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File: 1505133579850.jpg (83.04 KB, 720x544, e7043ed2201f215e501c147a59….jpg)


Hi uboachan!

I'm here to test your personal values (these should be quirky). So I bring you a test.

But not a fake-ass personality test that tells you what colour your nail polish should be - a real very scientific very complex magic research instrument that will stare deep into your soul.

You get a personalized report about your basic values and reference values based on your peer's data.

I get your anonymous data to fiddle with and check an idea that I nurtured for almost ten years.

Here's the link: unipark.de/uc/personalvalues

If you're interested in who I am and what I do, shoot me an email at personalvaluesandattitudes@gmail.com
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>real very scientific very complex magic research instrument

Are you also a millionaire and a business owner and a published author and world traveler ??? pls anser




Literally just a personality test that's geared toward classifying individual ethical and moral values. Probably a sociology student.


Took the test. Almost every value was average. That's kind of depressing.


Far below average on everything…
Values are for schmucks though so whatever.

File: 1498279676860.jpg (900.07 KB, 1920x1200, when-you-need-to-worship-a….jpg)



See if you can translate any of the posts. It would be much appreciated.


This includes the OP, right?


All of this is so weird, this was over a decade and a half ago


It actually is 9/11 today, so I think this thread deserves a bump. I'm still hoping that somebody will be interested in translating these posts. It's one of the few online records of people outside of Americas reaction to it in real time. There's no thread online talking about the fall of the Berlin wall hours after it actually happened.


>I'm still hoping that somebody will be interested in translating these posts
Too long, and most of them are just general "Omg what's happening???!'1". Just use google.

File: 1428091112128.png (112.08 KB, 380x309, 1427378820973.png)


Why is windows 8 so fucking shitty.
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It's shitty because they tried to force tablet-style computing on users that don't even have a touch screen.


The only pro windows 8 has is that it's not windows 10.


On the other hand, W10 has native bash support; you can even run linux programs inside a terminal running X, native. They've literally done what wine has been trying to do for the past 24 years in no time at all. The shitty design and telemetry things are a problem, but you can always switch those off. It's still shitty, but not all of that is shitty.


Features and stuff like that aren't pluses for me when it comes to os'. The interface is the most important part. Frankly, I wish they just stuck to windows xp's interface while only improving the computers themselves. As far as interface goes, xp is as good as it gets in terms of appearance and functionality. Every change they made to it in vista and so on was completely unnecessary. Windows 10 has an unacceptable interface. It is vomit inducing.


welcome to 2017 faget :^)

File: 1503798081642.jpg (10.5 KB, 246x138, hqdefault.jpg)


Does anyone know the Youtuber "fdjkkdjf"? He's been playing YN fangames for a while now, most notably a 7-year-long playthrough of Yume 2kki exploring almost everything that game has to offer that's still going strong as the game is updated. There's also videos of .flow, Middens, Me, Someday, Fleshchild and he did a fantastic guided tour of Yume Nikki. Just… don't expect him to always finish the games he plays. Particularly .flow, which he's left unfinished just before the ending

Lately, he's been doing weekly "fangame bingo" livestreams where he plays random games from the ynfg wiki and they're a really good time even if you don't catch them live

If you want to give him a shot I'd recommend his Yume Nikki Retrospective series, but for the madmen out there you could dig into his currently 118-episode Let's Play Yume 2kki like I did. It's a journey, that's for sure


I watch him often! He's a cool guy.


File: 1504003898789.jpg (61.66 KB, 445x833, 1490163490686.jpg)

I do. That scottish guy is pretty comf to watch and I sometimes leave his 2kki playlist on the background when I'm doing other stuff. Wish I could catch the fangame bingo livestreams often, timezones really makes it hard for me.

File: 1503038268588.jpg (34.91 KB, 570x425, trust_your_government_by_b….jpg)


Crossposting from Lainchan (https://lainchan.org/r/res/3260.html#3260). I've been wanting to compile a large variety of "eye-opening" media, and then to organize it by increasing gradation.

For me, there was much media that helped me to see things as I do now, to question things, be wary of the government, and see the various flaws in society. Anything that encourages free thought or distrust in assumptions/governments is what I am aiming for.

My idea is to organize it in such a way that a "program" can be made of it to introduce to people to help them to "wake up". Intro-tier would have to be "accessible" enough as not to cause any conditioned aversion toward it, and to gradually increase the concepts as you move higher on the list.

As far as the media medium itself, music and movies are better introductions than interactive media or books/podcasts.

Here's a sample of my current, unorganized list:


>The Matrix (and sequels?)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Don't put the Matrix sequels and don't out in Avatar. The first reason for this being 1, the message is less effective if you put shit and the second is 2, Avatar doesn't even have that much to do with what you're talking about. Avatar is just another shitty, spectacle film filled with clichés and a heavy-handed message. The blue aliens look as cute and friendly and pet like as possible(to make them more sympathetic) while still being sexually attractive(to give them appeal to those types of people) and the cliché evil military guy. Watch mr.plinkett's review of it. Also, while welcome to the NHK is very good, it also has little to do with your message. Just having themes involving conspiracy doesn't make it about how you shouldn't trust the government. NHK was more about personal growth and how some people like to spin some kind of complicated story to explain the bad things in their life because they don't want to believe that it's either their fault or just coincidence. If anything, adding this show would subtract from your message because it would tell people that instead of deluding themselves into thinking that somebody else is out to ruin their lives, they should take things into their own hands. Frankly, I don't really agree with your base message. The government being shitty is just a reflection of how shitty people are. The government is nothing more than a bunch of self-serving people who either try to make a living or try to gain as much power as possible. Mixed in, there actually are a few people with good intentions. There is no grand plot. Everything bad the government does is just the culmination of a lot of selfish people's decisions. If anything, businesses are much, much more conspiratorial. I don't know why you put NGE. You might want to add something by Isaac Asimov. Good Fellas actually wouldn't be too bad of a choice either because it shows how easily the system can be manipulated by criminals. It's based on a true story too which gives it more weight. By the way, the only people who will see your collection are people who already agree with you. You're just adding another voice to the echo chamber.


The first season of psycho-pass would be good for the anime section.


>don't out in Avatar
I think you're definitely right on this. I just wanted to see what others thought. It has very vague military distrust, but I think it's too overpowered to be really effective, except maybe as intro-tier (but even then).

>welcome to the NHK is very good, it also has little to do with your message

It kinda points out flaws in thought and emotional traps and things. I think by learning to recognize these, you also learn to question your already-held beliefs. Although, this:

>would subtract from your message because it would tell people that instead of deluding themselves into thinking that somebody else is out to ruin their lives, they should take things into their own hands

I feel is quite true. Actually potentially detrimental to the intent.

>There is no grand plot

Even so, I feel the effect is just the same, and as well with wakening to it.

>I don't know why you put NGE

I feel it encourages empathy and seeing things through varying perspectives, which I feel is very important. I realize my OP is kinda vague, though I also intend to cause personal growth with the completed program, as I feel they help with the overarching intent.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1503349849585.jpg (125.01 KB, 671x971, La_visione_di_San_Benedett….jpg)


Did any of you catch the solar eclipse? Because if you didn't, you're gonna have to wait another seven years.

File: 1497650954516.jpg (1.3 MB, 1060x1500, 147793693357.jpg)


How? I always see people saying things like 'I only have online friends', but I have never knowingly spoke to the same person twice, let alone befriend them. It especially bamboozles me how people can make friends in sites without identities, which encompasses most of the places I go.

Just to be clear, I'm not asking for friends here as I don't think I'm capable or worthy at the present time, but for when I am I want to know where to start.
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Well, used to be a name on this board, but not anymore.
For the most part people meet here and then meet up on other platforms like Discord or Skype. Online friends mostly just hang out or play games together, that's about it.


If a person doesn't want you for your knowledge or skills, then they will enjoy your company for the mutual pleasure of talking to eachother. Humans like to talk to eachother and bark noises into each other's ears. It's validating.

Nothing wrong with friendship founded on a transactional basis, because that's all there really is to human relationships.


File: 1501951268860.jpg (19.52 KB, 293x431, 10176259_10103122173755597….jpg)

Someone who puts as much effort into my life as I put into theirs.

e.g. I will offer to help someone move, then when I need to move, he offers without me asking.

Or, say I bring food into work one week for everyone. Then again in another month. Then a coworker asks when the next time food is coming in, instead of bringing some in himself. It shows self-centeredness, which is not a quality of a good friend.

That's the real difference - most people will do something if you ask them to because they are taught to help people/be nice, etc. However, that is the only reason many people do those things. When they do those things without prompting and not just because they want to avoid saying "no" to somebody who is asking for help, I consider them actual friends.


Not OP by the way.


get out

Most online friends you meet are just there to play games with you most of the time. The way to go from "online friend" to "actual friend" is when the person regularly starts hitting you up to play with them all the time or just sit down and talk to you.
It's weird, because it's just like a business relationship/talking to your co-workers.

File: 1493166443412.png (150.98 KB, 614x455, tryit.png)


How long can you sit through this video I stumbled across?
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please kill me


4 seconds. it was boring




File: 1501977471379.png (160.13 KB, 500x305, lainisgod2.png)

I mean, it's just fucking boring to watch.. what's the point?

File: 1501556524923.jpg (14.38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Hai guys. I wasn't sure which subreddit to start this topic in, sorry if I got it wrong. Yesterday, while I was sittiin on the toliet, I came up with an amazing theory. I hope you uboachanners like it! Desu! Basically, all of Yume Nikki, all of it, is about shitting your pants. Why does Madotsuki never leave her room? Many people have asked this question and I've got the answer. She's embarrassed after shitting her pants. Mado is a loli and kids at age are very sensitive to peer pressure. Mado shat her pants in class in front of everybody, that's why she never leaves her room. She's too embarrassed. Now, a second thing I noticed is that Mado never goes to the bathroom the whole game. She developed a complex where she is afraid that she will shit herself again. She doesn't trust herself enough to eat because she thinks that that will keep her from emptying her bowels again. If you can't eat, you can't shit. Not eating is painful though so she decided to end it all. She was too hungry. A lot of symbolism in the game supports this. Why else would the poop hair effect be in the game? It doesn't make sense! There's also the random restroom in Block World. Mado's deep sub-consciousness is telling her that she NEEDS to shit. It's like Karl Marx always said, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. Mado can shit so she needs to shit as a HUMAN BEING. KyuuKyuu-kun is a piece of shit. What else could she be!? She's calling out to Mado from the staircase, reminding Mado of what she did. Notice how Madotsuki is always afraid of the toriningen getting close to her? She's afraid that they'll notice the shit in her pants. The toriningen represent Mado's more popular peers who isolated Madotsuki after her accident. What does shit mean, what does it signify? What deeper connection to the universe can be made from our human waste? The essays by the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne teaches us that shit represents all of humanities embarrassments throughout history. The holocaust, 9/11, the Hindenburg disaster. Kikiyama must have read this book before the creation of Yume Nikki because she incorporates these themes into her magnum opus. Maybe she made Yume Nikki because she also shit herself? Mado's embarrassment is all of our embarrassment as a united species on this tiny, insignificant, blue planet we call Earth. We're all just a bunch of lost souls floating through space and we all don't want to shit our pants. Goodbye Madotsuki. Thank yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There's nothing to be explained, you have two hands, one at the end of your left arm, the other at the end of your right arm. Choose one, no matter which, and look at it… the answer is there.


I don't know what an arm is. Please show me a picture.


File: 1501936840806.png (74.41 KB, 200x240, 1501071322154.png)

This. I made >>17645 while i was shitfaced and even this goes into the same levels of unfunny, which is a hard feat to do.


>looking for answers
>not shoulders

Those are nice, bulky shoulders


>i was shitfaced
Somebody's making excuses.

File: 1501369012906.png (187.75 KB, 355x436, house.PNG)


This guy used to do videogame reviews but now he's doing these interesting, surreal and morbidly fascinating skits with like puppets and shit.

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpTn-eH4omM

He has a similar taste to me and many others on this board (considering his love for Yume Nikki) so I figured people here know about him and like him.
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Because i'm an obtuse asshole I've decided to go through this video and point out some of the regurgitated ideas.
- Creepy puppets in seemingly innocent setting filled with weird noises(Don't hug me I'm scared)
- Murderous inhuman character with friendly disposition(Lamas with hats and Charlie the Unicorn, the banana slug even has the same eyes)
- Creepy Childish drawings used to create atmosphere(Yume Nikki did it better)
- Characters saying nonsensical nonsense and being delusional(Also don't hug me i'm scared, also done by lots of, "lol what did I just watch", kind of stuff like Salad Fingers")
- Edgy child kidnapping and murder to show of how creepy a character is(Unbelievable Tales)
- Villain acting confused as to why other characters don't like them(every Disney film with a crazy villain)
- Creepy house tour(Like a billion things, I don't know)
- Innocent children communicating with friendly being that they can't understand(My Neighbor Totoro, The Goonies, the Pokemon Movies I guess)
- Ironic anti-humor used in a puppet show where the characters have silly voices(Potter Puppet Pals)
I get that there's always going to be influences of other stuff in everything, but the product should still feel like its own thing and not just an amalgamation of other stuff I've seen. I'd call this creatively bankrupt, pretentious, and hallow. Even those Poppy videos are better than this repetitive novelty.



Hi Jordan.


If Jordon really did make this thread, that would be really pathetic.


It's a pretty interesting watch, but I wish he'd go back to doing game reviews.

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