at me from the windows of that other house. So I began strafing and shooting back with my kar98 and managed to score about 3 hits, before Yukari left and then Yuuka appeared and began throwing parasols at me.

I'm not sure I got hit, but I remember leaving my body and seeing Yuuka in 3rd person throwing the parasols.

I remember wondering where she was getting all those parasols from, and a voice(of whom I am pretty sure it was Yukari's) telling me that Youkai like Yuuka can simply materialize small things like that very easily.

I woke up right after that.


I should point out that prior to this dream I became lucid in the previous dream, but I was unable to make Yuuka appear or anything else happen before I woke up.


I just had another lucid dream, and despite calling out for Yuuka, she did not come like in 124 or 113.


Time for an update:

129: this is the very beginning of an extremely long dream so the recollection of the Touhou part is a little tough.

Somehow wriggle had acquired Yuuka's powers, and was firing off huge beams of energy everywhere. Suddenly I became that wriggle and I walked into a bakery. I was going to get some sweets for myself but Yukari gapped everything away as I reached the counter.

I looked around for her and found a table in a dark corner that had everything that had been taken. I saw somebody there eating, but I couldn't tell if it was Yukari or Yuuka. Either way, I knew I was going to get owned if I stuck around so I quickly walked out of the shop and away.

After that the dream became some spy story that was at least 45 minutes of solid action and me fumbling with a pistol that only worked half the time.


It's update time.

130: I was riding a bike around my city, looking for a particular restaurant. I went inside some place at a strip mall, I think it was an Italian restaurant, but not the one I wanted to go to.

There was a a really long table that had desktop computers on the back wall that stretched into another room. Instead of mice, there were cookies that had weird 3d shapes on them.

One cookie in particular caught my attention, it was one that had Sanae's face in it. She was also wearing a visor like Cyclops from x-men, but it was white.

I asked somebody who made those cookies, and some woman told me that they were baked in 1956.

I woke up right around then.



131: I was in a large shopping mall. I had some kind of rifle.

There was a large model train that had Cirno's face on it that went around the mall making weird noises, and apparently I was supposed to shoot the Cirno train because it makes this thing blocking a small tunnel that was only big enough for me to crawl through push itself back for a set amount of time,. This revealed a bar of some sort that was wrapped in plastic.

After picking the bar up, I went to a different part of the mall, and there was some people that were hollering out to me trying to pick a fight.

I walked over to them and one big guy picked up one of the shelves and tried to bludgeon me with it, but I wrestled it away from him and clocked him a good one on the chin which put him on the ground.

Woke up a little bit after that.


132: I saw Yuuka at the very beginning of this dream. Her dress was a very bright red.

After seeing her for a moment, I was inside of some office building, and I walked around. As I was walking about, some stairs appeared out of thin air in the middle of the hallway, but only lead to about halfway up to the tall ceiling.

At first it looked like the stairs lead to nowhere, but when I was directly under them, I could see that they in fact lead to some hidden room.

I walked up these stairs and into a small room of which the walls were made of a fleshy substance. I don't know if I saw Yuuka in there or not, but I do remember this room having something to do with her.

I walked back down the stairs back into the office building, and after that the rest of the dream kinda just broke down.


Hard to believe that it's happened again.

I was in some kind of military hangar, I did a reality check and realized I was dreaming. I tried calling out for Yuuka but she didnt show up before I was awoken by an itch about a minute into becoming lucid.


Now the opposite has just happened.

I was walking around ancient Rome, doing something. I had a dolabra.

Yuuka was calling out to me, but I didn't listen. I heard her voice while I was walking around/doing whatever but I didn't realize it was really her until I woke up.


Finally, an update…

133: I was inside Yukari's gap. Everything was dark blue/purple. I could see some kind of abandoned town inside of it.

Yukari was there too, but I can't seem to remember what we did/ if she said anything.


Sorry for the hiatus if anyone has been following. I do have a couple of updates. I forgot my trip though… I'll have to look for it.

134: I was in a an open field, and there was a rocket ship that was about to launch right in front of me. I was with some other guy I couldn't see, and went aboard somehow, tearing off a panel of the ship. There wasn't much inside, and the other guy had made it tip over. I think it exploded, but all I can remember is that these touhou related items (small round objects that had depictions of things like Sanae's frog clip or Kogasa's umbrella fell out of the sky.

I walked over somewhere else, and I saw Yuuka painting something, with Kogasa right next to her watching. My vision zoomed to the painting, and it was of Kogasa's umbrella standing by itself in a jungle like environment.


135:I was in a castle or some place like that, going up a winding set of stairs. Yukari was floating next to me, I forgot what she said to me exactly, but she was telling me that I had to go to some place, and that I had to do some kind of ritual to get there. I don't remember her voice, in fact I think we were communicating telepathically.

I know something else had happened, but I wasn't exactly sure, and I didn't remember until I had déjà vu in a later part of the dream. I ended up in this strange land, a building was on a hill to my left, and directly behind me was a large metal door I think, that was just there placed into the side of a mountain. Other than that, it looked like a grassy countryside with rolling hills, and I could see the "edges" of it, where there was nothing but sky beyond it, like I was in a video game map.

Yukari was floating next to me, but I don't remember what she said to me at all.

The next thing I remember was that I was in my house, and that I had to go to that strange place again. But, I didn't remember anything about it. All I knew was that I had to do something to make these tentacles come out of the sink in my bathroom, although I have forgotten exactly what it was.

After they started coming out I ran out of the bathroom, I had already knew that it was going to be painful to go through with this and let them take me to that other place.

Once I realized that I had no other choice and gathered enough courage, I went back into the bathroom.

The tentacles grabbed me and lifted me into the air, I was in some pain, but not as much as I had imagined. Then one of them grabbed/attached itself to my man parts and then everything around me started to fade away, and I began falling through the floor. I was dropping into that place that I had described before, falling slowly into a corner of the "map".

As soon as I landed, these robot "things started following/swarming around me, I ran to the building on the hill as fast as I could to try to escape them. The building was just a singular room, it looked futuristic the walls were metalic and there were electronic consoles. There were guns and things on he floor for me to pick up. All I had to do was run over them to get them without actually grabbing them.

The robots were piling up outside the door, creating a wall of themselves trying to block me from going back outside. I used the guns to push them back, and I ran for the other door I had mentioned.

This time the door was just a normal wooden one, I opened it and ran inside. The interior was white and kinda sci fi looking, there was a metal door with some kind of lock I was supposed to figure out, but I was still worried about the robots following me.

I thought about locking the door behind me to prevent them from coming in, but someone(I'm going to assume that it was Yukari) telepathically told me that they made it so I wouldn't be able to lock it as part of the challenge this time around.

Suddenly, an Asian looking man and a black man appeared, and I was supposed to fight the Asian guy to proceed.

We went back outside, but the robots were gone. We all squared up, the Asian guy tried to intimidate me with his Martial arts moves and stood right in front of me, while the black guy was facing some other guy I couldn't see.

I tried to fight, but there was something wrong with my legs and I couldn't move them at first, so we grappled and I twisted the Asian guy's arms, and once I had them locked I was able to kick him twice in the chest.

We were still grappling when I woke up.


136:I was stuck in some kind of a special facility that was disguised as a regular large and old house, with these other people, one of them I used to know in real life. However, among them were two succubi that had taken the form of normal humans, but for some reason I knew what they were.

We were all together in a family room, watching something on tv, people were getting up and moving about sometimes, I tried looking for a seat next to one of the succubi, but they were already taken. One of them got up anyways.

I talked to this one guy, but I forgot exactly what he said, but I thought that he was too "intuitive" and I noted it to one of the succubi, and they agreed with me.

At some point we all had to sit down, but the one guy was missing, and I had to go find him.

I went to the back of the family room where a metallic door automatically opened for me as I approached it. I had entered the laboratory/secret facility part of the house.

I walked down a ramp and I had picked up some kind of futuristic semi automatic battle rifle, and suddenly these black aliens/robots teleported with some kind of black energy all around me.

At that moment I knew that guy who I was following was an alien, and I had to dispatch of him as quickly as possible.

The black alien/robot things started shooting at me, but I managed to kill them all with the rifle I had picked up.

I noticed a small alien attempting to get away in some vents, and I assumed that was the guy I was looking for. I went after him in the vents, which were like a maze.

I tried to follow him as quickly as I could, but he managed to block me from following him after crawling somewhere in the vents and locking a vent closure behind him.

I tried going into some kind of "map view" to locate another route but it wasn't any good.

I don't quite remember what happened right after that, but at some point I was in my own house, and I could hear someone singing in the shower upstairs.

As I approached, I could hear two distinct voices arguing with one another, both in separate showers. I realized that one was a Succubus, and the other one was Yuuka.

I can't exactly describe/remember what happened when I opened the door to where one of them was, but some moments afterwards I could see them both laying on a bed, waiting for me to be in the middle between both of them. The Succubus had long blonde hair(I don't remember any other details. Upon further post-dream reflection, I admit the possibility that it could have been Yukari.), and Yuuka looked like her normal self.

I cuddled up with them and then everything felt like it was melting, but I felt safe at the same time. I woke up sometime around then I think.


On a special note, I have to point out that the previous dream I had, right before this one, I had dreamt of two succubi. However those were in 2d, meanwhile the ones in 136 were 3d at first, then after the shower scene, one of then became 2d. If in fact the blonde haired one was a succubus and not Yukari. it was too fuzzy to recall the details necessary.


It's update time.

137: I was in a school setting, I was planning on being late on purpose but I decided to go to class anyways.

I gave my teacher a cd that had touhou songs on it(although I had no idea what songs were on it exactly.)

I sat down and did some work, although I done in less than ten seconds. from then on I just sat back in my chair and listened to the touhou music, all of the tracks were remixes I have never heard before, although the only one I can distincly remember was one using Byakurens theme and I whistled along. It was a vocal song with a female singer I haven't heard before, with lyrics I had never heard before. It was in Japanese so I couldn't understand it.


That's really interesting, that you're able to hear music in your dreams. Especially if it's a song you've never heard before. Your imagination must be really vivid.
I mean, the extent my dreams can go is pretty cool… But I can't remember ever having a dream with music in it. My dreams have very vivid visuals and stories, but not music. I wonder if that's because my imagination is more geared towards those things?
Anyways, I just think that's kinda cool. Never heard of a dream with music before.


Thanks. My dreams sometimes have cool plot lines too, or follows something from the previous dream.

Anyways, here's an update:

138: I was trying to escape from some group of three people who were coming after me with guns near some abandoned industrial building. I had a bow and arrow and I picked off two of them easily, but the third person I found out was Yukari.

She had a bow and arrow too, and we spent the next 20~ seconds dueling eachother and getting in and out of cover.

At the end, she almost got me in the leg, and when I tried running away from my last position she caught up to me and pushed me to the ground on my back. She didn't say anything when she was on top of me, but I had given up and said "okay okay, you win"

That's when I woke up.


I had a dream where I had died, and my soul drifted to Gensokyo where it was made flesh again. I arm wrestled with Suika and won

then she kicked my ass and I woke up


File: 1458264595654.jpg (69.22 KB, 1024x702, BRB_gensoukyou.jpg)

>I had a dream where I had died, and my soul drifted to Gensokyo where it was made flesh again.
That doesn't just happen in dreams, anon…


I've had a dream before where some 2d scientist women were trying to solidify my existence in their universe using some machine that acted like the one at the beginning of half life 2.


I was the end of some kind of mission, there was a 2d girl tied up at the entrance of a victorian area building in the middle of a modern city, and beyond that there was a castle that was about to blow up.

I had to defeat the last boss so I flew to the top of it, and that's when two 2d women who were on the castle started flying as well, one of them in a dark victorian era dress and the other one was Tewi.

I hit the one in the dark dress with an energy attack from afar with my hands, then Tewi threw some homing danmaku at me and I tried getting away but I woke up while I was dodging stuff.


Any tips on how to get more touhou dreams? I used to get them all the, over 130 entries is evidence of that, but what am I missing now?

Sorry I know it has been a while.


File: 1504832912232.png (259.66 KB, 620x640, 1498259891242.png)



From Desert Punk. The purple haired girl.


Hi guys. I'm noy sure why I haven't been able to recall more touhou dreams but I suppose it isn't a coincidence.

I will use various forms of meditation to get the ball rolling again.


I've finally had another after this long hiatus.

In actuality this dream occurred about a week and a half ago but I didn't get around to writing it here yet.


I remember being at the side of my old house, it had a really long driveway that extended past the house and into a garage in our backyard. There was a car parked in the part near the front of my home and I remember there was other people there but everything else became blurry when I gazed upon and beheld Yuuka there in front of the car. All I can remember from there is that we ran to eachother, embracing and engaging in a kiss, before I closed my eyes, I could feel myself leaving involuntarily from that scenario even though I wanted into last forever. I woke up after a few moments of the closed eye visuals.


I don't remember much, but I had a dream that my dad and I were out in some kind of strangez run-down, abandoned villiage (kind of like the Barracks Settlement but more primitave) and we went into some antique shop. Some Touhous were selling Christmas trees based off their colour schemes (Remi's was pink/purple/red, Reimu's was red/white, etc.), I had a hell of a time deciding which tree I wanted but I ended up getting Nitori's, which was green and blue. I can't remember what happened after I decided which tree I wanted.

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