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Dream On!
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What are some weird dreams you've had?

There was this one dream I had last month. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Kamala Harris were in an auditorium getting nothing but boos. The crowd starts throwing lots of shit at them. Face masks, Fauci merch, BLM shirts, and Joe hats go flying on to the stage. I even thought I saw a Fauci figurine hit Joe in the face. And then all of a sudden, I'm in my living room. The place looks like it was decorated by Saint Nicholas himself. The smell of gingerbread fills the house, and outside was an entire blanket of snow covering my neighborhood at night time.

Then there was this one when I was a child. I was relaxing on sunbed outside the old house I use to live when I was in Greenlawn (Long Island). And then a dog comes up and stars nibbling on my foot. He makes this noise, that kind of sounded like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSUCKAAAAAAAAAA". I start running away screaming. And then I wake up in my sister's bed (I use to be scared to sleep alone).

So are there any weird dream stories that any of you would like to share?


Had this weird dream human blood could hold magnets and there was this black,circle magnet between thumb and index finger but the weird thing is my left hand was the same as my right hand, instead of chiral. I was mad about it i told my parents human blood couldn't do that and i wasn't human anymore but they said scientists just found out this particular area in the hand had this element and that's why it could happen. I blamed them. Also something about Spontaneous human combustion and Sudden infant death syndrome being murder


in one of my dreams everybody took good drugs by a drink in a glass but instead of drinking it with a drinking straw you blow air into the straw instead and the bubbles in the glass went straight into your brain somehow


File: 1627421237575.jpg (62.65 KB, 750x563, smarthouse.jpg)

I had another one. This 50s married couple had just bought a new AI house (or smart house) They move in and enjoy their new home. Until the house starts malfunctioning. The couple try to turn off the house, the problem is the house's control panel has so many buttons that they don't which is the one to turn it off, so they just press random buttons and hope for the best. Their doing this while the house was saying "anger anger anger". Finally they shut off the house. The husband follows the wires from the control panel to see what went wrong. The wires lead him to a base cabinet. He opens it, and then he screams as if he saw something unthinkable. I don't know what he saw but I'm sure it wasn't good. The weirdest part is that it felt like some urban legend that's been told over and over again.


Wasn't that the reason for the hauntings in the Poltergeist (1982) movie? A lot of horror movies set at that time had the supernatural explanation of haunted houses being built on sacred burial grounds.


File: 1629322457810.png (773.74 KB, 898x705, dream.png)

Had one last night. I think it was split into three scenarios.

The first one had to do with this old silent film. I don't know if it was real, but apparently in my dream it was a children's classic. The most famous scene was of a man dancing with some small person. I'm not to sure if it was a kid or a a little person, but never the less he was dancing. Then there was this mandela effect in the scene where everyone had fail to noticed that a dog was also dancing with them. They just thought it was just the man and the small guy.

The second one was about this big ass storm. It was raining like cats and dogs. My family and I were outside our porch to witness it all. Then, not just one, but ten bolts lighting strike a tree nearest to our how house. And instead of going back into the house, we all immediately run for the hills. My dad grabs my arm and points into one direction only for him to go another.

The third one had to do with a race crash. It was Beetle race, and apparently it was Le Mans. It was just coming to it's conclusion. The lead car was coming straight to the finish line. Everyone was on there feet, cheering and clapping. Then suddenly it crashed. It went directly into the stands. But somehow no one died, so it wasn't gonna be a 1955 thing. Once it crashed, the announcer let out a big "OH NO!!!"

Then I woke up, shaking. I thought it was because of the dream I had, but It was cause I had both my celling fan and regular fan on.


I had a dream about people living in ceilings, they live upside down, without furniture. They walk on ceilings. They can see us but we can't see them. From their point of view, we're weird.
Another one:
In one of my dreams, I lived in underground with a bunch of people I don't know in real life. This city was filled with artificial lights and there were window-like openings on the wall ,each next to each other, near the 'ceiling'. They had bars on them and also looked like sewer openings but the lack of a bad smell made me know it wasn't an underground sewer city. I think we all get along in this dream and everything seems fine. Then suddenly, I look up and see glowing pairs of eyes looking down from each window. That's where the dream ends.


That's very Yume-Nikkian esque. It reminds me also a Doctor Who episode about beings, who can hide so perfectly, we can't see them.


that's one thicc mado


Thanks for the reply! I didn't watch the show but Dr. Who seems like an interesting show, and I've seen a few episodes including the one about moving statues. That episode is pretty popular, and maybe that's where my brain got the inspiration for my dream…
Also I had another weird one recently! I was working with a group of people underground and these people were talking about something, I was just watching them from a distance fixing a machine and taking out huge amounts of some weird substance. It didn't smell bad but it was a dark green color and there was a lot of it. So they took it all out and put the weird 'liquid' in large two containers. I took these containers and started going down the corridors. (For some reason it was really easy for me to push them when in fact the containers were about my height and filled to the brim so they must've been pretty heavy.) While walking, I suddenly realized I was in a dream… This isn't who I was, where I normally went etc. I kind of panicked but there was someone (or something?) passing by, so I just kept walking without looking at them. I knew where I was going instinctually. When I reached the room I were going to, I saw an empty room full of tables, on each table a microscope and I realized/remembered I was a chemist and my job here was to examine this green substance.
I pushed the containers into the room and closed the door behind me. Without thinking I reached for my pocket to lock the door but in horror I realized I forgot the keys. Suddenly I was incredibly scared, standing in front of the door and holding the handle. Just as I feared, suddenly the door was trying to be opened by something outside, I resisted it by force and after a while it stopped. I looked through the key hole and just saw the wall, besides I felt at ease so I opened the door to take a look. I knew I weren't in huge danger as it was just noon now, but I knew I'd be here for a while to research and I definitely had to lock the door at night. I contemplated turning back all the way to take my keys (They were in my drawer so I had to go back to my room, which I knew was in a higher floor) but I couldn't leave the two containers without supervision, it could be a big mistake and even cost me my job. But taking them with me wasn't an option either because there were no elevators and it was impossible to take the stairs with them. So I was standing in front of the door, thinking what to do. I was angry at myself for forgetting something so crucial and was also feeling regretful. As a last resort, I tried telepathically communicating with a friend of mine who also worked in this place (Cellphones didn't exist in this plane but telepathy wasn't common either, only some people could do it) and started sending my signals to him, telling him what happened and how to find my keys but I think he (or she?) turned me down for some reason and cut off the line. Shocked by my friend's behavior, suddenly I have the urge to look at the window and to my horror, sun has set and I feel something coming near. That's where the dream ends.


I had a more pleasant dream. It was just some stop motion snowmen celebrating Christmas


File: 1632190645562.png (500.52 KB, 695x398, truck.png)

So I had one where it was just farm trucks driving down a country road and into the World Trade Center.


File: 1645900086490.png (5.28 MB, 3304x3740, c.png)

This one involved Caddicarus reviewing a Christmas album. He was really upset because the album artwork looked beautiful, but the music sounded hideous. Then for some reason he's dressed up like Sam Fisher, and he listens to the music. The best way I could describe the music is if Yoko Ono was a male country singer and was singing Christmas songs horribly off tune. All of a sudden I'm hosting a house party while it rain falls from the sky. Then Caddy comes to my door and goes to the backdoor. There I gave him a gallon of milk.


i dreamed i had a scary face


File: 1645924564929.gif (643.99 KB, 320x240, FACE.gif)


File: 1645959566981.png (300.8 KB, 476x443, f.png)


You can't dream if you never sleep. Sleep is for loosers.


File: 1676645191235.jpg (119.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I had one where my flesh was being bitten of from my torso. The guy doing it wasn't saying anything, neither was I. I didn't like it in fact I wanted it to stop.

Then last night I had a dream of Silent Hill 3. In it Heather was in a Giraffe costume next to another one.


I dreamed that I was high or very drunk in my apartment. The only source of light was my computer screen. It was an intriguing almost delirious state. I can't remember ever feeling drugged in my dreams before. I stumbled around my place to the kitchen, where I tried to heat up a pot of milk on the stove, but every time it turned into water with egg shells sitting at the bottom.
After the third failed attempt I saw a bat flying around in my living room. Following it into the pitch black hallway, I opened the door to my bedroom. Blue moon light was pouring in as I struggled to pull the curtains to the side, so the bat could escape through the already opened window.
Then I noticed numerous bugs sitting in the folds. A green praying mantis caught my eye. Now examining my bedroom, there were even more on the floor, fighting with each other. I left the room to let them duke it out and squished the ones that managed to escape with me through the door. Disgusting!

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