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File: 1488729177532.jpg (476.96 KB, 1080x1080, 17.jpg)


I met on adult dating site (mofos.me) with a girl. After a while she admitted that she's a nymphomaniac. But the problem is that I'm a virgin and I'm afraid to screw it up. Can you recommend something? Her profile: mofos.me/heatherdee And sorry for my language.
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File: 1488739373053.gif (792.55 KB, 450x519, 1455332286816.gif)

OP, don't forget to post when they're ripping your organs off.


Ehh I've met a couple nymphos in the past. But I dun think they'd be keen on adult dating sites. ymmv


I have seen the exact same post with different name/pic/link on 8ch and lainchan.


So, it is a disguised add. Thought so. It just sounds so much like clickbait.

"Hey guys. I'm an innocent little virgin but through this site I found a obviously believable cute nymphomaniac and they are totally hot for my d. Here is a photo of them, oh, and of course, also a link to their profile because what kind of idiot would not share the personal link to a person who wants to roll with us. Maybe if you come to the site you'll also meet more people that want to do you than your hands can hold."


File: 1489210783719-0.jpg (5.48 KB, 225x225, indi 2.jpg)

File: 1489210783719-1.jpg (92.42 KB, 842x960, indi 1.jpg)

>And sorry for my language.
Considering how this post has no profanities, op is probably talking about about the way they write. Seeing as how this is an ad, I bet this guy is just some mildy creepy, indian office worker whose work is in the same vein as telemarketers and, "customer support"(the guys that tell you that your pc is fucked and that you need to download xyz software so they can steal your information).

File: 1489024871488.jpg (21.78 KB, 496x406, pointthefaggot.jpg)


Hey Chii, where is the faggot?


>implying chii actually speaks eigo


I don't know, it might be me, but you're the one poking a butthole.

File: 1488549612883.png (12.89 KB, 596x91, 4f04c731e54f589e93cef47ac0….png)


after googling who originated the vomitive shithole meme i got this 2nd page in google search

you guys are a lovely bunch
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It's the same thread.


User Seagal took the capture in /g/ and posted it in /sugg/


File: 1488586040682.png (44.97 KB, 671x654, I abandoned the vomitive s….png)

It was just the second result.


Wow, already four years ago.


Yeah, it feels like it was just yesterday, doesn't it?

File: 1475916048052-0.jpg (1.91 MB, 1500x1104, 1f4a74b061c5516ef8b54b97f6….jpg)

File: 1475916048053-1.jpg (161.46 KB, 1000x1000, 4Pcs-Outdoor-Adults-Sports….jpg)

File: 1475916048053-2.jpg (18.99 KB, 395x395, 41ippAeo4OL._SY395_.jpg)

File: 1475916048053-3.jpg (27.11 KB, 500x285, 41s l5R9zaL.jpg)


Just fuck me
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File: 1475916355992.jpg (421.87 KB, 1300x951, scrap-heap-landscape-31304….jpg)




Please explain.



I'm also interested.


File: 1488511159069-0.jpg (26.63 KB, 600x270, 1 render lot 54 oraha rebe….jpg)

File: 1488511159069-1.jpg (47.75 KB, 630x420, Baby2-630x420.jpg)

File: 1488511159069-2.jpg (301.72 KB, 798x600, 6338142380_88bbb8d8d2_b.jpg)

File: 1488511159069-3.jpg (37.41 KB, 800x600, 4cae81eda1afa53dc5849f5b05….jpg)

Used to happen a lot, now not so much.
Nothing going on on the left of my house though, just a nice quiet old couple.

ITT Noises from your neighbors houses. (I think)

File: 1468010960029.png (393.61 KB, 600x450, makeubuugreatagain.png)

 No.15863[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Previous one already reached bump limit.
Forced Anonymous edition.
Uboachan is great again!

Vol. III:
Vol. IV:
Vol. V:
Vol. VI:
Vol. VII:
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File: 1490969666661.jpg (150.68 KB, 1092x912, corey2.jpg)


Holy fucking shit, that scared me.


File: 1490982446083.jpg (25.08 KB, 202x272, corey3.jpg)


>Loves to save images that I like, saves as many as I can
>Conscious that it’s so out of hand it can be considered an obsession
>Image collection’s numbers are mad, but decides to ignore it
>Can’t save all images, too many for my patience
>Accepts that it's urgent to establish rules and organize my folders
>It never happens
>Instead installs an auto-saving program and just irresponsibly let it roll at will
>I’m fine but inside I’m screaming

When I die, instead of earth, I’m going to be buried under a pile of external hard drives.


File: 1491676816982.jpg (101.35 KB, 540x405, konbini.jpg)

I'm feeling so many emotions right now because of some stupid fucking anime made only to pander. Both positive and negative emotions but god damn I hate it. I even fucking cried from all of it because of how overwhelming all these feelings were. I wish I could pass out and sleep for an entire day or two.

File: 1488024475415.png (555.09 KB, 500x283, sonic.png)


So Uboachongs, what's the fangame with the longest development time you know?

As in, games that are not cancelled yet, but taking a long time to come out.
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>imageboards are dying a slow death
Ubuu officially died with Project Yume Nikki mate


i think the image of >>17135 perfectly describes the problem that killed ubuu


2017 and still waiting for evidence of connections between Kikiyama and Project Yume Nikki


Well, of course a wiki page is going to make Lainchan look horrible if they focus on the negatives. Decent place but I just got bored with it, it was more or less the same discussions when I finally left it. Really no different from say, 4chan's /g/, not in terms of actual content but the repetitive discussions. Not to mention, more and more of 8chan's shit was leaking into there.

File: 1488005168258.png (160.7 KB, 446x542, feminazi.png)


Ray Bradbury is spinning in his grave.

Reading the coda of Fahrenheit 451 and then reading this is vomiting inducing. The whole book and coda are in objection to censorship in the name of making sure nobody feels bad which is exactly what dems are doing. Seeing one twisting Ray's book to fit their agenda is disgusting. She is either totally lacking in self awareness or is trying to trick people somehow.

File: 1420742830136.jpg (83.97 KB, 640x522, yumenikkifangamedeveloper.jpg)


How to create a successful fangame with lots of fans and fame:

>It must be an exact copy of another game with recolored characters, material of other games and call them "Placeholders"

>Make the main character as damn SLOW as fucking possible, if anyone complains, say there is a speed effect and act as if he/she's ignorant of our culture
>Drug references are fashion
>Japanese names are fashion even if there is no context or don't fit
>If you're a westerner, your game must have a Japanese name (made with the help of Google Translate), bonus point if it doesn't make any sense to a native speaker.
>If you are Japanese, your game must have an English name that doesn't make sense to a native speaker at all. Also, you must get mad at the filthy western foreign pigs when they (politely) point this out to you and suggest a correct translation.
>the main character must end in -tsuki
>It must have a nexus with 10 HUGE worlds with nothing inside
>It must have phalic or pointless UFOs or thingies waddling around because it's 2deep4u
>Your game MUST have a balcony, NO EXCEPTIONS
>Shitty ass midi music, preferably mario paint tier
>If your character's in a room, this must not have windows
>It must not have dialogue or text or anything social, because being a plant is cool
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She needs warmer clothes asap. These <div>SNOW</div> would chill her to the bones.


Uboachan's pride


I seem to recall Mishka being an enormous faggot who did a number of things on the list, especially
>You must criticize EVERYTHING and try the other (only active) developers to feel as bad as possible
>If it is a boy make it look like a girl
>Oh look, this project failed and everyone's insulting the author, I'll eat the corpse and write a blog post pointing the defects of his beta

They also tended to do a dramatic cancelling of all their projects on the reg and couldn't handle criticism of any kind, usually pulling the "I'm a dev so I know what I'm talking about and you don't" bullshit whenever someone points out their games are shite.

Which was hilarious because they would nitpick the shit out of other developers' games, iirc he was up the Broken Bottle's developer's asshole because the main character had like "too many colours" in their palette or something.

I think for a while they ran a dev circlejerk forum before banning half the admins because they got slighted in some way.

Easily just as autistic as jojogape.


I think we covered everything here, I can't think of more things.


File: 1487992072706.jpg (66.92 KB, 688x427, 1475956466003.jpg)

That's because nobody produces games anymore.

File: 1486217955341.png (89.41 KB, 784x242, 86c7fa0c66b3d52a4a3f88cde3….png)


So, i just decided to search "yume nikki" on eBay, and i found this lovely thing.
It was literally the 3rd search result.

>russian federation

>my little pony
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I really don't understand why anyone in the world would want to subject themselves to the pain of having to deal with frustration over such a trivial topic. Not only will worrying not save your life, it will make your life worse, and there are people who enjoy this sort of material. It makes them happy. I don't understand how you could be angry about that.


it's like someone sneezing on you

it's not really a big deal, but it's still disgusting.


doesn't even make me slightly angry, i just found it funny that it was the 3rd search result


Historically, ponies where used to troll people on 4chan and bronies are known to take anything so they can make a pony version of it. I don't really understand why people shitposting at shitposting central triggered so many anons but it did.

Bronies can be a bit weird but they are nowhere near as autistic as the /lolcow/ tier cataloging that the anti-bronies are known for.


Though I understand what you're saying and agree that there are people who live to feel annoyed, what does that have to do with this thread? Who says this annoyed me? Who says this annoyed anyone? My comment was just a remark, not a vent.
Why are you so worried about people worrying about nonsense?

File: 1487014660656.png (70.61 KB, 200x234, 200px-Th09Marisa.png)


I abandoned the vomitive shithole uboachan is quite some time ago and I'm not going back there now, don't ever associate me with these "people" if they could even be called that
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Who are you again?


File: 1487026466174.jpg (78.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1420641908292.jpg)

leave us alone






File: 1487180293765.png (191.98 KB, 1284x1048, this thread.png)

Good work OP with the newfagmeter. Ubuu is glad to have engineers like you working for the project.

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