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File: 1525576151127.png (720 KB, 760x1073, f506e7e874d93f847d784c09db….png)


looking for an image that had instructions on how to remove and optimize files and services in windows 7 that i didnt have the foresight to save. pretty sure it was posted somewhere on this chan, but i cant find it, and search engines have failed me so far

some details of the image i remember: it was black with white text, very small font, and had numbered sections. there was info on stuff like what default programs to remove, interface tweaks to make, and useless services to remove for less memory usage

id really appreciate anyone who could post the image here or at least point to a place where it can be found

(pic unrelated obvs)
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win+R "msconfig" and "services.msc" + google should be half of what you need. The guide posted also doesn't mention anything about the windows scheduler service, which is absolutely necessary to tweak. So much shit phones home constantly, and needs to be deleted/disabled from there.


thats exactly the image i was looking for, tysm

ty for the tip too, ill keep that in mind


I can't help but feel optimising or debloating Windows is a waste of time.

If you're interested in tinkering with your computer and running a lean system you should consider installing GNU/Linux instead.


I have a shitty laptop that barely run anything with windows 7. I debloated it and managed to lower the memory usage to an average of 650mb and it could even play 720p properly. When I installed arch on it the memory usage went as low as 120mb but intel mesa drivers are fucking shit and barely managed awesome with one or two programs open. So even if it actually ran well on the fucking terminal it was practically useless because I couldn't do much other than write code on it, play hack variants and dwarf fortress. And I don't even want to talk about the problems I had with wine to run VNs.


That sounds like something going wrong, more than slow drivers.
I use Linux on a 2006 laptop with Intel graphics without any problems. It plays 720 video fine.

As for VNs, that's the unfortunate reality it seems. I keep a WinXP machine around for that purpose.

File: 1457993572840.jpg (45.83 KB, 448x454, image.jpg)


is Ohio as kawaii as it makes out to be ?
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Ohio HAS to have tight gun control laws, the land is as flat as a johnnycake. You could be out hunting on your own property and accidentally shoot someone in the neighboring town.

Jokes aside, Ohio is a great state. I have family up there, so I visit two or three times a year.


>someone obviously hasn't been to the se quarter of the state


Nah mate, I'm a Dayton man.


ohio-chan is n-not flat!


File: 1524498938421.jpg (10.89 KB, 360x270, smile-1.jpg)

Don't worry, Ohio, I like flat-chested states.

File: 1522477604700.png (27.18 KB, 138x214, dedicated forum poster.png)


Good guess, but what really happened what that i was stoned out of my brain and listening to Hawkwind and daydreaming about space travel when the familiar phrase "tachyon impact" entered the area between my ears somehow and I had no idea why it was familiar and I thought about it on and off for a day or so before I remembered that it was connected to one of the chon chiefs and you're the only one who still publicly operates a website so I posted it here strictly out of nostalgia, hoping that it would ring a bell with someone.

anyway I was just looking through my hard drive (stoned out of my brain and listening to Armageddon) trying to find and image to post and I found this one and I have no idea at all why its there, does anyone recognize?


Nobody cares.


Reverse image search brings up nothing


Seisatsu is a faggot




It's the bodybuilding forum.

File: 1522631237195.jpg (142.37 KB, 540x540, the horror.jpg)


ban me lilin
make this a safespace stalin would be proud of you stupid fuck
and dont worry, everyone agrees with you stepping in and making a bunch of retarded rules because you banned the people who said they were retarded



File: 1520055892469.jpg (34.01 KB, 333x458, 2c9af03c10c160e05d138fd8de….jpg)


If magically killing one random person would somehow make the world a better place, and you knew this for an absolute fact, would you make that choice? Would you choose differently depending on if the totally random person could be you or not?
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File: 1522345747017.png (43.73 KB, 326x346, nFyVREr.png)

>make the world a better place
Heh maybe…
>totally random person could be you
And I’m sold!


Depends on what "world" you mean. If you mean it will make the people in my life better, I would. If it would increase the quality of life for a small group of people on the other side of the planet I knew nothing about, no.

I don't care about making the entire world a better place, I'm only focused on how I can make MY world better, because I only care about the people I come into contact with. Sounds selfish, but it's what I believe.


So the benefit of people you don't know can't motivate you at all? That's fair.


File: 1522399181444.png (866.23 KB, 956x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Motherfucking Luis Inacio Lulz da Silva. Motherfucker destroyed my country through corruption and leftist regime, survived cancer, is currently being investigate through the last two years and, although there's enough proof and evidence to lock the motherfucker up, he's most likely going to be unpunished and, the worst part, he's running for president again. The world would be a really better place, like if Fidel Castro died younger.


>Can't motivate you at all
The people I am close to motivate me more than anyone else in the world.

File: 1512978103907.jpg (206.85 KB, 660x880, joshuabudich_fringe_660.jpg)


Fringe was such a fucked up piece of shit. It was the less successful project of the guy who made Lost while he was still a massive deal. The depths, the depths this show goes to… Basically its a crime drama that tries to pander to conspiracy nuts. The show starts by the female, blond mc taking out this generic mad scientist from a mental institution to try and solve the first of an endless series, and downward spiral of supernatural crimes connected to multiple, competing conspiracies. The coocky scientist constantly talks about gibberish and the writers try so painfully hard to make him endearing. He'll ask the black Harvard student assistant whose name he can't remember to get him pudding-pops and fanta soda or some shit constantly. That's another thing, he refuses to work out of any lab except for the one he used to use when he taught at Harvard. His grandson is a genius, but he's a super special genius because he forged his MIT certificate. He's not just one of the sheeple. Even though he's just some bland guy the show talks about him like he's really shifty and Machiavellian. The lead actress has no personality, she's as bland as it gets.

Every episode has the same formula where some supernatural thing will happen, the scientist will pull a solution out of his ass, that he apparently made fifty years ago, and the day is saved. This show is, "science fiction", by the way. The sheer amount of pseudo-science is ridiculous and the show tries to explain it by saying that the laws of physics are being bent because a parallel universe is slowly colliding with ours or some shit. From that point on the ongoing, "plot", is endless twists and turns and loopty loops and dumb chess analogies. At one point the female lead's partner gets replaced with a robot copy from the parallel universe after her first partner turns into slime or something. Also, she has the dead partner's memories because she entered his brain before he died or something by going into a sensory deprivation chamber and sticking some metal wires into her neck. And then at one point, she is switched with her parallel universe counterpart, and it's treated like a rape analogy. She doesn't know that she was replaced because her memories were flipped.

At several points in the show, they make it seem like everything is going to change and the whole dynamic is going to flipped on its head, before changing their mind, and going back to the status-quo. At one point, the mc getPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How it could have been better:

1.Just explaining how things work in more depth. The explanation doesn't have to be extremely scientifically accurate or get into too much detail, that's not the problem with how giftias are presented. There just needs to be a believable enough groundwork and internal logic to justify things and solidify them so they don't feel like gimmicks. Alarm bells immediately went off in my head as soon as, "manufactured souls", were mentioned in passing. You have to address the questions people will have.

2.Just don't give all the giftias a finite life span Think about this: what does giving the giftias(replicants) a finite, definite lifespan actually contribute narratively and thematically in Plastic Memories? What is the point? Based on premise alone, this show appears to explore themes related to human and giftia relationships. How would people perceive giftias and how close would they get to them? Giving all gifitias a limited lifespan is not necessary to explore these themes. Bladerunner dabbles in this area, but it is not its core focus. The lifespan of replicants directly ties into its themes. What makes a human human, is it our right to play god, etc., etc. Plastic Memories is firstly, a romance at its core, and secondly, focuses very little on the negative implications of near humanoid slaves. This design flaw only serves to clutter a show with a very limited amount of time to tell its story, but still manages to find the time for constant filler. If the show wanted to focus on the concepts of loss and death of loves ones, it could have just made Isla defective or a prototype . As long as the reason for her dying makes sense within an established framework, it really doesn't matter. This type of solution would both make the show make more sense, and allow for a sad ending. Hell, Isla could have just been a human co-worker with an incurable disease. Check mark check mark, Utsuge.

3.Alternatively, the show could have gone in the opposite direction be emphasizing the consumerism of society. The limited lifespan could be analogous to how to planned obsolescence. If a company can only sell one or two of a product, that wouldn't be too profitable after all. Both Blade Runner and Chobits, especially Chobits explore these concepts. Maybe giftias could be seen as status symbols to show off and replace when a nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Excuses: People can't suspend all of the disbelief because sci-fi is a genre inherently grounded in our sense of reality and logic. The whole point of the genre is to play with those senses and explore them, not pretend that them don't exist for a cheap reaction. Lot's of (stupid)people will think something is good because it gets a reaction out of them. What they fail to take into account is how something gets that reaction from them.

Before you try to justify the 9 year bullshit by telling me about real world memory storage, you're missing the point. Everything in a story should exist to help tell itself. How flash drives and neural networks actually work does not matter.

Tonal shifts: A lot of people point to jarring tonal shifts as one of Plastic Memories biggest weak points; they're only half right. Tonal shifts can immerse viewers if them feel natural. In life, people don't always feel the same emotion; there's a constant flow from one mood to another. Lots of western media seem to be ignorant of this. When something's emotional landscape is a dull, gray, monotone wasteland, that actually subtracts from a story's depth. That's why Breaking Bad is better than Ozark. what's really important is the overall atmosphere of a show that its varying moods help create. The lasting impression. Breaking Bad has comedic parts, but it is still taken seriously. Plastic Memories however, expects you to see it as a deep, heavy, tragic romantic drama, but most of it is comedy with sad parts sparingly sprinkled on top. At best it's misguided, at worst it's disingenuous and exploitive . Plastic Memories did not fool me.
Conclusion. Plastic Memories is perfectly described by its name, but not in the way it intended. What a shame.


Addition: Emotional manipulation in Plastic Memories is most apparent in what happens when to a giftia after its expiration date: turning into a violent, super strong zombie thing. This doesn't work on too many levels to count. It makes no logical sense that potentially deadly products would be given out to the public or that the government would allow for such a thing. It makes no sense that giftias would be designed this way in the first place. It also doesn't even make sense that giftias wouldn't just automatically shut off and that collectors wouldn't have to go out of their way to do so.
The biggest issue with this though is that this is not fantasy. Zombies and werewolves don't have to make sense becuase they are supernatural. Even zombies made by scientists could be explained by it being a weapon or something. Giftias are not supernatural. They are intelligently designed, so every part of them had to have been taken into account when making and testing them. This even includes the inexplicable eye color change after the transformation. Why would giftias even have the capability to change their eye color like that? Somebody had to have put that in there or it wouldn't be possible.
So why did they add this aspect to the show? To headfuck you. Of course it's sadder if giftias not only stop working, but turn into monsters too. This allows for oh so tragic scenes where a former loved one turns on people. Honestly, this just makes the lazy manipulation impossible to miss.


File: 1522389031030.jpg (72.33 KB, 400x493, __bono_and_suzumiya_haruhi….jpg)

Haruhi Review:

My experience: Everybody who would describe himself as having any amount of interest in anime has watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya(tmohs); if they didn't, they lied to you. It doesn't need an introduction. Going into my first viewing of season 1, I had low expectations, but ended up being pleasantly surprised and excited for more… Then I watched season 2. After that, I waited in anticipation for season 3… That anticipation eventually morphed into frustration… Now I see the whole show as a massive waste of potential. I don't feel the slightest inkling of desire to watch the pseudo sequel, spin-off thing. I just don't care.

The truth is, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya was always pretty bad, and here's why.

Waste of Concept: Tmohs' concept is what hooked me in. One of the characters is literally god. The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. The idea just makes your imagination run wild. So what does reality-warping powers get used for? Pigeons. Bringing back an extinct species of pigeon is the most interesting thing Haruhi every pseudo-actively does within an episode. I'm not joking. Whenever she effects the world in whatever minor way it's like we're supposed to see it as a miracle rather than be disappointed and unimpressed. Yeah, she did make aliens, espers and time travelers real to some tiny scale, but that was before the series even started. I guess she's not into werewolves. There's also this contrived system where Haruhi has to be appeased or blue monsters will start destroying the world and espers have to fight them. Whatever. This barely comes into play and is just an excuse to justify why everybody goes along with what Haruhi wants. On an episode by episode basis, Haruhi's powers are squandered. My favorite episodes were the few were something interesting happens for five minutes, but these brief sparks of action are ridiculously sparse and thinly spread out. There is no episode to episode plot of formula. The show tricks you into thinking that there will be. It sets up the club and it establishes that the club offers paranormal investigative services. Great. So how much time do they actually spend on this plot thread? One episode, which was by far the best of the series. The chibi series actually had a bit where somebody walks into the club room to get help, but immediately changes their mind. A middle finger right to me. A guy goes missing, there's a thick, myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Episode order: Tmohs originally aired out-of-order. Some people argue that watching it like this enhances the show's intrigue and gives it the illusion that it's building up to something. Even if these people were right, that just speaks poorly of the show. It shouldn't need a gimmick like that. The episodes being out-of-order has nothing to do with the actual show. Tmohs is not a mystery series, and it's not about problem solving. There's no relation. Tmohs doesn't even feel like it was made with the scrambled order in mind. The only thing this does it make the viewer have to piece together the chronology or a bunch of events that are at best loosely tied together in the first place. If that's what people think makes for an interesting show, I don't even know.

What they could have done: 1.Make the show actually deliver what it promises to. Give every episode a paranormal event caused by Haruhi that's resolved while hiding the extraordinary from her.

2.Consistently making weird shit happen. In one episode, Haruhi sends Kyon off to buy a heater while it's snowing. If Kyon for example, moved around in circles and twisting streets without being able to find his way back to the school in the because of Haruhi, that would have been pretty interesting. They could do literally anything.

3.Show more of the espers, aliens and time travelers. We get four. This entire show is just a cock tease in every sense.

Characters: Boring archetypes. Standard slice of life fare. Besides the main cast, there's some boring students I barely remember. The one other alien was actually my favorite for being the catalyst for the most interesting sequences. Forget about character development. Also, Haruhi is a cunt and nothing is done with that. She just is, and stays that way.

Art: I don't care. It looks nice, especially for 2006. The character designs are bland. Eye candy isn't a substitute for being good.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1522350603417.jpg (19.98 KB, 338x383, Derp1.jpg)


tachyon impact


Wow, you tracked down one of my old alternate usernames by googling my real name, which is public. Congratulations.

File: 1520474785962.jpeg (153.57 KB, 850x1047, 72E9A1F2-DCBF-47DB-90BD-6….jpeg)


i’m guilty of this heavily, so i’ll just use one example.
I literally spent half an afternoon writing a lengthy analysis on the anatomy and byproducts of fairies (the 2hu fairies) and how they’re seen in both fairy and youkai/human culture. all developed on my own, mind you, none of this was established before.
To save you the pain reading the whole thing, i’ll skim it down to the bare bones for those who are curious. Still gonna probably be a hefty read.

essentially, the main part of fairy anatomy boils down to fairies not having any real genetalia, instead having their wings be the erogenous, more sensitive part of their body. since fairies don’t exactly reproduce, nor have the need to, it’s simply just a stand in for reproduction in fairy culture. Fairies also passively emit various pheromones from their wings, which coagulate over time into this flaky, dandruff like material colloquially referred to as Dust. Dust, being a delicacy due to faries being too stubborn to stay still long enough to collect much, is heavily desired by human and youkai medicine makers alike, who seek to use certain kinds of Dust in their products for various reasons.

tl;dr: fairies have no genitals, their wings are the stand in. Since fairies don’t reproduce, it’s considered taboo to rub them in fairy culture. Fairy wings also build up a pheromone residue, nicknamed Dust. Medicine makers can’t get enough of that shit, and pay top dollar for a decent sample.
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Fairies don't exist :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


File: 1520611083513.jpeg (30.51 KB, 287x287, 252BBE8F-8FEC-4E48-8523-F….jpeg)

Well, I suppose Someone’s gotta write how a fictional species functions. Guess that person’s me.






File: 1520981038663.jpg (906.15 KB, 1000x1200, sleepy_marisa.jpg)

I've always been developing stuff like games, languages, skill systems or contemplated for hours over the essentials of elemental rune magic. As I am a lazy bum, nothing of value was ever created out of those thoughts.

File: 1520823021547.jpg (53.25 KB, 384x444, lt.jpg)


Looking for a place to enjoy the twilight? Do you like MBTI and spiritual anomalies? Just want a comfy place to have some idle chit-chat? Then come, the tavern awaits you…

discord link: BcXWAAu


File: 1520827876159.jpg (48 KB, 476x524, mbti_alignment-.jpg)


File: 1520828768706.jpg (147.98 KB, 850x1251, p_00002.jpg)

I love this server and love everyone that joins :>


File: 1520829881169.jpg (107.63 KB, 680x680, reminder.jpg)

That's becuz this is nice serber!


File: 1520830069940.jpg (30.08 KB, 286x286, Marius.jpg)

keep samefagging, that definitely will make it look real!


Chats & Communities advertisements should be limited to this thread: >>>/hikki/1715

File: 1520733053043.png (4.67 KB, 178x226, wizard.png)


Hello to the uboachan community! My name is Helpful Antonio and I wish you a very warmm welcome and grateful. I hope we can be friends.

Here are my spells and their strengths.

<span style="color:red;">Fireball Strength 13 *****</span>
<span style="color:blue;">Mana Recharge Strength 2 **</span>
<span style="color:green;">Major Heal Strength 5 *</span>
<span style="color:black;">Blackhole Strength 1000 (too many stars for here)</span>


Sorry I think the colors didn't work.


bump hehe

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