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Do you guys ever recall memories from previous dreams in dreams youre currently having? I do all the time, yet I never recall memories from my real life in dreams. They're always memories from dreams I've had in the past without fail. I even recall memories from dreams I've had a year ago. Does anyone else experience this?


I do, I even recall memories from dreams I had as a kid. About not recalling real life memories in dreams, I don't really know. I think I might, but I'm not too sure.


I experience both. Oftentimes I will enter old, completely original dream areas that I will remember, even if the last time I saw it in a dream was years ago. It's an awesome feeling. I do also have memories from real life in my dream, and sometimes they might mash with dream memories. Sometimes dream memories are false "prerequisite" memories, like if I just know or remember something about that dream, but it was obviously just put in there so I could understand it. Conversely, in real life I obviously have memories from dreams and from real life, and both types of memories memories affect the way I act in dreams and real life, so it's like a reciprocal determinism or something. Although, memories from my dreams will obviously not affect me much in the real world, so they're not "equal" in that way. Am I making any sense? I thought I was onto something here.


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I often have dreams where I remember things from previous dreams, and then I wake up and can't remember much except for that aspect. It can also manifest into a sort of continuation of a precious dream, very strange

I have also had recalled dreams and I had mistakenly thought were memories, people sure do look at you weird when you ask them "you remember when this happened" and it ended up being a dream you had


Yeah, that used to happen to me a lot, too. It first came in the form of a recurring dream where I'd be at my grandmother's place, and I would try to enter the upstairs guest room I'd sleep in, and there would be two lions on the bed. Every time I had a dream in that space, I'd know there were lions in there.


All of the above. When I was younger, I had a really fun set of dreams where I would explore this secret cave below a library, and since I remembered the other times I'd dreamed about it, I would cover new ground each time.

Remembering things from real life during dreams might be a bit of a weird case. I can't remember ever specifically remembering real-life events in a dream, but obviously those memories are there, because people and places I know in real life show up in my dreams.


File: 1456541665143.jpg (393.1 KB, 1920x1080, NewRetroArcadeV2_3.jpg)

aw man my dreams lately have been referencing old dreams a lot. I had a dream about discussing a dream I had in the fall with someone over the internet. and then I woke up and told them about it and realized I fulfilled the prophecy…

there's also some places that don't exist in reality but I keep ending up there in my dreams lately.
One is a weird shitty arcade place, like a wannabe chuckEcheese with no anamatronics, just an area with a half-assed ballpit and foam crap to climb on, an area with tables and chairs where you get served pizza, a couple arcade games, and then prize counter. The quality of the place is different every time but its still supposed to be the same place. Certain things will be in common but it will be either more or less legit. Like, the one time it was so shitty it was like 1 video solitaire machine and a plastic treasure chest with shitty plastic necklaces and it smelled like a dentist office and there was some tax evasion stuff being discussed behind a locked door. Another time it was just mediocre, like this place I had a birthday party at when I was a kid. in another dream it was a little cooler, more legit arcade machines, pacman and donkey kong and stuff. next time I had a dream there was a street fighter machine and I found a bucket of anime merchandise that somebody left on top of the machine. I took it and ran. It was a real cool arcade that time with good games and the whole "dark but with lots of cool neon lights and black lights" aesthethic like cosmic bowling.
The next time it merged with the building next door and expanded to have a movie theater. Otherwise it still had the same cool arcade that I found the free merch in last time.
I think the last time it was basically an anime convention being held in that building.
sort of cool seeing an invented location get a little cooler every time I visit it. I haven't been there in a few weeks, I'm curious to see if it would be even bigger and/or better next time. It started off as such a shady shithole.

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