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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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So every time I dream I have a pare of bat wings, but I was wondering if other people had some alternate form they took on in there dreams.

I did once dream that everyone in the world was transmutated into there true form; and it was awesome.

So I'm curious to here what you guys have to say.

in b4 othrekin thread


When I'm not simply myself, I'm usually either somebody else, or formless.

When I say formless, I mean I am literally nothing but vision and hearing, despite being conscious of myself and my surroundings, I have no body to control or look at, it's like being a phantom.

I did have one dream where I was a bee, though. It wasn't as fun as you'd imagine, since I was in a store and there were no people around and I got shot at by a bunch of lasers. There was also a dream where I was Youmu from Touhou, but that one was like 10 seconds long.

Also, make a new dream thread. Ubuuchan misses your goddess.


>>217 I think I get what your saying, except with me its more I know I'm a person, I know I have arms, legs, a head, ect. But I can't confirm weather or not its me in some dreams. I don't have any senses besides sight. And although I can interact with the world and I can think in complex (for a dream) ways. I still don't know weather or not its me I am or someone else.


File: 1319687278543.jpg (41.87 KB, 320x497, nope-4tzv7qhh3-146519-320-….jpg)

… you know how it is


I have no alternative forms. Literally, I'm always a human being, as I am right now. I guess that means I consider myself one so strongly there's no room for any other.


Every time I listen to a really good song and I get chills down my spine, I imagine myself growing a pair of great angelic wings.

I'm going to try doing that for real tonight.


Usually I'm myself in different clothing
but there are those rare times where I'm the opposite gender or an animal


Sorry for reviving this insanely old thread.

In dreams, I end up looking like my OCs.


So do I

But on occasion I'm either a neko or a loli. :|


I wish I had a cool appearance in my dream world, but in dreams I am wearing stuff that I wear before bed.


File: 1363375071410.png (227.75 KB, 634x452, untitled.png)

I'm always your stereotypical manga character, with blue, spiked hair with matching colored eyes and such.
the only difference is I have a pair of clear, crystal wings and a "corrupt" half of me which sports small, black eyes across the front of my face. (Insipred from the thing in the picture after watching an LP of Yume 2kki?)
I can also manipulate electricity in immense quantities of which I nearly destroyed a town after bringing a single bolt down.
I dubbed the form "Royal Lightning Wisp" because my small mind renders fairies and wisps similar beings and this form of mine reminds me of fairies but I called it a wisp because it sounds cooler and…

Please help me


File: 1363375511365.jpg (40.26 KB, 453x576, You+really+think+someone+w….jpg)


File: 1363459199330.jpg (3.45 KB, 125x122, imagesCA8J1L6R.jpg)

>implying the internet itself isn't a lie


File: 1364772769070.png (1.41 MB, 1000x861, 1319881673283.png)

i look like myself, but my hair's always a fucking hime cut. for years now. i've never had a hime cut, i don't WANT a hime cut. like i change my hair almost biweekly in real life, but dreaming, nope. always a hime cut.

other than that i don't pay much attention to what i look like. i rarely have the chance to see myself, at that.


s- sometimes i'm a cute blonde girl with curly hair. I don't know where that comes from though. Usually I'm just a kid - version of myself which is probably because I was raped as a child (this usually makes you child like and mature slower as my therapy has explained).


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