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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Every year I like to stay up late watching something horror related while occasionally glancing into the empty street outside my window. Last year I watched the first four episodes of Higurashi and I loved it. I already finished the series and I don't feel like repeating it. I'm looking for suggestions of what I can watch this year(preferably anime). I also already watched the corpse party ovas. Thank god I didn't waste a Halloween on that shit.


You liked higurashi? Impressive, considering the anime completely ruined the thing, though maybe it's better that way for you because you don't get hooked on the novels only to be disappointed by the shitty ending.

I don't really watch horror anime since it tends to be cheesy and clichéd most of the time, but if you're interested in games play SCP breach containment if you haven't WITHOUT reading anything about the game at all, NOTHING. Do not watch videos or reviews about it, do not read their wiki, just don't. Enjoy it on the moment. If you hopefully don't know anything about the game, I assure you you will enjoy it next 31.


Oh no, I hated the ending of the series. I only liked Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I couldn't even finish kai. It was so terrible. The first season was orgasmic though. I heard that Rei and Outbreak were bad so I just skipped them. I appreciate the suggestion, but i'm not really into games. I like seeing a story unfold and my favorite parts of Higurashi were the physiological ones, which obviously can't be the main focus of a video game.


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>I heard that Rei and Outbreak were bad so I just skipped them.
Well, I wouldn't call them that bad compared to kai, but the writer just ran out of ideas and it shows.

>but i'm not really into games. I like seeing a story unfold and my favorite parts of Higurashi were the physiological ones, which obviously can't be the main focus of a video game.

But this is basically what higurashi up to the 6th novel was…
In all seriousness now though, maybe you'd like to specify/narrow some more what kind of thing you'd be interested in watching, there are dozens of things out there with completely different focuses (splatter, bizarre, psychological, etc). Well, kinda, you already said you enjoy psychological stuff, but that still leaves off some offset you may want to cut.
For example Deadman Wonderland is cataloged as horror? Even though it hardly fits the standard definition of it, and I wouldn't certainly watch in on halloween for the spooks.

Anyway, you may be interested in reading the manga, Fuan no Tane (or anything by Nakayama Masaaki, really), if you haven't. Maybe not as passive as watching a movie but definitely worth checking at 3AM on halloween. Junji Ito is another good artist, for that matter.


Alright, I'll elaborate more on my preferences. I like stuff that makes me feel genuine dread. A cheap scare is one thing, but I want something that will consume my thoughts for weeks after watching it. That's why I liked Gakkougurashi so much. I personally feel that regardless of genre, the best media is an emotional roller coaster. It should take me to hell and back. I guess horror thriller is a more specific description of the genre i'm looking for. I also prefer if it's something that makes me think, which Higurashi definitely did do.


File: 1506143387944.png (19.24 KB, 500x600, __furude_rika_and_houjou_s….png)

On a related note, I feel like Kai could have been a lot better if it
1.Kept Oyashiro-sama a mystery
2. Didn't have a main villain that took away from one of the main draws of the series(nobody is safe to be around)
3. Didn't make cause of everything be stupid bullshit(aliens)
I feel like the idea of making Rika repeat everything over and over again and remember all of it is good, but they should have kept the tone and themes of the first season. If she had to actively work to make the other characters remember stuff and each time she got gradually closer and closer that could have been interesting. They shouldn't have given her a magic spirit side-kick and she should have just been doing stuff in the background that we get to follow this time. What a disappointment. also I think it's best to just forget kira ever happened


File: 1506158406399.jpg (28.62 KB, 190x247, ginger-snaps-horror-movie-….jpg)

not an anime but you may like Ginger Snaps if you haven't already seen it
it's a werewolf movie
There's also a sequel and a prequel that takes place hundreds of years ago in the early colonial era so it's kind of a trilogy
I quite like it


Mononoke was pretty good; also read (if you haven't already) some Junji Ito and Franken Fran for comfy spooks


File: 1506177752439.jpg (48.02 KB, 600x480, Jigoku-shoujo-01.jpg)

Hmm, maybe Shiki, Perfect Blue, Kara no Kyoukai, Mirai Nikki, Kakurenbo, Ghost Hound,… Cat Soup? Ayatsuri Sakon's good but hard to find these days. Umineko's by the same guy who did Higurashi but the anime doesn't really end. Occult Academy, Hell Girl, Ghost Hunt, and Highschool of the Dead are all more traditional Halloween type stuff, good but not great, lacking in the psychological pull. The dub of Ghost Stories is hilarious.


File: 1506184848309.jpg (11.93 KB, 480x360, 1474771678907.jpg)

>1.Kept Oyashiro-sama a mystery
That's why I said the anime ruined the thing completely. Hanyuu was introduced in a slightly better way in the novels than in the anime.
>2. Didn't have a main villain that took away from one of the main draws of the series(nobody is safe to be around)
>3. Didn't make cause of everything be stupid bullshit(aliens)
This is because ryuukishi couldn't decide whether it should be a supernatural event (namely, a curse), or just some unfortunate, although non-fantastical event. Back in the day when Higurashi was being released, its fandom was divided between those who believed it was a curse, and those who thought it was just humans messing with each other to make it appear it was a curse. So in the end, he ended using both in a really retarded way (turns out it's aliens but also hanyuu is a devil but also there's some kind of parasite that drives people mad and that's the "curse"! btw it was just humans messing with each other too).

Haven't seen all of those, but Highschool of the Dead seems more like the type of thing to watch just for gore and pantsu than for horror. (Mind you, I'm not bitching you anon, I just don't understand why this is cataloged horror at all).
Also, Umineko is terrible, and the novel is worse, I really don't recommend it to anyone. Save your time, invest it in something better.

I always see people commenting on Another but I haven't watched it so I can't confirm whether it's a good show for the time or not. Anyone cares enough to elaborate on it?


File: 1506200632525.gif (1014.45 KB, 500x350, tumblr_m8igl8mJ0B1qbybn4o1….gif)

That sounds like it could be interesting.
>Junji Ito
I looked him up and apparently his manga is going to have an anime adaptation. I generally prefer watching the anime of something, so I'll probably wait on that. Not sure if i'm up for comfy spooks.
I've heard mixed things about Shiki, but i'm considering it, I already watched Prefect Blue(it was great), I heard the Mirai Nikki really turns to shit so i'll probably skip it, and Kakurenbo apparently has a really obvious twist, which puts me off. Ghost Hound and Hell Girl sound kind of interesting. I don't feel like watching a comedy so Highschool of The Dead(matrix boobs), Occult Academy and Ghost Stories are off the table. From what I've heard Umineko is just more of the same stuff I didn't like about Higurashi Kai and Rei.
To be honest, it would have been better if all the questions Higurashi left you with were just unanswered. Leaving it vague is a hell of a lot better than what we got. Answers aren't needed to create a satisfying conclusion for me. Human imagination is horror's best friend. What you tell is less important than what you don't tell. It just goes to show that when something gets too popular the fan base often has a negative impact on it.
>Anyone cares enough to elaborate on it?
Another was straight up terrible. I remember it really frustrating me. The execution was its main problem. Every time it attempted to do a creepy scene it fell flat. It just never really dug in for various reasons like the context, scenario and directing. The pacing of the show was also really awful and just wonky. It felt like it was cobbled together by a bunch of clueless amateurs. An important part of good horror is accountability. To be scared of something I need to understand SOMETHING. Something has to be grounded. Higurashi understands this perfectly while Corpse Party and Another fail miserably at it. I remember watching Boogiepop Phantom a very long time ago and enjoying it. I might just repeat that since my memory of it is so fuzzy. I'm surprised that more people don't talk about it. If there's something like that around I'd love to hear about it. The Psychological and Thriller aspects of Horror are what really draws me in. I want to be deeply unsettled more than, "spooked".


File: 1509476573673.png (25.61 KB, 320x240, 1301855555840.png)

Happy Hあlloween!


File: 1509484544834.jpg (244.75 KB, 850x1203, __jiji_and_kiki_majo_no_ta….jpg)

We don't even have a special theme.


Two Halloween posts so far, two…


File: 1509505704835.jpg (574.37 KB, 731x1024, 1385294858389.jpg)

nothing but lurkers in here…


File: 1509505896755.jpg (101.97 KB, 400x475, 4cb87fd90825bb47e0a6ead9d9….jpg)

Well, honestly >>17992 has a point, our userbase is small and as such it's hard to make something relevant other than a post wishing people a happy Halloween, which most people here don't seem to do.

Anyway, happy halloween people.


I was hopin' for div shenans again. Ah well.



My arrows will blot out the sky


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Get the swim in before it gets too cold…

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