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File: 1513481030479.jpg (444.29 KB, 850x1004, f9d1e68a3e95e748719c143206….jpg)


What was that thread that way just posted and deleted by that 18 year old girl? It was so painful to read. Jesus how pathetic. Complaining about shit when she had pretty much every advantage. Oh boo hoo, rejected by any ivy league when you got bs and cs from your ap classes and didn't even do sports when you had a talent for it? I'm just sobbing for that poor girl. How tragic and not all all predictable. But, seriously reading that shit made me want to drown a puppy.
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File: 1513489819501.jpg (47.32 KB, 400x500, __artoria_pendragon_and_sa….jpg)

A thread was posted in hikki and seemed to be immediately deleted. Op asked for where her life should go now that she is, "newly 18". She then told a sob story about how was too tired to spend time with her friends and quit doing volleyball when she started freshman year for no reason. She was in ap classes and got mediocre grades, unlike her classmates, and was for some reason surprised when the ivy league school she chose as her early decision didn't accept her. What a massive fuck face. It reminds me of the story about a miserable king who saw a lowly servant always being happy and humming music. He wondered why the servant was happy and asked his aid about it. The aid later put a gold coin on that servant's door step. The servant was of course happy. The aid then started putting more and more coins. The servant started arguing with his family about how the money should be spent and he started worrying about losing it all the time. He became just as miserable as the king and hummed no more.


She realized her mistake and got rid of it. What's your problem? Why didn't you let it stay dead? By the way, I did see her post and I'm not defending her in the slightest, just saying it's gone so let it die.


File: 1513522111686.jpg (122.44 KB, 1279x717, 37015098cd28e363c0d08274f2….jpg)

>What's your problem? Why didn't you let it stay dead?
It reminded OP of nasushit and didn't let him sleep through the night. I'd be mad as well.


This is a bad feels call out thread.
Why not just keep it to yourself?


Because, if I don't let out my bad feels, I'll implode.

File: 1513453217585.jpg (63.68 KB, 399x551, d1cfd7b4b7145602611bc4cf06….jpg)


Who else likes Golden Boy? I watched it a few years ago and ever since I've been smitten. It kind of represents an unrealistic ideal that you still strive to come closer to. As far as, "ecchi", shows go, it's definitely one of the best as that part is only in the side-lines and never gets in the way of the plot. I like its episodic nature, which I think should be more common.

File: 1513433684410.jpg (65.26 KB, 684x430, 2.jpg)



File: 1511461959960.jpg (387.48 KB, 3200x2175, still-life-plucked-turkey-….jpg)


Does anybody still care about Thanksgiving?
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Why do amerifats need 2 festivals in the same season? Can't you just give yourself turkey nuggets on Halloween if candy is not enough? This sounds exhausting


One to circle jerk over patriotism and being a good person, and another to buy shit while pretending to give a shit about Jesus.


Americans are just fat fucks. You nailed it on the head right there. They will use any excuse to stuff their face with a cheeseburger - i've been to America and seen this happen first hand.

Once, while I was in New York for a holiday, I walked into one of their infamous feeding zones known as "McDonald's". Right as you walk in you're overpowered with this sickening stench of sweat, rotting milk and aged cheese. This family was sitting in one of the booths eating their happy meals. The matriarch of the group, who appeared to be nearing a hefty 250 lbs, was enthusiastically encouraging her offspring to gulp down one of those processed prole-slop sandwiches.

"Git it down yee boy" She squealed in her piggish, high pitched manner, inherent in most American females of her stock.

"Yessir, Mamma I certainly will"

The she-baboon then forced the entire cheese burger into the boy's mouth and you could obviously see he was in pain. Meanwhile, his surrounding family were supporting him with their animalistic whoops and jeers. Not to mention the fucking clapping. Anyway, the kid seemed to swallow the entire thing in his tiny wee mouth, tomato sauce and tears streaming down his face and mixing in with the relish. He spluttered and coughed but you could see this twisted pride in his eyes. He was going through some kind of rite of passage. After he has slid the monstrous girth down his pie hole and into his gullet, all his family members stood up and started clapping. A young couple from the next table over (both fat fucks) congratulated them through grunts of acknowledgment while simultaneously gorging on french fries. Everyone in the restaurant starting a round of applause for the chap and he leaped up on top of the table, with his potbelly proudly sticking out, and starting singing the star spangled banner. It was fucking horrifying. Never going back to that shithole.


Nice story, but people who actually live in NYC don't tend to be fat. If you're talking about New York State, you should specify that.


nigga america is fat the world knows it get out of the closet

File: 1511761507993.jpg (22.39 KB, 236x332, f5bd79ecb9e2c6bbc1b19ae2af….jpg)


When I was a kid I used to kill ants for fun. The methods in which I did this were peculiar enough for me to want to post about them. Just to be clear, I have never hurt any other animals, nor have I wanted to do so as a kid. Besides insects and spiders, I actually love animals. Ants were in a strange sort of limbo for me because while they weren't large enough for me to be afraid of them, I still could not feel even a shred of empathy for them. Being in this limbo is what allowed killing them to be fun to me.

My favorite weapon of choice was a serrated butter knife and my favorite method of killing was to very slightly tap them with the flat part of the blade. Even the tiniest bit of force would cause sever damage to them. I would scout for a victim and once they were selected let them know of my presence by tapping the knife on the ground near them. I would chase them around for a while before finally landing a blow. After the first tap they wouldn't be able to run anymore, but they would still keep moving. A lot of the time their antenna would be bent and some of their appendages would be broken. I would let them walk around a little before tapping them again and again and again until they stopped moving. Here's the first interesting observation that I made about their behavior. If an ant is still capable of moving it's body, but it is sure of its own death, it will curl up into a ball and twitch until it stops moving. Most of the time I tapped them to death before this could occur. The second method of killing would be to simply cut them in half, which required more coordination than I thought it would. I was surprised to discover that if cut low enough, they would continue to walk around after. On some occasions, I thought I saw some kind of trail of flesh following behind them.

I discovered a few, "human", like traits in the ants behavior, although, I may be projecting. For instance, ants that have been cut in half seemed to display more erratic behavior than tapped ants. They were more aimless and frantic in their movements. The reaction of ants to them was also far greater than tapped ants. Ants seem to show some form of fear. Besides killing ants, I also used the knife to both illicit a reaction from them and push them from one location to another. When two healthy ants were pushed into each other they always panicked greatly when put into contact with each other. This panic was far greater when one of the ants was damaged in sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I remember now that after a few hours of killing ants, when I went to bed at night that day and closed my eyes, I would see countless ants crawling on a floor and totally covering it. It was like when I played the game boy non-stop and couldn't help but have the image of the game screen in my mind when trying to fall sleep.


File: 1511816021810.jpg (28.92 KB, 339x360, imp_vlad.jpg)

Nah, you aren't a psycho. I used to do the same with grasshoppers, like cutting their limbs and seeing how they react, beheading, I even made a forest of impaled grasshoppers à la Vlad III and I'd drop the others there to see how they reacted before making them join the party.
Nowadays I regret being such a cunt with the poor things, but at the same time I understand I did it because I lacked empathy, and I simply lacked empathy because I was a child. You'd be surprised, but kids are just like that, they… kind of lack the idea of being in the shoes of the other, so they will remorselessly kill and torture bugs without a whit of regret simply because they don't think they are doing anything wrong. We usually gain a sense of empathy around 9 or 10, I think. I remember reading about this once but can't quote the source.

As for the behaviour of your ants, they work with pheromones. I think the others tended to avoid that place because they can spread a smell that's basically like "If you walk about this place you're going to die". As for moving so erratically when tapped, I think it wasn't so much fear as pain. I'm not entirely sure they can sense fear, however I'm no specialist.


That makes a lot of sense, but as I already said, I had no desire to hurt any other animal, so I do think I had some concept of empathy. Looking back on it I don't bad, just sort of intrigued. That might be because I am dead scared of all insects. I can't bring myself to empathize with them because they seems like monsters to me. I stopped killing them out of boredom.
>I think the others tended to avoid that place because they can spread a smell
That makes a lot of sense, but I also feel that ants must also react to visual stimuli, as the one that stumbled upon the ant grave did. That also doesn't explain the utterly callous way that healthy ants reacted to injured ants. The healthy ant wouldn't run away to some place totally different, they just avoided the dying one. In my last story, behavior of the ant became more erratic even without additional pain. I think ants are more complicated than people give them credit for.


I think it's easier to empathize with a dog or a cat because we're surrounded by them constantly and told they're living beings, and also we can see them defending themselves if we try to harm them, which may discourage us of doing so because a) it can hurt us b) we can see plainly it hurts them. Back then I had a cat and I really loved them (in fact I still do love animals in general), but I didn't flinch my eyebrows while bisecting grasshoppers, crushing ants, or tearing earwigs apart, simply because I couldn't recognize anything on their features that indicated pain, though somehow I acknowledged they were suffering since I was testing how they reacted to my little garden of legs and heads.

>I can't bring myself to empathize with them because they seems like monsters to me.

I've actually come to love insects for this. They're as alien as you can get on earth.

>That makes a lot of sense, but I also feel that ants must also react to visual stimuli, as the one that stumbled upon the ant grave did.

I'm not saying they don't react to visual stimuli, but most ants have really poor sight, and some species are even completely blind (it'd be interesting if we could track what species were you playing with). Here's more info on the composition of their eyes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant#Head
On the same article there's more info in #Communication about how they use pheromones.

>In my last story, behavior of the ant became more erratic even without additional pain. I think ants are more complicated than people give them credit for.

I wish I could go deeper on this, but I've never actually studied animal behaviour (other than my experiments). I think ants are more complex than we think too, but we've managed to crack most of their basic traits and can predict their activity with a fair amount, of accuracy (though not perfectly).


I'm sure I got some kind of sadistic glee out of it. Even now I have a tiny bit of those tendencies. Well, whatever.
>it'd be interesting if we could track what species were you playing with
I have a suspicion that they might be pavement ants. My kitchen was directly connected a patio. I sometimes saw ants slipping through the separating door. The location and behavior seem to match, but on the patio itself I only ever saw really tiny brown ants, so that kind of throws me off.

File: 1511581986521.jpg (512.65 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20171125_242845687.jpg)


lol yume nikki edgy


Get the fuck out, nobody cares.

File: 1510641584366.jpg (349.07 KB, 784x1217, cd2ae77522c8b8bad819a772cd….jpg)


Does anybody else remember blind mute loli? Man, that shit was soooo good.
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Yep. This kind of thinking is everywhere, so it kind of pisses me off a little. I hope that one day the majority of people will see things my way.


File: 1510791891212.jpg (503.88 KB, 1200x1192, fwgzvh.jpg)

What I find very funny is that the story posted by OP is pretty much about a guy who adopted a blind and mute girl and the hardships they went through to be happy family.
But no, the word "loli" is on it so it obviously is for pedos!!! And I'm not changing my opinion.


Kek, you were so calm and nice in that thread. It was fun chatting with you about morality. I don't even care much for the topic of snuff films but the general discussion of morals we had has kept me thinking for a long time.

No point in really fighting people like that though. Let's face it, most anti-loli people tend to be actual pedophiles, much like the male feminists who preach to other men about how every other guy is abusive to women but them and then it comes out that they treat women way worse than most normal men do. Or the guy who bashes gays and then turns out to be gay.

That anon likely masturbates furiously to jailbait "barely legal" mainstream porn while looking down on people who do the same with loli.


Finally got a chance to finalize it and I must say that it was quite good. However I still prefer nurse-kun a bit more.
It's a shame this kind of story-threads aren't possible anymore because anything too bloggy is instantly rejected and people prefer to indulge in greentext stories rather than narrate something good.


It's like the difference between instant noodles and a hearty stew. One is more fulfilling, and the other is more addictive. It's a shame that people only want the same junk over and over again now.

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