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First day of vacation 10 hours away from my home city and I already want to go home
These next two weeks are going to be torture


well go home then


Comfy home is the best place to be anon


actually my ideal vacation would be to stay home now that you mention it.

for various reasons i had the privilege of seeing a decent amount of the usa when i was younger. i always wanted to go home when i was somewhere else. i feel safest when im in the same town as my current residence.

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Previous one already reached bump limit.
Vol. III:
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Vol. VI
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File: 1467758684469.png (202.68 KB, 502x288, rty6ut6re.PNG)


I would like you to imagine an parallel universe

Great, now that parallel universe is imagining you


I've rediscovered this board every few years for now too many years for me to count and each time I'm amazed by how this site managed to survive and barely change.


we are the cockroach in the amber
perfect by design
the same as we were 73 million years ago
and just as we will be 73 million years in the future


File: 1467913961529.jpg (97.29 KB, 540x389, dindunuffin.jpg)

File: 1466287146416.jpg (14.63 KB, 236x329, e89180c009ff4666d151e8ba3c….jpg)


So recently I realised I should meet some people from other countries.
I an willing to talk to anyone over kik,yeah yeah I know "kik is for weirdos,pervs" but I am not one of those people. If some people agree on talking I would post my kik username. Boy,girl,trans whatever goes. Just looking for a convo.

+No nudes
Hope we can become good friends.

P.S. I dont think i'll share any pics,but maybe after some time. And I won't lie it would be cooler to talk with opposite gender,cause I know small amount of stuff about other people.
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I have a steam account!


File: 1466766458052.jpg (89.74 KB, 507x500, med_1450546148_image.jpg)


Nice,is there a possibility for me to add you? Or do you want to add me haha


Either or works! Mine is my dev name, MikuLeRoux


File: 1466789148561.jpg (993.98 KB, 1038x1500, online meetings.jpg)

Here we go again… in two months we will have someone complaining about abuse, doxing and a lot of other nasty stuff and bringing outside drama to the site one more time.
You never learn, ubuu.



I sent you a request,I hope to see our friendship become cool

File: 1461363044440.png (13.93 KB, 1232x804, template.png)


It's that time again, ubuu.
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File: 1466397322604.jpg (452.5 KB, 1024x1280, faggotsuki.jpg)

Intelligence isn't about being "smarter" than others, it's about being capable or working problems out and finding appropriate solutions in a limited number of field. Maybe the guy who isn't good at math is really good at organizing people and establishments, and that person who can't even talk properly may actually be really good at reverse-engineering. And all of them may be really manipulable to the point of being easily scammed by a redneck who didn't even go to school.

If you understand this you will always notice there's someone better at you in something and therefore "smarter". The whole "compare with others to see how intelligent you are" is bullshit. If someone ever comes at you showing his I.Q. points off, sneer at him for being a massive faggot.


File: 1466400883260.jpg (549.62 KB, 1185x1572, 99cirnoget99.jpg)



File: 1466688525541.jpg (189.96 KB, 720x404, morso.jpg)

What's that country? I wanna live there.


I dunno…let's name it!


File: 1466291738836.png (277.9 KB, 720x570, 1779301_670717356319331_14….png)


Do you think a world without suffering would be a good thing?

Does happiness even mean anything if there is no suffering to contrast it?

Do accomplishments even mean anything if you don't suffer for them?

Would we even accomplish anything if suffering did not drive us to doing so?

I guess this picture is kind of related of all the random stuff I had


File: 1466704560811.jpg (145.31 KB, 677x345, r.JPG)

I read something once that said

"Increase ye in increasing, and multiply in multitude, ye creatures and creations all; and man that hath
Mind in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless, and that the cause of death is love,
though Love is all."

Basically what I think this means is that we can't have good, as we know it to be as a race, without death. Love is the driving force of procreation, and we procreate to immortalize all we held dear.

If we were without suffering, we would be something else entirely. Something un Earthly. Maybe one day our consciousness will ascend and we will all become one, perhaps even like a deity.

Or maybe not.

File: 1466056824596.png (729.92 KB, 962x865, 1385750256884.png)


So, I've spent a good bunch of the past years dwelling into imageboards for about 12 hours per day. I've put so much of my free time and interest on them that it just became a default thing for me, even when I wasn't actively checking any specific boards. But lately I've been finding it hard to feel interested on the sites I was part of, or even those new sites like 8chan on its time with the promise of "Freedom".

Even now I still feel it very difficult to check this or other small places like lain or neo-sushi, or even to look up for new ones. It's a mixture of things. For example, here on ubuu the userbase is too different to what it used to be. The content isn't as interesting as it was just 4 years ago. Even though I'm constantly trying to input things I consider interesting and commment as much as possible on potentially interesting threads. But when I look at the new content generated now, I don't get surprised about people leaving and even I sometimes do wonder why I keep coming. I can't put exactly my finger on what we're lacking (aside from a greater/more actice userbase), but something is really amiss here. And it isn't just happening in ubuu. Many other sites such as sushichan are also discussing the topic of "The decaying of chans". (There's also the fact that ubuu is now 100% shitposting, but we can leave that for another thread.)
The fact we had 8ch and /co/ refugees is just another proof of this.

Imageboards changed drastically over the past 6 years. There are many factors and many variables to blame, but this is a fact and actually kind of obvious; transition is just a byproduct of the flowing of time. However, normally (and specially when there are so many communities fighting for the same goal), one would expect things to improve one way or another. Maybe a new chan will rise, maybe some of the existing chans will improve and become great again. But I don't see this happening, at least for a good while.

For this very reason I started to become more and more passive. Now I only lurk on places where I used to post actively. When I go to the frontpage/catalog/fresh post section, all I see either disgusts me or I find it utterly uninteresting. And it makes me feel anxious. After lurking the same kind of places for so many years, I've grown attached to sites that barely receive any input now, and when they do, it's no good. The sensation it gives me feels like knowing someone really dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1466581128950.png (26.25 KB, 560x256, Can_Can_Bunny_3_Spirits_22….png)

>So much of my identity has been formed from chans and all else that the internet has offered me If I leave I'll be committing a form of suicide with who I am
I understand completely what you mean with this phrase. It's exactly what I've been feeling lately when I imagine myself abandoning imageboards completely. As I've already mentioned, I don't really go to other sites on the wired. Most of my activity happens in chans, and the other part is just language guides (both human and programming), japanese 90's sites full of old software garbage and wherever the links on those take me to. Most of the knowledge sources I use are books anyway.

I can also relate to how you feel to lainchan. Even when I'm into cyber stuff and I love computers, and I recognize the quality of the posts there, lain seems to be missing some… warmness… I don't really know how to put it. I haven't been there in months though. I stopped going actively just after the whole admin thing. Still, I've downloaded books from there and I really appreciate the userbase. They know they stuff and it's a great community if you can fit, both for discussing and sharing projects, software, and knowledge. I should start lurking again. Now that I'm so desperate for alternatives it'd be really nice to see how things are going there.

Talking with a 1st generation user is not an everyday thing. Good luck in your path, and thank you very much for your input. Needless to say that I agree 100% to everything you said. It saddens me to think that this may be our first and last meet, but I will cherish this little moment. If you ever decide to come back to this small vomitive shithole, please do so. If things don't change for worse, you will always be welcome, whether you succeed with your projects, or get slapped in the face. May luck smile upon you.

>I think I'm part of the problem if I let newfags take the best of me, I'll try to take things more seriously
Honestly, I don't think it's just a few. I myself have been horrified by the low quality shit we've been having these past months, and found myself sending newfags to fuck off. I've decided that it was time to put things into perspective for real, and raiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A big reason is 4chan became political and shifted towards the right (in an american political system sense). Back in the golden era of 4chan, politics weren't really talked about. The important thing was just contributing to a topic with interesting insight, good jokes, or captivating storytelling.

Nowadays everything has to be derailed into /pol/ shitposting or some whiny idiot talking about how much he hates "SJWs". Even though 'SJWs' don't plain exist, it's just a term to widely define whoever the speaker disagrees with or is angered by. Imageboards became defined and the average 4chan poster was given an identity of angry dude on the internet who hates SJWs, loves trump, and is always abrasive. Things went to shit when it became all about fitting into the right identity or posting the right memes. Pretty ironic for an anonymous message board.

What made things good back in the old days was that it was swirling chaotic mass that was undefinable. People were truly anonymous and it was a spot for people to escape the outside world. Now the only thing 4chan talks about is the outside world.


a big issue with chans is how divided they all seem to be. Everyone used to be on 4chan which was sort of a large city like NYC in terms of traffic, then when the exodus came a few years ago everyone just got split up. I've always enjoyed smaller chans and the atmosphere that they have, but as time is progressing many sites are steadily losing traffic. No one knows where to go anymore. This whole thing with sushichan just shows how easily a website can go down. it starts with sushi, then what? lainchan next?

I feel imageboards are sort of becoming like small bars, where you can have a chat with some small group for a while, and its always the same people coming back, but you can never really go in depth with things. I long for the days where it was one imageboard and that was it, not 4 or 5 different small communities where the same exact goddamn topic is constantly posted. I mean, I been on chans for something like 6 years, and I can't say this is really getting any better.




Nah, that isn't really true. As much as I would love an apolitical community, even early 4chan was far from one.
Chan culture has always been contrarian at heart; in the early and mid 2000s, when neoconservatism was the order of the day, 4chan was much more 'progressive'. Now that identity politics have entered mainstream discourse, they appear to have swung far to the right. 4chan has been one of the most consistent communities out there if you buy being anti-establishment as an ideology unto itself.

File: 1465966473891.png (4.65 KB, 264x79, Capture.PNG)


Wake up ubuu stop being dead!!!
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File: 1466009980371.jpg (10.13 KB, 177x284, FWORD.jpg)

Yikes! Ho-ho-hold on dear anon! The F word is way too mean for new people's feelings! Please use kind language or they will think we are unfriendly!


Does anyone know the average amount of post that are made per day now days?


File: 1466019276924.jpg (118.85 KB, 1024x600, red-fox-2.jpg)

I bet the site admin knows xD You might be able to look at post dates and compile a table xD but that make take a while xD It might be faster to use a script or something xD


File: 1466225804583.png (97.09 KB, 2000x1131, Logo_Disney_XD.svg.png)


or you could just spend a couple days counting for a second.

File: 1465698738591.jpg (8.23 KB, 236x157, d0e2292416ce014419dfa9a49b….jpg)


Hi, I do not fit into ANY social group.

I cannot manage to find any groups for myself online with people similar to me.

The only individual similar to me that I tried to make friends with denied me.

I try to make an active community for people like myself, but it's a rarity so I'm even more discouraged.

- How do you find a group of people you belong with?
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Well you're the one who asked me to tell you why. Live with it.


Give me 10 million dollars


Why don't you go back to fapping to animal stuff, you degenerate.


File: 1465753091973.jpg (323.16 KB, 1200x914, 53892621f0c319c578bb3359c2….jpg)

You just wasted a cirnoget for your furry shit feeling.



There is still time for you to change your reality to one where you avoid feeling hate

File: 1465141701099.jpg (260.06 KB, 953x874, 1397952 - Avengers Earth's….jpg)


>Internet speed is so slow that I can only get a few seconds of video on jewtube before buffering
>Turn on VPN
>Can play videos with no stops at 480p
>tfw Time Warner is choking my internet traffic


Or your DNS is fucked.


Actually that's the wasp, and she's Hank Pym's.

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