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File: 1472973575074.png (24.64 KB, 949x108, discord.png)


Look at this edgy little shit.

PS: His hairline looks like a boomerang.

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File: 1473004352744.gif (108.25 KB, 500x300, lowlevel.gif)

>Look at this foreign conflict between me and some edgy shit lmao
>Implying OP isn't the one POSTING drama in the first place
>You start it
Elementary level speech manipulation, pathetic.


Nice. Maid throwing a tantrum in her discord channel over this thread, going on a rant about how uboachan is a "trash community" and shitting on Sei. After she… made this thread in the first place, lmao.

Also denying that she went out of her way to try and strong-arm Sei into making her discord the "official" uboachan one. Seems she is trying to renege on that.


File: 1473004763647.png (5.48 KB, 367x381, nocorrelation.png)

By that logic every time some discordfag came here to discuss their drama and we complained we were the drama queens right?
Hypocrite, it's very clear the community doesn't want shit like OP's post here and that's all about it.
Let the outsiders have drama with outsiders.


No one's forcing no one to stay in this community, besides, insulting Sei every time your butt tickles isn't going to solve shit…
Blaming others for every problem around you and thinking you're perfect isn't going to bend reality for others.


Thread is locked.
New guideline will read:
Please keep all off board drama to the medium which they occurred in.

File: 1472634295166.jpg (104.73 KB, 500x381, enhanced-buzz-3848-1375210….jpg)


I had an interesting thought Ubuu
tell me a story of the time you met someone who made a horrible first impression but turned out to actually be a very decent human being, someone you completely misjudged

There was once someone I met in a small gaming community, a core member of the community, he announced his presence by yelling at the top of his lungs "PENIS PENIS PENIS" into his mic the moment he joined the channel. He was never for a moment serious unless it was about working out at which point he could become professor creatine and give you a half hour lecture. He came off as kind of an obnoxious douche.

Now, one time I caused one of the game servers to crash (it wasn't really my fault but still) and apparently a lot of the community was pretty upset with me, while I wasn't around, behind my back, and he actually defended me. Apparently he does this sort of thing all the time, he keeps the community from tearing itself apart. There were even other times he spoke highly of me and my capabilities in that game. The things he says may be a bit obnoxious but they're more like his catchphrases once you've known him for long enough, I guess I completely misjudged him.


I have an opposite story.

There was this shy, ugly girl in school that no one wanted to be around. She was new, so I attributed it to that. Me and another friend spent quite a lot of time getting to know her, spent time with her etc, and it seemed to be going fine. Until it all went to shit, that is.

It seems like she was a compulsive liar, and told horrible things about us to her family and random people in general. I have no idea what things out of what she said were true, or if it was all made up.

One day, her grandma went to pick her up, and she pretty much cursed at us, and babbled complete nonsense, while the "friend" encouraged her. I was so appalled you could do something so malicious to an old, innocent lady, that's even related to you.

Apparently that was the reason she switched schools. She did so again 2 years in.

File: 1472189215275.jpg (35.23 KB, 593x536, 1319653651324.jpg)


i couldnt connect to the site for most of this morning and i was ready for the sweet embrace of death

dont leave me, friends


File: 1472222123072.jpg (441.67 KB, 1832x1080, sei li.jpg)

Sorry, I was studying physics.

Don't worry, sei fucks the site up from time to time, but it always comes back magically.


Don't worry, we're not going anywhere (I think)!


"hello darkness my old friend" begins playing not when the site is down but when it comes back up

File: 1472075707183.jpg (166.34 KB, 800x1300, 02fdb135072049fdc6887ac30e….jpg)


Toe hoes in heat.


File: 1472087799408.jpg (483.82 KB, 800x800, z8b098553708edac4fbca589d7….jpg)

Toe hoes in meat.


File: 1472095643126.jpg (82.5 KB, 282x418, 478024381d5aacd04a2d2ffb17….jpg)

My meat in toe hoes.

File: 1471832672130.png (316.56 KB, 637x594, miscarriage.png)


Hi, I'm sure this is dumb but I'm curious as a growing artist largely/mostly entirely influenced by anime/manga, where does the art of weebs or people like me fit in, in the greater world of art? I mean to ask, what would the art be accepted or seen as? would it be accepted in that realm if they were to experiment in small animation experiments, and if not what would it be seen as? what if the artist wanted it to be seen in that way, would it be dumb of them for wanting that? would they be respected? i'm asking mostly about weird, smaller weebish artists rather than bigger animation studios that show clear influence, more about people that are immersed in at least some part of the culture.


All of this seems too abstract and strangely worded to discuss, but I'll try my best.

> where does the art of weebs or people like me fit in, in the greater world of art?

Fit in as in how you get people to look at your art? The only way to do so is to just post it somewhere and hope people see it and like it. Or do you mean fit in as in find others like you to talk and converse with? You could definitely make a community around whatever if it doesn't already exist. I mean Yume Nikki didn't fit any sort of norm at the time of it's released, but it inspired so much more art and communities.

>what would the art be accepted or seen as?

That seems like two completely different questions.
If it isn't being pushed away isn't it accepted? There are plenty of websites where people post the most random and unfinished stuff and they still get at least some likes or views, as long as it is in good quality.

>seen as?

It all depends on how well you convey and/or explain it.

>i'm asking mostly about weird, smaller weebish artists rather than bigger animation studios that show clear influence

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


to clarify i guess, i'm asking where the art of people who are seeking to design or create things clearly in the style of anime or manga but not from where it's generally created, would it be accepted as that by others or would it be something else? and is that distinction fair?

I agree that a large part has to deal with how it is explained, i hadn't really considered that. but there would be a clear disagreement from people that the art is solely just influenced and not part of that culture.

as for influence and culture, you can be actively participating in a culture but your artistic influence may be from elsewhere. generally that's what i mean when i say influence. in general though, culture largely influences the individual and what they choose to make, this is generally about how though. it's possible someone is involved in anime/manga culture but is still influenced largely by art outside of that area. and when i make the distinction about the animation houses it's generally due to the fact that they don't seem to relate much to me or people like me, as they are a little less of a grey area and it seems many people have made their minds up that what they make can not be anime, only just influenced.

I also didn't mean to imply my art had no influences, which is what i think you meant to say. if you meant my art had no influence over others, i'd doubt it does as i don't see much of it fit to release and i don't exactly have an easy way of digitizing it as it's mostly on paper.

I'm sorry for any confusion i'm honestly really stupid and bad at this kind of thing.thank you for bothering to respond at all!

File: 1382979678106.png (61.28 KB, 1232x804, 1382705846544.png)


Time fo' one of these threads.
Posting template, too
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I just realized you mostly seem to post faces of anime characters that look high as fuck. Fitting.

Well anyway, if you get the opportunity, take it. They actually look cooler IRL.


File: 1436056472766.jpg (117.59 KB, 645x911, 164dce0b3e6030ce8bd12344ca….jpg)

As a Canadian I find it offensive that you don't have your favorite TV show as The Trailer Park Boys or other Canadian classics like Kids in the Hall.


File: 1436067825129.gif (1.93 MB, 320x240, canta.gif)


it was 2013


File: 1436071276568.jpg (91.85 KB, 578x637, 1433594844306.jpg)

You should tell your past-self to watch it.


File: 1471792797821.png (517.31 KB, 800x766, Leave me alone forever.png)

File: 1470264579114.png (831.39 KB, 466x1000, image.png)


How do you deal with things that are too much to handle? Whenever things get stressful at work, I enjoy making myself feel like an entity staring through my own eyes and imagine that nothing matters because I am not me, I am just watching what is going on around me.
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>Even it it's true, that's the excuse given by people who justify doing nothing and feeling nothing by devaluing everything

Yeah, its a good excuse


>none of the people on Earth would have any way of passing information to aliens
How the fuck do you know? They might find a way.


If alien communication is possible and the probability of intelligent life in the universe is incredibly high how come we haven't had them communicate with us first :^)


Because they're dumb and lazy and haven't got their shit sorted out yet.


When I had a job, I would pretend my life was Office Space and the Matrix. Or read Wikipedia. Also take lot's of bathroom breaks and take my time with lunch.

Now I just get drunk and wish my gf would get back with me.

File: 1471393173449.jpg (201.72 KB, 500x333, battle_defender_won.jpg)



World has recently opened with a 60 member tribe limit. Looking for tribemates and allies.

File: 1471019249141.png (298.63 KB, 1162x1078, Monokommie.png)


Any other Ancoms here?


File: 1471043763340.jpg (212.79 KB, 980x649, 6780ce30baf0785fa1b8f2c873….jpg)

I'm a "mereological nihilist".


File: 1471047688335.png (55.8 KB, 240x240, specialsnowflakebadge.png)

>Mixing the less successful political ideologies in existence.


I think you meant confused teens trying to find themselves by following a good-for-nothing ``ideology''

File: 1470430648430.jpg (218.42 KB, 600x2489, original.jpg)


Goodbye torrentz.eu. You shall be missed.




This was exactly what happened to VideosForTube after it got attacked by the YouTube player.


File: 1470492202153.jpg (11.63 KB, 180x209, 180px-Kuumottaaaa.jpg)


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