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Did anyone else watch Gakkou Gurashi? People had a really mixed reaction to it, but I thought it was pretty good. Pretty depressing. Really didn't like the fan service episode, but it didn't ruin in for me.
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https://youtu.be/Clhk7dSOWjA (1)
https://youtu.be/YQGJIp44l4w (2)
https://youtu.be/idt4e8ScbEU (3)
This guy is really good too.
Oldie, but a goodie. AVGN has been a lifeless corpse for a while now, but James's movie reviews are relatively decent.


The only worthwhile thing egoraptor ever has and ever will produce.



File: 1510494598980.png (90.62 KB, 609x128, 1509377450730.png)

I meant those often opinionated and rough-looking type of videos that he posted.
On the conspiracy part side, silly stuff like this:
Those analysis type of videos that are often void of any real opinion and narrated by monotone britbongs (take CGP Grey for example) and often suffer from overediting aren't my style. On the other side, i also like analysis-type of videos that keep it short (under 15m) and have humor to fill in the exposition intervals (something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6ju5UGN9XM). Your links are some good stuff though.


Yeah, those type of informational videos are kind of dull. They're good if you just want to learn about the subject, but they aren't that entertaining. I personally prefer longer analysis videos because those feel like i'm going on a journey. While I can kind of understand why you would have nostalgia for mediocre, poorly edited stuff as that is becoming a bit of a rarity, i'm glad that people have moved past that. People bitch and moan so much about how things aren't how they used to be, but they forget that content on the internet is better now than it ever has been before.

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What piece of fiction best portrays the life you want to live?
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Probably The Garden of Words, because I really need someone with slight issues of their own so that they would (in the world of fiction) accept me and my issues, and that it's an older woman MC-kun ends up with is even better.


Cutting off slowpoke tails for money, breaking into people's houses, and extorting money from children don't seem that innocent.


I know it's a kid's game and shit, and I'm looking at Pokemon as a cynical adult, but overall it's pretty innocent. The parents in that world are dumb as hell though. The Pokemon world must be a molester wonderland.

>Child Molester Bill wants to battle

>Female Rapist Jill wants to battle
>Serial Killer Maddox wants to battle
>Genital Mutilator Sally wants to battle
>Creepy Pedo Pedro wants to battle
>Schizo Sheen wants to bette


Kino's Journey. The original.

That or uhhh shit

was there ever a book that was about some dude who lived in a cabin in the woods with someone he loved and wrote?

Doubt it, sounds uneventful for fiction.


kemono friends

File: 1487227673333.jpg (68.57 KB, 550x297, school.jpg)


Tell me about interesting things that happened when you were in school. In elementary there was this one kid who was always swearing and making dirty jokes. He one time asked a bunch of other kids if they would rather watch their parents have sex one thousand times or join them one time.
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fuck man i you guys had some cool shit going on.

i think the most exciting story i have was when…………….

fuck nothing interesting ever happened ;_;


This isn't a story that has to do with school, but I was a kid at the time and it did have to do with classes of a sort. I used to take Karate lessons around the time that I was in middle school. I didn't have much of an interest in it, but I kept going every week and getting through it on account of my parents. Two years into it a new kid who was a bit younger and much shorter than me starts showing up. It was immediately clear that he was a belligerent little shit. He ignored the instructor's directions and constantly questioned them. He would always kind of taunt them when we had to do, "line drills". He made direct eye-contact with them when we had to step forward and punch so it seemed like he was directing the blow at them. He had the douchest shit-eating grin imaginable too which he constantly did. The instructors obviously hated him, they were always complaining amongst each other, but they couldn't do anything because they didn't own the fitness club. Every time they brought it up with his coddling mother she tried to excuse him by saying that he has emotional problems or whatever and that she'll try to get him to stop, which she never did. One day we're doing a partner drill where one person punches and the other person steps back and blocks. I have the misfortune of being partnered up with the shit smear. Before we start he gives me that fucking smile and stares right into my eyes. I don't know how intentional what happened next was on my part to this day, but I do know that i'm glad I did it. On the first count right as I launch the punch, when the other person is supposed to step back and he would easily be able to do so if he was paying attention, my fist slams into his jaw. I can still vividly remember the instant change from smirk to grimace on his face. He starts sobbing immediately. Apparently a few of his baby teeth were knocked loose. I start apologizing profusely over and over again, and I think that at the time I was genuinely sorry. The instructor who was there tried to feign concern, but you could tell they were kind of happy. Never saw the kid again.


>was that kid who made comics out of my doodles
>was that kid who EVERYONE knew because of my autism
i miss being 14 - 16

am 27.


Our high school's auto-shop class was towards the back corner of the school adjacent to the outskirts behind the football field.

One morning we were all outside power washing the floor when we hear a very loud and slightly slurred, "FfffFFUUUuuUUCK yewww……." and we all sort of look around trying to figure out where it came from.

Around the corner a few moments later comes a very fat and quite intoxicated mexican young adult on a bicycle. He has a large backpack and an acoustic guitar wrapped around him, and he is swerving heavily. As the bikes handlebars dipped closer to the ground on either side of him and he overcompensated time and time again,

"ffFFUUuuck *YOU*…BITCH!"

And he reaches the gate, exiting the school grounds

"FUCK you faggot PO-LICE!"

he shouts, and on he goes around another corner and out of our sight.

We stare at each other in disbelief for another few moments, but before we can return to our task, around the corner comes another something: A very fat and sunglassed security guard driving a "SECURITY" golf cart that is clearly straining under his weight to keep up, sagging and bouncing heavily at every pothole or unevenly paved surface.


Nothing interesting ever happened to me in school, but some of my colleagues had interesting background stories. One of them was a colleague from another class in high school. She came from Brazil when she was just a young child. Back when her parents still lived in Brazil they inhabited in a good and safe neighborhood. One day their neighbors' kid with around the same age as my colleague disappeared without leaving any trace. For a short time people there believed that he might have left home and get lost (or maybe hoped it was so). Then one day a small box arrived to his parents' mailbox. Inside was a child's fingers, presumably their son's. There was no explanation note, no sender info, no ransom, no calls with threats, nothing at all. Someone was doing that just because they wanted. Her parents moved to another country that same year in fear their kid could be next and to give her a safe place where to grow up.

File: 1509235528807.png (1.2 MB, 1114x1080, phonecase.png)


Hello, I have a phone case for I think an iPhone 7+ that was made by mistake. If you want it, I'll put it in an envelope and mail it to you.


apple sucks anon

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