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How does /yume/ deal with nightmares? Other than not sleeping.


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I just never have any.


Nightmares? I have them all the time, I just don't view them as nightmares any more.
There isn't much you can do about having nightmares so you might as well just get over it.


by not sleeping. or at least, trying to sleep for the rest of the night and failing.


I make stuff out of them.

Most of my characters / literature / game ideas and stuff are based on nightmares and normal dreams.


Nightmares are fun.


If you classify them as fun i doubt they are nightmares.


stop eating cheese before bed.


When I have nightmares and traumatic experiences in general, I involuntarily distribute how much bullshit I have to deal with on a day to day basis equally until the problem is dealt with.


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I like nightmares


Turn the dream into something sexual.


Being scared of going to bed for a few days, I guess. ;_;



No way this could go wrong, nope


i just kind of move on… i have them every night and am always lucid in the sense that i know it is a dream, but am completely out of control of my body and the situation. not really a solution but, there isn't anything i can do to solve it…


Haven't had one in a while.

I wish I had a reoccurring nightmare though, because then I would have a reliable dream sign to prompt me into lucidity.


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I read once that if you turn around and face your pursuer in a nightmare, it will become something innocuous.

It doesn't work.

I recall I was being chased through a dark forest by a large black panther made of shadow. Remembering what I read, I turned to face it. It, in turn, pounced on my face. This triggered some kind of emergency switch, and I was ejected so instantly from the dream that I woke directly into sleep paralysis.

I'll share with you a trick that works for me. It can be used to force yourself to wake up from any dream, if you remember to use it. Let your body fall forwards in the dream so your head smashes into the ground. You'll fall right out the "bottom" of the dream, disrupting it. If you then concentrate on waking up, you can force eject yourself. Otherwise, the dream will reinitialize into a different scene.

It also generally works to slam your face into a wall. I've been able to switch dream scenes either way. As your head approaches the solid object, there is a feeling of everything slowing down to a crawl as the dream "crashes", followed by a full body pins-and-needles sensation and a "fuzziness" as the dream state reboots itself.

Breaking dreams is one of the most interesting ways to manipulate them.


This is actually really helpful and interesting! I will try this if the situation arises.
The problem is that I'm often half-paralysed in my dreams, so it's hard to even try to fall.


If you're lucid enough to consciously do that, you might as well just turn around, hold out your hand, and order them to stop. You'd be surprised what will obey you in a dream.

Even if it doesn't "obey" you, it should slow to a crawl until it freezes in midair.


I've never thought of commanding something, but my response in the moment is to question the thing, either so to appease it or to tell it it's not authentically scary. I've found that sometimes whatever bullshit you spout at the monster (trust me, it's pretentious gibberish once you wake up and realise what you said) can end a nightmare on a triumphant note.

If you really get into the routine of this you do end up with dud nightmares though. Something stereotypically creepy happening in front of you and you anticipate a big fright only to wake up disappointed.


I never have nightmares. Sure, I've had dreams where my computer broke or something, but it would be interesting to have a few real nightmares from time to time…


I only have nightmares when i'm extremely stressed. Usually pertaining being completely alone or bugs.


"to face" was meant not in a physical sense.
face them with your will.
of course it didn't work as you were still scared.

be brave and face your fears. that is a true practice.


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>How does /yume/ deal with nightmares?


But it doesn't work if you don't use caps lock :P


I've reached a point where skepticism pervades my thinking process so much that I even question scary things happening in my dreams, and they stop being scary. For example I was dreaming about the devil jumping around my ceiling but all I did was just say 'Hmm' to myself a couple of times wondering about the validity of this dream. Theres an idea.

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