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How do I stop caring what other people think of me?


Wrong board, not enough information about you.


You've already failed by asking for other people's opinions on how to stop caring about people's opinions.


That image almost made me lose my dinner, op.

I don't have much advice to offer, but I do notice one way I've learned to deal with it is when I reach my limit of how much bullshit I can take from people, and it's as if my brain automatically turns that worry off just out of tiredness and anger, refusing to care anymore.

I don't think it is the wrong board, it's just more common to see topics like this being discussed over at /hikki.


Well there's always the age old advice that "people don't think about you as much as you do. That's true and worth bearing in mind when you go into deep thought spirals about one thing you did that you think everyone views you differently for. They probably don't most of the time.

Inevitably though, people do think of each other a lot, and sometimes people will think poorly of you. Just try to avoid doing really egregious things, and accept that you cannot completely stop worrying about how others perceive you.

You could also just not talk to anyone, but that sucks.


>You could also just not talk to anyone, but that sucks.
You don't need to do this. There is an alternative. Only talk to people behind the persona you wish to present. Avoid expressing unpopular opinions that might get you torn down. Assume everyone is lying as much as possible to further their own ends. Life is easier and safer this way, I've found.


start caring more about what you think of you. how can you possibly reliably tell what other people really think of you.


If your opinions and personality are nothing too extremist, start exposing yourself to situations where people will inevitably think negatively of you, step on everyone's toes, and learn by experience that their thoughts are meaningless to you because they deliver no physical consquences at the end of it.

Except for when you need to build a presentable image for yourself to find a job and the like, but then why are you asking for such stupid advice?


if you think you can disregard how your interactions with other people go, you are crazy. it matters a lot. the good thing is that you can stop worrying even if you need to care.

you see, when you can control something, you don't need to worry about it. and there's two ways you can change how people see you. the first is spending time with them. with time, their assessment of you will get closer to reality. you can shut down any misconceptions that way. this is potentially very short term, like a day or two.

the second, complementary method is changing yourself. naturally, it happens in the long term, and its results can be tested by using the first method. if you can change yourself even a little you will realize you can change what people think of you. it's not magic, though. who you are limits who you can be, and the only image of yourself you can reliably project is the reality of who you are. but it's still control, and control ends worries.


Find a hugbox and stick to that.



If you were a decent person you wouldn't have to be worried and looking over your shoulder all the time. Instead you have a guilty conscience. Too bad for you, not my fault.


Edgy, but you can't judge a person entirely by one sentence.


You can quite easily when that one sentence is "I'm afraid that people realize the truth about me".
Got something to hide? Sounds interesting, tell us all about it.


Do you think you're a saint, anon?



You don't have to be a saint to be free from guilt, but apparently even being just decent is too much to ask of you. Very well then, continue to live you life as a total asshole and enjoy spending the rest of your life filled with cowardly worries that others might be realizing the truth about you.


The truth is "noone perfect".


I don't even know if you're a "decent person" like you're trying to make us think, you sound like a self-righteous sjw.


cowardly worrier overwrought with lily livered concern making craven attempt to deflect guilt


File: 1562813423983.jpg (74.68 KB, 500x509, large.jpg)

Guilt is not about how you treat other people or yourself, you can't feel guilty about something you don't care about


Realise that gravity ain't trying to kill you
Get a haircut
Buy some rick


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Live alone for a year.


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Being one with yourself will work wonders.. stoicism.

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