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Dream On!

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File: 1362791663281.jpg (33.19 KB, 513x391, 1361243399631.jpg)


So I've been having enough weird dreams lately that I figured I'd make my own thread for them. Feel free to take a shot at being Freud - your guess is as good as mine on what all this shit means.

Just last night I had a dream that I was washing my face at night and apparently didn't put enough moisturizer on, because my skin felt awful and itchy afterwards. I went to go do something else for a bit then came back to the bathroom to take a peek at my face, only to find two deep cracks in my skin. They weren't literally cracked like how a vase would be, they resembled what happens when you bend a rectangular eraser backwards and rip it, but not enough to break it. They were fleshy and surprisingly not bloody, but they burned even more intensely when I looked at them. Suddenly someone reached over and pulled on the skin, like they were trying to split my skin even further. Sure enough it did, and it burned even more, but there was still no bleeding. I started screaming and crying and someone handed me one of those pre-made face masks, and when I put it on it healed the gashes instantly. I joked about how important it was to stay hydrated.

I woke up in a cold sweat and slathered lotion on after my shower like my life depended on it. Fuck that dream. ;_;


File: 1362793159590.jpg (303.81 KB, 500x674, MEOWY CHRISTMAS.jpg)

I was sitting in the living room when my laptop got an incredibly horrible virus. It wouldn't stop emitting this horrible low pitched whine, and the fan rusted over and started rumbling around so much it almost shook the laptop off the table. I held it close and examined the desktop, which was pixelated and rusty looking. My background kept switching from pictures of alien propoganda, to abortions, to stonehenges, and other weird shit that had nothing to do with anything but still scared me for some reason. I kept trying to hit the mute button but the sounds it was making kept growing louder, as if irritated by my attempts. It got to the point where I was screaming and crying for it to stop, and my dad somehow rushed over and stuck something that resembled a cross between a shark tooth and an angel wing into the USB port (which for some reason was above the keyboard). After that, he pressed ctrl + alt + delete and the noise stopped long enough for me to look up the virus on what appeared to be a virus wiki. It explained that it was named the Rorschach virus and was caused by two html files; one named 20mus.htm and the other I can't remember except that it had an "l" in the name. It could be fixed by deleting those two files.


I want to point out that seems that in your dreams you have problems, really shit hard probles (I mean, that's what you feel in the moment) which you cannot solve by yourself, and then always someone else comes to help you (well at least with these two first dreams you told us about).

Maybe you feel you cannot face your own problems by yourself? Maybe you want to, but you don't have the oportunity.

Fuck, shit, I don't know. I'm not good at this kind of things.


File: 1362797199133.png (988.26 KB, 1377x862, 1361146207338.png)

>Maybe you feel you cannot face your own problems by yourself? Maybe you want to, but you don't have the oportunity.

Shit, you actually did kind of hit the nail on the head there. A lot of times I fantasize about not having to rely on anyone else and somehow making a fortune off of my l33t compooter skills and buying my own really nice artsy house with like 20 cats and not giving a fuck but in the end I always have to ask for help. I do present myself as a dyed in wool introvert/hikki but in reality I need affection and attention, which frustrates me for some reason, and then I get frustated that I'm frustrated…and this cycle repeats ad nauseam.

Thanks chsr, I think I had an epiphany.


File: 1362798382210.png (294.48 KB, 450x600, 「無題&#….png)


Glad to hear you found your anwswer.

Yep, I kind understand you. I apart myself from others, but I really need people like me to be with. I get frustrated because I'm not good at those things, and I am scared of ruin everything (because I uncounciously have a tendence to do it, plus a lot of bad luck and a distorted view of reality so I always end up fucking everything up).

I truthfully envy people who simply love and can be loved, or those who don't need love. Most, I envy those who can be happy.

>Thanks chsr


Don't know why this made me smile. Thank you, I needed it.


File: 1362801124923.gif (165.51 KB, 150x130, I VE BEEN LAUGHING FOR 85 ….gif)

I'm glad I made you smile! I'm also glad that someone understands my frustration.

In light of said happiness, a slightly happier dream I've had:
My dog was traveling around the world with a tiny Santa hat on, cuddling with kids that couldn't have dogs for whatever reason like some sort of Santa Paws. Since it was around Christmas, it was really cold and snowy (even though it's not usually snowy here) and I was sitting in my neighbors apartment having cocoa when I found him again, all curled up in the snow on one of her planters. I brought him in and wrapped him up in a blanket.

I recall I wasn't very stressed out at that point in time so maybe that's why I had such a cute little dream.


NEET dreams Chewky


File: 1362867258353.jpg (86.78 KB, 500x501, sekjfds.jpg)

Oh man, this was an embarassing and depressing one.
I met a blonde girl with twindrills who for some reason I didn't immediately recognize as Tomoe Mami. We hung out and became instant friends and then somehow became girlfriends and did lovey dovey stuff like sing each other songs and walk around the park and make out a little. Soon though she had to leave for some reason (probably meguca stuff) and told me she couldn't come back. I reached in my pocket to find a piece of paper I could write her number down on if I could ask her and could only find a dirty bandaid. This dirty bandaid somehow notified me that none of this was real, that Mami wasn't really my girlfriend and she wasn't coming back because she was going to die and I couldn't stop it. So I tore up the bandaid and walked away.
I walked to a bus stop to get home and was waiting for the bus I take every day (it looked exactly like it did in real life, only…kind of like an old man for some reason??) when a girl I used to know ran up and pointed out a funny looking double decker bus across the street. Upon further inspection, it had a full blown fancy resturant on the top, with chandaliers and tall ceilings and everything. I vowed to take Mami there if she ever came back.

Great, now I'm not just a waifufag, but a waifufag who's actually a fag. Thanks subconscious.


File: 1362949728941.png (112.9 KB, 480x280, 5(31).png)

Well, last night was horrible, so I had an equally horrible dream involving my worst nemisis - needles.
For some reason I was having surgery on my back to remove the lump in it (which is a very real issue for me in real life), and the procedure beforehand was to give me shots of liquid vicodin into my chest until I was so numb that I couldn't eat or think properly. I wasn't aware of this until a robot with my mom's haircut came up with a syringe filled with 5 ml of the liquid came up and put a dot on my chest to mark where they were going to administer the shot. I begged the robot doctor to apply a topical numbing cream (which is a ritual for me in real life too) and it did, but a bunch of other robot doctors came over and started bothering me with more needles so I ran out into the kitchen and told my sister about it. When I went to eat a bag of Doritos, she mentioned that the vicodin might make it taste bad.
I don't think I ever got around to having that surgery, I just wandered around my old house hopped up on drugs and running from doctors with needles.


File: 1362968595280.jpg (488.23 KB, 1600x1200, 1362611464624.jpg)


Aw shit I fucking hate needles too….

what a fucking nightmare it was….

>tfw no apropiate reaction


File: 1363053553205.jpg (96.7 KB, 616x461, P1080282.JPG)


Totally related to your nightmare: A huge needle fucked slow, deep and hardly my thumb 5mm under skin.


File: 1363106389380.png (2.19 KB, 135x144, 1362442779096.png)

HFGHJSHDF that's bad.

Also, another freaky dream with a little unique twist, in that it sort of…continued outside of my subconcious. I actually scrambled out of bed just a couple minutes ago just so I could type this up.

I was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon (which, for some reason, I could just force people to ride a broken Gravitron by taking the gondola and literally scooping them up and then placing the gondola back into its bearings and continuing the ride as usual) when my sister told me we were going to our friend's house because they had some pet rats for me like I apparently requested. Once we got there she and her friend decided to go shopping….at 8:30 in the morning. Regardless, I apparently had a shit ton of weed with me, and the BIC lighter that I actually have IRL (except the safety ring thingy was off of this dream one), so I went up and smoked a bowl out of my friend's new pipe (which he doesn't actually have, sad to say). Immediately afterwards though, the pipe blackened and shriveled up, and I puked in his trashcan. I ran to the bathroom, feeling like I was going to puke again, when I found his mom puking as well. The sink, the toilet, the fucking bathtub…all filled with puke. I apparently swallowed it (ew) and started to run down the stairs. This is where it gets fucking freaky. On each of the steps, there was a dismembered part of an animal - a white cat and a white dog - and it only dawned on me when I had reached the bottom step that HOLY SHIT THERE'S DEAD ANIMALS. I screamed so loud that an RPG style dialogue box popped up with the scream written out in partial English and partial Japanese. My friend and his mom ran over and were equally shocked, with his mom denying any of it was real. My friend pulled me aside so I could sit down and comforted me, promising in a weird mix of Spanish and Japanese that "he would make them pay…poor cat." I woke up so fast that I responded in real life, whispering "please hurt them" before I knew what was going on and still having my arms extended as if I was still holding onto him.

This isn't the first time that sort of thing has happened, but it's still weird.


I don't know if I. M. Meen beacuse of that, but your dreams make me laugh.


Nah, you're not mean. At least someone gets some enjoyment out of 'em.


File: 1363338458659.jpg (222.51 KB, 512x600, 1362969259390.jpg)

Oh, another short dream I had the other night.
I can't remember the first part, but I was shutting down my computer and had it install updates, as per usual, but as it reached 100% it flashed to a different screen that said "I'm tired of you leaving me on the cold hard wood every night" and then something about how sad it was.

I feel bad now. Like I need to tuck it into a lil' bed every time I log off. ;_;


File: 1363579740305.png (80.32 KB, 636x436, rus kv ne.png)

Ho ho ho, chewky. I found my ol' 'Dream dictionary' so I'm gonna post some 'translations' of your dreams day by day (sorry not all in one pust but I should be sleeping; so you have one for now and tomorrow more!)

PS: I dunno how accurate this shit is.
PSS: I'm gonna post it as I found things related to your dreams by alphabetical order. Sorry it's a mess.
PSS: Sorry for possible engrish bad grammar and shitty unintelligible crap)
PSSS: Sorry for so much PS's


>…and started to run down the stairs.

Get down/go down, move down: All the descents we do inside our dreams represents a loss and the feeling of falling for the dreamer, who in first instance assumes his/her ideals and principles as missing to be dragged to the uncontrolled unknown twisting nether*.

I added the 'twisting nether' thing to make the translated phrase a bit more understandable/coherent

If the descent is volunteer, could mean the possibility of deepening in ourselves or in other issues that concern us and we are willing to risk. If the descent is mandatory indicates a resistance to give in to impulses or anxieties, but expresses a dissatisfaction of one's life and a search for other more risky situations but that we are unconvinced of.

Get down stairs means loss of credibility or position, not always caused by us, but of which we are victims.

If the setting for our dream is our own home is a fear that we are no longer considered as an important part of it, as we felt not as owners, but as guests.

Highlighted the most important things. Sorry for big-ass post.



>the setting

wtf? scene*


File: 1363628479698.jpg (188.29 KB, 740x564, 1362618904544.jpg)

Also forgot to put my thoughts there:

I think this may mean your fear of being suddenly thrown/ejected from a stable house; and, afterwards, being not able to get a job or something like that.
See, what happens when you got down the stairs? Dead animals, shit full of sick things extremely unpleasant.
Of course asuming that the house you walked down the stairs was your housie.


Snow: It's a sign of self-consolidation and inner strength, also of affection and closeness; principally because its white colour, it evokes peace.

Connecting the Dots this may mean your dog and those people are beings you feel confortable with.
IMO; I dunno if may be other thing or if this is bad in which case sorry


Couldn't find another shit. So, from here, if something really took your attention in your dreams post it so I search here whether that has a meaning or not.


File: 1364600706281.png (245.11 KB, 500x500, these arent smushy enough.png)

You should continue with those interpretations, chsr. They're pretty cool.
Also, sorry I haven't updated this in awhile…if anyone cares.
I've been having this strange reoccuring dream where I'm carrying my old, late cat down a mountain/steep hill that is either overpopulated/suburb like or sparsely populated, the few residents that there are being really uh…questionable. I have to protect her as we make our way down the mountain, which is either relatively easy or terrifying, depending on the scenario, and get back to the house that she and I grew up in. When I manage to get down the mountain, the road either takes a sharp left away from my house (for the suburb mountain) or a sharp right (for the sparse mountain). Either way, it's made clear that I am not going to be able to get back.

This definitely has meaning, but what the hell is it? Why is it so specific? Should I make a fangame out of this? CNN investigates.


File: 1364929563457.jpg (33.07 KB, 688x368, 1309508346359.jpg)

Would dreaming too much of snow make someone color blind? I've heard it happens with snow irl but ever to me, now energy saving bulbs, those make me blind even in dreams.


File: 1365047862838.jpg (536.48 KB, 1920x1080, 83312-ac3.jpg)

Ok, sorry for not posting but in a moment I lost the dictionary and well, I just found it today (already 2 minutes ago).

Eeer, let's see what we find here.

Going waay down a mountain reveals the abandonment of our projects, usually because we cannot find the support and assistance around us needed to move forward.

Note: I didn't read the 'way down the mountain' until it was fucking late and I wrote a long-ass post. Shit, it took me time.

House: (…) if it is the house of our childhood, it is warning us of a 'regressive situation' that we'd like to be back in, likely because we feel incapable to face our actual/right-now life.

So, you find yourself unable to get back to that safe place or something.
Mmmm, about the 'nasty people' I can't find anything.

Now, well, this obviously means you're kinda trapped; you need support, which (personal thought) I think you find it in animals, hence you see your old cat with you; and the same applies with the past dreams and animals, I think.

Problems of self-steem, the need of support, the 'enclosed' feeling…. Chewky, are you my lost sister or something?

PS: CNN lurked Uboa.



Oh, I never heard of that before! But I don't think it is true. I should try it out this winter.


File: 1366940280163.jpg (42.68 KB, 500x560, 1365373296686.jpg)

Chewky are you alive?


File: 1367014451949.png (44.07 KB, 337x325, coco....nut.png)

Yes, I am indeed alive. I just haven't had much in the dream department to share. Mostly because they're either incredibly insignificant or I'm too lazy to write them down. That, and I've been really busy lately. But I'll eat some cheese or something before I go to bed tonight and see what's new in my subconscious.

>you need support, which (personal thought) I think you find it in animals, hence you see your old cat with you;
This is actually pretty true, as are the other speculations you had. I'm technically not allowed to have animals in my apartment, which has been the bane of my existence for quite some time now. I sneak my mom's dog in here now and then, and he makes me feel a lot better, but I can only keep him for a few days at most before she throws a drunken fit.
I guess I get a lot of my dependency on animals from her, but hers has taken on a warped form because of her alcoholism. She's really horrifyingly attached to her dog, and I don't think I want to be there when he passes away. I don't think I could take on her insanity and my grief at the same time.

tl;dr no dreams yet, just dumb feeling jams.


File: 1367114023965.png (2.32 KB, 227x238, did someone say purify.png)

Well, so much for pleasant dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I had to go back to my old middle school for whatever reason and as I was walking through the parking lot that we used to play on (which no longer exists in favor of a giant ass gym that I was promised the whole time I was there) and all of my old classmates started to swarm around me; some silent, and others mumbling unintelligibly in a voice that I didn't recognize. One kid who used to bully me a lot yelled "Hey, Chewky's back!" (obviously with my name in the place of Chewky) and before he could do anything else I yelled "Yeah?! So fuckin' what, you gonna do something about it?!", apparently still having the same social skills I did in the 7th grade. After mingling with them for a bit (which suffice to say, was not very interesting at all so I don't remember that part very well) I ended up in the cafeteria. Well…some cafeteria anyways. It didn't look like my old school's cafeteria at all. The walls were dark brown, and it looked very worn down and prison like. The scary part is that I bit my tongue off while walking through the cafeteria. I didn't notice it at first until I began to feel salty chunks of flesh in my mouth and the inability to speak. I ran over to the trash can and began to spit it out, then began to choke on it and panic as I noticed it was beginning to get harder to spit out the large, stringy parts of it. It also seemingly wouldn't stop, and people had began to gather around and stare at my dilemma and start laughing.
Needless to say I woke up immediately and had a very hard time eating that day.


File: 1367545385221.png (8.58 KB, 400x400, 1362445890883.png)

Rather short, but I fell asleep in class today and had a dream that my girlfriend type person and my best friend got in a horrible fight and one of them ended up dying (can't remember which). I woke up and fell off of my chair because it scared the shit out of me.
Being dreamer is suffering.


Thank you very much for the interesting dreams, I enjoyed reading them, chewky!
Make sure to keep up your dream recall to help with remembering those lucid dreams~!


File: 1368639467410.jpg (18.92 KB, 326x273, 1356719887067.jpg)

Hmmm, ok, sorry for the delay but I was very busy.

What the fuck, this book and its notes is a mess.


>No 'Tongue' in the fucking book, although I think it speaks by itself.

>No 'school'.

Anyway I think the dream is really clear there; you were not able to talk/you didn't feel like doing so, etc. Also the jerk junk; no way somebody would talk to them anyway.


Ok, I don't know what is going on there, probably a random dream.

Sleep more, chewky; I only sleep 4, 5 or 6 hours per day and it fucks me really bad. I barely stand up but even so I can't sleep…
Anyway if I sleep more I feel more tired all day.
I don't know; try it out and see if that's the problem.


File: 1370414653937.jpg (1.18 MB, 3324x3296, 1369244497717.jpg)

Jesus christ, I've been having very incoherent dreams lately. I've been hopping from couch to couch for a bit because of the whole drunk mom + poorfag situation, and my depression has taken a more psychotic turn - both of which have left me with very short, jumpy, meaningless dreams. But I'm settled at my dad's and I'll hopefully get on different medication soon so maybe I'll update more, if anyone still cares.
I sleep 12+ hours a day and I'm still exhausted, even with me taking walks and eating decently and drinking coffee. Multiple people with degrees who I've mentioned it to have agreed that it might be an actual medical problem, but nobody's gotten around to actually testing or diagnosing me.
But thank you for your analysis of my dream anyways; I really didn't have much of a voice in middle school and I don't now.


>maybe I'll update more, if anyone still cares

eeey I care. You can actually write out your dreams in an interesting and intelligent manner so I always enjoy reading them.

Also, re:sleep, I always find that I'm more tired if I fall into sleeping 12+ hours, (actually currently on that) and it gets to the point where I can only stay awake about 12 hours as well. I usually find I have more energy if I've slept 6-8 hours and maybe actually gone out and done things in the day (those are the days I start staying up almost 24 hours) But everyone is different, hopefully you figure out a way to fix it.

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