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What do you think about incels uboachan? Are they some kind of reverse wizard? are they just normies trying to look edgy? maybe they are just in the closet?


Wrong sub-board newfag. Anyway, I think icels are entitled, emotionally immature people who circle jerk over their misery and further push each other into an unhealthy mind-set. No different than any other type of obsessive ideologue with a victim complex. Maybe they're somewhat right to be frustrated with the way things are, but they delude them selves into having a warped perception of the world because they can't understand that nobody actually owns them anything.


I get that we're being flooded dude but I saw it on the news and if I ask here is because I am not into fucking leddit.


By sub-board I meant hikki. Lurk.


This is the right board you cucumber, off topic is for everything and incels are completely unrelated to hikki/NEEET stuff, you lurk.


Incels are, in my opinion, some of the most mentally unhealthy people. In terms of the manosphere, they aren't really fighting things that negatively affect men like routine infant male circumcision or biased family courts like MRAs do. And they aren't just content with being single and doing what they want like MGTOWs do. Instead they complain on Youtube and their forums about how women won't fuck them.

In reality, sex is so common and easily available that with a little effort and maybe lowering your standards a bit, anyone can get laid. I've posted here talking about how I want to experience sex but I've realized recently that sex is almost meaningless when you think about it. Your standard incel doesn't want to improve anything or actually put effort, and that's actually fine with me, but then they complain after they reap what they sow.

Sex isn't hard to get, and relationships take work. Incels are just lazy people to do even the easiest thing.


Incels, wizardry and SJW are all bullshit pulled out in the US. Are (most) americans just insane? Or they have so much liberty they create new forms of problems to indulge in self-pity and online circlejerking?


nah, we're fuckin nuts
i mean, so is the rest of the world, but
the US has a pretty fuckin far lead.


I would' say they're totally unrelated. Both hikkis and incels tend to have an unhealthy world view and lifestyle. Both are socially reclusive, both have a tendency to blame others for their problems and both have members that take pride in their label. I'd say this thread would fit both in ot and hikki. Hikki has a thread asking people how old they are.




If by incel you mean people who call themselves incels, then they are sex obsessed idiots the same as the people they spend all their time moaning about. If you mean anyone who is involuntarily celibate, I can't talk about them as if they are all the same as they don't all fall under the same ideology.


They are just normies trying to hard to meme.


The whole "I need to have sex or I will die right this instant" shit is absolutely retarded.


I haven't fully explored this type of person, but from what I've seen in the past, incels seem like extremely entitled people that have extremely distorted ideas of what a relationship actually entails. They focus way too much on the physicality of a relationship i.e. how someone looks, how much sex comes out of it. Insisting that whatever relationship that they could get is either below their standards (girl isn't a model) or that women are evil anyways. They complain how nobody would date them and it's easy to see why. What woman would want to be around a person who spews such nonsense?


I hate incels just as much as I hate normies. I am an incel myself but I realize that the shit I go through is mostly my own fault and I don't really blame anyone for it nor let it influence things like my politics or my outlook on life.


You're only an incel if you call yourself one. It's a made up, arbitary buzzword that people use to label themselves and group together with other people who are equally superficial.


Sex is really easy to get even though I haven't.


>but I realize that the shit I go through is mostly my own fault and I don't really blame anyone for it nor let it influence things like my politics or my outlook on life.
Then you're not na incel.


some hikkis can get laid, every incel is so repulsive in appearance and demeanor they can not. nobody who is not an incel wants them on their board


Is there a difference between incels and very ugly people?


The word "incel" has about as much meaning as the term SJW. It's basically internet slang for virgin at this point


>nobody who is not an incel wants them on their board
Thats not true, you're just projecting your own personal prejudices on the rest of us. I enjoy seeing what nonconformists such as incels have to say because I value diversity.


If you can't get sex , you're an incel, doesn't matter jf you're a redditor feminist that hates himself.



Saying that you're something because you fit the definition is vague rethoric, it's like saying that if you believe in equal rights you're a feminist by definition.

By that logic, even a feminist can be an incel, and I don't think the incel community would gladly accept a dude who preaches that as one of their own.

Incels blame women for the sex they were not given, Incel culture is about thinking sex was a right in the first place.


"Incel" has two definitions at this point. If you go by the more general one maybe I am one, but if it's about the ideology I am against that and I pretty much gave up on life and socializing and talking to people.


File: 1576548327275.png (510.19 KB, 1200x1126, 5aadba95db75df7762f7085e7c….png)

Learn some shit

>"I'm technically celibate as I have never had sex, but only because I'm waiting for the right girl"

>"I've never had sex because I believe it to be risky or simply not something I'd ever personally enjoy"
>"I'm a celibate virgin as my spirituality or philosophy has taught me that sex is not worth having"
Volcel monk*

>"I'm a virgin because I've never managed to score despite my efforts"

>"I'm a virgin because women are trash; if they were fairer I'd begin courting"
Incel cope
>"I've never had sex as it is physically impossible for me to do so"
The Admin*

>"I'm a female virgin"


*Over 30 = Wizard


File: 1576591498479.jpg (72.5 KB, 600x830, 7ecf6f91f23897dc428c6de118….jpg)

So I'm abstinent and I turn into wizard in two months, I can already feel the mana flowing through my veins, either that or I'm having a heart attack.


>or I'm having a heart attack.
Please just go have a medical checkup already.


>What do you think about incels uboachan?

Just another phenomenon that is the byproduct of a generally dysfunctional society, along with RadFems, SJWs, treehuggers, and the like.


File: 1590942053969.png (817.33 KB, 635x599, 1578507542235.png)

no one hates incels more than incels themselves


They are reverse feminists.

>maybe they are just in the closet?

Yes, predatory homosexuals are the core of their movement/cult, same with feminism. Both incelism and feminism are used to lure in disillusioned straight people in order to further alienate them from the opposite sex. Don't fall for it.


File: 1591631097965.jpg (51.48 KB, 319x512, 1fe42af4f45867fa13598a8f21….jpg)

There's an undercurrent of misogyny in homosexuality, this is true. I don't think that the queers are capable of that level of organisational influence, though. The "core" of the incel movement is an egregore demon that enslaves people's minds. This entity was first concieved on /r9k/ during 2011. It fed on the psychic energy of young, estranged 4chan teens - and quickly spiralled out of control. The deity is brought to life wherever frustrated youthful lust congregates in close proxmity. It springs up at different points in history, some genius writers pivoted their consiousness directly through this demon's eyes (Schopenhaeur, Nietzche, Otto Weininger), however the average normie can't control the terrifying, prodigious and POWERFUL energy of wahmen bashing, and soon become enslaved to it's rapturous hunger for horny energy.

BE WARNED, young incels. You are in thrall to a demonic egregore!


kek, straight people are always the biggest victims


I think they are lost, and cause trouble wherever and whenever they speak their mind. Something happens whenever they try something, usually something bad.


File: 1597570375423.webm (5.69 MB, 640x360, output.webm)

Leave them be.


It's volcels*.


File: 1620379474544.jpg (388.91 KB, 1920x1240, sailormoon.jpg)

I don't get volcels…


File: 1632570610783.jpg (642.5 KB, 4190x2845, ar1.jpg)

With elves, never relax.


What about being content as a virgin with no ill will towards the opposite sex? Asexual?


File: 1636092399327-0.jpg (62.7 KB, 718x940, a00000001.jpg)

File: 1636092399328-1.jpg (56.2 KB, 950x1016, 20211114.jpg)

That sounds about right…


File: 1637040726516.jpg (311.85 KB, 2000x1795, 20211128.jpg)

Unlucky guys.

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