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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1540670111624.jpg (552.12 KB, 733x1325, __original_drawn_by_taki_z….jpg)


I'm writing a very general paper on single parenthood for uni. Since some people here seem very passionate about that topic, I'm hoping they have something interesting to say about it. Could you guys help me out?

File: 1529989485162.jpg (45.67 KB, 425x565, North Korean man burning.JPG)


I've noticed a very disturbing trend going on online. There seems to be a split where everywhere you go it's either a shitpost hellscape where everybody constantly bitches about Jews 24/7, or a hyper safe space full overly sensitive communists and tumblrinas. The vitriol is just so insufferable. I'm Jewish and i'm definitely not swimming in money, nor are my relatives, but I have to sit and read about how Jews are destroying the world and cause every problem in pretty much any place I go. It doesn't even make sense. Would lobbying be okay if only white people did it? Nobody acknowledges that Jews are just as much brainwashed as everybody else by modern political correctness and liberalism. Nope, Jews just want to take over the world and use everybody else as slaves. The Talmud says so and Harvey Weinstein types definitely have a copy of the Talmud on their night stand. That's why so many powerful positions of power are Jews. It's all a zionist conspiracy. Also they're actually marxists which is why they like business and banking so much. If that's the case, where's my cut? It's like stormfront is slowly leaking everywhere else. You can't even escape it on music boards. Nobody talks about music there, it's all just /pol/shit.
The only other option is in many ways worse. You constantly have to walk on eggshells and be mindful of everybody's sensibilities. This is the problem with ideology. It infects everything it touches and slowly wrings it to death. It's suffocating. The infected have their head so far up their own ass and they think they're the objective moral authority. They're the saviors and everybody else is wrong and needs to be silenced.
Is this just going to be how things are from now on? Is there any hope of things cooling down and becoming neutral again?
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>However I prefer to be a rational person. I can't make myself believe something if it sounds good, but doesn't make logical sense when you break it down.

everybody thinks that they're logical and won't believe things that they can't understand.
saturn has two moons which occupy the same orbit, the could collide but never do, one moons is always traveling faster than the other, but neither moon ever overtakes and passes the other.
that sounds illogical if you haven't had orbital mechanics explained to you, but that how it works.
don't award yourself so much credit for being rational, if you're a headstrong egotistical moron then your mental condition will leave you oblivious to your own idiocy, you might be a braying ninny and not even know it. a lot of stupid people and a lot of irrationally insane people are very certain about themselves, is that the kind of people you want to affiliate yourself with?

>Morality varies depending on the person and place, but everybody thinks they're right about it.
this is extremely true


They never said they were totally sure of themselves, just that they don't believe everything presented to them right away. People should at least make an effort to be rational, even if that can't be absolute or whatever.


File: 1537055427657.jpg (84.39 KB, 650x575, 69-11.jpg)

Your own rationality is a myth that you create and only you believe in. Your version of rational behavior is based on the seemingly logical conclusions you've drawn from your experiences in life, but other people have difference experiences and different brains and they draw different conclusions. Its the most common thing in the world for some oblivious narcissistic retard to be dismissive of anyone who contradicts their point of view as irrational or crazy.
How the fuck is it rational to be spending your time posting off-topic posts in a derailed thread on the off topic imageboard of a website modeled after an east asian archipelagic animation discussion software that was started by an ex 4chon mod? What are you accomplishing here by telling two or three other people that people other than yourself are rational? Would it make a difference in any way at all if we were arguing the merits of our post numbers or making inane penis jokes instead of trying to accuse other of being mentally inferior to yourself?


Except that's not how logic works. Everything depends on context. There's no such thing as a universal logic or moral system that applies to every situation. Being rational doesn't mean basing everything on personal experience alone and saying everybody else is wrong. That's exactly what ideologues do. It means looking at the facts and analyzing the situation on a case-by-case basis. It's a mindset. You wont always end up being right, but it's still better and allows you to learn from mistakes. You're implying that nothing is irrational in any situation. As for why i'm posting on this board, within the context of me having zero free time becuase I have to study for an exam, it wouldn't be rational. If I have free time, it is because it makes more sense to do things you enjoy then.
Your perception of being a reasonable person tells me that you're probably not one. Wouldn't be suprised if you only think what other people tell you to. All of your posts so far have just been of you being a standoffish faggot.


>Except that's not how logic works
yes it is

File: 1538265350285.jpg (173.18 KB, 850x638, __seisen_cerberus_drawn_by….jpg)


A distant relative just died and for whatever reason you inherit their private island and the boat to get there. Only you know about this besides the guy that informed you. What do you do?


That's my dream. I've actually looked into buying islands but most near me are uninhabitable or you'd have to build your own house and that would be incredibly expensive.

I'd immediately move onto the island and start an online business so I don't have to go back to the mainland, maybe I could grow something to sell. I'd adopt a pack of dogs because I'd have the space for them, plus I'd feel safe at night knowing I'm surrounded by good boys. I'd use the boat to go back to the mainland and buy supplies every now and then. I'd grow lots of tropical fruits. Depending on how big the island is, I might build another little house on the beach and I'd go for little hikes with a packed lunch and flask. I'd probably get into painting on the beach or writing novels to both pass the time and make money. It's my absolute ideal situation.


>you'd have to build your own house and that would be incredibly expensive
You realise that prices for even the cheapest islands are in the order of millions? If you can't afford to build a house then you can't afford to buy an island.


Uh, maybe where you live. I could get one for 100k. The house would be triple that or more. So yeah, the house would cost more than the island itself.


Sell it.


>Only you know about this
Okay, well, this scenario didn't happen then. Because governments keep track of things like this.

File: 1487585906221.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, heh.jpg)


Shit guys I'm going to kyoto in the summer for 6 weeks and I can't wait! I love Japan and everything about since I've been in highschool and I can't believe that all my hardwork has paid off! I know this isn't necessarily yn related by I just really wanted to share this with you guys. Has Yume Nikki ever shaped your perception on Japan? I don't what it is about stuff like yn or lsd dream emulator but that just gives me that "magic" feeling that I love so much and I'm wondering if I will get that when I am over there.
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File: 1487890750661.png (8.18 KB, 586x249, Tea_Time.png)

You better come and update this thread when you go. Or at all pls.


Hey guys I'm just waiting to get all the paper work finished and I should be able to go on the 28th of May. We are all gonna make it guys!


File: 1489358291240.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.91 KB, 500x508, 94e86888a463635909a5c758e3….jpg)

Cool, have fun in animu and mango land.


thanks friendo i will bring you back many nipponese souvenirs and snacks


File: 1537228631062.jpg (64.71 KB, 600x500, Minase.Nayuki.full.11569.jpg)

Don't know if you'll see this OP but did you ever go to Japan? And if so how was it?

File: 1514864353546.png (22.17 KB, 150x150, unperson_perma_banned.png)


Ubuu, I need your advice, preferably female. I know there's probably some other place better for this kind of thing, but I basically haven't used the internet other than to lurk on chans, science and programming, some indie game development blogs and the dark side of the japanese web for about 9 years. In other words, this is basically the only place where I even post, and I wouldn't even know about other place where I could write it. Really, you guys are the only people I feel comfortable with to talk about this. It's going to be slightly long so, please, forgive me in advance.

Long story short, I've started college some time ago. I was your typical anon, that is to say, my idea of social skills was very poor, I am a knee-deep weeaboo and I was a loner kid through my adolescence. Luckily, I haven't got any problem with just talking with people, but I do have a real problem on long-term relationships of any sort. How people could maintain contact, go out and share meals and whatever, hell, talk daily was a slightly odd idea for me, mainly because I've never made acquittance with people who would be interested in talking with me that much; the concept has been always slightly alien to me. It just seemed weird, if I had to go out I felt I wouldn't know how to react, engulfed by a feeling of being lost – out of place, as my surroundings would become blurry and I would just sit there with the head low and muted. That's the kind of impression I always got of "going out" with people – and on the very title occasions this happened, it was like that (mostly before college).
Some time forward, about a year after starting college, I managed to start talking with people and forming some basic "contact" – that is to say, we knew each other names and we got together to study – sort of relationship with a bunch of guys I met there, which later grew into what you could call friendship (or at least I believe so, as I said, I suck at judging these things, but I'm fairly sure you can call it that). We shared similar interests so that made it easier for me to relax and actually be a bit of myself with nerd jokes among other things, which increased my self-esteem to talk with other people in other classes too, even of normal things I wouldn't normally care to discuss that much. Mostly out of courtesy, but overall they weren't boring people, and I was also interested in how far I could go handling it (which thankfully, went all right in thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1536547612816-0.png (21.22 KB, 640x384, Anon's probability of shar….png)

File: 1536547612816-1.png (24.82 KB, 640x384, Probability of Anon being ….png)

Let's be honest here, nobody had many hopes, but I still wanted to give it a try simply because I doubted it'd happen ever again.

>Hope you got something out of this experience

That I need a dakimakura.


File: 1537056642978.jpg (156.8 KB, 1047x448, bundy.jpg)

I take it the x-axis is in standard

> mainly because I've never made acquittance with people who would be interested in talking with me that much; the concept has been always slightly alien to me. It just seemed weird, if I had to go out I felt I wouldn't know how to react, engulfed by a feeling of being lost – out of place
everyone goes through that same social discomfort but you somehow seem to feel entitled to avoid it. what makes you better than the rest of us princess?
its somewhat telling, the fact the it takes the protection of an anonymous imageboard for you to admit that you've isolated yourself out of fear that you might run into people who don't love absolutely everything about you the way that mommy does. gosh theres different people out there and they all don't keep pleasing and comforting you as their first priority at all times, how horrifying.


on the graph question i just partially posted, is the x-xais is standard deviations, if so how big was the population and how well does that curve fit the observed data?


File: 1537062052495.jpg (44.66 KB, 635x720, 6b63c9a21a24c825a2028c28b0….jpg)

>everyone goes through that same social discomfort but you somehow seem to feel entitled to avoid it. what makes you better than the rest of us princess?
Care to explain exactly from where you've drawn this conclusion? I haven't mentioned not even once that I'm better than anyone else for being bad at being social nor that I feel discomfort for people who "don't love absolutely everything about you the way that mommy does", and if that's not enough, let me say it: I don't. People are fine the way the are, I am just broken on that aspect, but, well, I've sort of come to terms with it.

If I take the quote you made in your post as a reference, I hardly see the correlation between it and your analysis. Is it the "mainly because I've never made acquaintance with people who would be interested in talking with me that much"? Because what I meant is that I've never been able to form a relationship with people because there never was a person who spoke with me outside of casual chat, or seemed interested in developing a relationship with me, and how that always seemed alien to me because I've never had the chance to actually participate in any of that, and how even now I feel out of place regarding these social events, because I've come to see them as something that happens to other people and can't shake the feeling I'm not doing something natural. Are you telling me that you connect instantly with every person you see on the street and you have the potential to develop a full relationship with a complete stranger regardless of anything, and I'm just stupid for not being able to do so? For the record, I mean people who don't share any interest at all with you. I hardly see why this makes me entitled for avoiding something that never had the chance of blooming.

>the fact the it takes the protection of an anonymous imageboard for you to admit that you've isolated yourself out of fear

I am not scared of relationships, I'm just not used to them, I'm just socially inept. As I've said in the second post, I'm slowly developing a small social circle, and I'm fine with it, except for the low self-steem problems about feeling out of place. I fail to see how you see an obvious case of inferiority complex as me being entitled.

>on the graph ques
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1537063960544.jpg (202.27 KB, 850x1190, __bardock_and_frieza_drago….jpg)

Are you implying that people are somehow obligated to form close relationships? If so, why? I myself don't feel like putting in the amount of energy needed. I don't see it as worth the investment considering how people lose interest in you fast if you don't work to entertain them and make them feel good. That's just our nature. How does that make me selfish or aloof? How does that hurt anybody? You're just projecting things onto people because you can't wrap your head around the idea of a person who's genuinely not that interested in and compatible with other people. It feels like you're compensating for your own insecurities. Where'd you even come from?

File: 1536475211860.png (557.29 KB, 1233x789, 14950061251.png)


bring /2/ back pls
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File: 1536525145965.jpg (288.46 KB, 761x1000, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ki….jpg)

Die Scheiße Hauten musst sterben!
Wir sind die stärkste!!


File: 1536529035282.jpg (45.96 KB, 500x500, give up.jpg)


File: 1536794103659.jpg (98.81 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

The heavens have received your earnest prayer.

...The "Gate of Hope" is opened
I don't have regret any more...


File: 1536851093269.jpg (1.2 MB, 1161x1498, lolibooru 135966 blue_dres….jpg)

But if real Cirno dies, so does bleached Cirno!


File: 1536865421900.jpg (171.1 KB, 850x631, __cirno_and_hakurei_reimu_….jpg)

>real Cirno
No. Also, Cirno can just become Reimu, so that's not a problem.

File: 1535861243957.jpg (93.14 KB, 936x630, script.jpg)


Has anyone else here heard of the Voynich Manuscript? It's a book from centuries ago full of strange plant drawings and untranslatable text. People have been trying to figure it out for hundreds of years. There's like ten plus documentaries about it. Recently, a guy figured out that it's probably in short-hand Latin or something like that. A bootleg health book copy. What's interesting to me is how similar its aesthetic is to YN's in some ways.


File: 1535863226288.jpg (62.14 KB, 780x438, 180613135227-voynich-manus….jpg)

Actually, whether that theory hold up or not isn't clear, but there's a good chance that it doesn't. AI has even been used to try to examine it, which just created even more questions. The latest theory is that it's partially Turkish. The only thing people mostly agree on is that it has something to do with women's health.
Some of the mystery of the books has to do with it's strange pictures of plants known and unknown and bizarre parts that look animated when you spin the the thing around. You can read it here.


File: 1535863854031-0.jpg (212.4 KB, 753x768, 753px-Voynich_manuscript_c….jpg)

File: 1535863854031-1.jpg (202.94 KB, 979x483, 68r-compared.jpg)

File: 1535863854031-2.jpg (225.78 KB, 1000x500, field_notes-mag.jpg)

File: 1535863854031-3.jpg (159.14 KB, 745x498, 164687.jpg)


I recently read that some linguistic AI found it follows the same patterns as Yiddish. But nothing translatable. My guess is that it's in a shorthand cypher of some obscure language, and we'd need to delve deeper into its origins to get a better starting point to work from.


File: 1536530517580.jpg (240.92 KB, 850x1201, __original_drawn_by_tori_q….jpg)

>delve deeper into its origins
Don't know how possible that is. Lots of history is completely lost and there probably wont ever be a way of recovering that information. If anything, information fades with time. It's interesting to think though that in thirty years people will still be able to read this thread. Stuff like this manuscript is fascinating partially because it reminds me both of how similar and different people from the past are to people now.


Yes. I wrote it in my past life.

File: 1533191373020.jpg (52.99 KB, 352x550, a.jpg)


hello Human Beings how are You doINg on This day in the YEAR Of ouR LOrd, 2018, 2018, not 2000, not 3000, in your lifes? Is you be having are many success or happenstance it luck being only until the………….. This is a practice writing the document. On this Day I write this Document and Tell the WOrld about my Grand Vision. My Grand Vision is incredibly, once of the best you'v ever seened. You don't even have to butter your butter your butter your butter your butter your images. I'm only have of an image. Ha Ha. That was a joke. LOL. I am the one who is having the laughter. I almost spell laughter incorrectly while I was typing it but I went back and I fixed it so not really because the chance itself was not that great since I went back andi fixed the errors, unebelively so you cannot parse a broken dog clocks twice a day unless he has not enough heads to meow in which case is he in danger of becomingg a mermaid??????? Only God can answer that question and on this day I leave You With this Strang Query: ""? Oh Ho Ho HO HO I bet you will not Figure Out That one……. merrily u will skip away and become one wit the elder gods n die, why come you don't it exists badly within ~~~~~~~


Making a test


Making a 2nd test

File: 1533236554026.jpg (11.17 KB, 190x279, th.jpg)


After years of research, this is a list of words I demand to be filtered and replaced with other words to adapt them to the reality of the community and its circles:

>Undertale—Meme Game

>Collab—Make the game for me
>RPG Maker—I can't code
>Pixel art—I can't draw
>Horror game—Puzzle game
>Gore—Soft gore/couple blood stains
>Fangame—Copy/Clone/Future abandonware
>MC—Self insert Mary Sue
>Ex Fangame—Tag exploit for sharing purposes
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Funny, but word filters can cause unnecessary confusion.


File: 1533322011857.png (722.72 KB, 850x1365, 1530309127122.png)

This reminds me of a thread we had a while ago, which was funny and not gay.

File: 1532707408753.jpg (412.04 KB, 600x751, Abstract-Rooster.jpg)


Have you ever wondered of rooster onomatopoeia? Because the English version of rooster crow is so utterly fake! Just compare the audio of crowing rooster https://freesound.org/people/Sclolex/sounds/324210/ and the "cock-a-doodle-doo". Neither English "cock-a-doodle-doo", nor German 'kikeriki' or Russian /kukarʲe'ku:/ manages to achieve the faintest semblance of rooster crow. The only language I've found that does at least the rhythm(prosody?) right is Turkish: ü-ürü-üüü /yʔyryʔyː/.
I believe that the most appropriate approximation would be ugh'q'ghyrr-lurh /ʔʌɦʔqəʔ'ɦy:rlʌə:h/ (all vowels glottal).
And what spelling would you suggest?
And why do Indo-European languages(And not only those: Japanese roosters go kokekokkō.) fail to convey actual rooster crows so badly? Any guesses?


Languages are limited by the types of syllables within them. There is no use for people to be able to make the same noises as a rooster. You take what you already have and make an approximation.


People already change the pronunciation of loan words from human languages enough. You're expecting too much of them.

Now explain to me, why the hell does something like "kre-kre" or "ケロケロ" (kerokero) become "ribbit" in English?

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