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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

File: 1503349849585.jpg (125.01 KB, 671x971, La_visione_di_San_Benedett….jpg)


Did any of you catch the solar eclipse? Because if you didn't, you're gonna have to wait another seven years.

File: 1502740126174.jpg (48.4 KB, 618x412, 60e83a47df251d7775b8b12a31….jpg)


Hello ubots, should I get takeaway tonight?

What are your favourite takeaway foods? Do you like to get chippies/fries with your orders? I like to think of them as a nice little extra I can get for being a good boy.
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What are you British or something?


File: 1502807591331.jpg (95.66 KB, 580x386, DSC_7515.jpg)


No I'm not British but I just like a big bowl of chippies sometimes :^(

I did in the end, I got a big garlic bread with cheese, some macaroni cheese and a big bowl of chippies with cheese teehee.


File: 1502845865238.jpg (144.75 KB, 850x408, d.jpg)

Well, you probably aren't American, because here we call it, "fast food", and, "fries". You probably spell color with a u too. I bet you call elevators, "lifts". Bloody hell you wanker. I think I'm going to off myself. Fuck me. It's not alright lad. I want to throw this rubbish thread straight into the bin.


What sodding things are you rambling about about 'em buggers being Englishmen or not? Of course OP is wossname, fat, just like you. Anybody could see straight through it with only reading a few of the things suggested in this thread, innit, lad?


File: 1502856894538.jpg (143.39 KB, 839x953, mlfw10791-full.jpg)

File: 1497650954516.jpg (1.3 MB, 1060x1500, 147793693357.jpg)


How? I always see people saying things like 'I only have online friends', but I have never knowingly spoke to the same person twice, let alone befriend them. It especially bamboozles me how people can make friends in sites without identities, which encompasses most of the places I go.

Just to be clear, I'm not asking for friends here as I don't think I'm capable or worthy at the present time, but for when I am I want to know where to start.
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Well, used to be a name on this board, but not anymore.
For the most part people meet here and then meet up on other platforms like Discord or Skype. Online friends mostly just hang out or play games together, that's about it.


If a person doesn't want you for your knowledge or skills, then they will enjoy your company for the mutual pleasure of talking to eachother. Humans like to talk to eachother and bark noises into each other's ears. It's validating.

Nothing wrong with friendship founded on a transactional basis, because that's all there really is to human relationships.


File: 1501951268860.jpg (19.52 KB, 293x431, 10176259_10103122173755597….jpg)

Someone who puts as much effort into my life as I put into theirs.

e.g. I will offer to help someone move, then when I need to move, he offers without me asking.

Or, say I bring food into work one week for everyone. Then again in another month. Then a coworker asks when the next time food is coming in, instead of bringing some in himself. It shows self-centeredness, which is not a quality of a good friend.

That's the real difference - most people will do something if you ask them to because they are taught to help people/be nice, etc. However, that is the only reason many people do those things. When they do those things without prompting and not just because they want to avoid saying "no" to somebody who is asking for help, I consider them actual friends.


Not OP by the way.


get out

Most online friends you meet are just there to play games with you most of the time. The way to go from "online friend" to "actual friend" is when the person regularly starts hitting you up to play with them all the time or just sit down and talk to you.
It's weird, because it's just like a business relationship/talking to your co-workers.

File: 1493166443412.png (150.98 KB, 614x455, tryit.png)


How long can you sit through this video I stumbled across?
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please kill me


4 seconds. it was boring




File: 1501977471379.png (160.13 KB, 500x305, lainisgod2.png)

I mean, it's just fucking boring to watch.. what's the point?

File: 1501556524923.jpg (14.38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Hai guys. I wasn't sure which subreddit to start this topic in, sorry if I got it wrong. Yesterday, while I was sittiin on the toliet, I came up with an amazing theory. I hope you uboachanners like it! Desu! Basically, all of Yume Nikki, all of it, is about shitting your pants. Why does Madotsuki never leave her room? Many people have asked this question and I've got the answer. She's embarrassed after shitting her pants. Mado is a loli and kids at age are very sensitive to peer pressure. Mado shat her pants in class in front of everybody, that's why she never leaves her room. She's too embarrassed. Now, a second thing I noticed is that Mado never goes to the bathroom the whole game. She developed a complex where she is afraid that she will shit herself again. She doesn't trust herself enough to eat because she thinks that that will keep her from emptying her bowels again. If you can't eat, you can't shit. Not eating is painful though so she decided to end it all. She was too hungry. A lot of symbolism in the game supports this. Why else would the poop hair effect be in the game? It doesn't make sense! There's also the random restroom in Block World. Mado's deep sub-consciousness is telling her that she NEEDS to shit. It's like Karl Marx always said, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. Mado can shit so she needs to shit as a HUMAN BEING. KyuuKyuu-kun is a piece of shit. What else could she be!? She's calling out to Mado from the staircase, reminding Mado of what she did. Notice how Madotsuki is always afraid of the toriningen getting close to her? She's afraid that they'll notice the shit in her pants. The toriningen represent Mado's more popular peers who isolated Madotsuki after her accident. What does shit mean, what does it signify? What deeper connection to the universe can be made from our human waste? The essays by the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne teaches us that shit represents all of humanities embarrassments throughout history. The holocaust, 9/11, the Hindenburg disaster. Kikiyama must have read this book before the creation of Yume Nikki because she incorporates these themes into her magnum opus. Maybe she made Yume Nikki because she also shit herself? Mado's embarrassment is all of our embarrassment as a united species on this tiny, insignificant, blue planet we call Earth. We're all just a bunch of lost souls floating through space and we all don't want to shit our pants. Goodbye Madotsuki. Thank yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There's nothing to be explained, you have two hands, one at the end of your left arm, the other at the end of your right arm. Choose one, no matter which, and look at it… the answer is there.


I don't know what an arm is. Please show me a picture.


File: 1501936840806.png (74.41 KB, 200x240, 1501071322154.png)

This. I made >>17645 while i was shitfaced and even this goes into the same levels of unfunny, which is a hard feat to do.


>looking for answers
>not shoulders

Those are nice, bulky shoulders


>i was shitfaced
Somebody's making excuses.

File: 1501369012906.png (187.75 KB, 355x436, house.PNG)


This guy used to do videogame reviews but now he's doing these interesting, surreal and morbidly fascinating skits with like puppets and shit.

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpTn-eH4omM

He has a similar taste to me and many others on this board (considering his love for Yume Nikki) so I figured people here know about him and like him.
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Because i'm an obtuse asshole I've decided to go through this video and point out some of the regurgitated ideas.
- Creepy puppets in seemingly innocent setting filled with weird noises(Don't hug me I'm scared)
- Murderous inhuman character with friendly disposition(Lamas with hats and Charlie the Unicorn, the banana slug even has the same eyes)
- Creepy Childish drawings used to create atmosphere(Yume Nikki did it better)
- Characters saying nonsensical nonsense and being delusional(Also don't hug me i'm scared, also done by lots of, "lol what did I just watch", kind of stuff like Salad Fingers")
- Edgy child kidnapping and murder to show of how creepy a character is(Unbelievable Tales)
- Villain acting confused as to why other characters don't like them(every Disney film with a crazy villain)
- Creepy house tour(Like a billion things, I don't know)
- Innocent children communicating with friendly being that they can't understand(My Neighbor Totoro, The Goonies, the Pokemon Movies I guess)
- Ironic anti-humor used in a puppet show where the characters have silly voices(Potter Puppet Pals)
I get that there's always going to be influences of other stuff in everything, but the product should still feel like its own thing and not just an amalgamation of other stuff I've seen. I'd call this creatively bankrupt, pretentious, and hallow. Even those Poppy videos are better than this repetitive novelty.



Hi Jordan.


If Jordon really did make this thread, that would be really pathetic.


It's a pretty interesting watch, but I wish he'd go back to doing game reviews.

File: 1499380464799.jpg (294.39 KB, 850x839, __original_drawn_by_arata_….jpg)


I wrote a review of Undertale a few years ago when it was still really popular, but I never had the guts or motivation to actually publish it. It's practically the first thing I've written for fun. Some words and sentences are a little repetitive and parts of it are admittedly nit picky. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could look at it and give me your thoughts.
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I used to like newgrounds because every once in a blue moon something good would be put there, but I've gotten sick of the site constantly being flooded with engine made platformers with floaty controls made by people who don't understand basic level design. The only thing even remotely decent about these games is usually the simplistic, minimalistic, cutesy art. A game is something that should be preconceived and made with care over how ever long it takes to make it as best as the developer can. While stuff like company release dates put a bit of a curb on this, these contests just spit on the face of the idea that video games should be made because the developer came up with a good idea that they want to make a reality. So many of the developers who enter these contests only make stuff for them, so it's frustrating to see somebody who might actually have potential if they took the time to polish their shit, waste their time.


File: 1499482585465-0.jpg (461.43 KB, 640x480, cancer4.jpg)

File: 1499482585465-1.png (12.49 KB, 512x512, cancer3.png)

File: 1499482585465-2.png (22.19 KB, 605x460, cancer 2.png)

File: 1499482585465-3.jpg (128.62 KB, 620x328, cancer1.jpg)




File: 1501530963690.png (10.75 KB, 1000x600, madotsuki_and_frisk_by_nig….png)

I found this today. How does this make you feel?


File: 1501532067192.png (523.59 KB, 774x1128, c48d02a79a3b14d6c5dce3dcd0….png)


File: 1500488703504.jpg (23.63 KB, 459x331, dean_mccoppin_by_ultimatej….jpg)


What happened to Amy S' thread about how art relates to Yume Nikki? It had this picture on it. Just curious.
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I don't mean to be a bother with the community, is all.


File: 1501016034967.jpg (579.2 KB, 3264x2448, 1408127704449.jpg)

Anon who was offering criticism of your post, here.


Your perception is curious to me.

You are accusing "us" (it was really only me) of creating a circle jerk, but then you say here you only want to present ideas that are not controversial? That is the very act of circle-jerk creation you are partaking in. You SHOULD post controversial ideas, or else you are as guilty as any of us.

Please read the above link. Socrates is rightfully hailed and eternally enshrined as the Grandfather of all Western Philosophy for his acts, primarily, as a social gadfly. If you perceive yourself to be a gadfly, there is no greater service you can offer to a given community.

Given this new information, whether or not you decide to continue your discussion about Yume Nikki as a work of art rather than a game is up to you.


I just liked my post where I compared the discussion of the topic's invigoration of the community to cancer cells. Sure wish I could read it again.


I don't remember it, but now I wish I could read it, too. Deletion really should only be a final resort, there is a reason saging exists…


File: 1501157305920-0.png (293.05 KB, 320x1936, vomitive-shithole.png)

File: 1501157305920-1.jpg (402.25 KB, 1211x1500, odilon redon.jpg)

I actually have bits of the old thread saved.
Since I have limited internet access at the moment, I saved the page for offline reading on my phone, and, well, here it is.

On another note, hopefully more related to the old thread, regardless of how much or how little thought or meaning Kikiyama put in the game, no art exists in a vacuum. The game was inevitably influenced by something, whether it be anime or other video games or novels or paintings or advertisements or some shit… Pointing out the parallels and similarities could give some pretty interesting insight, couldn't it?

I mean, I understand how someone who has seen all of the 53679 "MADOTSUKI WAS RAPED XDDD" posts can have a knee-jerk reaction to anything to do with theories and speculation, but come on, this stupid No Fun Allowed "everything about YN has already been said" attitude is totally unnecessary. It just discourages any positive discussion or creativity (and maybe like 2 shitty threads, which wouldn't be a problem considering the inactivity of this place).

And honestly, even if, as someone has said, every single thing about YN has been revealed, written out and presented, it's still fucking fascinating to find artists that have had absolutely no way of knowing about YN come to similar artistic conclusions as Kikiyama. Makes you think about what kind of lives they led, what kind of personality or way of thinking they had… What were they trying to say with this stuff??? For what reason?

Here's a drawing that I stumbled upon on the net, by a 19th/20th century French artist named Odilon Redon. It immediately gave me Yume Nikki vibes.
Here's a short description of his work from Wikipedia:

Redon's works were described as "a synthesis of nightmares and dreams", as they contained dark, fantastical figures from the artist's own imagination.[13] His work represents an exploration of his internal feelings and psyche. He himself wanted to place "the logic of the visible at the service of the invisible".

File: 1500860421035.jpg (374.62 KB, 900x900, 7a4a695e02c71f287e54da5f96….jpg)


If I where to off myself, what is the best way to do it so nobody finds my body?


Go to Venezuela.

File: 1500281679064.jpg (277.35 KB, 850x1190, __houraisan_kaguya_and_pat….jpg)


Around the same time that I wrote my Undertale review, I also wrote a review on Touhou Project. I know that some people might hate me for this, but the review is somewhat negative. There might be some grammatical errors still, but I think that overall, it's better than the Undertale review. Please give me your thoughts.
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>(Kikuri's art is also surprisingly good and I have my doubts that Zun made her sprite, wasn't he in a group or something at this time?)
Amusement makers, but I don't remember anyone else being cited in the staff roll. Doesn't mean that he couldn't have received some help though.

>Eh, that's basically like the game's manual though. The first Mario has a pretty interesting premise to it if you bother to read the manual, but that's pretty iffy when it comes to judging the game itself.

Not really a manual per se, you have the background of the characters and sometimes the background of the setting of the game (th7, for example). I actually read them after playing the games and it made feel everything feel more solid, story wise. Again, I'm mentioned them because that's where the "doesn't have enough depth" part is filled.

>It's a polish thing. Maybe that's just a nitpick. I said in my review that it might be due to Zun's, "stubbornness".

Don't get me wrong, ZUN could do with learning how to draw, what I meant is that the graphics as they are are sufficient, so to speak. It's not as bad as, say, undertale. For doujin standards it's pretty passable.

>You have to admit that there has been much much better though.

Doujin? Hardly. From guys who knew how to draw and spend their free time drawing in computers for years? Yeah. Most of the doujin floppy CGI specials suck balls (and for a reason, CGI drawing was ridiculously hard back in the 90's), and the one or two that don't were made by a guy with mad skills that later found a job in a company like C-ware, Telenet, Queensoft or elf or something (I have jedi somewhere, maybe I could upload it so you can see how ridiculous it is? I gave up ten minutes after trying to draw an eye).
Touhou is pretty respectable compared to other stuff, moreso coming from a guy who doesn't know how to draw. I actually haven't seen yet anyone using animated primitive shapes in their backgrounds, too. I'm not saying ZUN is good, I'm saying that they are pretty good for a 1996/97/98 doujin game, and actually better than some games made by companies.

>When judging a movie, the books that they're based on are kind of irrelevant. I guess with Touhou
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1500311413236-0.jpg (170.53 KB, 994x380, super-mariobrosmanual7.jpg)

File: 1500311413236-1.jpg (254.13 KB, 998x379, super-mariobrosmanual1.jpg)

>Not really a manual per se, you have the background of the characters and sometimes the background of the setting of the game
Game manuals in the 80s and 90s had a lot more to them than instructions of controls, so I would say that they're comparable.
>I'm not saying ZUN is good, I'm saying that they are pretty good for a 1996/97/98 doujin game, and actually better than some games made by companies.
All right, but that doesn't really explain the windows games. It's like how I said. Improvements should be made if the means to do so are available. If the means didn't exist in the 90s, they do now.
>I have jedi somewhere, maybe I could upload it so you can see how ridiculous it is?
That sounds interesting.


I just thought that it was worth comparing the final and only boss of Arkanoid with the final boss of Highly Responsive of Prayers.
It's kind of funny.


File: 1500313654809-0.png (131.69 KB, 1343x3392, th8_1-fullpage.png)

File: 1500313654809-1.png (862.55 KB, 1343x5796, th8_2-fullpage.png)

>Game manuals in the 80s and 90s had a lot more to them than instructions of controls, so I would say that they're comparable.
Yeah. Pics are how things look in windows. The first one being the background setting for touhou 8, the second being the character introduction of the same game. Of course, these weren't included in the translated version of any game (so naturally nobody has ever seen the damn thing). And this is how PC-98 manuals looked like. Most people don't even know these exist (I translated the index and and asterisk was added to show where the important bits are). https://pastebin.com/1BQEQMgr

It's worth nothing this method of including information in readme's is standard in japanese gaming (at least in doujin) so it's not like zun is just being autistic. Also, kinda hard to fit all that text into the games, too.

>All right, but that doesn't really explain the windows games. It's like how I said. Improvements should be made if the means to do so are available.

Oh yeah, I agree on that, but getting somebody to draw his things would ruin the spirit of the game, somehow. At least I see it that way. Nothing should stop him of learning that a hand isn't a ball with bananas sticking out of it though.

>That sounds interesting.

Not on my computer right now, I'll post it later.

Sariel feels more alive somehow. Then again, there are 10 years of difference between rei'iden and arkanoid.


File: 1500313933425.png (31.96 KB, 640x400, doujin0.png)

>It's worth nothing this method of including information in readme's is standard in japanese gaming (at least in doujin) so it's not like zun is just being autistic. Also, kinda hard to fit all that text into the games, too.
meant noting*

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